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11-29 12:10am The Point After

Nov 30, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the point NASA and has 43 New Orleans thirteen. How not to give students I think I'm not all your calls and gets he quit tonight to -- Kasey -- you want to sound off on them and applaud over the phone. Yet -- you know is amazing a big misses getting shellacked in their first quarter and and at one point I'm like c'mon. Wanted to falcons' two and if you run in that team is I was trying to say you attack the defense. How they are running the ball Matt Ryan is one of six on I think -- why are they not. Continually running the football with the things -- an adjustment and were outstanding. For three quarters of the events what was outstanding. And really on third down that's why we said before there even in the game even though. The Saints had five turnovers if you look in Dallas -- when he hit Ryan against -- down the middle and at seventeen yard touchdown but that was right at the beginning. The of the second quarter I'm gonna say was like a little thirteen minutes when that occurred while the balance that went five streaked. Three and now says that that touchdown and amended the that is down force in five straight. Three and outs and then. Big -- looking -- where we were. I'd have to do you think is exposed all of -- as you weren't considering. You know that we blew it and you get any point tribe of Florida half since 2006. The Saints are to a fourteen. Only trailing by ten or more than half. I would think consider we've had a number on offense. Four Odyssey cheers the worst we've ever finished. His normal four. This year right now going into this game or number eight. So laws Libyans and assuming you stay at least in the top ten but -- I would I was surprised that that that's -- -- cynics who we were. Boeheim had ten points at half. Ten or more than the Saints -- with two and fourteen. Players that because we do have an explosive offense. And you know based on just what happened in the playoffs were down seventeen points and 49ers. In his second quarter came magnate and we didn't win. But we still came back have been a great comeback we had. In -- nine I think two of those went to actually in the suitable season. I think one was against the Dolphins. Which is probably the best. Come back on the Drew Brees and Sean Payton. And then the Redskins game of that year and it was -- not to be in the bottom line is. The heat and matter if you minus five you minus four just look at the percentage in the history of the NFL. United beaten anyone like us an early we could have been playing the Raiders today. Who everything's the poorest -- the Jaguars or whoever and -- minus four in the National Football League. The percentages are the single digits at the even have a chance. To win when you -- that ratio. Back to be -- phones we go and it's go to Gavin and then lose that you call on the point at the on Saints radioed a TWO. Are bemoaning that I outdoors. This is I was paired up America and question. And also a comment. And greatest rounds we loved Drew Brees and you know -- popped up from there all the same quarterback. It made it will all -- Because the profile interception that was the key point of -- -- And the people on NFL networks -- is and relative constable. I think at thirty minutes in that game so the -- Depth in the -- peaks and definitely stepped up and that's a lot -- our -- -- almost -- -- even though they were they had a rough year. Big big big big airplane truly so entered the game and the fact that. There were able. Basically to bake out but couldn't get in the old time -- -- ball at that. -- Are allowed figure by this. Lately they -- is Gavin look at this. We've finally held a team on the forty yards that was last week is the 49ers. Right. The Falcons only had 283. Total net yards come on if I'll be bits and does dad who we -- won by double digit. Exactly exactly especially when you have all the same quarterback. Yeah and that what I don't -- receivers. The trade that they got the most under in distribute right acting and -- the most underachieving even this week because they have so much potential. Are you look at the red skins game you look at this game. The game against Carolina that means we should -- blog and Chiefs. Now I could have equipped to question an eight etiquette on the call but. Carl Nicks -- not even temple but become a true blind side on the right side. Why he was at eleven guard. -- -- Jack again is that it really the only time you say blind side. Really because they're quarterback's vision is the last tackle you're right handed. And if you left hand like Ron Amadon Michael leaving you say the right time we're but it really be that left tackle and it's a no. -- it is is good. But he's no Carl Nicks broke our our run -- I'd say probably a better run block obviously -- -- a pass blocker you know for the Ravens I thought that's what. He brought to the table. But. This -- but you look at Carl -- he's figured he does have an outstanding. Yet this year damage being they put him on fiery most of his ankle. Yet but I did at that point I was making on matters that. Tonight. I thought the problem was altered to -- it's coming from the right inside which is extreme. He got blown or bad let. I don't know nobody would have read that they of that and they matter re injured a groin -- -- and he should they came back in the game. Yeah you know I'm dumb I say like what what Robertson was in wants that. He was out -- came back in. And bloated he was a blind eliminate big you're hurting is almost aligned in licking their chops. Right and and just knowing and drug airman. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know innocence in his hand. But he had Cardiff but apart -- -- UN part of an all parties teams actually with you things you definitely hurt I have assures you is there. Danny yes yes yes she's she's what you -- otherwise support their causes the c'mon. Brandon in Hollywood and thank you for calling it WW well. They're guys they -- -- And all of you know couple. And to be done lately what lately for me Lee. Just -- listen to the officially that couple weeks and and -- net that Drew Brees because they don't really. Change -- that the franchise the face that franchise has been our problem it's just. It's -- -- you know. The outlaw you never -- you see that slow. Back to back and and to tell you Drew Brees -- have a slow all aware not win and not god I had thought Drew -- always had the play great. Plus the window of drug displays good tonight we win. But my question disguises. It is you know Drew Bledsoe and you know I think it did things but -- -- body and -- You know at the moment I'm -- Chris Ivory and check down. That that got picked off yet. I'm not as good -- You know -- -- that is that a guy who's who basically in the past coached. Falcon team but it could play that and it is it is just the game plan -- didn't play that -- the outside of. Yeah I already know I don't think it's outside of Slobodan I think drew is a true professional but edges it's all cliche but it truly is at times a game of inches not know that one. It was like to roll out when he threw it -- across his body is made that throw before. But Timmy he would just late with the throw if you go back in and if the I don't know if he Tebow you tape the game. And look at Jeter got his head around quicker. The world he would indeed -- and -- -- heating god dad throwing in there and the defender would have missed the ball he wouldn't have broken the ball though he came. He threw it too late. And you can never be a late delay gone across your body are in the middle. It in the NFL you gonna get that picked off because initially -- -- earlier it would have been. Reception it was just a late throw in. This he gonna get balls batted in LA and images. Of bad buys back karma thing about this Brendan. -- Drew Brees as we think he's kind of evident nightmares of late when you think thirty some seconds left in the second quarter. And what has occurred. In the thirty -- eleven the 49ers game in the superdome and missing -- glory around fourteen to seven. And all of a sudden the 49ers get you know 21 points. -- on the form and is an and then did what occurred today against the Falcons without five -- so you look at. Seven interceptions right into big sixes. Know drew right now also. He's he's feel like he's -- -- food that night. Manner well. And he's never had that in a Saints uniform. I Brandon thank you for the column let's go to Jerry in full worth Jerry thank you for college Jeremy they give a call on the point out there on Saints radio WW. I can't there is no doubt I don't mind. I got -- thought about it I really think the real problem is the lack of creativity commitment in Oakland game went to watch us play. We wanted to try to see a lot of reverses. And a lot of things that need to -- that again no one game back in the lineup and I and pound the ball deep and I like to get to. And I get the -- instructional league creativity just make it like that game against San Francisco you can't fake reverse and went up the middle. He's just don't want nothing at this world can put it in Iraq that he's only about 26 time this year and I did I don't see. The point you just. Yeah and you know Jeremy out I've heard that at times my times you think is a coordinator. You'd think more creativity in the passing game. But I think that combination you know coach -- homer is in charge their running game and I think coach Payton -- put in his two cents and they would talk about. A what do wanna do but you also brought a creativity of and also commitment. I had thought when all's said and done. You know considering what we average average four point four yards and had a 101 yards. Not know we fell behind seventeen to zero. But you don't wanna be Russian a ball 23 times I think the way it is game unfolded. You know last game you played the Falcons is -- look -- it was tumbles balanced game of the year. You would've liked is that a drew throwing the ball. Fifty times his could've been a game where. You know