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12-4 7:10pm Bobby and Deke go "Around the League"

Dec 4, 2012|

Bobby and Deke talk to reporters and announcers from each division in the NFL

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- that night during the National Football League season we go. Yeah. Haven't really -- opponent -- It's more important or you could score pretty -- could have played a couple of -- figure. It's -- cool thing. And the dominant car with the Cowboys for ESPN and the NFC east ESPN Dallas dot com's Tim McMahon Dodgers now Tim thank you so much for the time and just a from a broad look at it. How -- looking at Dallas a big big coming in these three really close game -- few weeks to look at it what's on the schedule now. They either gonna sink or swim real faith. And here -- go by recent history discomfort in the saint. Last year there and driver senior division after -- -- in the comic out to play or else lose him for the last five game. They just got to the salt stretch of the schedule. There are six and 62 game back in the division and -- a game back a wild card race for that matter. But you know this schedule it's a lot tougher from from this point on. Going up to play with an -- since -- seen. This week -- isn't afraid to go there to see them out Washington you know RG three put together how real can count -- something given. I'm not sure it'll be favored in the 82 games I think currently an optimistic scenario is that they split them and and and this season 500 and -- the play else seems like little stretch at this point could countless. Now Tim you look at Tony Romo obviously. You know I've been down which Tony Romo Michelob and and make big plays. I would say look Tony Joseph -- 7303. Yards quarterback rating. -- 115 and a half that a lot of -- had to do it. Mean able to run the ball DeMarco Murray and talk about how important that is to have him back. He start after missing six games in. You know gaining any 83 yards and a touchdown but that they -- Logan -- says going forward -- they can run the ball and a -- available. Daniel -- and obviously make should give a big difference. But you know what Felix Jones ran the ball successfully -- Carter. Against -- -- -- over a month ago so. I'm not -- everybody and say OK if DeMarco Murray is in the back field they'll be able to run the ball and look at them see you do against a decent defense. And -- -- do against the team that happened basically given up on their season. I -- think the biggest difference. When they're able on the ball is that Jason Witten can get downfield at that point -- rate -- because if they're not able to run the ball. I would -- -- gotta be another blocker or the running game a little option not being where you can and you know 67 yards to opted. This is the first game a long time but they didn't get Witten going out to see you look and a big big difference in sort of six catches for 36 George. If you get six catches for -- -- Tim was led the Redskins are gonna make a push down the stretch today and I got more book I guess you'd say yeah a challenge for the Giants -- was of the Cowboys. I think that. I think both those -- and -- that ability Cowboys in the standings but because I was adulthood Giants. They get the Redskins came in DC area so Virginia where you want so say. I'd the last game of the regular season. And the Cowboys have to play all that well obviously these next three weeks on -- least two of those games. That being the main thing. But yeah I could see the football gods give us the win and get fined at the game. Problem is for the Cowboys. They have -- -- almost had situations got blown out Philly you know eight it'll work out and play out that night and then last year New Year's Day. Against the Giants at the meadowlands diplomatic -- and so you know even think that was made -- get that situation in the recent track record is not very optimistic or. Timmy my ankle was the NC Eason and Dallas Cowboys for ESP in Dallas that count Tim thank you so much for the time we appreciate. -- -- -- Single back offense -- goes to starts around. And that's the Green Bay Packers -- struggling but defeating the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday in right now. The Packers have their eyes set on and I'm -- -- -- but the NFC north division of the band stomach right where they need to be might wicket. Come as a pack gets the WS ASP Milwaukee and the NC knock. Mike I. What should take on Green Bay and I mean what are they don't Kabul they can and. An option and they cover all love so they they -- a half point favorite one by -- -- -- today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where are -- big you'll booking candidate yeah that. And I -- I mean they've added this his buddies might. Good morning about it and -- -- -- are the Packers. You know this in this seeing that you know we -- users but there's still sit here with. You know they finally got Greg Jennings -- the wide open it was -- -- -- they've already lost three or a couple of games are -- the ones that have back up back up playing right tackle that most of that game. They have their back up back up left guard playing for the game and essentially don't Charles Woodson know claim that used it to -- you're still