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12-05-12 11:10pm Open Lines

Dec 5, 2012|

Despite the poor economy, party battles in Washingotn and growing racial tensions...are you still optimistic about America's future?...Also: Gun Control; it's not the guns that kill people; people kill people.

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Do you ever go anywhere without your cell phones. You know I think about this moment every week in my life that I really enjoy and I need to do it more often but I just you -- -- I have to some billable cord attached to my cellphone -- As many of you do. But there's a moment and I don't take I -- I go to church around the corner to live downtown the church that I go to his surrender on the corner. And so I I wore to church -- American need to phone so I leave my phone at home. But he instinctively when I walk out of church I I feel my pocket for the phone because I wanna grab the phone and either call somebody attacks somebody look to see if I got a text. But I find myself very relaxed in that brief walk home from church. When I don't have a phone. And nobody can contact me I don't have to contact anybody. And if you you don't ever do this -- you know if you've got kids and you know you need to be around your phone that's one thing but. You know I would recommend that you try to find the timing your life. When that maybe you can do without your phone baby at a certain time every day you can go a little wild without your phone. And see how that feels a -- it's to me really does feel good -- Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall says that some guys use -- Viagra. When they play football on Sundays. Marshall says that some guys will do anything to get a competitive edge. And Viagra increases blood flow which gets oxygen to the body faster and increases endurance. Now. Since players -- very. Since players were very tight pants. Don't you think it would be easy to figure out which players. Are on Viagra. And has your opinion of the immigration policy in this country changed since the election. Many in the Republican Party are now changing their views of illegal immigrants in the wake of President Obama receiving. Are similar between 65 and 70%. Of the Hispanic vote. Now former president George W. Bush a Republican president from a red state. Says that America needs to become more understanding of immigrants. And that they have helped build our economy and they invigorate. Our soul. Former President Bush was speaking events. A conference on immigration at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. And he said that America can become a lawful society. And a welcoming society at the same time. It's in our nation. As our nation debates the proper course of action on immigration reform. I hope we do so with a benevolent spirit and keep in mind the contributions of immigrants. Not only do immigrants help build the economy they invigorate our souls. A bush went on to say that one of his major regrets of his presidency is that he did not manage to pass immigration reform. In 2007 President Bush did work out a deal on that would put millions of illegal immigrants in this country on a path to citizenship. But the measure died in the senate because. Bush could not even. Persuade enough members of his own party to considerate. And now the Republican Party is reconsidering its its views on immigration. You know I think it's fair and I and I would do this if the Democrats did the same thing but since this is before us now I think it's fair to say. That the political party is doing this they're changing their opinion just to get votes. I would think that if they thought there. Their opinions is to be illegal immigrants in this country. Was right. They would have been promoting that during the campaign. And they might have won the election had they not taken that hardcore stance against illegal immigrants. Even the illegal immigrants that were brought here. By their parents. Under the age of sixteen. There are people in this country who are technically illegal. But care not the ones that made the decision to come here illegally. They are brought here by their parents. Many were in school studying. Many have been in the military. Many illegal immigrants want to contribute to America. And as far as I'm concerned. They're more welcome here. Then the American citizens. Course sitting around doing nothing and having babies and expect the government to take care of them. If you wanna join our show a comment about anything we talk about our numbers 2601. A seventy toll free 8668890. A seventy. And our takes -- seat seventy to seventy. Coming up about 1130. Year limit before 1130 I wanna talk about how would I did this earlier but I I wanna talk again about. How we didn't down this road before. I've noticed some very interesting similarities. Between what this country's going through now. Socially culturally and politically. And the past -- deep recessions and the Great Depression that we've gone through. And this goes back to the the late 1890s. There your characteristics that are very similar from America's past. An American today so we'll be talking about that encompass about twenty minutes here a -- bred here on WW LA good evening. They -- I just wanted to tell you that I spoke to occur with bureau Jillian art -- control. I think that it's not our spiritual people some people ever. Usually because it's urged quick to -- more so. Automobile or the alcohol and Joseph people -- artwork since the first -- abuses and the duke guard uses. Well I I I agree I I've never heard of a gun making a decision to shoot somebody. Attach it to an inert object I can't pick this trust if you go to college audience assembled at table low ball security strip. And you know that the the scary thing is is that you hear about so many people being shot with what they thought was an unloaded gun. And I I really think when it comes to young people. On. Playing with guns and they had been so many tragedies with really young kids getting a hold of a -- I think you have to hold the am the gun owning parent accountable for their death. It's absolutely correct I'm retired military officer Robert -- officer or not he's Edward -- -- I've taught my children. Others but because it and it RB -- you know