we had this a 44 attempts who had 29 rushing -- so. I will go off kilter there but it. Also we're behind. Seventeen to zero and then made it seventeen to seven and then you don't get any points before have -- that should have been at least seventeen. With a ten if not seventeen to fourteen. The latest on the Saints. Tigers' opponents all online at W gets well dot com Saturdays the Southeastern Conference football championship the year. School will be always going to be always -- over from noon 230 wanna -- to coverage. Of the SEC championship between Alabama and Georgia the winner moves on the plane Notre Dame in the BCS title game in Miami the first week and in the decent so what does that big scoop in the morning that night in the morning. There would be afternoon that he -- who tutors in the morning in that that net -- back to the phones go Atlanta Tony three they won't a thirteen. Met briefly Steve thank you for calling WW it. It got me all about Indy. You got a lot that -- not been a quick and maybe cannot turn into question. I'm -- -- it between picked on her order and -- it pecking order when he got that first -- out. Being -- -- bad start to play a bit better got the action and moved the ball down the field as well as they did at that point right or at. Yeah had to dealt cornerback. Like you know for a while wind you've got a note that it's so important to fight in that situation at the clocking -- And if you look up the play -- you look at what's going on -- note bat but. Should know better at that point. The ball in play each roster bubble like action it broke -- streak for the pack and don't wanna eat it. Steve dollar shot. And as. Colonies Vegas any young quarterback at LSU. Our coach miles. Would have been at Ole miss and Tennessee how they run. Not hasn't happened as of late a two minute drill and how you manage the clock. -- I guess some -- upon and I -- believe. That that would occur if Sean Payton was here the combination is Sean Payton and Drew Brees. To me that it happened I mean I hope I'm I'm shocked I have to eat crow. Because I thought that that would never happen. -- Drew Brees at quarterback. Know that that he should have clogged the ball. Do you have one as down and he's still gonna had a chance to go and end -- but I know it and you cannot take damage of a gamble I know Darren Sproles his nifty. You cannot throw that and and he -- throw and hope that he gets an insult you got to throw that away and has to be in the end zone aren't just. UK EKK may -- play you can't take that chance. Thank you Politico we appreciate -- back to the phones we go let's go to bed through coach full Octavia thank you for calling the point after. On WW. I don't. Yeah I -- home market drew pretty much from summed it up about themselves. I have a lot of respect for Drew Brees because he -- admit when he enormous screwed up -- But I did he eat he can in any come on he did that he had a lot of -- and he got the Hun argument dollar paycheck so he has to hold them how has self. Icon rumble and nine he has to be a man and he will be but I'm saying the way we structure right now. He can only -- have that kind of game we know winning net and he had only great but you know it's crazy -- this are now by this Octavia. Well you you know great quarterbacks in NFL. Do well ironically this pathetic game that drew had. You know we don't over 300 yards that he tied Dan Marino's career 300 yard games. A meeting about that is Dan Marino going to adjust to than who's missed so incensed that you know and know who we think is like what the greatest -- Dan Marino. Well here he has an -- I don't -- is playing OK but I'm saying about 300 yard games of the you always yeah I mean no it's a record you know you look at Dan Marino has a great pass and unnecessarily -- I don't know it was a great quarterback you have a great club right now one not exactly. But -- wasn't logo but I'm saying you look at 300 yard gains and and -- is -- And I guess the rules and change also but drew is gonna go and that was way I would say -- aren't we did talk too damn much go we don't want to say yeah go ahead. That's okay. I think you have a -- about it and act like or lucky and all I want to I'll be a question for me laughter. Won't he play all. I've really overall home England. Oh yeah you almanac scored said that -- Monday night there BL yeah I assault -- you know the -- we do in the second -- Monday night yes and yes think Crimea and those guys. All right went down so. So did -- league and arguably human acts them why isn't he playing I remind his average -- plan -- marking them yeah he won't. But -- more explosive and I think that what part examined -- game. That there are better and that defense we really attack and that's when I'll PF publicly threatened I don't doubt that I mean you should put. I bring me. You guys especially that one drive via I tell you what we went. And if you look at only got a 21 yard field -- Lance Moore dropped that touchdown pass well who went fifteen plays 83 yards to make it seventeen -- it should have been. 