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11-30 11:10am Don talks to Pat Brister about St Tammany Parish

Nov 30, 2012|

Don Dubuc, in for Garland, talks to St Tammany Parish President Pat Brister about issues on the Northshore

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And I walked back into the think tank gun as we do each and every last Friday of the month it's called sync to how many hours parish president -- Christy Phillips to talk about saint Tammany parish if you live work both played. On the North Shore we invite your calls comments suggestions. -- you don't on this beautiful love Friday morning. We're doing great we're doing great things done I'm sorry I was a little you calling him him as people who unleashes so. Sorry. Little later but not quite -- we've we've been done that the next district court today and of getting out -- Thanksgiving holiday last week which was just. Wonderful because of the weather. We have another dose of a bit. Gorgeous weapon that we not we're doing great. If you would that now it's been one year congratulations on your anniversary since taking office. -- you would give itself a great gonna tell us what those accomplish his goals for the she said in how you came along and accomplishing those aren't you still have some unfinished business. You know -- I think we've accomplished. 90% of our goal that we set out to do that first year. And I will give our minds Tampa grade because they are certainly responsible for what. It happening and I and I think they they get gaga today. Because they -- -- They worked tirelessly I had just can't say enough about. The support they give me on every issue here and and then 210%. Every time I have corruption. I think we've done well we've been very fortunate. Even though we did have -- during the year. It was terrible they were there there was some damage could it could have been a lot worse we know that so we feel blessed -- We didn't have more than we do which doesn't. Diminish what happened because there's people are still cleaning from people are still cleaning up their homes comment trend and rebuilding. No damage damage done what damage. -- area reception that we kill bill unfortunate that we had to go a little bit out of our a year but not that much -- Well -- can tell you as someone who was embedded there are doing the hurricane Isaac days so you certainly got a high grade from -- -- stats that Welch thank you he did an excellent job of keeping the parish together keep things rolling. And an especially good job of keeping people informed of what was going on and I know that was. Part of one of you goals was into better information easier way to get information easier to do business and I think that's a result of that. New website that has been unveiled and I don't know if you can take credit for that -- is certainly is a big improvement. I think credit or. Allowing. A bit that people that do that web site to do what they thought would ask and they are good -- tranche. And mine was DC bid they have done a fantastic job up. Sudan China Japan and -- Simpson had just done a great job. And it take so much I think it's seventy year. I do yeah -- to get. The information that. The public needs there's a web site now I hope a lot of people will go there and look at it looks good -- eternal now think it looks better and and it works better and so I give credit to the people that confronted narrative that is firm. That kind of burst -- the money. Well a lot of the questions that we bring up on this program are commonly asked and you can get answers there on the website give us -- address. If someone wants to visit and take a look at -- Sure it's www. PP. GOK. Dot org and dot -- all right very good. Tom it was regard to the annual budget you know we keep here and more and more -- nobody wants to go up on taxes but we need is missing in saint Tammany parish which is one of grass is grown passes in the state and probably in the country. We need to do more with less how would you grade yourself as far as getting a budget cut just yet providing services at a real necessary. I think we did well. -- but again I will I'll give credit my step or helping me coach drew a line by line. Our budget and we did that three million dollars out of the budget this year are just in front panel and I don't know -- been done. To report that week we know that we. After I think obviously we know. That we have to be prepared for anything and we have to have some reserves on hand. And this is just remember it was part of a part of what I said in the beginning we're going to look at everything and see how we can do a better job option and that and do -- program. We did not cut services. And we will not -- you know people do -- and every dictate action send me and they deserve deserve it's there's such. You know we get to just in my mind better business practitioners and owns a jet and that is man. -- insurance RI -- equipment just because there in the -- and they said that. In three years. They're still working and and it still performing at that and the level we need coach. We discussed at cabinet a year now you know will will keep doing that. And just replace what we need to replace instead of just automatically. I'm saying you know they end up like this year so we need to replace it -- I think that the good business model and and and believe in the department agreed with that but there was no. No arguments are -- come home and I have been a little disappointed but this certainly. Cooperated -- this to get that to where we needed that it's just an example of how we were we're able to cut that. With Douglas saint Tammany parish president pat Brister I kind of getting a grade after one year in office. You know one of the struggles of saint Tammany parishes who wanna keep up Paris pristine and beautiful is known for its fresh air entries and natural resources. But at the same time there's been this outcry to kind of breakaway from the stereo type -- bedroom community and get some economic development going how is at turner and. It's going great and I hate yeah I campaigned on that as major -- portion of my administration would be. -- and economic