WWL>Topics>>12-4 11:10pm Scoot talks to WWL listeners about ending paper dollars

12-4 11:10pm Scoot talks to WWL listeners about ending paper dollars

Dec 4, 2012|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about ending the use of paper dollar bills and more

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We started to get some rain in the metropolitan area most of the heavy rain continues to train south to north to the west of us. But it slowly the whole system the front is slow slowly moving in this direction. So we're gonna have some rain overnight and some of it is if if you're -- to the west of assurance and heavy rain and have been for quite sometime tonight. They were just starting to get some are some rain in the New Orleans area. -- there's gonna be arraigned tomorrow you can get so weather and traffic updates tomorrow starting -- Dave cone at 5 o'clock and -- with the Tommy Tucker WWL first news. From six to ten so as you always do turn on WWL. In the morning for your news and traffic updates of among the things are talking about tonight tonight is yet another attempt to get Americans to change from the paper dollar to a dollar coin. We tried this before and it didn't work so vending machine operators had to actually. I rework the the vending machine so they would accept a dollar bill because items in the vending machines are getting more expensive and there was this attempt to get Americans to use a dollar point. But the dollar -- like the Susan B. Anthony. That they were too close to the size of a quarter and I found -- confusing and so did a lot of people so that never worked the metric system never caught on an America. Here's a text wasn't the two dollar bill made the cut out the dollar bill that didn't work either they need to refocus energy somewhere else. I agree. And I do understand the the long range savings. But there are so many other ways to cut government spending. Then I think Americans are pretty set in their ways when it comes to. The dollar bill I can't explain why I'm not a psychologist. But I know that certain things. Are just not. Adopted by the American people and this has been tried before I don't think it's gonna work now maybe sometime in the future it will. That's RW WL pretty -- -- opinion poll are you for or against eliminating the paper dollar for a dollar -- I give -- opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that coming up here in just a few minutes also tonight we've been talking about. The controversy surrounding a proposed Cuban restaurant in the French Quarter. Members of the French Quarter citizens' group and also the -- cori property owners residents & Associates. Oppose plans for this to restaurant to be named a -- outpost. And the concerns range from the potential crowds overflowing onto the sidewalks. To resentments. Over the owner not meeting with neighbors before moving forward with the plans. I went to the site today. I took pictures of the corner the abandon its old abandoned gas station. I took pictures of the outside took pictures of the interior. But how could this not be an improvement for the neighborhood. It's the only. It's the only bad corner. In a four corner area of esplanade and rampart. And yet there's opposition to this. And I think this is part of the knot in my neighborhood mentality that is very popular in New Orleans. There are people who resist change just because it's change even if change is for the better. And as I said earlier right I have vivid memories of being on the air and to be WL in the nineties when the when the casino was proposed. And there were people who. Vehemently opposed. Construction of the casino. Which replaced. An architectural monstrosity. The river gate there was a convention hall. And even though it was an architectural marvel because it was concrete. It was still. An eyesore. And a very prominent area of new worlds and look at what has happened to our city look at what has grown up around the casino. The casino has been a good thing for the city. And hotels. And restaurants and Fulton street and so much as developed as a result of the casino. But yet there are people who absolutely resist change. Just because it's change. And there were some people who resist change because. It wasn't their idea. Sometimes neighborhoods have to change. And I don't mean change your negative light. But sometimes neighborhoods need to change from the status quo. That is a very busy intersection and I can't see that this Cuban restaurant. Is not going to be beneficial to that area and I would be really surprised if these save our neighborhoods people. On win. In the same way that the save our neighborhood mentality. Uptown. On the could not stand up to the progress of building a football stadium on the -- campus. That's a title this good blog tonight the not in my neighborhood mentality and again I've got pictures. That corner and I can't see how that would not be very beneficial. We've also all been talking on and off