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11-29 11pm Point After Show

Nov 30, 2012|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners after the loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to -- asking -- if I was sort of -- look -- almost it was Atlanta Tony three New Orleans the thirteenth. The actors budget by Zach brings a New Orleans it is into eight to 89 and then but was always have a great time to be -- and choose. A designated driver Kasey -- tonight. New Orleans got beats and an Atlanta. Now can walk of the division if Tampa lose -- The idea even haven't thought we and come to missiles soon. I never thought I'd say this. Especially. Not an. 2000 things are never -- thought I would say. That we lost the game because of him. No out flat out has to accept total responsibility. You can have five interceptions. You know bottom line of turnovers kill you. If you look at what occurred. In the game you'd have to say the defense yeah I thought man who might get blown out and just kind of like how we fell behind. In the superdome. In critical six plays eighty yards to make it 70. They ran for 71 yards on that first drive -- -- had 46 in the first game they averaged fourteen point four yards a carry. But our defense this and compared to what occurred in the first half. Without is that -- -- one yards Russian nine point two average. They finished up with a 124 and only had 23 yards rushing. And like in ended up with five point four average but like coach Vince said. The reason why does things we've been in the game because the -- was only one of eleven. On third down and and and a one point they were open ten so. Really outside the defense did their part enough to win the game. You know we've only been on the plus side the year we won a suitable. Which is embarrass an overall -- going to be playing winning football. You know -- a plus two. Before -- game now we minus two for the season and then -- minus four for the season I mean think of any game and minus two now for the season. About Lance Moore is outstanding. Except. You gotta make that catch the ball lands we expect you know it's crucial you gotta make that touchdown catch he had seven catches 123 yards when he dropped a touchdown. But Pierre thomas' outstanding. Fourteen carries 84 yards but I -- he should have enough carries if you averages six yards a carry. To be that hundred yard rusher. If you look at all said and done -- the Saints and if I was who rushed the ball 23 times. I guess and I thought we should have been. Somewhere in always 2728. So we had 23 attempts rushing we had thirteen at half. No we only ran the ball ten times the second habit you know -- when -- to play catch up now ironically. Drew raised goes to -- took 41 yards. Fifty -- -- never a good thing you know his crede throws a period of 41 yards and ironically he tied Dan Marino. For the most 300 yard games in a career. But but but how how worthless as bad considering the circumstance where the Saints are right now I -- his sub as game returning punts Darren Sproles. Averaged fifteen point five that's at a Pro Bowl level. Because you're running back kick -- we -- in the top five and NFL who in the bottom five as far as -- returns compared to kick of returns. Look at that also a big cub. We now -- as we did get that take away by Raphael bush the man I want to tell him. Then they let the referees need to call pick of the ball and running almost think get a touchdown and he did barely get touch. But grass grabbed the Al bush discredit him -- -- forced fumble he's always making tackles on special teams along with Courtney Roby was an available this game. And -- but. You know what -- take away. We now -- past the hole total of last season as far as takeaways without four games remaining. Now another area I gotta give prost style defense. And a 1001 and goal on the four. And and the Saints held and the Saints have now held. Out of the end zone twelve times this season. When opponent has first and second down inside the five yard line so -- -- right now we getting one game in that regard. One area that we did struggle -- that has not been the case. Is what do we do as an offensive unit in the red zone we were number one. In the NFL touchdown percentage inside the twenty as 73 and a half. Well this game we're only 33%. You know -- drew told totally screwed that about but I'll watch in at LSU and and. And their office and coaches staff along with coach miles and then and have what the hell were they doing. I mean drew losing control there because it could this not telling -- what to do not a -- Carmichael. If you look how that unfolded. If you have to -- the ball. It is here is Brees is Sproles. Before it is too -- now Chemical -- -- as we got first -- on the seven yard line. We throw a touchdown to Sproles a big play by Jimmy Graham was a pig. I wish I can actually show you -- would Jimmy Graham Lisa do tonight get that call that it would have counted as a touchdown now before there was so we got. A 45 seconds. Left before have breezed to Sproles plus twelve. Okay then that's -- you say clock mismanagement. Mismanagement and then we went. So now we got as sickening goal. And then now we have twelve