waiting game and it'll wealthy basically all the injuries they've had. Now my -- how surprised are you considering. Then. Logos on their second road win that being in the sea dogs that they were able to go to Chicago and when making. Pretty surprised actually Russell -- been one of the best quarterbacks know he. At home. And I was really surprised actually they were able to go to Soldier Field to get the win. You don't know what all trying to get to figure out how good the Bears are considering how well they were playing and start to slip a little bit of course the concussion Jay Cutler knocked him out awhile -- Campbell -- a starting quarterback in the league at this collegiate career. So look for a Seattle team that generally doesn't play all that well when they traveled east to go and play their early game to. That was pretty surprising to me to see what they did at Soldier Field but I'm not upset -- -- -- not Milwaukee we love watching the Bears lose. Now Mike Moyer how frustrating has to be if you are Lions fan right now there -- four and -- -- lost for the fourth straight time. Including three in a row at home after leading in the final quarter. I was reading they're the first team to lose three straight games when leading with two minutes left in regulation got to go back to the charges in 2000. In the first since at least 1983. -- to blow leads that that late in three home games in a role. I mean I've got Calero and -- and egging you look at the lines of playoff team last year and look at their act now against us. Kind of an NFL once in the parity so close with so far with the lines and Forney. We have an alliance to me you know they were quite ready for prime time I didn't think at LSU was an anomaly I thought that we even though they may have led the Saints at Harvard a playoff game. You know -- the -- -- already scored the big -- yeah it was nice to see him step up and make progress in this -- competitive -- -- six and that's all well and good but. With all the problems all the lack of discipline. All the people lack of discipline off the field all the -- nick fairly situations going on there that I Ndamukong -- kicking guys worded that goes to get kicked all of that was my Kalish or. I'm not sure Jim Schwartz and big guy that -- They might need a guy they come in and perhaps instill some discipline them and they're all those guys to run wild. Also match Stafford big problems this year from a lot of interceptions so that it broke or our yards they're very very good between the twenties and he's hitting the ball all around that you're trying to chase an NFL record for receiving yards in the -- it. Something's just not right with the Lions but not quite as good as they were last year losing some of their other what -- -- weapons has been big to Nate Burleson broke -- -- really did hurt. Get this is just not the same match step -- we saw last year with no real good in 2011 not so good in 2012. MI he tell the by the band struggling Minnesota play Green Bay to be here army very tough and good god you know. Tim Tebow when he -- parliament to Minnesota's offense I mean definitely Miami oh they do ever got a quarterback can only throw for 3840 yards through. Through almost full quotas and he'd be perfect for that team and get -- era to throw the ball -- How was I mean I want to meticulous and am gone like you've got to begin and he he's got 38 yards passing and it's in the full -- -- -- And that could believe it was to the negate what they actually gain would only fifty yards passing passing. I couldn't believe they're actually letting him throw well cashing Adrian Peter we are doing 21 carries 210 yards -- -- -- -- -- be outside to pick it up 78 and twelve yard. And then for -- read in the draw that drive which probably could. But the glove Leslie Frazier would allow Brett Christian Ponder to throw the ball one turnover in the end zone one turnover in the red zone bowl picks thrown by Andre thought. You know why you -- this guy throw the football in that -- called -- can't figure out the Minneapolis they went to our leadership action against this week in the NFC title he quietly leading ponder actually why would -- even ponder passing -- Adrian Peterson it and catch it what the dollar deal. Now -- does pagan have Adrian Peterson I don't know if I've ever seen a year like this when you look -- NFL comeback players the NBA usually there's one guy. Who's so far and above I guess any other potential candidates. But. Make for your -- -- Maine -- you go would you go agent Peterson argue -- -- Peyton Manning what he's own the Broncos. Well placate the -- -- the one guy could win the MVP. And one comeback player of the year -- it every both of those guys have had unbelievable years I think Peyton Manning is. Is -- reason the Broncos one yarder to win the last I think Adrian Peterson is one of the big time reasons along with Percy Garvin who got banged up but -- looking for a few weeks. Anything Peterson who -- the reason that the Vikings are perhaps one of the most over achieving change. In the NFL it's hard not to give it Adrian Peterson if you think about the MVP it to me is difficult not to look at bad guys thank goodness you know they're 38 weeks ago. There's a leg was going sideways on Christmas or