tonight about a new book pulled -- come out from sixty minutes and Vanity Fair. Showing that Steinfeld has been named the best sitcom ever according to this poll. The honeymooners seconds friends came in third. Other than -- -- what were some of the other really great sitcoms. And what currency comes do you think have the potential to be considered great sitcoms. Once daily prime time. If you would join our show with a comment our number tonight is 260187. He told 38668890878. And -- take summaries say seventy cents. Here's a -- reads I'm a truck driver in the worst thing I've seen as a guy eating boiled -- While driving -- is needs. Now you know getting all the meat out of a boiled crab is challenging enough when you're sitting at a table I can't imagine trying to do that. While driving your car. Also I don't know whether this is gonna be a trend or not but you're on South Dakota has passed an ordinance making texting. And anything that distraction driver illegal. The fine for texting will be 100 dollars. The fine for driving while distracted like eating or doing something like ten in the car. Will be fifteen dollars which is ridiculous I mean the only way to change behavior is to make the find big enough to hurt. And I don't think fifteen dollars parts enough. But did you know when you think about distractions what do Prada and what about a billboard for all someplace like hooters. What about a billboard with a sexy image on it. You might look at that and get into an accident. Again whatever happened to personal accountability. Use common sense. I have to admit that it's quite often I have eaten while driving. It's not safe and I have to accept responsibility for my behavior. I don't doing now but I have to admit that I have a dinner and especially on the on the road. But it's a lot better do it on the road. I think and to do it in city traffic. But we need do to not look at. Local state and the federal government to pass laws. To make us safer ourselves we need to use common sense and I know the use of common sense is I know it's a struggle for a lot of people to use common sense. But we still have to promote that concept. Someone mentioned that -- Trace Adkins -- an -- decorated with a confederate flag when he performed for the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting recently. He said he did not mean to offend anybody. At -- from Louisiana and says he's a descendant of confederate soldiers in the flag represents his southern heritage. A lot of people see the confederate flag as a symbol of racism. If somebody really done is use it to represent their southern heritage I don't have a problem with that. But I would think that if you do have the confederate like if you do this display the confederate flag and you truly care about your southern here you can't just say that. I mean I have to admit that I'm kind of prejudice against rednecks. And I I have a problem with people who stand behind that it stands for my southern heritage. When in reality. They're using and is assigned to separate themselves. From blacks. To distinguish. Their mentality. Their culture. From black culture. If you're gonna displayed to -- the confederate flag. I expect you to know. What the stars. And the bars stand for. I expect you know what the colors. Stand for. I expect you know a little bit about it. And in the case of Trace Adkins if he feels they have this really does represent a southerner. I'm OK with that. But don't you dare hide behind it's by southern heritage cop outs. When in reality you know you're using it to distinguish your white culture. -- from Folsom brochure on the BW a good evening. 88 and during your show -- usual thanks hope I can add to -- on a little bit on. Dollar issue. I'm against that changing the paper dollar for the coin. Now give you my two cents on the dollar issue. Unintended. I'd say they would paper. It may be a reasonable substitute. Or toilet paper in the event of a severe recession. And I don't -- calling. Replacement toilet paper matter that I look up and it. And I'm not sure it's safe they'd put on my point. -- well and and depending on whose face is on -- somebody might wanna use it for toilet paper etc. Leo. Sitcoms. I think one of the best ever I don't I haven't heard it mentioned. Is -- rock. No that hasn't been mentioned yet tonight you know I never I never got that I mean I understood the basic concept but I I never saw a full episode and maybe if I did I would do would have gotten into it. Well. Among white laughter she cried many towns and cried when it. Was taken also. Have to go a third rock -- at least -- honorable mention. And with hornets saying I'm hurt a lot of different names come out I haven't heard this one. Adjusters. End that would be is in court gestures. And if you think about that. There's a lot of marketing. Yeah I would I would I would agree on that and and I can I can picture those jester caps. That would be worn by the cheerleaders. And I honestly don't know. Go with the