seconds Brees needed to clock the ball before. You know you letter now because is breezes blow Sproles plus -- you gotta threat in the end zone again remember you gotta get some points. You cannot afford to get zero points in this aware -- You know is the first time Roddy White in seventy games had no catches in the first have been really big -- would have played. Try to -- -- that day in any game notices an embarrassing loss to the Saints that -- what. The foul -- like the best team in the NFL -- know there's parity in the league. But I would say fans around the country -- on the nation who follow professional football. I think they would observe that. Whether it be the Bears. Packers. For sure I'd -- the Giants -- 49ers are -- better than the Falcons right now on the NFC's so I'm very disheartening loss of a New Orleans Saints and this is one. And you can't sugarcoat this you've got to put this all on Drew Brees -- shoulders and big I never was in a situation learn through five and -- sessions. In a Saints uniform against drew have to call -- find out how that feels 'cause it because I never did that. Then is the -- think anybody gave their final score tonight Atlanta. Tony three New Orleans thirteen disappointed after a Saints great event. And Lance -- Tony during New Orleans thirteen to sub point after it was things. Radio network final forwards are 601878038668890870. About it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We didn't expect we -- we thought he begin have a -- six or seven sacks. But I mean after this season be heading in the right direction. And a strong possibility he has a chance to get the double digits with four games are remaining. A guy that always gets to double digits and they moved that are right side employee he'd. Just like to attract -- like -- track runner got right behind a rough around Zach Strief. I -- and being John Abraham. If you look at him. You know coming into the game we had 28 career multiple sack games. He had his last one against the Cardinals on November 18. From any view look at it he's the NFL's active sack leader now with 122. Career. Our quarterback sacks and so now he has ten to the season as the kind. I think our our sacks production we need like from Will Smith. John Abrahams old veteran what we need Will Smith to be like Al version of John Abraham so long and he's still getting after the quarterback. And also you know cam Jordan. And ended up second in tackles did -- would Roman Harper. With five tackles in that once sacked a Lofton led the team went eight sacks in. I don't know they got the only time I really can truly get on the defense does the expectation is aren't as high as the offense. Was at firs drive I thought we are garbage. -- defensively ride begins Alice plus nine Cedric -- great pressure on Matt Ryan. Come on -- -- intercept the ball. Honey let Tony Gonzales they get away from the very first play of the game. -- miss -- in a session the next play. Turner goals were plus 35 yards. Roman Harper -- a big I mean they when he attacked them like little leaguers and that was garbage tackling. As Eagles a 35 yards and then he would -- a five yards Rogers goes back to back. Plus fourteen yards and announcement had 71 yards rushing on that drive but but after a bad. I thought that even been awesome especially on third down they couldn't convert on third down the gets almost impossible. To keep an NFL team from converting on third down a one time they were all -- and and he finished -- one for eleven but. Listen you have five turnovers. And you only get one bag so minus four for the game call -- the united united beaten anybody you can -- play in. I don't know whoever you want to think is the poorest team the Jaguars. Our -- I I don't know he changed say the Browns would -- they beat the Steelers and are rob is remembered. Other Raiders I guarantee we play a friend who went out to Oakland we'd have a game. When we're minus four and Torre showed that the Raiders would beat -- that he denied being anybody and I just so frustrating because you did and gets a team. Like the Falcons. Who obviously you've had their numbers of late. But no. Drew. They -- we gonna have probably his post game interview right I mean -- and see if he said if he says that he stunk up the joint. And then that's when you get paid on Jermaine dollars you gotta pay play like 200 million dollar menu truly have to be super human. And you never to -- the cause up to you team lose in the game. All right come and I want to -- the phone lines final score Atlanta its point three New Orleans thirteen is the point answer on the -- radio network -- And welcome back final score tonight from and man it was. The Falcons 23 and New Orleans thirteen Bobby since these are looking for something PM I'll -- produce Steve Geller he's research cements -- information far right now. Just to show you how poorly Drew Brees has played this year in the fourth quarter. And on third down and his completion percentage and his quarterback greeting. And then also his completion percentage and quarterback rating on third down and then what he's done in the fourth quarter no saints' Reggie going to be shocked. Powell and you say he sure is not a