whatever. And here we are -- about the legal leading rusher and we'd better start talking about it when we were virtue Jim Brown Walter Payton Barry Sanders of the greats of all our. Michael way to go was the Green Bay Packers in the NFC north for WNSNSP. Milwaukee might thank you so much we appreciate. We got called him Sunday morning probably yeah I don't make it. Play action -- it's a draw. Sidney Rice -- For the touchdown at the end of the sea -- win a football. And if you were in Los Angeles anyway east of Texas. He would be giving all of below but you hear about Robert Griffin and Andrew Luck and rightfully so but again as his team. In control of their own destiny to make in the post season Russell Wilson the for the Seattle Seahawks as they beat Chicago in overtime 23 to sixteen Erik Williams to -- was a sea dogs. And the NFC west for the Seattle Tacoma news Tribune. Eric thank you so much of the time in Russell Wilson is playing solid football as a rookie. He's really been impressed. Actually. Just blew blew away expectations in terms of the way he's played this season since week 515. Touchdowns. Born inception. Just make big plays down the stretch and -- so I can stand against Chicago last week down at your rise amid a lot of people. Are aware late -- because. He was drafted in the first round with Andrew -- -- -- -- Albuquerque or third but it certainly can herbal terms really impacted the cat with the Seahawks. Now Eric boy looking and an NFC west and I guess it's all about matchups because I was really impressed to the 49ers. Against the Saints and then I don't know you wanna call it parity in the league whatever but -- look to the Rams the Rams I guess you could see and could've beaten. The 49ers twice this year was tied -- first time and then they beat in his time is it just about. The familiarity they are are the -- so what they're the Rams have the 49ers number. Yeah I do think that part of it I mean you know that play took it twice a year. You know just pitchers come in and had a nice job of trying to -- mentioned going. A very deep into quarantine them truly the appeared he would actually look at all the teams in the vision they both play from a deep into the mindset. And so that is kind of slugfest. Alone and nineteen the Rams to a good job of trying to agree that the game. You -- get until goals in the -- just make it hard for teams to score. But when you look at Tennessee west. Vs was sitting there eight during warm right now. Those children seven and I think you know -- I had a chance to work their way back in the possibly -- match. That the division protected under an increased he can channel that pretty key stretch coming down watch -- games streak only enhanced. I just won -- with a winning record temperatures go. They also have Arizona coming up this this Sunday at home think Lewis at home -- make -- Buffalo on the road. So I think it's clear what form consensus all plans to go to New England a couple of weeks and and you know that's a tough place to live in December. I'm so Seattle still has -- -- or you know that that as she was to be compiled by I would -- president just you know what the wild card. Now -- speaking of them Arizona and the Cardinals and the next matchup for the Seahawks. Why was that a pitiful game -- what seven the six against the Jets in. -- look at this start foreign no and that and the Cardinals I mean I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel especially Laguna and their quarterback play. He had just they're curious decision by -- by Whisenhunt to go to rookie -- mean I don't know there's pressure from up above. Give a young guy in there that maybe they can build around and -- and see what they had both. I'm a player. Especially different player and a cardinal team. I'm wondering what the next on our data it acceptable quarterback played there at least 500 right now with all the turnovers such as deep tensions generated so. I think what kind of different aren't cheap you know appears to once and future down the -- -- -- outlook for navigate. Eric Williams -- was a Seattle Seahawks in the NFC west for the Tacoma news Tribune -- thank you so much for the time we appreciate. Right there right about yet and you look at Bobby you know there's Minnesota Chicago's gains this week because of defense. Because of Bears a stroke that they lose them on the news the Minnesota is right -- in the thick of things -- Minnesota Chicago wouldn't. And they become more of a player on Tampa still alive with six wins although they lost to Denver. Any Seattle as a ballclub they've won all day games at home in three of the final four at home. Taylor well -- if I mean they -- they got seven wins whether it be halted him I think he's the bombings. If you have the fall of horse and when they play out there we know full well what happened to you right post. There's different animals at home. Well the badges baffles me though. The Vikings and how good Christian Ponder considering where he was drafted expectations. That's why -- Tim Tebow would be perfectly when he should have some success I mean as a quarterback he dreamed of toilet or running back like Adrian Peterson. Because there -- dictate the coverage and then you should have success that he -- here with the -- he wasn't