color I mean. You know to build the blues red. Do you yet do you agree with any -- it -- you agree with me a lot of people that the pelicans is just not the right now. It names and I'll let it happen and -- -- and it scared the out trial. The my outlook send knows. My -- does Larry that we might as will be the Teddy bears. Sure that's gonna threaten I don't know the names have to be that intimidating but hey they they have to happening yet cannot I you know and again as I said earlier I you know I love seeing the slow gliding flight of a pelican. Load to the surface of the water but. -- I don't I don't like it is in name and I'm I'm hoping that that's something that's just being floated out there but it's not really going to be the name. You have -- -- that they think adjusters. Given the Mardi Gras carnival local we're seeing. You know everything that's New Orleans and uniquely known for. You know this city. You know trying to bring in the court and it's just there's the players. Yeah -- eat hit. Just. Go on a roll with that. Marketing standpoint. -- -- marketing possibilities and yes I appreciate your call -- into WWL -- night here's a -- Sanford and Son was the best here's another text cheers didn't make the list it was a great sitcom agree with that. Among the sitcoms that are currently on that have the potential to be known as the best sitcom ever modern family I agree with that. I here's another checks the Andy Griffith Show here's a text from. 97. Will and grace. You know I would have to agree that was. One of the best sitcoms also Frasier. Cheers -- good times Jefferson's Barney milanese are all names that have been mentioned manage. The Cosby Show Dick Van -- Mary Tyler Moore was hot -- Texas earlier the issue was when she from -- Wayne you're on them VW -- good evening. -- -- -- -- As bands tour in my two cents about the trip comes yeah I have to agree with Frazier. Of the eleven years long not -- -- after almost every episode you. It's so funny and I I I love the the running jokes that Frasier and Niles are gay. Yeah I think they think the the person the actor that plays on Bulldog. In real life he is it. -- and you would not. In a just goes to show you can't you can easily stereotype everybody but I you know I get I get off at midnight get home and end Frazier is one of the reruns that's on when I get home and it's one of the shows and I find comfort in watching -- I get off the air. Red Skelton always good to -- -- and so show my age. Yeah I don't remember much about that I you know but little I remember about it I thought it was just kind of silly but a lot of people thought it was very innovative at the time. And as far as he Cuban restaurant you both for. I agreed that don't have what I mean why not I mean. You know I think most of those people to complain about it the transplant spelled you're just tried to complain about. Tulane stadium. I go back to a bit -- first -- came -- so with that too worried state you have. Yeah out and and this stadium is it is it is gonna is gonna happen even though they were people who are part of this save our neighborhood blighted neighborhoods going to be that. That Tulane stadium. I Tulane stadium on the Tulane campus is gonna so benefit. That entire community. It's a shame that some people were so selfish they wanted to make sure nothing changed even though the city in the community would benefit. Finally I appreciate you calling her show thanks listening to WWL. If you're on hold stay with this were coming right back with more of your calls also get to a more of your text here in just a moment. Here's a text three's company. Another Texas cents a share we mentioned the Simpsons 124 season and the -- will certainly go off the -- and be considered. One of the one of the great comedy and speaking of shows like the -- what about. Family Guy. -- like King of the Hill to other greats comedies. There would also if you're gonna display the American flag I'm Nora if you -- if you -- display the battle flag of the confederacy. The stars and bars the confederate flag if you're gonna display that. I think you should know it's. What the stars represents. I think you should know the eleven states that were in the confederacy. Plus the two states that were included. With stars. On the confederate flag. And I also think you should know whether general Robert. If you don't know those things. I don't think you should display the confederate flags. If you don't really know anything about the flag -- southern heritage. Don't give me a cup outfits about southern heritage it's really about racism is and I'm -- and we'll be right back on WWL. Are we talking about the possibility of a name -- well there is going to be a name change we're talking about possible suggestions for the hornets. And again I was at the game last night tennis since Monday Night Football is on -- WL I had tonight off and I placement it got tickets went to the game love the NBA experience in New Orleans. And I -- in other cities