misprint that adds Drew Brees no we. It will always expect him you know to be assured top ten top five and really know he talking about like bottom of the league. All right let's get to the phone line to make individual homeowners -- will want to work. Is standing by I want to thank you -- -- the -- out there on a Saints radio network. Hey guys I should take a McCall. Yes I'm ready. Job and I am just entirely hear about those people talk about the defense how bad defense -- -- but the -- and Turkoglu over like alleged orderly. Fourth top terms as game six -- first game. Scored a slow start that he is actually ridiculous man of the bunch Cameron on defense but how bad the -- I was going to be Aaron books out there that you'll have been on this little black guy or -- -- kind of crouch quiet and it was not done ball local. Well well well Walter and that really tell you only time he had to be disappointed defense and and and I was kind of shocked with the man will win my game crush. Was then all of a sudden you know they -- six plays. Eighty yards three minutes to do once things were down seven to zero when similar to score but it was how they scored. Could you look outstanding and we're stopping the run the first game the whole game and 46 -- and the first drive they had 71 yards. You know gash in his game fourteen point four but I gotta give. The defense credit after that know that they played good enough football winning football if offense and drew what -- did their job. Six plays eighty yards -- Falcons open on the scoring drive -- -- -- -- -- the one offensive plays of 203 yards -- less than four yards per day that's outs then with the defense every minute and then when you throw another drive that the 49ers head of Jimmy -- thousands at a 49 -- -- look at after that it was even more what the defense do -- having a let down -- about the middle of the second quarter. Through the rest of the game back to the phone that we go and Bobby a New Orleans for Karen thank you. -- to point out on the same radio network if I can't turn your radio turner you're down or take which again the -- dollar. Carolyn have a dale thank you for calling a point out. I think we are you -- -- It just looked scrutinize talking jogged a while let our car was embodied the it was a right now. Anyway he can. You know -- -- good show as well. Paul -- years does it. I feel did -- just seemed to me at all earned respect from all that aside the ball they just look like it -- war I'll. I'm trying to -- back in. Getting into the playoff picture and reducing Michael the last two weeks that's great list excels you know deuce. Always -- drew what ball would be an intercept. Well -- who's -- -- and Carroll is and I get in his band struggling as the 49ers a lot of people's -- a lot of teams stronger as the 49ers. But you can't should you selves in the foot against the Falcons now I I could see. That OK this he just plays Sunday playing on Thursday. While the Falcons at the same thing and and I even suggested this. And and -- -- -- strong -- about I would not be surprised. If if Pierre gets fifteen carries because he only had he played in the far -- is there one carry and he produced fourteen. Rushes of 84 yards I mean. It is so that didn't surprise me so -- Pierre was fresh but you can never used excuse. You could -- -- street dealing with his injury. But you know you never truly healthy you have to play heard I know would you groin. That is hard to blog goes dominant pass rushers. And I know one time and Abraham got around the bag and ask them to do with the groin injury where he got beaten again go. And and really -- -- have the second but other than that I thought the prevention. I was pretty good. Atlanta Tony three New Orleans thirteen is the point after back to the phones ago California. For rounding thank you for calling the Saints radio network. I think for having me on -- gotta be the defense. Much much better. Through yeah there's two interceptions. Must win games and I. Guess what locked -- but. Aside from all of that you know everywhere there is potential point I -- -- real good games -- and now -- -- -- I'm proud of the -- ninth and ran hard and not. Well they're a hundred Ronnie give him good and nation would that not even be proud of the team. Nobody can say they've played a good game none of the Dolphins that they blew it. This and you get down inside the ten yard line you get zero points. And they're at and then you -- -- getting touchdowns and and you're leading NFL. Know that as the there was ready at home. Our our you know he has still have a chance for the playoffs. Not the UK this and look at that. You would -- about their back was that a wall in the this would even at the end at one point. The Saints and Andrew turned the ball over three times. And the Saints defense the -- terrible -- -- they held the 1006 points. With three turnovers so I don't know that that there's no excuse. And that and how they drew has the makings used to be in this in this season you can say bad luck bad bounce and a ball. But I think this is even his game as well as on the displayed after a first drive. You know I've always said Drew Brees got to play great. Finesse things to -- -- this game