he'll work it just the same elements are important because. And I'm GG no outs you've you know perspective typically look all built to be used is everywhere so. You know an annual so you don't when you're teaching your kids to drive you'll also have to make sure that they're cognizant of all the things that can happen that might not be their fault somebody else runs into them and -- -- bread you know I I talk about this on the show -- -- and this is I am sure something did you do. And that is that you know you don't wait for. Government to pass. Restrictive laws when it comes to driving and texting and driving. Other kids in the car when there's a young driver behind the wheel. Drinking and driving. But regardless of what the laws are you have a rights and responsibility is apparent -- -- your own rules and laws in your household with your kid and their car. -- essentially correct me been caught in a motorcycle -- children was thirteen fourteen years so. And recently so that -- credit simple -- actually it returns are teenagers. In the Bronx. -- So you know -- -- give up something that I enjoyed the search -- -- are much street brokers. Pictures people don't have much respect. -- are not old vehicle which -- that we work should it not like you. -- you know people -- other people are out. -- recently -- season very effective for commercials -- -- I think AT&T is behind one of them but some very effective commercials about. A teens are texting and and driving and yet still. Well not only teams that many adults do it as well. And we we shouldn't wait for a law to be passed to tell us not to do something that we know is dangerous and I don't care. How good you are texting. It's still a distraction. So is eating food in the car pool last night we mentioned that there's a city -- -- South Dakota here on South Dakota. This passed a law -- not only against texting while driving but also against. Eating behind the wheel of a car Kenny or do anything that is distracting however there -- a problem I have with that brand. Is you know. You really comes down to personal accountability -- -- from driving along and I see -- A billboard with. A sexy woman on it you know sex sells so there are a lot of billboards and I would consider to have sexy images on him. If I see that that can be a distraction I mean it really comes down to the driver regardless of the laws on the books. Like he's you know -- -- and you know it comes down to. Are your mentors you know Chichi you heard it from its current PG. He Cuba -- -- -- I agree I appreciate you calling assurance thanks solicitude WW -- night. -- quite often I think parents it failed to realize. The rights they do have. And the responsibilities. They do have. And today is it is a country we continue to talk about the nanny states. We continued talk about the government making rules that affect our kids and our lives. When in reality we shouldn't wait around for something to be illegal. If you know something is wrong for you if you know something is dangerous or something is bad. Even though it's legal use and I know that this is such a struggle for so many people. Use. Common. Sense. Think about your life. You know we're here today. As a species. Because even before there were laws. Early man in early woman had to use some degree of common sense. In order to survive. And yet as we evolve. In this species. And on this planet. We seem to want the government to set the rules force. Oil well -- it's on illegal. While this is it or now this is it legal -- like I guess is that what you didn't think it was bad before but I have admitted to. But in the past I would text. And drive. And then I didn't make this declaration. On the air -- I was gonna never text and drive again. No I find myself walking to my apartment added walking from my apartment to the station walking back to my apartment. I find myself a texting and walking and you know with some of the uneven and sidewalks downtown of the CB -- And in with with -- and crossing intersections sometimes I find myself not paying into it if I get hit because I'm texting and driving. It's my fault. Something else that we talk about quite often on our show here on WWL is personal accountability. And there's just. A lack of that today. Let me give you this quick update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Despite the poor economy party battles in Washington and growing racial tensions. Are you still optimistic about America's future. Last time I checked our poll only 29% said yes. And 71%. Said no. Here is a text as a patriotic sorts who appreciates the spirit of American entrepreneur or is how can I order several. How can I order several cat women to help the business gets started. -- you just join our show you know. There is this ridiculous petition in every state in following the election. About succeeding from the union. And again I think that's a childish and immature and just because the election didn't turn out the way you wanted to. I it it doesn't mean that you should secede from the union U she wanna stay here and I do what you can to make the changes necessary but I found some other ridiculous petitions it had been before the White House. In fact -- before the white had been sent to the White House now you could send a petition to the White House. To be White House's we the people website. And there are some ridiculous -- one of them requested. To nationalize the twenty industries of the country doesn't lose it's soft creamy center. I -- is Saddam. Another one that suggests. That the United States allow military service members. To put their hands in their pockets. The petition reads when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one to dissolve the bonds of service to the US military. This regretful termination of service. To this great nation is often precipitated by -- uniform and personal conduct policies. We hold these truths to be self evident that all uniforms have pockets enhanced it perfectly inside them and they. They sheets are knife. Hands gloriously. It must be acknowledged that placing one's hands in one's pockets is not a sign of disrespect. Put a precautionary action to prevent injuries. There is also petition sent to the White House. Asking to secure resources and funding to begin construction. Of a death