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Nov 30, 2012|

Dave talks about the Saints game against the Falcons

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And minutes after 5 AM at the earliest days in WW Albert is on this thirtieth of November 2000 and while now last day of the month that it is TGI. Apps welcome doubt. -- An. Ladies react. We got that you can't take that away for the weekend Aaron warmup under way temperatures in the seventies today -- near eighty for the week and census common. It's on probation name. Perfect -- go shopping and -- Christmas presents an element that's about a bunch of money and make mine a straight NHL yeah. -- people adds about 25 days left until Christmas. I know you'll be element shopping thing this weekend are you -- -- every year you get out there early and get your shopping taken care of it is -- when he sported Tony four days -- us. Those as seen on TV specials are waiting for me at the drugstore yes and when he for our drugs exactly -- -- doing Christmas. 45 mountain -- Why now who. Who read it to. Five. Interceptions. And really is the amazing thing there in the fourth quarter he -- line I'll wait they -- off sides. Yeah thank goodness -- -- is still on life support there's still alive. Let's -- -- have another play I'll -- throw another one on the next play. Yes -- measure man. And a now you out -- I you know I go back to the one in the Frisco game just before halftime. Which did make a whole lot of sense of it there was like triple coverage. On the receiver but bottom line was you just you've thought out through. I want you Dylan and it just seems like it's is gone downhill from there he had it bad decade and then shot the funny thing is the saints defense played a great yeah. That's -- that's the thing it's irritating. That first drive where they discount what the falcons run straight -- the field and score after that they -- dobbins you know. They played really good game defensively as they did. Offensive line really wasn't that bad a couple of breakdowns but overall the offensive line held up mergers he had time. It was just our our quarterback. -- and I don't know what's gone on nine. As the record comes in and did not have it. Yeah that's Europe touchdown. Record stops there now after Tom Brady at some point as the game he doesn't overtime. Because seeking catchers. This weekend. I'm rusher with the exact numbers are right here and from an early next season. -- -- Mario boy what he would choose you know now it's Friday asked that their regulars don't actually out of him look at the look at the bright side. We essentially have to stop worrying about every week. Watching with. Bated breath and hoping that the -- to pick up victory -- -- worry about -- old outpost season yeah and all the attention on the nerve wracking now we can just what adds a game I have got a good game might be exciting come come Christmas time we won't be worried about having watched the game because we have to if the ninth in make the playoffs. Now. I will say that mathematically the saints are not. Theoretically. If they win out and they've got to play Tampa again to get back on form that they would sneak in that wild card thing. I'm documenting mine and mountain and not any means. It happened that you know if you summaries -- an avenue out course -- overjoyed. -- Rocks the DN. Used to be and I mean that would both sides it's this year I feel lot of houses though had a hanging on the ice -- there's an error you are yet to win every game and thought if apple and. What wrong with whoever needs. Ivins sent. Me here passes against the. That one really hurt -- about me right into the hand he's troubled past right to that defensive -- do with this act. Agassi that it would I don't know yet seem like for awhile there's there there are linemen were. Just picking him off left and right of here's what you want one error. -- -- as -- and that answer thank you learn. Fifteen minutes here and hit two weekend forecast that access great. You know if -- -- was sportsman of the and you know again tape so. -- gonna throw deep down feel that it's going to create a better. -- led by the save team when they're more. Fives Drew Brees interceptions. Wa you can't overcome that I don't care what else happens if you're quarterback throws five interceptions. You don't win. Football games in the NFL Ankiel went football games at any level when you -- five interceptions. -- all right let's -- out of -- Eyewitness News forecasts that are in for Laura but now it's Alexandra. Your Friday morning starting off with some patsy -- cool Temps both south and north of the lake. As you move into Friday afternoon just look very nice out there. Bit warmer than yesterday with highs around 71. And mostly sunny skies tonight cool Temps in the fifties both south and north of the lake. And for your Saturday lots of sunshine and even warmer with highs around 76. From the Eyewitness News forecast center -- I'm meteorologist Alexandra cramp bird. Right now we have a few clouds and not a whole lot 54 at the international airport that east wind at seven miles an hour considerably warmer this morning on the North Shore. Partly cloudy 47 men and it slide now -- that freezing stuff calm winds. 