where they were NBA teams and I've I've I love the love the NFL but I also love the NBA I love having it in New Orleans. But you know we speculated on this as soon as Tom Benson bought the team that they would probably change the name. And it has now been announced that they will change the name but to the pelicans. I don't think so. Again I hope this is something that is just a rumor. And maybe even. This was something that was put out -- by Bentsen the -- -- I don't know just to see when people would say about it or. Maybe was just put out to there that think that that this what is going to be I I I again I just I can imagine that of all the possibilities that the pelicans would be. The best name for the hornets and apparently they're gonna change colors from the -- they have now to. Read to navy. And gold. We're also talking about and yet another conversation about it at changing from the dollar. Bill to a dollar coin. And that's -- WWL -- general opinion poll tonight you for or against it. 31%. Or in favor of eliminating the paper dollar 69%. Are against it. It's been a rather steady all night if you wanna give is your opinion you can go to our web site. WW -- dot com. And there's always something new a WWL dot com you can watch Tommy Tucker arm wrestle saints running back Mark Ingram to settle the Alabama L issued debate. Once and for all. Also -- is testimony. -- The latest round of -- hearings and show Vista fans Drew Brees and his performance against the Atlanta Falcons. And says the saints still have hope all of that and more on our website WWL dot com. And I've got -- the the scoop like tonight is the knot in my neighborhood mentality and it's about the controversy over this Cuban restaurant. That is Saddam a plan to open on the corner of rampart and esplanade and serious there's an anti Cuban restaurant to movements. In in that area. And the restaurants to be called Havana outpost and there are. There are some neighbors who were very critical of this I would also took pictures of that neighborhood and that's at the end of the blog and all that. Is also on our website WWL dot com. From a beat -- Frankie you're under the -- OK I. I was thinking. Actually. That's significant shift. Taxi was a great show and you know I haven't seen them on in reruns in many years and I don't understand why so many other shows are running reruns of taxi which I consider to be one of the best sitcoms ever. Renault and yeah you know even if it greatly if and it right quote what happened. Well Christopher Lloyd. Yeah there were so many people and they show. Yeah a lot of wanted tears. And stuff like that in and. You know it was gracious. Until it. -- great -- they'll have a show it. Now we're steroid -- I'm glad -- called thanks listening to WWL -- Here's another text three's company in the text that she ever since another text two and a half men and here's a -- res oh dear Robert. Yeah I said if you're gonna display the confederate flag you should you should know a little bit about the confederate flag and not just say Weller says my southern heritage. -- that's fine. But you should know something about the -- You should know that it has thirteen stars. Not for the thirteen colonies. But for the for the for the eleven states. They were part of the confederacy. And you should know those states if you're gonna displayed a confederate flag. And also they were two states who were included as stars on the confederate flag were not in the confederacy. You should know that. And also mentioned that you should know. If Robert. Presidents before or after Ulysses S. Grant kind of a trick question because he was never president. From Livingston -- your on this crucial. Case -- I don't -- right. I just called the budget this sit com yeah. Are a bit on -- on the phone so although nobody else mentioned this -- the one I want to minute most -- according to jail is this the first. And I've seen is that still is that still in none in runs or is it in reruns now. Oh I don't know it's still run but could -- saw around prompt on the other night around 738. Yet Jim Belushi is in that I've I've seen in a couple of tight and then the -- -- -- -- of the actress' name but she was one of the original actresses on Melrose Place. Okay it dead arm AMBER Alert to and and only other all I want to say is -- obsess. I used to come on board can no worse mood and put George Lopez on his show. And I would left notes on sort of -- and I couldn't wait for the commercial real. And you know it's a show that I never got into you know and channel surfing -- I -- -- little bit on or not but I never really had never really got into it but. Dennis I appreciate your call initial this just made me think of a show and I I can't believe that I didn't mention it. It has just gone out of production. It's on in reruns and a lot of people. Have got exposed himself to the sitcom. But to mean this is right -- there was Steinfeld as one of the best sitcoms. Ever. It's brilliantly written. It's