1714. You scored have now at 1717. But on that drive like you talking about. Pierre goes Pierre had. Of -- 43 yards rushing on that drive plus seven plus eleven plus thirteen. Plus six he goes on and on yeah. That that I'd say well we're on a roll and and and the problems on their heels who ruby nimble with the pass and the run and and -- a very impressive drive but you know we -- have left our invitation has been an -- on reds on offense as -- as -- -- -- percentage. As you settle for a field goal. And actually was only 33%. One for three in the game which you usually we've been dominant in that area and obviously look at the score that was also a different. Besides -- was a result there's no production. Man I was in the in the history lasting shield and she only got on Alabama answer he got to explain that -- What is being a front runner hit it thin these days -- as the B what do we haven't now. By what he's he's just a -- of Chanda Georgia beats us edit and know Dodgers from Alabama I don't see Brothers yelled and had a Alabama background. Back to the posts ago let's go to an. The TT thank you for calling a point after. On WW ago. You don't matter at all to want to know my own. Political. Engine that -- 662 important to have that he can land a spot in a mall where you -- to -- to the book and you confident about -- Are -- about him do and it's -- seat. -- you -- but he's saved these Saints need to worry about playing in that we're about and knowing me an -- -- Diaz said that it it and I said that in the pregame who won as kids you gotta gotta dismissive and make somebody's house. All are did some Philly -- -- nobody -- you -- I think it makes it more interest in. There are mechanical problem you can absolutely do you try to -- Yeah I was a mercenary Thornton isn't. They have found their play was a safe house they'll play my behind off Bob there Larry and I know what it means the defense of 40 February I don't know Angolan. Days and I -- -- -- to. Let -- I can't lead when you don't put it well it's important to whoever is open. Yeah AA this at this. Good all day you know teams -- like their jaw to jaw to take gain that title of that around our nose clean good old fashioned hate. As it does Jimmy Graham should've taken the approach let whoever works -- airport through all the eggs they want. And will beat him twelve out of fourteen times out of focus VA -- about bill are today you are all right I -- all right thank you so most TC yeah we're about to gain mental well. It does -- -- the robbery in the combat will get to Chris Cory David Maria another -- the Andre did as a couple on the board. Tough player and I hit fairways and -- go to break I'm gonna go to Chris event that this is a question over who will go all the way in the NFC I am not impressed with the Falcons. To me I just think the 49ers are way better. I mean -- that I did and millions of things. The -- right now of all of the team today out there. The Green Bay Packers. I'll probably the worst. Seem that would play and land. And it's all collision to be almost the same seeding is -- was -- 2000 the end. But with that -- of all the division leaders New York Mets have been what all new -- -- dominate -- -- -- -- -- to -- Green -- they've dominated -- is going -- Day. Lashing out would dominate -- last year in the playoffs the that was scored two points to his the Giants. The safety -- New -- get there yeah it's going to be able to a lot of cards RG three via the Redskins. So yeah. So sick day and relax and they'll welcome back it's Atlanta this morning three in New Orleans thirteen I did tonight. When asked on Saints radio the Saints had thirteen offensive drives. Five and receptions for -- in the half touchdown field goal feel growth. And Atlanta their first. Now and it's the holy bull run first -- the first drive of the ball game. Their first four drives they had nineteen -- 150. Six York he -- that it would kick invited yet warranted a six ought to fourteen points. The final the final plays for the Falcons and in this ball game. They ran fifth assembly's. After that point 38 plays on their. The last nine drives. 127. Yours you know that that the Saints are playing like the 49ers as all of the candidates are -- the Ravens at a better in his three through good Lindsay that is outstanding. For the last three quarters though that that's just entertain you know you always talk about it a game of inches. You go back and look at this game now it's about when you hear coaches say get off the field -- -- did a great job getting off to feel deep into the night. But when they didn't get off the field interception if you get their ball but Tom -- school it's can not to feel. That's why he had to make the most probably. The even it at any player at their play amount of tickets in -- -- there was a 35 yarder on. By Michael term. And minutes of the big score right there. Well yeah that the if you look at it three turnovers initially the -- only got six points in. You know going forward you know you at double -- -- and -- immediately -- injuries. Man I don't