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12-5 2:05 PM Drew Brees Press Conference

Dec 5, 2012|

Drew Brees Press Conference

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back -- -- -- -- show Drew Brees is approaching the podium now Christian Derek Osama reporters obviously strength so we have gone their present this -- Drew Brees is walking over from the other ability. Forward to these the media center here and should have number nine here momentarily as he's. Because some series or talk quite a bit about last week. You -- -- be sure they'll still via. Some. -- questions and also look ahead to the match -- with the New York Giants just no room finger will be you know what I mean a lot of people -- on -- watch practices such you have access to a lot of us don't have exactly how big is that facility out there and pumped. Gigantic. Slightly airplane -- big man I got a much bigger than that much Palin Drew Brees walk up to -- -- -- We'll set it up take a listen the Saints quarterback Drew Brees here on WW LN FL and a couple. Certain you know him as you posed the question earlier. How can throw line. Is it is an official. I most is when I was over here all remains so I thought I'd I'd just thrown out there on Twitter and see what the fans thought I had a chance to check yet but. What's been the consensus. The guys -- think. Bad guys six. To -- there her. Football here. Yeah yeah my. Yeah I'll I'll -- Yep well. It and I am just about every case the name is indicative. Or representative of you know the city of the people of the culture of you know the the region however it is. You know I end and you look -- across all professional sports and you see at times where their names are just kind of going along with the team and they've remained and you know it's no big deal now that kind of stuck. And then in other cases. You know somebody's change the name. Yeah so for example like the of the LA Lakers ready used to be in Minneapolis or Minnesota. Yeah so what the land of 101000 lakes -- right and yet. -- in your mind you could never imagine the LA Lakers being called anything different they are certainly our generation that's the way that we know them right to lake show. But you know it it. LA's not -- to 101000 lakes area cub LA smog or something you know but. But then you know you've got like Houston Oilers in my reports and he's harsh mean Texas kid. He's you know he's -- go to. Nashville and become the Tennessee Titans I guess it was the Tennessee Oilers may refer. One or two years and then and then it became the Tennessee Titans. Characters who. Obviously oil Oilers. You know very represented the state of Texas and yet in Europe Tennessee and they have not the same. I guess there's funny other examples I guess the one now is. Norms are I was in New Orleans Jazz right and goes and you talk. Comes Utah Jazz well let's not indicative of Solon city are you talk and yet they had enough success there as a team. And you've got some hall of fame players and John Stockton. And is a stud from L -- Karl Malone but Karl Malone here from say Louisiana right -- tech. You know so so they've they've all kind of made a name for himself that that organization is trying to establish itself there was that name. Obviously we brought the Hornets over from here and so I guess you know sometimes teams change sometimes they don't sometimes -- keep it sometimes it don't you know but in the end I think the fan base. Certainly -- today if they can have maybe -- saying it. Or should certainly represents that the city -- region. -- pelicans to stay -- right specifically brown pelican Marmara. -- on your. Might try -- on that and they let a loss will no longer than normal just because we have more time you know so obviously. Dug deep to its have to find nowhere. I can make the corrections where we can make the corrections and how we can move on from that you know obviously. We're a situation this season now being five and seven where. You know the margin for error is is very tight you know we understand. That you know if we want a shot at. At postseason play. You know we've we've -- had a went out. And listen this is the fourth quarter of the season you know us we got these four games ahead of us. You know the last three no mean anything unless you you win this one we understand how important this game is on the road. Play the defending world champs you know their house. They've come on here on two occasions and now it's our turn to go there you know so we we understand how the game's going to be type team about the play. There. Very much in the -- ideologically force like we do their pride for group that's very well coached well disciplined. So we we know we -- we got our work cut out for Saints quarterback Drew Brees here under -- them to death. I believe I'm not mistaken last used to bowl champs have been nine or seven or playoffs. You know. Green Bay -- had to win. I believe the last two. In order to get in two years ago and then. The Giants had. Two very big victories at the end of last season in order to put themselves in position -- you know win the division I obviously came down account that last game -- Dallas for the division championship and she was going playoffs or going home. So. Yeah they've they've they've played these types of games served well stands before the playoffs for. It's kind of a situation where. Two weeks we're we're we're. Personally as well. Yeah well -- went. Because our our record is what's gonna use some playoffs. Strives for efficiency. You know strive for fish NC you know for me as a quarterback. Not only am I responsible for much to pass -- bit but also the running game as well and just our mode of operation as an offense. In our tempo. Our rhythm. Com you know. My decisions and drive the offense in a lot of cases so. -- of got to be on point you know like -- I expect to be like I'm preparing to be. And that's my mindset. -- Did you guys -- -- You know I mean we we we always so comfortable with our with our you know starting. Ten or fifteen plays and we always category of the game with a with a first ten the first fifteen. To turn on the week and -- go to those. And so I guess. If one reason or another sometimes sometimes -- grass court sometimes don't we've been very very good. Say in the past all the best in the wage. Certainly that's an expectation level every time we. And we get the ball. No I mean I think it's it's a combination and they've got some some very talented players in the secondary. They've been able to create forced a lot of turnovers but interceptions. Yeah I you know typically whenever your second areas bringing in a lot of balls it's. It's it's a combination of a few things from -- and -- you got some ball Hawks Specter does a good ball skills and typically it's also. Pass rush that's. You know force them quarterbacks to get the ball out -- before they want -- effect of forcing errant throws and that kind of thing so. That's something that you know they're they're good at in both regards. You've been able to do and I spent condoms can draw back -- my kids and also pass. We guys didn't do -- because -- slow them down and obviously very well last year in Dallas and had success against the Giants Q yeah Melamine. It's very very group fits you. You absolutely -- want to be able to you know control the tempo of the game. Against because if you. And try to stay in the most favorable positions you you possibly can as an offense you know I mean you didn't do -- You know pass only downs you know third and long situations and such you know that's that that plays right into their hands and their strengths. So I think a lot of assist your situation football. Can understand the situation you wanna be in. And you know doing your best to handle those guys in -- mix it up on. -- -- -- It is very tolerant. Okay playing. It's different different schemes you know -- -- -- was there. -- bags. I'm not sure if they cross over there's you know any. Relationship but no I mean it's it's their different schemes. -- I don't what else. Why are you getting back my best. That's your point because that's that's absolutely been the case and I had something that we we talk about we emphasize. Obviously we're not doing good enough job and and we need to. Find a way to better. Finish these games you know both offensively. And defensively just making the plays that we need to make in order to. You know put ourself in position away you know we've we've we've had a couple of these games where I feel like. Can we should -- could warm. Had we've been able to do that better and and we haven't been and thus has resulted in. Oh losses that could have been could end up differently. -- -- You you you stay aggressive. He's that confident you you know listen trust and confidence. If you don't have as quarterback can honestly you can't play. And I understand the importance of taking care of football I understand. You know the percentages in the odds in the way those are affected different teams that are able to take away able to protect it. And certainly the last two weeks has been an inordinate amount of turnovers and it can't happen something I got to fix. And I'll do my best to do that but as far as me being cautious. Or conservative. In the second half. Who. How do you all your -- considering you guys as a team. In this position chasing a playoff spot and being at all on the outside looking in this morning is usually guys it's not just got to. Yeah notice it is hey -- you did this in this position so fun being here do you feel like other people control your destiny when you yours will be a position where. You know you're you're the warm -- right now and take it. But at times you've got to battle through you know situations like this like -- said -- -- paintings in the past that have been. Situations where they've got to wind down the stretch and maybe they need some things that happen in order for them to sneak in. But I can tell you this if if you win. She went for all. Going to you know -- the playoffs here we get him here obviously play some good football and tradition chance and that's our goal. -- he's quarterback Drew Brees or does either you. Wrapping up his Monday -- Wednesday press conference here on WWL as the black and gold gets sent to travel to New York's pick on the Giants -- -- champions in your breeze there. Talking quite a bit about seven turn over seven interceptions in the last two games in. He's gonna stay -- stay aggressive and stay confident he says that we don't have that those two things. In the NFL you can't place so we'll see if has those decisions he's made in the the last couple games of the kind of curtail his. Aggressive play I don't think it will put here to talk to quite a bit about that here on W have you already on crushing -- back to spot McConnell on WW.

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