development believe it will have a new economic development department and a new director after the first of the year. We will work directly with economic development foundation which it already in place. We needed someone. -- parish level in matters into our administration. To work -- on net -- -- and so we're very excited. About and they'll end date. The world as a head and kept the first -- -- will have that person and then and the department -- up. What is our call we had some commitments from businesses to come locate in saint Tammany parish. -- and I'm wolf I will tell you that the economic development foundation and Brenda Bernard. Two is their CEO has done a tremendous job. -- -- limited Condit really very limited funding compared to other parishes around lunch. And bedroom I think it's time to go to that next level and we are getting great response. From home talking to distances and end up on the ones that are here. -- and going out looking for Tora shouldn't -- -- -- interest come so -- we are doing all that and that's what this director little. Will mom usually. No no discussion. -- saint Tammany would be complete without mentioning the southeast Louisiana hospital. Update there was talk of privatization. Some subsidies. I'm going to government that it came to there is -- people actually out there protesting the close near what is the latest on the -- Well we are still working where there around the -- And we. With a private provider. And we have that we are doing. Agreements. -- this state owned property and then a separate agreement with the private. Entity to run the hospital. So they're -- cooperative endeavor agreement and that's what we're working on now trying to get everybody. Agreement to imagine what we're responsible -- what the state is and what this new private entity will do. So you know unfortunately we -- blue -- -- and it should be good we had two choices you're gonna close this hospital -- stated couldn't closest hospital. And we could either let it close are under a public private. Avenues to take in and obviously that's what we've done and where are still working on that such. We don't pay attention to news about end -- but we're still working and existential. But we're we're getting closer. At what is certain the present operational capacity -- it is this is it is still treating patients admitting patients -- as it. Basically scaling down now. It has scaled down because of this state get rid of these are cute arm I don't keep an intermediate care patient. Two other hospitals in the state that veterans their portion of the sanctions that they would do. But there are still patience at the hospital but in addition to that Don the content they're constantly out there are many Serbs are on -- Tampa. -- -- -- -- -- So that -- it's important to keep those available not in patient necessarily these are just and addictive disorders. Many other other issues like debt so external help. Then -- we need to add intrigue and -- senate. That's very important that we keep all -- -- What about the latest on unemployment figures you know is starting to -- we we get. Mixed signals from across the country some say he adds up they say no but it's a false reading because some people have quit looking. What can you tell us about employment status and -- him out. I can tell you that this -- -- meager unemployment. -- 5% October. And that but -- lowest unemployment rate in the state and election the region. Clearly you know the national numbers you've heard every day and -- -- -- -- around ten point nine acre ranch where well below that and then that is a real number unemployment number is trapped 5% number. We've retail again very fortunate to. Too big to have those jobs here and -- -- increase that we won't we won't won't work. Unemployment obviously should truly will be. Going into these big companies that are here to grow more jobs in those but outside the area to bring them here for content so we'll leave. But in good shape I think it's. -- you cut the budget by three million dollars how does that gonna relate to as far as sales taxes do you anticipate any increases in. His sales taxes in the past. -- My child's actual around new revenue is up. I look at -- and we get a report every. Much but that you know that is the dedicated content and held there institutions felt tax or per religion bridges. Push. -- But it is it has been going to catch every every month that the report battle again. And I'm -- growing at. Up 5% from a year. And but 13% over last year at this point try to we have the numbers through September. I think our tender. What they -- and obviously November will be. Big -- orange ultra and we're we're on the right track there it's increasing their remarks. That are on incorporated technology -- -- Very good that we got taken news break here we come back is there any changes is the result of the November elections in saint Tammany what might affect some of the citizens there we can talk about that. Also about the big holiday of lights celebration as planet thing is zeroing in growing every year. I'm also getting some text and I'll come to pass those along one of them want you to run for governor sought to you about right now and now you try to help us. I thought it might be the text is a 787 in a phone numbers 260187. ER 8668890870. We've got a -- one hour a month. Saint Tammany parish president had brisket is like to speak with a give us a call a sentence of text will be right back after the news. -- -- -- standing by next door with the latest. And an 11:33. On a Friday morning you listen to the think tank I'm going to be filling in for Garland -- when middle of -- saint Tammany -- with parish president pat prisoners celebrating a one year anniversary of taking office talking about some of her goals and accomplishments and -- invite you to call in if you -- asking questions have a suggestion to sink so. 187 -- 866889087. We also have a text message board where you can text in immediately. And that is at 87870. That we are a little bit about the November elections there were some saint Tammany issues on the ballots. Anything that either passed or failed in what impact that might have