know what the hell you do next week. When you're going against this doubt. Front seven -- style -- -- like the. Forty no enemies -- -- we've beat good chance that we really don't matter what just hope we always made him the player of the match of his Mets look -- -- New -- This is just. When you have a good offensive line New York's defense will steal make you look like. Whatever you -- think it was bang it offensive line is Burton we heard in green Bay's offensive landing good they beat Aaron knocked -- project -- Rahal is. Yeah I beat him down they got after so if you look is actually been in and game like he re injured his groin talking human dawn and day and it and elevate and he came out once played -- he goes back in their third and ten and naslund tardy for the party. Atlanta housewives -- court beer and yet many hits -- -- and and he just beat street finish in -- You know Babineaux but. Egan and Collison. -- street tango. We gotta go where it Will Robinson. -- lost in space danger danger Will Robinson danger danger I think -- might be too young who lost his face it was real Robbins Will Robinson. Is there you know we'll Robinson danger -- anymore and -- and I'm talking about that's going to be is -- and we both have a he's historian he knows all -- -- -- -- orange at some space -- and no losses faces legacy our Austin's very house calls like in the sixties Will Robinson danger danger. But that's gonna happen with the Giants the it's a blind man and I love him above doing goodies he said he would balance and before he got his job. Yeah I think about that coming all the street is that -- out of -- they got to keep him now and Murton via the isn't a big challenge will be interested to see. Al the Giants gonna have to Drew Brees next week that's -- they come as a without Jose we don't need him to be hurt long term. That's it right there is. -- Menard and mark and on got to begin our mock you gotta have a clip of -- or did I do in the locker room show every week during the locker room to show. We have a segment called the open heart Saints player of the game. Now this or not we we don't know how we -- we don't we came -- not in this at all Matt okay. It was that we we will respond like that. So I'm I'm doing the segment. It dissipates into it they did that -- she did what I do just explain it to you what I'm talking about. I had to read into is a -- of our school boy there is a a certain Avant has a four. A handshake indicate golf. -- -- for pizza -- his ivory is what they call what is one from open heart. And it's called the saints' most vital player of the game. This is what took place about -- hour and a half ago they had no idea about it this is -- goaded him mark tonight will go with Lance Moore who seemingly has some of his better games. Against the Atlanta Falcons and tonight he was solid again targeted eleven times seven receptions -- 123 yards an average of seventeen. Point oh wait that's the -- of the -- is still Gordon dropped that touchdown pass. Well who not long ago which I appear I don't know who appeared done yet been good here did again the ball more -- had a 100 yards yes only on this network. Pierre Thomas is out his grades. To our player of the gave vetoed by the KG eight pounded the people by the KG can't name Bobby -- and so the for the first time and say they weren't here screwy routes which. By MVP goes it's brand after the heads out and have a vote there aren't there. Oakland hall on the other a little bit and numbers and bugs and no we can't go relates to the -- the touchdown play that -- -- that could have made it 1714. C'mon. Lance had a big gain an and we never see him drop pass like that. And I was back karma is to see Lance were dropped that there is down. And I just a -- pair's production. Come on fourteen attempts 84 yards you know. I mean six yards a carry he's he's he's a tough gap Pierre Thomas has laid the foundation of what you play. He stays healthy he'll play in his league -- the him haven't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And obviously throughout his career. You know high fours around five yards a carry effort that. Back to the phone to go by let's go to Corey in the solomons Corey thank you the call and WW ago. Probably -- thank -- but take my call. I got a couple of questions played at night do you think Brett flaw of are you think drew -- but come -- like -- -- -- for there's just thrown and it -- astronomy at the ball good where it should fit. Well there's a lot of times Kuwait I drew. I've and you look at a replay how did he get that ball and there are. And and kind of almost -- gambler approach I think now. Considering out -- defense is getting better -- at the beginning. You know we weren't stop and nobody we given. Up lasts an illegal forward yards a game now you know -- turnaround against San Francisco and now Atlanta. As far as -- -- playing Marseille where he almost you know -- -- puts pressure on himself. That game he has to constantly make like almost unbelievable plays instead of playing the percentages a lot and I think that