it's about a family. My wife and kids with Damon why it's. Truly a brilliant. Brilliant show the characters are great the writing is great. It's about families. It's not about a black family. It features a black family but it's about. Family. So if for some reason maybe you think he can't relate to it because it's about a black family if you're white like me. I mean I can't help but I was born this -- I think you should really. Try to try to get into my wife and kids is a brilliant brilliant company. Here is some attacks that reads. The New Orleans zulus. You know -- is such a great part of our our culture here but I just don't think that's gonna work on a national stage and and that's something that you really have to consider when you're naming. A professional franchise it has to work on a national stage. Which can't just name it for us. We have to have a name that works nationally. Here is and I text that read so am. What about the what about the African. Colored -- looking hats Jim Brown wears one. He's a big break now why would that make him -- more than a humour racist. I understand that. Here's a text about best sitcoms. Beavis and Butthead. And in living color. I can't I don't agree with that those were great. From river ridge Brian you're on -- WL. -- -- group Brian. They world out of Melbourne Victoria lawyer he -- -- -- will be true issues. About separate firm and I Love Lucy. As -- that was Vick nobody's -- well I did get a text earlier about. -- -- -- like Lucy. On you know that was. That was brilliant -- that there were times that Lucille Ball got to be a little too clown nation for earlier but tell it was a it was a brilliant show. You know when you look at some of these old shows like the Andy Griffith Show and down. Especially I Love Lucy. It's amazing to see how often they smoked. Yeah. And it -- -- you know it's interesting that you can't smoke on TV today but they rerun shows from the past. The people spoke of cigarettes. They don't you have any more now. What do bill wade Ky where. And the Louisiana -- we really panic either. -- you know I like Connie and I mean I mean I liked it I like the name it's it's it's it's -- it's it's it's cultural but yet. You know I think anytime you named your team after of a model of Porsche I think you're doing all right. -- lost our -- and historically Republican because I mean we had Republican with a baseball team here is back. If your membership you do. I don't remember but I remember my dad talking about the -- some Minor League Baseball team. Margaret boy to take me out -- -- -- stadium when there is peppers used to play out there and he always told me about the old -- and Republican. He's -- -- -- -- A Louisiana guy and that's -- horrible. Hi Brian I'm glad you called the show thanks to a C two WWL a night from Slidell Charlie welcome to our show. -- -- -- -- Could I heard my connection out of but it worked out. Salmon absolutely brilliant. 800 -- want but while everyone's breaking up but yeah. Archie bunkers character totally made fun. A white men who were part of the establishment and it was really funny to see the conservative liberal battle that always went on in the bunker house. Exactly it was a letter. And I had to name my my mind went blank edit and don't count my head too long to figure out a political that's right. All right surely we'll go ahead you know that happens to me quite often I'm you know quite often lose -- thoughts on a daily basis here's another text the New Orleans surged. Another way and the New Orleans trumpets. And here's a text about and TV shows that have the potential to be remembered as among the best sitcoms ever. On Curb Your Enthusiasm. With on Larry David who was the executive producer one in the one of the creators of signs -- along with Jerry Seinfeld. I hear is attacks another text to scoot -- white you have now. I actually I'm a black guy trapped in a wide body I can't help it. On my favorite show is Curb Your Enthusiasm that show is the funniest thing I have ever -- I don't have HBO and -- HBO and awhile so I I can't say that I've ever. I got into that. I here's a text about a name for the hornets too bad voodoo has been taken. Yeah voodoo would be excellent and you know you could just think about the cheerleaders the outfits that cheerleaders could come -- You grass skirts and I don't know that. From Dallas -- here and every WL. Oh -- You know. And there's an external. The road you know seeing that New Orleans is best -- for a party. What about the revelers. The revelers and that's something that woods has something that would work. You are not crazy about the -- Xena -- No and endo. But a bit. Red carpet honestly what do we have to change learning program old ordinance. I agree with -- about the India you experience. And -- all the missiles and a -- Well hopefully it will have the honey -- just in. Different outfits. You know. There's some kind of party outfit idea sir -- has been what can -- would be good to. Maybe it'll -- -- just