that bad last year he's gotten -- sophomore slump he's gotten worse. Compared -- how he produced last year and he is here. This is -- saw Jonas WW. This went right. Well SEC fans alike LSU and Alabama in 2011 you install four beautiful treat Sunday if you had DirecTV and infield tickets you would be treated to a game at. Just as low scoring is that 76 the -- -- Jets defeat Arizona. And a switching quarterbacks McIlroy. Comes in for the New York Jets and -- honesty is what is now -- lateral portal for the Jets and ESP in the New York also comes AFC east. Mary -- is there a quarterback controversy going on the New York come from a fall would be -- but -- would it. -- -- -- Ryan is you know Steffi has been behind Saints is -- what Brandon Portland this weekend none was -- -- too late don't you tell us what you think. Well I think right now the quarterback controversy no not really I personally I think this could be great rapport I think they're. You know you wanna you wanna have a quarterback it's about people appreciate this who just -- -- although. And unfortunately Mark Sanchez has had that problem. -- -- blessed would have been so great receivers play Baker's no territorial also really below playmaker they have at wide receiver. He's been out for the season with a Lis franc injury to a sport so they'd been looking trying to find receivers they've looked at Stephen held the rookie. He's not played well he's been inconsistent dropping the football he had the speed. But he has been consistent derby currently has played well in the second year but he's been in and out of the lineup with injuries so. I think is going to be great -- that would get scored on Sunday but guys overall before. Now Larry. What did you say it's the Jets fan base as far as you're always in Corning you look at Marty. But none that morning Brian Schottenheimer going over to the Rams and now with soprano amino. -- soprano he's as he looks like a soprano. Yes so what Sammy did they have to be so the object it would that. Building off and I am -- Bravo first Malkovich probably brought you guys because. He was able it was very successful with the wildcat when he was their coach at Miami he had the Ricky Williams Sam there were Ronnie Brown would be -- while kept behind Chad -- that won the division can be achieved a couple of years ago but now I think you know -- -- -- -- it was -- which people were able to run the wildcat or the read option. Which when you wanna call and it just got to work out -- purposes he has a feel for twenty used Tim Tebow but the chill there's not really big countries that. I'm out of people's on the show what -- cracked ribs so. If the fan base is pretty dejected they expected to you know a little bit off provincial district people want to get guys would be limited replace Baker's. Have to be more creative. At the one thing they don't have not done -- he has a big consistent with putting Mark Sanchez. In the big -- he does best. He's very good in the hurry up offense he's very group to play action and he's very good when he rolls out and they haven't done most things about the people were rhythm and that's. That's not helped him when you -- that. -- -- -- what was your take obviously is -- like Nadal was always played the Patriots tough club. Well what was your take on a night game then how impressed when you are that the pages Hillary would win. The -- distances are different New England Patriots team guys -- it just you them twice this year 100 miserable Thanksgiving night and good luck. What they're able to do now is they've run the football very well -- that -- Tom Brady even more dangerous. Because of their ability to run the football they've got two majors to -- -- the government going on injured reserve now because of injuries he's had Wes Welker. Obviously been consistent guy he's been what it's carried the low. Offensively scored a wide receivers are concerned but. And the course they have been great tie game but they missed gronkowski can't agent and then this is good and now the lineup -- the fact that they've been able to run the football. Actually help them about and that's what you've been so concerned about central. -- it in the -- as the days into Miami the ball club you know when you look at my math and mine has played extremely well. And -- you know they've got a rookie quarterback and how that was the game that was on an -- area Sunday with the early game was the Patriots in the Dolphins and I tell you what if you're a Dolphins fan I know what is division is but look at it where the Jets have like you talk about offensive fallen seemed like -- moved up a little bit so. I guess the -- is still a few steps ahead but did the rest of the pack in Buffalo Miami the Jets how would you rank those amongst each other. I've been able will be achieved I expected more from Buffalo with the acquisitions we made. In the offseason -- got -- Ryan Fitzpatrick would be able to take that next level Fred Taylor was back. And she. DB -- What was ready to surpass the Jets by ending the division. Incredible what you say about Miami I mean kind of -- as -- as -- Samuel has improved. Watching them grow together and they don't really have remained wide receivers that scare you -- they have guys that can be together. They're