comes. -- a play where -- almost forced issue. And and you get desperate and no that was very human like performance. By drew tonight. What do drove a great quarterback know how. No doubt but it seemed like -- at least try to squeeze. All of our case president -- like he's president trying. To take too much where. You know trying to go you know they always talk about this -- Sean Payton shot please. You know those big plays down the feel of you know 125 yards or more. And sometimes you know you just have to hope for the yards after the catch to the Saints are number one in NFL's his 2006 and yards after the catch and just be patient and not. Be greedy at times and being in. He's is very aggressive with the football but. They've always been that way. Since 2006 and is -- it looks like it's Cordero went on the last public gains especially since thirty seconds left in the second quarter. Taken that approach is definitely caught over Drew Brees in this thing. You know we face him to a a point after an active this late likeness elicit so like -- Saturday night game night -- night primetime game and where in the studio -- -- -- these -- You can just tell you know I don't watch much TV but even -- delight to all networks like ninth in a real big time networks. Eli did Dayton shows the people on the pick and you know they and in that good looking and -- -- -- you talk him out of all right -- you -- -- oh on a show on fox is someone it would not that they chose them. This can be a lot of good looking people by the book and Jazz and girl both assists in and it's a big these shows it is like they've -- a coming summed up models thing about dates so I'm OT to their mouth and obviously this is likes a reality late -- I was like -- they don't they count -- crazy they suit with a you know -- -- the details you can get to give you papal Ottawa for Maria Maria thank you for calling WW. Not. Really -- the god of the terrible what difference something and one thing I loved about him even before we started winning is that he counts ops and that's accountable. -- noticed this year there is likely that two interceptions when Jimmy Graham dropped -- when players. You know once in the face. When they come Rocco many times these last few games and that's what you're doing the interceptions this year -- and it just so -- You know even. Even if you question them to do it. I mean on that first interception accused of Bobby and the community all right. We -- -- what ten yards suffered now removed from the well we didn't have to grow over the top like -- okay. Everybody. Know what our offense is -- Atlanta and Jimmy knew Abraham -- an inception text of France. It was about fourteen happened that they. In my hand I'm catching interceptions. Because what they gotta do. When will he do that dropped off kept in the -- Abraham had chronic interception touchdown on that saw him play when he throws it. I don't -- -- hadn't turned around and he just dropped it off and even in -- imminent but ten yard touchdown. Yeah he's -- in the read -- Abraham had to -- the -- where some guys have you gotten. Think he can get that a quarterback we're gonna be kinda hangs on the line -- -- Yeah yeah and that. You don't is that my dad and I think on those you know people know that -- by the try to force things because I remember last week against San Francisco. That was the worst interception on that interception touchdown -- once and send my when he threw it across his body -- and meet with him. You haven't -- we used to run and I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's in absolute our year okay Regis. I guess it just hurt. Yeah that and you don't Maria I think the way we structured right now that we -- down the name is Sean Payton although we've played twelve games. I date -- Sean Payton we would be needed for. I truly believe that. I'm not gonna say we beat candidate though I think what we aim for now we'll go to unseat him -- forwards Sean May not tell you right now we would be I truly believe. -- big damage to the overthrow we'd be an eight and fourteen. Right now in the what they like she was saying. The no -- -- for Peyton does hold players accountable. Right now is too much of professional. Country club atmosphere. Where everyone know that you know you know they were all professionals here know Sean Payton there was a big get over get over Reggie Bush and Angela Jimmy Graham travels although he'd be all over. And to be interested to see that I'd be interested to see. How he would approach drew. After five -- today it would be at any confrontation there but I notional would get a all the players. I don't know coach -- China managed to ship. It is hard. -- is -- who says he's in but yet the accountability. I think Sean Payton is creativity at all that he would make a difference where yeah I truly believe they have the money list right now. -- point after with the founding father of the good detonation Bobby Hebert and big chief Deke Bellavia. On the big 87105. Through WW LFM and WWL dot com. Call 50426018748668890870. And you can Texas at age 7870. Old old friend. -- -- -- -- Maybe it right back and there's really appreciate. Like Michelle Obama I'd be baggy. It's an issue in me yet welcome back it's -- tough -- folks tonight. They look -- boo this boy. Atlanta its point three New Orleans thirteen correct but I now -- and get out gets a question if indicates again he won't Ansett. David Indian -- thank you for calling you on WW well. -- And let them talk about what -- I don't -- that people want bank my dad and would it. Yeah you have got David your right what was that pop -- right at all right thank you -- navy. The Andre and treat bullet thank you for calling WW. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At that there are well. He it would have been extending it you know he RD Gatti got their back against San Diego but don't like but obviously you know it it was there and the beginning of Garrett called Lance or Hewitt had -- now it's not it's over at 54 games you know I think eventually watched Tom Brady's gonna pass that corrected. Probably be next year because the I think he's on his say eleven to -- behind drew -- All right not -- bad routes thank you for calling. Chris -- you. -- and Bobby. You know. Mild one being is our yard McCourt and -- at bat but there cleaning out EI do believe -- diet and report on it. But one thing but it. What in the hell. -- -- I mean it put me back to let Amal. Would -- block out the ball out of hand at police Anthony -- would alternated. At the pro quarter. Well yeah well prison imitates that is never supposed to have a professional football knows there's never an out and never ever and I almanac is drew again and out there explanation he gave right quick and he shouldn't have any kind of lost track of time. Which is inexcusable. McCain that Chris Amanda looked like you took on the point after on WWL. There again look at the question whether or not they could do without Sean Payton after the -- yeah. Where. Let them that that support our American about that they Ingram nonsense that nonsense with the running back I mean. Why did that everybody that watches the game to read it would appear on any explode off the screen and accepted different. From from winning from there I mean that that swing has been through throughout their should've been a touch anything else -- -- and you are each in sort of -- I mean here is bridge from -- -- The Eagles into the mix McAlister don't work out you know people were particularly change. Chris we got the wrong Alabama running back we need it we need to get -- and ridges and I'm kind of a joke even though. Trent courageous and now look what he's doing the Browns but Ingram has been a major disappointment pocket leaving get more carries -- and earned that right. To get morning Pierre are Chris Simon on on this and that. Chris thank you very much on let's see got to squeeze in a couple more. But camp and then the hawk everything either calling it W yeah you have. Yeah you know all that does that send it in the opposite to Honda. -- in the game because you want to be aggressive could -- read some great up and so great metric. What certain teams we have we we -- under managed. The offense -- you'll regret it at 218 bet you can't feel the grit and we've won in Atlanta because we welcome -- And all that and his speed and at the plate bagels and it turns green and the second team does that present rule. Its product embodies the play we played there and I'm about it that great should never get over a bet to -- -- bad because -- able to say the shall be allowed present from him that yet were. So you had to basically play -- more -- game against Tampa Bay. Oh what out of no -- eight Kevin has at times you have to play more conservative than being aggressive now we've been fortunate. On the drew is on pain that we have been aggressive going to the -- problem and it -- shot and hasn't come back to buy and -- but I say the last two games that approach yes. It has to back to bite the Saints. This is a point nine xenophile. Call shield an MR Menard dug up a little Christmas in Hollis. -- the MC well folks it was a typical long last night the Saints of all. To Atlanta 23 to thirteen if you look at postal this weekend. Hope -- the beat Tampa Bay. Hope New York beat the Washington Redskins. And -- Chicago beats Seattle all could happen if it goes. They will go into another week it was his Saints still are alive in the post season run but like the late great -- Donald Perry used to say. Before holidays of our lives episodes like -- fans -- -- -- This saying to be out -- -- by the time he's taken on its feet. Well big and never got a hole in hopes of more because when you're remembered I was a part of that. Here -- held out in 1990. Dearest things made the playoffs and he made. Yes they do it all right thanks a most of moment -- jelled and everyone else final score I. Atlanta Torre during do all exert teams have been a point that I'm developing and he isn't anything can and I -- ban on the way you play zone the night people.

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