you Drew Brees just would have played good. They would end up winning. Atlanta. Tony three -- thirteen is the point after this the New Orleans Saints radio network. Hi welcome back to the point and on the saints' radio network back to the -- -- no New Orleans follows. Tony three to thirteen to Atlanta Karen thank you for calling the point after. Yeah I don't I don't. How are you calm actually I wouldn't wanna do -- say by the pretty much. Did everything that I wanted to say but I didn't want to arm that the defense played well and I really proud. The other guys that pretty much everyone else I'm mom I'm sensitive I am disappointed leader. I don't get a look at listen -- and we gotta win this that we should never the way we structured. We should never lose a game if we hold somebody to 23 points exactly. I mean at it -- shouldn't happen. I mean I told me that the -- -- only -- 23 point 240 game. -- -- I would have bet my house and out all lost without a thought if we all have found his way viewpoint Saints don't Lennon and now obviously that was in the case. Absolutely -- an at and I'm glad we get well against San Francisco until -- -- -- so. I was very disappointed would you with the wind the ball. And Arnold interceptions I don't know I mean they don't stay on a -- -- why aren't there one in the ball more. And I hope I wanna say I'm so glad that Pierre we're about and I love Pierre and I thought that I would have been doing great but why did they thought England. I can't happen again in the -- just don't feel like he's ready. Well I mean I can't I just don't think Ingram has earned that privilege. To ever get the most carries are hard to be ahead impaired Thomas and Chris Ivory when all's said and done. We've seen ivory limited carries having -- -- games. Pierre Thomas look at explosive game we had today that was very similar that he had against Carolina. PK goal of the season I don't know. We haven't seen Ingram come out of nowhere and have a great games like Pierre Thomas and Chris Simon so why should -- get the benefited dal. And and have more carries. Right now on the on the season and Jerry Chris I've got to get to be drafted in the first round he hasn't earned their right. All right it's very sound for Chrissie Chrissie thank you took on the pointing out there on the saints' radio network. Okay how I can handle it can cure Marines. His contract. And -- hundred million dollars -- -- public -- -- Any time coming in -- catch it. What again the record at kings player is there right. Can protect him no I mean he's got more and big thing all the money on happened that I think senior day it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take it pretty woman Thelma and now as director of player and partly due to -- -- hit back to camp out. Yeah well Chris Hewitt what what you need to do is call the saints' front office column. And that and then -- can get like email the players are our FaceBook with them and see -- that -- you can make a deal when and that listened. They gonna tell drew that if -- -- for every interception you throw you gotta give some money back. The -- they might go for that. Knowing gallery it had been announced for everybody that protect and Michaels. And didn't listen to -- heard that yeah I mean bring every I mean there. They're being people who won it. Maybe can lose. Yeah I there's I'm pretty you know you are we gave it won't be -- during games and found on the but you. You walk around in circles maybe -- the -- available this thing got 200 million dollar contracts probably I don't know -- -- -- probably love to have Drew Brees is that a Michael -- right. So you can be critical of the play and -- plays poorly and I because he Vietnamese -- I did is sent to the mean. They lost because of the playing quarterback yes -- yeah it will win is that -- -- you have to make some sense about what you say you know when you win you as that haven't since 2006 and and I bet you we investigate there might be. You can do leniency to a 30 occasions. Mets note Drew Brees was the reason why we lost a game in this is a major. Losses who's been here four years but other than that you know that has not been the case. But listen it's whatever in the marte has been used to say playing basketball -- -- upon -- was -- -- I -- the only thing is don't -- seven bosses is over. Don't need Payton and only because -- is getting a hundred million dollars is a Belichick can't use you and a position. You do the same things. -- -- -- Can we not listen football they don't share the wealth like we try to do in society today Maine Sherri know well. You know just the -- the market Bears just watch it a future quarterbacks like orgy trees contract stuff. Did you just come with the territory watch. Potentially you look at and Tom Brady think in the future contract he's probably gonna get. Speak. You know in his seven of sitting whoever's the top of their game it just -- -- territory -- This and the money -- -- that the play when you're on the field the money is not a factor with any player out there you competing. So it's not like how much money means so people don't hate. New Orleans also allowed to -- to thirteen it's a point Arizona saints' radio network.