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Dec 5, 2012|

Dave talks about local dumb criminals, what the Honeybees would be called if the Hornets become the Pelicans, and a photographer who took a picture of a man about to die

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's the fifth. Of December 2000 and well and it is hump day look at that already -- Day today halfway through the work weakens -- -- down to the weekend as -- Now of planets lining too much out there on the road because I didn't see any rain -- Definitely a lot of standing water gotten slippery conditions out there will get an update on -- rained all night and we do that that accident on the high rise one lane blocked. And it's causing a stock -- -- you're heading from New Orleans east towards downtown New Orleans we've got the problem there on the high rise to be alert and aware of that. As you make your way in again full report coming up. In just a few moments and beat him Valium. And that count did you watch. The Victoria's Secret fashion show last now are you sure did and I didn't eat there but apparently no whole Lotta people -- Because when I took a peek at FaceBook and Twitter last night it was all the buys on. The people apparently watching. The Victoria's Secret. That's just an innocent little fashion show during prime time it was on 9 o'clock last night after the family our. Leases that. Alex felt like Two and a Half Men -- line in and out at 7 o'clock when. You know most. It's still wide awake and you know hey you know what I am plan. It's gone and then they're talking about sexual -- -- in the -- and you think people were really looking and saying oh -- I need to have that Alexander Armitage at for my wife what I see that's what's. Now you're thinking and now I see we should've watched. And we -- said when our wives asked as what are you doing watching these happening out models prance around -- -- I'm just looking for gift ideas maybe I just want find something to buy you. And you look better in the -- they do -- now sounds kind of Marquardt looked -- -- everyone that. I didn't matter anyway because they would have to wait for next year and pull off that Wednesday Kenny. Some -- -- panic. We heard in the news story. About the man who died. After being showed off a subway platform and New York's -- out. Now that in and of itself is obviously very disturbing to -- and -- an argument apparently the -- party had a fight with his wife and he gets in this confrontation with the ion platform. Who I don't know if you homeless are wide but he's been described as scruffy. And nonetheless they get to this argument it and there was pushing and shoving and the guys falling off of the -- Form and into the area where the trains pull up to the platform. That's very disturbing and of itself. What's bothering me more is the fact that some into the picture estimated of the man. Standing. Down below the platform with his hands. On the edge of the platform apparently trying to get back up as the train is now bracing for him. In the final. Second -- life. Now I get commitment to to work and I get a sense of duty -- again this is what I do this is my role. By. I just wonder. If in the same situation. If I would have if I were a photographer. If I would've grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of the man desperately trying to get out of the way of an oncoming train. Or if I -- Ron and grabbed his hand and try to pull him out of the way and of the oncoming train I don't know exactly how much time it was involved there may not have been enough times photographer -- in March successfully do that but in his decision making our access with that two seconds or whatever was remaining in this man's life. His decision was a -- take a picture. -- I'm gonna grab this man's hand and trying to pull on Tuesday and then above what about putting it on the front cover of the post. -- I can see I'm about to die yeah. And I don't know if we took another MM guessing you know. Now mr. no professional photographer now is using an old film camera. He Bryant on these high end you know anti humanity cameras surprise to pictures threatened to again it was much. I'm imagining he has pictures of the man being killed and trying. I'm I don't know all the specifics and. Lose. In these times to win just about everybody's got a camera and microphone. You know -- You know we get opportunity. I guess that news mr. -- say opportunities. To catch stuff on film but -- and you wonder. You know when you've gone too far it's an amazingly. Just within seconds you've got you could have this back -- it was evocative picture tells -- unbelievable story when you see it you know eggs. -- I'm not gonna pass judgment but I did raise the question. At this point of you know was that that necessarily the best course certain. Thank you are talking about fifteen minutes first news here -- WL am FM and dot count. That's equity 77. And cutting get a chance to watch it Victoria's Secret fashion show my -- recorded for army and I didn't even now. While -- go vote. An interesting am text messages to beat them in the eighth then and you look at your forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast senator. Your forecast for today mostly cloudy skies than a 40% chance for a few showers or storms highs around 73 tonight mostly cloudy. And -- just