93% relative humidity be a fog reported in a few locations -- reporting fog belt -- reporting fog. In some over in banners to you might see it was but it. Here war there. It's time here on WW -- with the honor and pleasure of telling us all about it again. -- -- Smooth morning gave. The falcons got revenge and handed the saints and their seventh loss of the season pairs threes play action. And throw it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- over time it's funny to you on your Friday. The weekend is upon us that's the good news ladies and gentlemen is they can't take that away. And -- weekend begins today in. Most folks that means a few days got to -- the weekends are not trying to rub it and by the infamous -- the weekend began now Steve. Assembly one. I happen to Drew Brees. Well Dave I think -- can say it was a classic case of someone pressing and trying to do too much and I think we've seen a lot of that from -- this season but he can't blame the defense though in this one like him past games this is by far their best performance of the year area -- -- just happen to have the worst game of his career throwing five interceptions -- -- game that meant so much against a hated opponent -- times he looked like the quarterback we're used to seeing but he made some awful throwing decisions and pay dearly for them. Now there is plenty of blame to go around though Lance Moore had an uncharacteristic drop in the end zone. And there was a penalty on Jimmy Graham -- Darren Sproles touchdown. Now I know who's gonna take a lot of heat because after all he is the hundred million dollar man and when you -- that type of money people don't expect or excess. These type of games from here. And a party yet some text messages and a 7870. Talking about the overpaid curse. And one says to win a hundred million dollars in the power ball. Up here numbers nine overpaid. -- I do we get some of that today because as he got his big contract now I can play like crafts. Amazing how quickly can people can turn that he's he's all the problems this season -- -- well. One person -- mediate 7870 and look at the bright side. Just four more games that we get our coach back. Five points react your pride gave more rain coming up after the clothing a look at your weekend forecasted. Viagra. For NFL players but during a game. Help them get next. To -- that. From the 37 and a I -- -- play action. And throw it he. Yeah first of what would be five interceptions for Drew Brees last nine man was tough to watch -- easier to listen here. Patchy fog so be aware of that on the roadways Temps are cool but later on today web -- warming up to around 71. Step. It'll feel warmer than -- in the last couple of these but this afternoon. As for tonight Temps mainly in the fifties and that's real start off your Saturday even warmer for tomorrow afternoon -- with highs around 76. But -- Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra -- for. Right now we have 54 degrees at the international airport and -- partly cloudy 47 in Slidell some fog reported around there Reagan -- -- 78 when he says bond from Matthews all the way down to Roosevelt of -- reported belt today banners and -- -- The year or theirs to the Associated Press -- guys trying to score may be using Viagra but it the way you might thing. Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall says he's heard of and now players using drugs -- -- it on the field. Why now. And about spokesman notes that Viagra is not on the list of the league's banned substances and medical experts -- the drug will do anything for players. Outside of the bedroom. Why would you want to do that before you play a football games -- it that it at all. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL prisoners -- November at the thirtieth 2000 and and it's TG -- -- well enough pride. And neither region and Phyllis and that was helping. And now I thought we'd be dance and around the breakfast table below my license applies nine. That's it well. Guess we can forget about the playoffs. That the intimacy for every game. Doesn't feel some goods that can definitely we didn't match any members of the -- just like it is very similar -- lost the powerball we lost the playoffs now mathematically but it all likely. But lost the playoffs. -- -- a weekend here they can't take that away from -- -- at a news you said earlier there's Christmas shopping to be done and things can. And things I can't read of people -- -- the very clever text messages and responses story about concerns that NFL players are taking my accurate again. An edge on the field with medical experts say they don't see any way and I don't see any ways that that helps you now play football now under those conditions it's the last. Condition I'd like to be in playing football is under the influence of Viagra but now. It's not man -- apparently players can't do it if they want to but it. Which like pizza text messages on the dog uses I get a problem -- you get a lot of trouble thank you for those of you are making some very clever jokes that I read. -- are they insinuating that the dirty birds had there Viagra last. Like. Anyway they did want to excited I can't -- as well those Drew Brees haters that we've been getting a lot of text messages from people others things that you reached it back some of the money all our duties people's