defense -- consolidate an outstanding. Lunch. They do well they have looked a decent pass rush so. If you were in second and third and long situations they can put the pressure argue and they do that well be possible way -- -- secret the rug so. I think I would right now I'd have to ranked Miami Jets and Buffalo in that order right behind underwent. Getting Cameron Wake boy he he's become one -- -- you can't trust is a he just laid a couple of licks on Brady -- there. Yes he did and and that's one of the things too that. You know that -- well it's -- -- has allowed Tom Brady to get hit a little bit more then than he used to seeing from them. They've got some issues -- of course they always have issues over the course under the ball as far as in the past Russia and there was little the ratings but they always seem to make the big play when the wind was defense does very well -- they force turnovers. I think has the chance to witness five or struggle to Auburn -- back. And now Larry before we let you go Tim Tebow do we -- a -- Jets uniform of Puerto season's over I'm actually playing. -- Think you might Kim that you I think she. I think he won't have a chance to play near the end of this season. He's -- he's got a fight to get out there. Now I don't think he's going to be the quarterback I think you kept the same position he hadn't done some things on special teams have to punt protector he's going to be -- in the situation where are the read option and I actually think it. Greg not award is active and is the starting quarterback down in Jacksonville on Sunday. Does not suspect bigoted people complete you will see it used as you -- -- -- used more to try to take some pressure off or bring back or. It is going to be discordant bit on the one in -- just managed to gain. They've got a really wrong -- that would put him in situations where he'll succeed so robots that we saw him do want Sunday chopped up up to the facts. Passing through the tight end although we're not sure about Dustin Kelly she identical script in the play stronger he's got we got. I ankle sprain -- will get more -- social what's going along with them but we've just Cumberland. Conlon ruled -- some of the other tie against the short passing game. I expected that's what they -- so there is a possibility as early -- this someday. -- the Jets and bills and you go to people wanna play there if he can do on the field I think you'll see that. Larry harness the sellout full of with a Tim Lincecum was AFC east ESP in New York. Larry always appreciate -- time thank you so much. On the way to the shotgun snap ending with a short drop throws toward the end zone hi Sasha makes -- catch touchdown and -- the angles Jermaine Gresham from nineteen yards out and Quentin Jammer had no chance. And they are red hot right now arguably the best young receiver or maybe the best receiver in football and AJ green the Cincinnati Bengals at the big victory Sunday. Now seven in five and a heated while -- battle mode Edgar Jones disposal ESPN 1530 in Cincinnati also comes ANC not. And -- the current cause we're looking at at least. On ten and sixteen. Probably getting left out of the post season you talk about the team that are currently in charge of a wildcard that being 84 Indianapolis in 275 clubs Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. You know we've got a pretty years at some point the Bengals we're gonna have to beat the Steelers in the game that means something well. On December it's great burgers are really good chance the Bengals Steelers game is essentially going to be a playoff game both teams played winnable game the next couple weeks. Odd but we'll obviously have balance will Ohman and had to go to Philadelphia on a Thursday -- the Steelers at San Diego at home and then they have bigger ballots. It is shaping up like that game behind -- on December the 23 is essentially going to be for that last playoff spot. -- doesn't bode well for the Bengals who have had their issues head to head against the Steelers obviously a lot of teams that pat. Issue against the Steelers -- the battles historically haven't played all that well behind children so. We've spent a while this team to ever gonna break further gonna have to beat Pittsburgh or Baltimore probably boat and a meaningful situation. And meg glad to game against Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Now -- -- -- says that any vaguely a few times a mole but I've been able to focus in because of what Bobby and I do before the Saints games in Dallas has been on. This is just my feel -- wow look at Cincinnati a three point favorite over Dallas on going like. There's like Robin Robin the cookie jar I think Cincinnati is all he'll doubtless. You know I think Dallas for the most enigmatic team in the league. On the weekly basis you have no idea what to expect that from our during the course of three hours to don't know what to expect and now. You know Philadelphia now plays for the better part of three quarters on Sunday night and how come back and win I have no idea what to expect -- Dallas Cowboys on Sunday because it is. I have a pretty good idea what to expect from the bank of defensively they've been great the last four games the -- give -- two touchdown to cut the -- and a book game