a little cooler in the fifties looking ahead to tomorrow 20% chance for light rain -- at seven before. And Friday we'll keep a 20% chance for straight shower height of 77. From the Eyewitness News forecast that our meteorologist -- Tell now the bulk of the rain right now is offshore we have a lot of storms right off the coast and some of them over or plaque -- parish and a little bit of saint Bernard parish but generally the metro area. As drier right now at least aren't on from the skies though some on the roads on the North Shore though still some moderate rain over in Japan hope -- otherwise it's 66 and cloudy the international airport. Cloudy and 64 at the National Weather Service office in sizes. Sports time I'm WW Allan for that we welcome it saints' sideline reporter Christian good morning there. Good morning Dave for the saints the playoffs -- picture is bleak at five -- seven new worlds will pretty much have to. Run the table and get some help down the stretch to get in. To the tournament as a back Jabari Greer reminds us the team that won at all last year was nine and seven and that's the saints will face this week in the New York giant. It seemed that at some losses to go out there and make the playoffs and and and make a run and so seeing it seeing that they didn't match you would know that it's. -- giants are seven and five and atop the NFC east. I won game with four games remaining the hornets are home tonight taking on Kobe Bryant in the LA lakers Los Angeles is coming off a loss. Last night in Houston include money Williams has to be better be ready. You know we'll play it back to back what they've done it. You know it's not something that I used to -- -- 7 PM on WWL FM 105 point three points are expected to become in the world and pelicans perhaps. As early as the -- thirteen point fourteenth season according to a published report. The team had no comment on the potential name change yesterday other NBA action from last night the Washington Wizards. Knock off the Miami Heat for just their second win of the season. 1052101. And -- feels -- he's taking his brand of powerful ball to Arkansas -- in Wisconsin. After seven seasons Arkansas released a statement last -- -- much has agreed to a deal to take over the program reeling after the firing. A former coach Bobby Petrino. Today at four on to be to be valid sports golf Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia featuring QVDQB with Drew Brees at 7 PM on WW LF and it's one of basketball against the LA lakers. From the arena I'm Christian -- and that is you know in the sport. Five point 2 -- Wednesday morning we're talking in an Asian history about how it's fine that I'd be a big crowd tonight that thing game the lakers and hornets. And I just think it's funny that people more. Are more after -- buy tickets to see the premier team in the NBA take on the -- Because the chances of a lost that much greater with the Evian star power gap and a well yeah you could negotiate some of the best players in the NBA beat your team. In most likelihood now -- they win now why. Then -- you were in the right place at the right time to get emotional high yeah we've beat the lakers this is the lakers have 45 years ago now it's a -- is still Kobe Bryant -- -- -- people wanna see the best players in the NBA. I just to meet you'd seemed to be one of those watches or has played the teams that are struggling the most because then you have more chance of leaving happy because it I think I. I'm just -- -- play the wizards yes see that's what I'm saying get a ticket to the wizards game you right get a better seat for better you know with price and we can -- get a better seat available because there are more seats available. And maybe you'd yet -- a chance to -- winning what do you think about the pelicans -- I -- the proposed name for. Like -- elective seen the most joke. Here for a running yet -- -- it. -- looking more and more likely going to be out via. And then -- write that name. And it's got some historical significance of New Orleans having been the baseball team that was here for many years. And -- -- around here -- now threatening note it. It'd I don't know immunity you know the only in the coming in and a -- mean yeah. After -- Italians can be pretty mean and hungry. But it never threatening me like this approach it like at an appellate. That one of them people for anything dictating -- -- -- magnetic -- critical document point five minutes north boards. Focus more on the hornets not at the same. Thing will focus more on the same. And their preparations for the guy. Hear them -- well AM at them and now taken a look at your forecast. Coming up next here and every WL in them and size 47 good morning guys days on the forecast. Snow. Tonight. At Loyola university. At 6 PM and there are manufacturing twenty tons of now feel alone more details on that. Coming up in the news in less than five minutes here on WW well AM FM and account your real forecast that no snow does include rain now. Rain chance is still possible today 40% for often on light rain throughout the day. Otherwise mostly cloudy skies highs today 73. And lows tonight in the fifties to just a little bit cooler looking ahead to tomorrow partly cloudy at 20% rain chance -- set before. And a mix of sun and clouds on Friday slight chance for a shower highs of 77. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Clark knocked out. And we do have heavy rain offshore now some of that creeping over platinum and -- little -- and Bernard to the moderate -- and -- -- across the north Sharon to about openers otherwise cloudy 68 the national reporting. Audience 64 in flight out the weather service. Office and lots of festivities hot chocolate cookies -- making all of them and will be there. At Loyola tonight for a 150 people show up to play in the -- Exactly yeah. And also tonight the Grammy nominations concert live on board that he -- them back -- up at a great dumb criminals story for you and people as well. 37 minutes after Friday it's early edition WW Albers is -- that it's December 2000 well it's hump day welcome as today I made it all nowadays. It's down through into the week right on in there that look forward to texting and it's. Not sound like fun when he comes out about five. No man. And I'll -- your right into this -- we were joking around yesterday having fond memories of when rehab real snow. Game -- ran up the buildings. Playing like small children in the streets of Afghanistan or on school that. Now is rain today. More about that. Moment your. Amateur thing reaction to talk about the on -- being neat. Proposed new name for the -- Once the -- realty. Another in response to concerns that out and the most menacing or threatening. Mask that Republicans do died after their brain -- at. That is impressive when they do. Straight into the water and wondering what the honeybees could be called if that. -- -- Yeah now -- now -- I've been -- a lot of interesting things that excerpts. Something. Out and maybe. Maybe we have lots alarms about what's next an. Amended distance intimate bad practice and Alan and coming from. High rise on the night oh boy now we report the -- Coming in these. -- problem for him from the incident. The man it is slippery. But -- Is a rare and wonderful day in one. You know island beauty. People's -- sure I'm one of those coming up I'll talk to me out now that comes from home. And right now I have one for you -- dumb criminal nature all be glad -- it is. Right there in your hot atlantis'. He text of an app that -- It's been filed on the North Shore and I have -- and it involves three people. In Livingston -- Charged with possession of drugs now play in the affidavit the sheriff's office received a 911 call from woman to achieve and few others and anchored boat into. In the river neared news is he's bars -- As a hot place. Now. It says that the woman reported. You want on she's calling 911. And says the -- -- bottom boat have been smoking crack. And one of them is telling me he's seeing and fighting alligators. Who are invading the vessel on -- ID yeah yeah now. He says she was playing along and quote pretending to fight off an alligator. With key injured her hand. Can makers. She called what why. I hurt my hand helping my friends and I cracked cracked my -- imaginary alligator. Round. Deputies arrived. And one of the -- -- noted in the affidavit quote there was no sign of an alligator and -- Invasion of on the vessel that's good yeah I'm glad we got that stirred -- -- and -- alligator invasion. But they did arrest all three people on the -- Charged him with possession of crack cocaine and possession of marijuana hidden. And injury apparently it was months. Can you imagine the cop gets a call like. Yeah I got all alligator invasion monster -- a lot of people -- cracker like object is not as. -- He knew there were no alligators she called not what I want to say he thinks there are alligators out there aren't any but I hurt my hand fighting off the imaginary -- Because I was playing alarm. Okay. It's the man oh man who. We know what's wrong with these people I don't app that was wrong with these these are you sure don't we know it was obviously the crack in the -- on but they need to go on the dumb criminal well actually right now I've seen as -- David and putting it there rated right now -- right text messages and it that he -- them once that they can call the -- the swallows. Does it and not some wanna. Pelicans at all about small numbers knows that they can call the arena the -- Republicans and in the swamp they little -- -- in the by the coast elements want to thank you David and -- are about twenty minute mark birthdays -- WWL. Christmas alone to federal court with the latest on what's expected to be another guilty plea. In the rain you know investigation. And the rain has been content slippery -- we've got a few accidents out there and some rain still around let's go live to the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good but I hope we have been -- in chilly this morning I pulled out -- even though -- love it. And that's actually them singing. It and how -- but I think all but it's still a good song left. Can't see -- back to my child on it's appropriate because you know we've got rain fell flat route but -- into offshore. It is but the heavy rains that really that left over rain -- -- -- -- -- showers kind of some drizzle in the city like a few pockets of heavier rain. Over toward tech five and independent but we are talking about the light showers throughout that day to eighty blaming it on the rain all day and the after -- still some lingering showers. We could be looking at the plow my tennis is over -- going