anxieties. That is -- -- -- -- playing as hard as crazy things like that what does Dave tell those Drew Brees caters to dream on humans. It over. Channel the game one to believe him I think that knowledge and of course we're just not. Just keep in street that Ann Arbor and you know it's kind of blows your mind -- 2345. Yeah like 66 Jack as the one into the penalty but but only five officially -- get called accept it make up for the call through another one on the next one. Look at Eli and Peyton and you know and attentive and very bad yes. You know with I don't know if they were five but I I know for our Texans yeah. And so when those happen. We just got to go all they had an off night. But withdrew its like -- The end of the world. It is what it is. No game -- predict this week we do -- At the box lasts I would join new movie that it only one this weekend killing them softly. As is with Brad it all right playing Jackie code in and Forster hired to restore order after three dumb guys you rob guy rob a mob. Protected card game cause in the local criminal economy to collapse. Telling them on -- Top five. -- twilight. -- sky fall out -- again. Rise of the guardians the animated movie -- Santa Claus and the Easter Bosnian. The other. Folks have to -- the world. And life of high about. You know on the boat with tiger and that's kind of catching on fire a little bit -- during a lot of buzz well I think come Monday morning. -- -- -- going to be really tough -- I know a lot of people keep telling me that Lincoln is on their awareness that they you know weren't wanna catch that before it's gone that's got that Oscar potential all that and do you think -- in droves to see not Obama. I don't know and then in the Brad Pitt plan. I I get real and I'm I'm speech it was -- I'm befuddled on this one now pick one are -- I'm going to give them. -- that. And and killing them softly and some very shaky ticket and I understand that forced you into enemy agent picks them hate me. It's violent man and -- weaken it and I think the rise of the guardians being you know with Santa Claus and all Trammell and are. Maybe it will be interesting weekend in the -- thank you David are -- in most appointments more first days here -- -- Not we need a week and not go live and -- to the eyewitness is forecast -- and state according to this meteorologist Alexandra -- Learned. He'd get wedding had begun over there you should feel honored. I just want to know because that is more about -- song and that is maybe the first time we played it for anyone other than Mars -- in production but I just thought we needed to get this going on Friday morning. IT -- exactly and that Flores claims on -- I guess -- be back Monday on yes he's going to be -- -- just selling out this weekend and a lot of people attacks in -- colony whereas Laura. Alexander -- Mean it's enjoy a lot last sought -- straight back pretty quick and those folks get to enjoy a really good weekend weather. It's gonna be really nice you know what we're starting December I guess this weekend but it's actually gonna feel a little bit more like spring I would say out Erica it's going to be in the upper seventies it looks like for highs so nice weekend especially -- kind of sick of the cold weather for a little bet. December 1 and second will be part near eighty degrees. Southeast Louisiana as we continue to ride the weather rollercoaster area not just called this morning and that means a little fog out there here. We'll look at potential but you know what we've been checking his abilities on warning and gave -- okay I pretty much in all locations so. The potential for far easier to keep that in mind if you're out on the roads and so forth but. You know it's it's not really seeing it develop this morning it's overseeing a little bit about cloud potential for the morning this weekend. That chance of a little bit patchy -- still there. -- the only text message we've got an 870 attorneys from the fog is one person that along the -- -- -- from Matthews downed a little rose they've done. Seeing some fog but that's about it so idea they go warmup. To around seventy today and then upper seventies for the weekend -- Yeah he got and then your Friday night is looking fund will be mainly in the sixties for tonight's IPO plans. Back at all excellent. Yet this afternoon about 71 were expecting so we don't you notice a bit of a difference in the air out there it's gonna be a little more humid this weekend you know. -- are little more humidity and little warmer no rain at all in the forecast. Right exactly very dry so we're looking for an -- just kind of a little bit warm you'll see a lot of sunshine so outdoor plans you know definitely it again this weekend. All right yeah. Are driving and you have to sneeze. Aaliyah and you're naked man he hits -- -- that closing your eyes it's biologically impossible. And because it's that you just theory problem may be just be one -- not much use meter every time I need that's needs to wise guy do -- and -- -- -- well and I think most people don't they they need the same number of times each time. -- -- You know I think for me ranges some time so loans means -- sometimes as well attack out of California. Highway Patrol says this sneezing fit caused the truck driver. To lose control of his truck and