against the Chargers -- -- and gone three straight games out throwing a pick BenJarvus Green-Ellis is one program hundred yards each of the last three weeks. They'll -- -- achieved something the Cardinals had tried to establish for years and that's balance on offense. -- be offered the line has been great they've done a good job keeping keeping an adult upright -- open up holes for BenJarvus Green-Ellis and the running game do you guys do. Just played the highlights and Jermaine Gresham and freshman AJ green our bowl match -- problems offensively. The the Bengals sort of middle aged white against the other these factors and I think at some point across the course of the game against Dallas they're going to be able to do that. But I again I have no idea what to expect cal or. Now -- you brought out the Steelers in look to a Barack how impressed were you look this that the two game losing streak big -- -- I mean they were trailing Baltimore's thirteen to three in the first half. You look at the Ravens how dominant they've been at home and -- Ravens could have clinched a playoff berth with a victory. And all of a sudden. You know instead of Baltimore to -- fifteen game winning streak is snapped by the Steelers. And there was no last to beat at home was against those Pittsburgh Steelers December 2000 intent. I'd stop watch any games how well you know and the Ravens are gonna win this one -- center and will the Steelers and welcome him back. I thought went -- right scored the touchdown to put about twenty to thirteen the Pittsburgh Steelers were done and watching it here in Cincinnati again. Are right and he's gonna lose to Detroit what they come back and went okay. -- not gonna go to San Diego and when they struggled still found a way to win. Tibet also probably didn't gain ground on Pittsburgh the -- notes and with Charlie Batch to quarterback. -- Baltimore Atlanta and come from behind to beat them. That was an impressive win and I think the thing -- -- it was sort of ignoring -- -- Baltimore had a two game lead in the division clearly in the driver's -- The last four games or are you and then played the Redskins NBC which is going to be difficult they all have. Both -- and Eli Manning on the schedule. And they come to Cincinnati the final game of the season and out and that's gonna be a cakewalk and all that -- look at all the teams in the AFC north right now with Ben Roethlisberger are likely to come back this week against San Diego but right now might be became the most question marks the good news for them obviously they and they have a two game lead. Over both Cincinnati and Pittsburgh but. You -- position atop. We AFC pecking order is tenuous at best right now. -- and got a post on ESP in 1538. M Cincinnati. Covering the bagels in the AFC north -- thank you so much of the time. Where I'm all right coming back we'll -- little bits around the league here on WW. It's down. Avery pulled good yeah. -- 33. From behind at Detroit. And hit a -- bust talk about the -- and sees south John-Michael Vincent host on ten semi defending Indianapolis. John Bobby and I was there on radio row the week all of this came out did Peyton Manning -- it was not gonna be retained -- want. Is the vibe of the fans seem like does the scales completely tip from that. Late January early thin way to now I don't think anybody thought that his team a -- recover and -- John. How much Roddick in the future beat after losing perhaps the greatest quarterback out. Funny about that Bobby is in the this year and to be called me on this space Eaton this year. A bogey -- double road. They're they're going to be expectations this year going in that everybody bought five or six wins who were not a level of expectation so. You just kind of a lean back and enjoy a what -- going on top. Ten securely it's weird value to that New England game they got hammered at New England thing going and he'll back door demanding era. Because the expectations were there there's always bad quarterback the quarterback competition. What Tom Brady at -- after the game everybody would go ahead and make that step judgments on who the greatest who's the best -- and you know -- -- pretender and contender for a Super Bowl. You haven't and that this year has been a very enjoyable year and who would've thought that considering you're absolutely right they they arguably gave up the best quarterback. And don't -- of an -- that -- and the greatest era in the history of Indianapolis Colts football a long shot. Now John you'd have to say I was several lucrative franchise quarterback Ben. Did the same release than Andrew Luck and RG three did not hit that rookie wall -- semi beginning better. Hey Tony dye and -- local martial last weekend. And he's not surprised but he's very happy with the way that is the quarterback this particular class we talked about. You know lucky you talk about Robert Griffin the third and -- any -- and in a brand in Sweden in Ann Russell Wilson out of Seattle as well doing good as well they have the -- look at just all the way around. And so these guys that are really big time contributors from Doug -- -- Tampa. -- we saw it last night. And Alfred Morrissey in Washington has been so good in. -- -- Richardson out Alabama and Cleveland hadn't been a very big play