on the citizens. Well we're very thankful to those citizens for forecasting the renewal of our. Public health Milledge. Dealers. -- just vitally important that we keep that going -- another ten years it sounded. It really helps us do so many things and so many different areas in public help here that there I'll bet you didn't answer my rear ankle that. The other issues that we -- -- you don't ever become regional you know I think everything that's bad. I'm Cammie has only about one month in which recreation and charge. Well we have great we just fine but particularly the Dayton are public helped Milledge was what was so important to a quick. Very good I got another one here that says ms. pat. Do you do is much the Westin saint Tammany as Easton. Mr. Davis did for -- saint Tammany as -- was all the was to the Paris. You've got very boring hours you've got city they got urban you've got a rural areas. -- did end you know if you wanna address that go ahead are you equal opportunity parish president I guess we are. We are in and I know it seems that way 21 of our our the other bench. Which we do work to be in our -- -- -- more than just east and west as you just mentioned that if we have a northern part of our perished six. That's very important to us -- We tried very very hard period to come. They surely we get to every part of -- often as we can we have an office in Slidell -- We try to get a -- and -- two days a week I usually don't cry days. -- that we spend more time -- your -- could drive creature -- in the western part. Because that's where all the staff entrance where the big -- didn't campuses so. -- we go over there on trying to eat the Slidell we try to set up meetings where it -- people probably and way and we go more than just come -- -- -- we try to make the point being there. But don't worry where they are a lot. Very good is another one dollar question. I guess is probably the night before department transportation that. That the out -- wanted to know when will I twelve the coming to an exit -- be elongated I get off every day and then my car clipped and -- It's scary sitting on my twelve in the line of traffic to exit. Yeah I I don't have an answer according I'm I'm sorry I don't but I can surely try to find out in which NP it. They will go to our web site and and the question and ask and then we can we can follow through on -- get a -- I just don't have the right right here and I'm happy and it where it stands at this point. But it is it is indicated to be done I just don't have very good on the nature. That so that text there it's not ST PG. -- feet at saint Tammany parish -- as TPG OV dot org. And as our -- pat does segment I don't. Right on the front page is asked as you can count this type in the question and we'll find out. And that is one out of the oldies but -- follow -- appears now this finance and specifically about the sunset here which I believe his man to -- -- correct but the saint Tammany -- which extend an expense extensive damage on the east and then over the MRI ten. What can you tell us is a -- assembly we talked about a late spring before it can be reopened. Well you know we are working and we did get to capsule out like funding and -- good -- channel we will we will -- -- And it in the tear it help. Did get a lot of damage but more than that the road to appear. -- was badly damaged I bear interest washed away. So that really we could probably just appear up and running quicker but we've got to do that road you know first and and we are working -- metric you know don't have a a timeline that we both believe -- are working on -- and getting it. As quickly as we can't but what we also done what we wanna do is. Well he wouldn't we do you get repairs to the roadway and and and the Q we want to enhance and make sure -- we. Pressures in a position that could happen again. So it about raising the -- are doing a -- -- -- whatever we have to do because we don't want it close and I. Now I know folks sure are missing -- appear now is now finishing but the sun rises in the sun says on and to truly gorgeous. Namely that got a little encouragement and away from a yeah that was the bad bad part but regarding prom night and that's they let me -- and slide -- got a comment also I got a text in a strange one uncooked talking about an old and a group called the association of association. I'll explain it to you may -- you've heard of it that'd just be some kind of strong long mafia groups I don't know we'll talk about that would that Christa right after this time -- elicit the think tank on the big -- seventy -- -- -- welcome back into the saint Tammany parish our parish president that -- -- with -- we'll get to John's college -- I've got an awful lot of -- if you prefer to do -- 7870. And then I'm learning here about this association of association threat that's going already knew what it says and you can explain what it is and what it's all about if you know. There's a group called the association of association that is a self appointed group that has been using fear tactics to control. Much of the -- business practices of business is on the highway 21 corridor they use email to raise support amount. Amount homeowner association for their causes it is cause many problems for ignored du -- in other developers. What do you intend to do about breaking the good old boy mentality that rules in saint Tammany first of all what is is all about. -- You know what the association of association -- thing is. They're a my loose homeowners associations. In the western end of the parish. 