crashed -- nearly a dozen cars home like -- she started sneezing couldn't see the road couldn't control the reg. And Ukraine into a car dealership parking lot. In San Leandro. And San Francisco Bay Area. California -- patrol says he was on thirty miles an hour. When he had this sneezing attack no one was hurt but ten cars and trucks were damaged. He was not charged with any crime. Is faithful believed drugs or alcohol were involved -- At this me a loan me a little scary never really considered that and why I have my little brother is six times every time he -- now. Yeah I think at this time Durbin in the car with him right the sneezing at Texas that -- -- reach -- grab the -- can hold onto it for MIA dads and every time 69. Let me place. Thank you Alexander we enjoyed -- India this week have a great weekend thinking Yates in Alexander grant for -- direct from the Eyewitness News forecast all right we've got to do it will get back to Steve -- in sports and -- than. Take a closer look is there anyway sit still make the playoffs I think there is but you should support. Symantec had a 7870. And this is when I can't read and seriously says. Viagra increases blood flow so it helps players to stop cramping up. And while I don't know if that's true of the doctors interviewed by the Associated Press that they didn't see any. Benefit of players taking Viagra. In terms of their performance on the field that maybe in the bedroom and out on the field but I don't know maybe that's true maybe they believed that. I don't know man I don't know that the solution for the saints and I know that it is time for sports though. Does does he felt. Happy Friday days ahead. Saints team bus getting egged in Atlanta was the start of the worst fifteen day ever play action three. Several sharper. -- -- Your Friday. They can't take that away from us they cannot take aware we can buy -- Steve. Have they taken away our post season hopes the saints. Don well they they aren't mathematically. Eliminated from postseason contention right now but I gotta say that it's time to put a fork in the saints' only four games left in the regular season and they need to win every single one and still get a lot of help to make the playoffs at nine and said and they gotta give -- -- they rallied back from their own Forestar. But they're no longer the hot or dangerous team in the NFL right now there are squad that hasn't been able to put it all together in their biggest games this year they are peaking heading into December and that's an effective Drew Brees is now leading the league in interceptions. And it's just a recipe for disaster. In the end the hole we dug at the beginning of the year was just too deep. Now several people aren't taxing mandates that any Saturday just because I raise the question about is there any way to saints don't make the playoffs -- this. Let's talk about playoffs you get may. Playoffs. And that is why are you worried about playoffs. They're playing terrible football we can't -- regular season games you'll want a playoff game they blew their chance. Forecast the rest -- -- Friday is looking nice and mostly sunny skies and high Temps this afternoon around 71. Tonight cool on both sides of the lake mainly in the fifties for overnight lows. And your weekend looking good but even warmer tomorrow mostly sunny with a high around 76. For only Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra transferred him. Thank Alexander we've enjoyed docket the all this week Lawrence back on Monday. Right now we have 54 degrees partly cloudy skies international airport in -- partly cloudy 47 in summer and flied out some thoughts here there. That along the coast a little bit on the West Bank but then that should be. The problem got a text message today 7870 go -- that sneezing crash. So when I'm driving sneezing is a big -- because they sneeze at least twelve to fifteen times my record is 22. And I -- -- nowhere around you on the road next time that happens. All right ladies and gentlemen I know it hurts and I know there in the fact that looks like the saints season on the -- Mathematically there's still a playoff Huntsman. But they can't take this weekend -- can't make the holiday season when we're. So right there are a little bit and holidays here maybe saying goodbye to another refinance. Now apparently -- fine. This. -- it happening again. It's happened before and with a giant. And went on to win it won't. -- I'm gonna have my hope that up. You dream about you -- out. And watching all the other games to know which one family the other team. Georgia -- oldest son after root for the Packers to lose not a Packers to win this weekend if they plan -- The -- the vikings and the vikings are ahead of us the play out on the wild card. But I just can't I don't have. Emotional wherewithal. To sit and figure out who has to lose for the things that they'll have a mathematical opportunity in the playoffs. I hope they win now I hope they win the rest of their game and if they do make a play out that would be great. I didn't gentlemen I hope you have a wonderful weekend thank you for joining us here at WW well the early days and in. Nobody gets you down too much of what the clothing to be happy about right yeah I am. Happy fly again.

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