as. And you know I don't know government just snap judgement guys when it comes to the NFL and seems like we're in the middle of every NFL you're always say Madison tested -- European Milan time. It would get better and we got a -- -- because what's going on down there but. Put all the rookies playing as well and the surprises. And Manning's reaper in Denver. There's a lot of interesting things going on the -- dish I think a little bit different of the year. Know John and us being a different way here yeah you look resident I guess both these teams. Expectations but they have the best record in the NFL that being. The Texas and the Falcons. Look the remained tied at 1101. But but I think right now the problems are more like a paper champion. Byrd knows it and and Allen actually he would take since you found AFC -- -- what is your take on the Texas does seeing where. Against the Titans they force things turn over there and think sacks and Jake Locker. I just think. The tight and I mean it's kind detectives are more legit right now just from top to bottom in the Falcons. On -- -- they should be too because there's going to be eight year what are you better take full advantage of it it's going to be. You know this what they -- they they kind of had the yanks finally we're here on the scene in your. Go and been god they'll basically ushered out the play -- they'll have to -- when they got there when a year ago and now. You're in to you you better make it to the Super Bowl because here's what you have public you know you had to deal with a French at school about all those years pitcher -- Quality Houston Texans at the 2000 and now. You -- -- clear now you have another what appear to be at home were on four and elite level quarterback cock but Gary Kubiak cellar and I -- job on pick and this year better be the year because. I don't know picking guarantee that next year -- years down the road that -- John-Michael Vincent postal within seven the fan in Indianapolis -- AFC south John thank you so much -- but I got seventy. -- It was the news all weekend long and very. I guess you'd say it disturbing news also word of caution in the from a -- point look at me and it was something I think everybody paid attention to where found out the it's it it took place prior to the Chiefs and Panthers game Bob fiscal -- always talking and we've talked -- football Pico was it he saw six in sports radio and Bob but. But in now both live I had something like this close to us in our labs and I can only imagine when I was really need to -- went on. Mr. pioli and coach could nail. -- this this I don't even know how -- is sitting around him play much this one has Balkan. Those amazing performance by them on Sunday needless to say their best performance of the year and I think Romeo Cornell and a true leader through all of this particular friend Romeo -- release that state came to play as as the head coach so to speak and has done a wonderful job. Motivating this organization. Through this whole process you know there's no blueprint for -- to say this is how you handle situations like this or anything like that. Romeo Cornell -- -- you want to look about a head coach he had he really hasn't been good picture of the team is still to attend but he's been a marvelous leader for this organization. Now bobbled NN there is CUS. Obviously the sale lease. It looks like his problem and it cost unnerve Carter his job the charges very disappointing. Losing their fourth straight game by the Los flamingos Tony fourteen. Then you look at the Raiders Arad that Oakland then they'll need to the Browns. You look at the cheese -- the -- season whether Arad and all that adversity but the Broncos. I mean Peyton Manning need I mean they have to be a toss some comeback player of the year Peyton Manning Adrian Peterson. Look at the Broncos now they won their seventh straight -- Devin date in the playoffs. What what is your take you just say like -- is getting better as the season progresses. Oh do you know what it's unbelievable because I I I kind of got out of the -- Peyton Manning but there's no -- eat comeback and be just as good -- he'd come back it would have been just good for the Denver Broncos and Andy came in near the Kansas City and toyed with the Chiefs -- wild -- with a huge awhile and that definitely is what on the -- -- risk appetite will run and won the football game I. I think what they've been able to do out there in Denver right now. Has been absolutely extraordinary and I think that they're good or really bad divisions there could be three new coaches in the division. The latest reports -- -- may be interest in going back to the Raiders. Wells for a obsessed gold -- -- everything Kansas City that she's in the AFC west for six in Sports Radio Bob I know it's been a difficult week. Thank you so much for giving just give a -- of time it's got -- things all right thanks so much think Ian Hoch. General Jay buys this he gave Steven -- goes tomorrow we'll have Drew Brees -- -- plus. Reports are saying the Hornets would change -- name from Hornets. Republicans. Like it or not all that close Drew Brees to -- its sports talk. I'm Deke Bellavia as the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert well until they do they go all the nice people.