something to do. -- -- I'm in you know an inferno burning. -- you don't if it is far corners don't make sense sort neither does you don't -- as the best. Well yeah there was that you know there was a time when and I I believe when they when the jazz left New Orleans and went to two you talked. I believe the NBA was at the time. Reluctant to allow teams to change. Their names. Now that's that's that's changed. I don't know whether it's under the commissioner David Stern's policies or or not but I'm sure do you tall would've liked to have had their own name because. -- jazz is something that certainly doesn't relate to Salt Lake City -- sees a beautiful city. A city do. Mountains it's just it's a beautiful city but I'd really doesn't have any good chance. And then another thing. Well -- don't like it really doesn't make sense were pretty. In Minneapolis weren't very short list drinkable lakes of Minnesota you. I think I I think you're right about that I I think you're right I remember hearing -- because yeah because it in Minnesota. Has a lot of links. And Minnesota you know you think about California you think about Florida. Minnesota has the most miles of coastline. Of any state in America it's because of the number of lakes they have been in Minnesota. Hello -- -- to go to show. Our thanks listing let's go to memories see you're on WWL. Finally while -- recruit. First of all. I'm sure -- a bunch probably you -- become. So I don't start in the war on for me and I call you show earlier. And from -- commitment you tremendously. In the name of Spartacus. Spartacus. Yeah -- I'll bet you can't -- -- at the meals -- dismisses me. Tremendously. But that's just don't you'll come back and go to your gun smoke you don't -- -- welcomed into the back -- -- I need to do that this is there this is one of the buggy drivers in in the corner. And -- -- the mule is so Spartacus. That's correct. And and are condemned them out and said that he -- compliment -- and what it. And anyway and so it's it's it's good to hear from your house business. I'd and he's really out of -- The creole. You know I can deal with that I could deal with occasions I can deal with them. The criminal. No that's what we are we're -- Now we are you know I've I've had a couple of people Tom come visit from out of town over the last step couple of months -- two different times. And it's been interesting to explain to them the difference between creole. And cajun and -- -- will -- have cajun food here yes we are we are. More creole and our -- unit in New Orleans as more creole and his cajun. Correct. Do we have slightly right now I -- wanna go -- that Circuit Court acute that he didn't necessarily. I'm sure you will correct me -- it's -- it says I'm gonna have to get your break here but on the very very brief thought on. It KJ is more based on those who came from. From Canada and and moved down to southwest Louisiana. I -- start that they were Nova Scotia capital. -- and and and creole is a combination of Africa the West Indies Spain France it's -- state. It was that it's it's the collection. In April the whole combination of of what we became as a city and the cuisine that resulted as a result of this melting pot you'd get ready all right guys. -- and I wasn't even I didn't even study for this test. -- and you've got to compel. He is so people boarded the Nazis please come back and -- -- -- Come see Spartacus and Dennis circles our show once in awhile he's one of the one in the buggy -- if you would not believe how well they they take care of the mules. If it gets over ninety degrees. They go back to the -- They only work six months and then they're off six months. And they're seen by a vet every thirty days. So I was really as a humanitarian and it's an animal lover I was really happy to hear that the mules. That pull it carriages. Are well taken care off. If you wanna join our show the kind of numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890878. Texas a 787 against -- we will be right back on WW online business on the brink of activity earlier this year's MTV -- Earlier video years of video years of MTV remember when they actually played videos. Telling everything videos in the morning is called a MTV's. But that's about it. Here's a -- recess scooted the perfume company ever come up with a name for the Pope fragrance general whether you remember this -- that if we talked about. I was a perfume company coming out with a a Cologne. Just for the Pope. But I don't think it was going to be on the market so nobody would smell like the Pope. Just the Pope would have his own fragrance night I think it was. I know there's. There're so many things I can say right now but you know. I choose not to there's there's so many creative names. Four on Cologne for the -- but you know will stay away from that right now. I here's a Texan reads That '70s Show one of the best ever another -- full house another Texan Gilligan's Island. Well you know there's that continuing debate