to like 36 hours of this. And rainy weather. Hey you know what this is a cut a lingering system this low it's gonna hang out along the coastline and so until finally shift southward. Rain chances are gonna be and but I. I think it's gonna be lighter and I know it's going to be like that yes it's a heavy heavy outdoors men -- over the evening late last night about two and a half inches of rain at the airport. I got caught in the real heavy downpour around 2 o'clock yesterday so I am sure it was we kind where I was an historic -- my car was about forty feet away and I thought I was not make -- -- I think -- -- it out and. And it added about settle down but not that heavy stuff. Yeah hopefully not the rainy and wait out but still still rain enough that you want it rained here today we're gonna say some light showers and drizzle possible throughout the after -- mean. All right and then after the rain finally leaves this evening. It's gonna still be warm and a little bit muggy for the rest of the week that we look at some sun working its way back and really beginning tomorrow and through the week and that this is a front that's not -- much cooler -- so high still on the seventeenth awfully through the weekend. It's a more of what we've had been where the rain came exactly aren't there any -- the forecast -- and now we asked the question. Wrong with -- people good and this is great we just at a local story about some people arrested on the North Shore protect biting off imaginary alligators and that's area Alex and other drugs but. This man no reports that he was high on drugs but he was. Pretty angry. This comes to us from home where a man allegedly damaged and uncooperative gas pump oh. But they're -- parish sheriff's office arrested John Charles Boucher at 27 year old man in charge of the criminal damage to property. Deputies there -- told them he pulled up to the gas station at Sam's Club I and became irate after the pop would not accept his debit card and well it will be pretty upsetting -- -- you need to ask -- -- -- Manny got to -- where yet you know you know out of here at the -- wanting to understand being upset that. I'm not trying to understand this deputies say -- started eating the pump. With the hose nozzle as my help causing several thousand dollars worth of damage. Press that it's not like smacking around the gas while they are computers is that the Agassi at your break in the way he wants the -- yeah. Yeah it did it make him feel better certainly didn't help the situation only did coolest jets in jails though you know maybe I don't know they use any happier when it was all over not right. Not the best idea when you get upset with the gas bombs. Daylights out of it -- the fiscal. Fine like that's right he was the poems and he's still in Guinea. Nobody did get a free ride to jail though it can't pay for the gas to get to daily lives began that night Dallara at the great -- -- -- live indirect from the Eyewitness News forecast senator heavy rain now offshore light rain coming down according to a text message today it's 7870. On -- 55 more thoughts on the hornets. And becoming the pelicans and what the honeybees name will become. After this -- -- sports with the figure. 5:49 good morning I'm Dave go now another text message today -- it's edited more than just a little rain coming down on my 55 says there is some some showers out their votes on the North Shore and down close to the -- pleased. The careful text message today it's 7870. Says that. Calacanis. Well you could call the honeybees the pelican that's a few -- -- the pelicans. And it was his baby pelicans are called toddlers. Think that would. Work and others as a group of pelicans is a hot the honeybees could be the odds line. I very rarely gets -- gags but he's here with sports -- -- let them have a microphone for a couple good morning there. Good morning -- The saints five and seven they had the Big Apple this Sunday in week fourteen it take on the seven of five New York Giants defensive back to boring we're talking about. Facing giants QB Eli Manning. He's gone some pretty hostile places in and created some fourth quarter comebacks he's wanted obviously. Two Super Bowl so he's a guy that as one. Despite it's and that's something that she comedian. The saints playoff hopes remain on life support New Orleans needs a ton of help down the stretch if they are beginning in. To the post season a Los Angeles Lakers are in town tonight taken on the world -- -- at 7 PM. Lakers have struggled this season include money we have says they can't take Los Angeles lightly despite they're eight and ten record. We have to respect this team like this championship organization if you. You going there with -- but certain to be about thirty. Catch all the action tonight at 7 PM on the -- to do relatively well five point three the hornets are expected to become the New Orleans pelicans perhaps. As early as this point thirteenth fourteenth season according to a published report the team had no comment on a potential name change. Yesterday other NBA action from last night the Washington Wizards get their second win of the season knocking off the Miami Heat. 1052101. -- be Obama is taking his brand of powerful ball to Arkansas leaving Wisconsin after seven seasons. Arkansas police statement last night thinking of them has agreed. To a deal -- take over the program really after the firings. A former coach Bobby Petrino today at four on the VW -- sports talk wheel Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia featuring. QB VQB -- Drew Brees at 7 PM on -- develop them the hornets take on the lakers in the arena I'm pushing Garrick and that is your relatives. Size if he did is going -- -- -- -- out on your radio you know I know you've told me not to hold my breath you don't expect the saints to make the playoffs at this point just too big -- hill to climb after being in that of 14 hole on the way things have gone now on a two game losing streak but. The players you've been sharing with -- are saying that -- Other teams have done it we still have. A shot here and I guess that's that you want to hear from the players they've got to believe and they've got to work as hard as they can with the hopes that they do get into the post well. They have certain of the -- -- his team as you're not gonna see a team playing out the stretch here they're gonna -- whether there are five in ten going into last game. They're gonna go out there now last game and and try to win and not have each mile and and think about that that you know the offseason it's that are twelve give them credit for and -- I know for a fact that this team will not be. How they'd just pay. We'll play out the string on hi how -- this saints in general matchup with the giants do you think they've had their number they've done really well they won the last three against the -- last three straight they've -- and they've won the last two and convincing fashion. In the superdome last time they were in New York was in 2006. In in in chomping its first year anyone Allen. I think they match up well with a lot I just. In what concerns me is the giants are that Ari can truly desperate team the Redskins are nipping at their -- Hysterically fairy well right now remembered them right so it had a couple of missteps that. Your. Yeah I mean it's just that it they're really desperate team it's over the five Redskins beat him the other night the on a short week -- -- and think about things they're desperate Damon. Five -- after that it. Falcons beat them. On Thursday yet. -- And I argue it out and I try to predict the NFL is like and these estimates activated -- -- that's for other people's predictions that you never make your -- -- a very good. That's not a bad on things I can't control I'll bet on sporting events because I can't control who wins I can bet on my own ability to do something about not somebody else's ability that on that -- copy to your ability to play and he exactly -- really get it video games. Not good at that. You can tell them thank you Christian -- -- joking. I Kristin Garrick back in about fifteen minutes to more sports here at WWL. Renegade bitten Baton Rouge as a text message today it's 7870 we'll take your forecast after the 555. On your Wednesday hand we got some heavy rain on the North Shore some understanding meet. Didn't pounded right now IC the edges of plaque -- Paris taking a pretty good pounding and also. Part of Saint Bernard partners as we look at pinpoint doppler from the Eyewitness News forecast center also in the forecast senators -- meteorologist Laura but now. Wednesday outlook mostly cloudy and some lingering rain sticking around a 40% chance throughout the day. Highs around 73 tonight mostly cloudy -- just a little bit cooler in the fifties and looking ahead to tomorrow 20% chance -- light rain. Highs of 74 and Friday at 20% chance first hour and a high of 77. But the Eyewitness News forecast center and urologists Clark walked out. Have you heard that 40% chance of rain all the way through this afternoon and evening before we get back to well. Pert near eighty degrees for highs in the afternoon on into the weekend and they've -- -- the early edition of WWL first. Two minutes before 6 good morning I'm Dave -- -- -- that we -- -- we had slippery roads and now we've got several problems out there especially if you're trying to comment from new world and these. In the downtown New Orleans war. Take the ice extent on and it gentility and toward -- -- two lanes blocked on the high rise on the night and west around. Right now -- the right and center lanes were told -- you'd have a slow down there and police are closing right now as we speak the -- 610. At the height and merged. Westbound heading from downtown New Orleans towards -- As a nasty wreck several vehicles involved just before rank -- Please try to avoid that -- you're coming from. East of downtown. -- you know -- get on the extent to stand and I ten. I think that the battery and gave -- the early edition of them beat them well. First news thank you for joining us on this wet rainy Wednesday morning that. Together we'll get through this and you know he's an official media relative term to describe the weather for about 36 hours of happiness. That. It'll be out here than what -- -- nearly summer conditions. For the rest of the work week -- very interesting text messages. And 7870. About changing the name from the new world sport at the north pelicans which is what we're now expecting that sentence down it. Some people love it some people really don't like. -- yeah. A split as it -- at a great Wednesdays they dry out there that is.

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