0121. Core. Came together in one group and form they association the association -- monitor expectations. And their bell is didn't do you make sure that they're there idea of the quality of -- and think -- had maintained. And anybody -- very. Strongly. Voice your opinion -- -- on these issues but I have to say. Developers have worked with them over there in time and content. Come to understand. -- this situation of the ramifications of asking for much. And and I'd seen that who are against the wind developers but I've also seen seeing now -- -- -- -- There -- -- association. And a little more time now a little more a lot more current approach to development which I can understand. Wouldn't people that are developing that money that costs and money. And it's it's just but it -- to the people that are in the end that area speaking. -- -- Is just -- fear tactic designed accurate or -- I -- of an exaggeration. You know -- I I don't know that that's happening so I can't speak to that but I think it appeared tactic is. You know what should judge and I think it does what development explained it get our ordinances that are in place that they control it. -- -- -- So I think that's the bottom line may have been the -- sensation and the appreciation -- depreciation. Bringing their concern not that might not be covered it to their liking him an ordinance bunch. The final say should be. The ordinance and -- in -- because senator can't buy their elected officials. Of the citizens of this parish so. I think in only -- someone tipped. Its. This -- is within the confines of government where a bench correct. -- let's get to comment Slidell he's got a question for content John good morning your own parish president Sampras. John John gone he waited all -- all right let's just let's take a break we come back wanna leave you with this one thanks saint Tammany parish president -- For reading at cypress cove elementary school where did you find time to do that anyway this thank -- -- that that's -- yeah I've done those schools that really is was it again with the kids. -- we got some months tax increase questions also some development questions if you got one. Call us or Texas but if you call don't be like John don't hang on and hang up we'll go to you will be right back after this. And -- as a saint Tammany parish president centrist hell I've got several alone text messages here on a little -- coming at a moment but I do want to talk about the thirteenth annual holiday lights because. That's coming up very shortly and it's a wonderful event that takes place in saint Tammany. It is and it's growing every year which is we will have a clip the switch to turn momentum on December 7. Good Friday and the weekend. I'm on the weekend there's actually -- white. Inquiry and and and I am not -- yet but it's open every night. Tore -- entry to the public to and to monitor and CC album like the control of a bitch just so you are on a great. You can't go home for -- and Tammany and it's spirit could try and I don't a pilot could keep nine. I'm here at the playground here. Any longer it goes on for too long weekends and values of the Nathan in the fourteenth and -- you're right. That's correct -- that -- the weekend present a special event but it opened every night. Yeah and it's pretty massive line and you can only that's a long ways I think -- sort of like a 160 foot long missile command. Well -- it really has failed bid -- grown every year. And I think pitched pitched just one about one of our. Special event triggered that we really. Really do enjoy and I -- to children across perished who enjoyed -- -- And if someone wants to find out more about a closing go to that website I did not receive a we have a phone number in 9858679. Before nine. -- very good how -- -- looking forward to that army here's. Are distinct exit comes in and it's certain that the and newspaper reported. That did did drainage district for assigned dole said that don't have enough money to maintain their Levy system. The question is why would the parish not absorb them. Since. This thing keeps -- want to absorb the district in the public works in abolish the district to reduce duplication of government. Since Paris government is already involved in drainage and duties. Good question. It is a good question and I am I'm not really sure. I doubt. Drainage district four in their financial sense and something I'll have to kind out I just don't know it all I had. But tell you believe we do get a drainage are conscious bearish and but there's certain areas they had formed their own drainage district. And what. Do maintain. Their Lebanese are their drainage but there is more more intimidated not covered by drainage district search. But certainly you know pumping that we will look at our. I just don't have all the current information about won't put it down then -- We surely will. And maybe direct that -- to log go to the website that and -- brand put it in there as an extra reminder for you. Are now Dolan this I hear this a lot is there a plan to add more bike paths and bike lanes across central southern saint Tammany parish. Also there's very few pedestrian crossings and sidewalks along the main roads and you know we had that wonderful Tammany -- and I got to tell you crosses some of the major highways it can be a little bit -- Dicey there. It it can be and actually we are doing. I AEA -- Crossing there on -- Katrina and the try to 59. As one who is currently in. Me and appellate -- call. An old man of ElBaradei -- man they haven't -- tunnel underneath 19. We're going to do that it -- try to pick Q nine and we do -- we are adding. More to the Trace. Not regularly but as often as we can be -- absolutely -- we will we will continue that. But that process. Well unlike -- Memphis saint -- being a resident bite people from the -- -- on other areas to to come -- -- find out about that stamina race for exercise and by grinding. Through some of the natural areas is just wonderful is good parking there's a great place to take the kids. Hit it in the weather's been just roll absolute wonderful time -- -- thanks so much for spending an hour it's already gone. Look forward to next visit next month -- assembly between sometime between Christmas and New Year's open LC before. I have a very Merry Christmas junior and Eric and a year and all your first. That's thanks again -- everything you can you. -- -- saint Tammany parish president pads -- is to be back for another hour -- by the way ask pat -- as TPG OV. Dot org if you wanna get a personalized questioned him. Via their website by coming back next thousand may have by the elusive tells us why they're gonna start ticketing bagpipes whereas invoke the Lusa. And Marjorie harassment of the ACLU will tell us why she thinks they should not. That's debates come.