Mary Ann or ginger and you know most people say Marianne. And and I I would have to agree with that. Even though ginger was supposed to be the glamorous one nicely Marianne. Here is -- -- reads I demand that the new name for the honey -- be part of any future conversation about renaming the hornets. Here's a text the hornets named the New Orleans river cast that we've got no shortage of suggestions forward. A new name for our NBA team the -- it's gonna be interesting to see what name they come up with I don't think it's gonna be the pelicans. I hope it's not the -- is I think that's just kind of floated out there. But I think -- they'll be named it will be fitting and appropriate and just too great for the city of New Orleans I'm looking at radar right now and there there's a lot of heavy rain on the North Shore in now the area of Covington. And just our right across the lake also open are frankly ten. The -- also around Donaldson built the -- -- showers came through the the New Orleans area a few more are coming and there's a lot. To the self and south of grand isle that is moving to the north east. It may move a foreign up to the east to where we don't feel it but we may get some rain overnight generally there's going to be rain in this. In this region -- overnight do we might not get -- immediately in the New Orleans area but there will be some rain. And if you need and if you feel like you need to additional traffic and weather of these you know you'll get a tomorrow morning. Here on WW well. I'm from New Orleans -- you're on the Scotia -- They're still valued good -- -- -- second about the -- I like to. I think the vampire could they're prepared you know. You know I'll I'll I like that and you know that would attract a lot of women because you know women like vampires and wanna go into details about -- but I I like to name its. It's also something that relates to New Orleans and you know there that there economy I can think of a lot of cool logos. There is no good and they -- -- ownership brought. The vampire is currently the train will be in your world and. I like that re glad you listen thanks for calling. I'm from new -- -- you're on Debian due out. Likud I think. Because you know what been. Nobody has surprised nobody went -- this little favorite did Dick and I killed. And all the I don't know what kind of family. All the families and noticeably breakdown I Dick Van -- was there it was really another classic -- couple people mentioning Andy Griffith show which. I still that that's kind of vote. A comfort zone for Mia I'll be doing work but if there's a rerun of Andy Griffith on I'll put down in the background because I can do my work and I've got this. This and this comfortable show on in the background because I remember watching it when I was a kid. Capital they -- about your regular -- schools. Play opinion that we saw him at all while I'm -- computer name. And I give no matter how old yen to work somebody says that stupid it is disappointed that it could. Also. I agree with you 100% there's stored gas station he's single and because the restaurant to get -- because the area in our resident just own and I think it's up. Pop -- but I am not a war. I agree I mean they they bought a house the next two area an area a piece of property that was licensed to be commercial and if if if you don't want something commercial build next to you then don't buy the house and if you do I don't think you have a right to save. Now wait a minute matter I don't want that there tonight I don't know exactly exactly now witnessed. Resident and I think it's next to a recent -- particularly. Q you know anti Cuba as they do certain bigotry. Previous to that well I you know I. I've -- I did mention that they're not gonna get a break and let's call our show live I would I wondered if initiative this -- Cuban restaurants is to be named -- outpost I wonder if there would be criticism if you wish to be named. American outpost. This is this good show and we're coming right back for your comments on WWL. And we are coming to the end of another -- -- go to Picayune Sherri welcome to our show tonight. -- give it got there -- -- record comment. I quick comment I'll -- paper chairs. Three accompanying parent with children and the best or remotely match. -- a lot of -- -- managed -- I'm glad you Kohler show thanks for listening here's a text yay to the Vance I like the New Orleans vampire. Here's a text -- was before it's time Carol Burnett show here's another text Benson and so. Another checks they -- how about the New Orleans rhythm. How about the New Orleans drunks that's from shocks with Nicole as coach -- not sure I understand owners a final update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll. Are you for or against eliminating the paper dollar for a dollar coin 30%. For its 70%. Against it. This group blog tonight on our web site is the knot in my neighborhood mentality it's about the controversy concerning. A Cuban restaurant in the French.