star. By 2016. Was -- -- Darth Vader is. Planet looking spaceship that could destroyed other planets. And then again there's this this text refers to one that I read earlier this is the most ridiculous want to make. Transfer funds from the drug war to fund the research and development. Of the genetic engineering of domestic cat girls. This this petition which has some signatures on it -- money to be used not for the drug war but to create. Domestic house servant which would be a cat girl. The government could sell these genetic household work -- to boost the economy and try to further decrease the national debt. They could be used around the house so that the homeowner could pursue jobs and also boost the economy. Genetically engineered to -- girls. Talking about Brandon Marshall the Chicago Bears saying that. There are NFL players who use Viagra. On the field. Here's a -- reads I would hate to be the senator. Of that football team if you wanna join us for the comments and -- are numbers 26 so one a seventy until free 8668890878. Text numbers 87870. My email address is -- sets as CE OT at WW real dot com. If you wanna join our show the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- semi tech's number is 87870. Here's a -- Reid sent cars are not the same as guns. Cars or means of conveyance. Death is an unfortunate consequence. Of the new issues of carts -- death serious injury and destruction or the intended consequences of the proper use. Of guns. Do you find anything wrong with that logic. I do. Guns can be used. Appropriately for hunting and for protection. But the idea then. Death. Serious injury and destruction. -- the intended consequences of proper use of gun -- I can argue that that's not the proper if you kill somebody you're not supposed to kill. That's not proper use of gone. That's misuse of -- -- Here's a -- read so and it's not that parents have forgotten it's that the majority of parents just don't care anymore. From Metairie Gregory you're under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our executives said it would name you like there's new basketball team what. Well you know I as I said on the show last night. I kind of like and I kind of like pirates -- Buccaneers because I like anything that we do. Encouraged the cheerleaders to Wear black patch over the Iraq. It is an already tennis exe on the -- is somebody mentioned last night the vampires I know that's not gonna beat her name but I think that would be really. Cool and very very New Orleans and they're dealing the a lot of -- a lot of a a lot of great -- paraphernalia could go -- -- Actually so if you let -- -- and I mentioned but Libya could guard our numbers haven't -- -- -- below will fill out as early as a youngster and watching them play and then when there. Went there with a gain of only -- and suddenly mean of course you were around back when you. Go to very exciting science and Pete Maravich going to be paying. What are they can just give you -- billion dollars in fate -- unnamed. Yeah except that you know that would mess up the that the record books that you had to be an asterisk is the old jazz in the -- chance you know I even though that was the perfect name for our team I think we have to him. I think we have to let -- go and find another name and you know I and I mentioned earlier this it's my feeling now that Saddam. Floating the name the pelicans out there. You're rumored as than the new name for the hornets I think this is strategy by Vincent and the hornets. Because. Whatever whatever they change the name to. They cannot match strategy of why. I've read what angle. Okay well if if they if they change the name for the hornets wherever they changed the name tournament how good it is there's going to be a lot of criticism. Well if you think the name's going to be the pelicans whatever the name ends up being there would be less criticism of it because it'll always be compared to the pelicans. And that is a marketing strategy that I think I think they're using. So what are your feelings about it this ongoing and cut deep in Nevada former great mayor Ray -- Well in my opinion there's there's one word that describes it. It crook. Busted. -- -- Gregory thanks listening to WWL night from New Orleans Alex welcome to the -- show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think and so unfortunately you're right about what you told that it DJs are being called -- I don't like the coast team like the main wish it was. We get it back -- I mean you know I think we go -- moving on. And unfortunately you're right there I can't. All right well I don't go would've won the cold -- Tebow was on. They person rock metal thing -- -- I think debt you know follow what you see is valid but I mean. I think a lot of people to come like -- -- -- suburban worded it comes just to see -- architecture. You know we're talking to Carole Allen totally right and and and she never really is part of a citizen this. Very prominent group that deals with the French Quarter and the residents in the property owners & Associates and in the French Quarter. And issue saying that people come to New Orleans for the residential area in the of the architecture of the quarter while I agree that a lot of people appreciate that like I lived downtown. And I'm in the corner all the time I live just off. Off of canal so very close to the corner. And very and there are a lot of people who come here just to go to Bourbon Street and NB stupid. You have no where you're period and liabilities it was closely you know comfortable -- if you say it is that. You know it's got to be two -- repeat I mean did you return optical were stranded dead right. You know I I think the developer needs to follow the the zoning laws and if he doesn't like him then he needs to. Time to do what he can you have the law is changed or convince Serbs have so -- commissioner of the City Council to change the zoning laws that we can do anywhere else you know it'll hurt people and I I. I I do I I've heard that from more than one person that it's -- you order and then you bring the food to your table which. You know that doesn't. That doesn't bother me like it seems to bother some people it's is it it's still a restaurant I don't care how they deliver the food it's still a restaurant and just as long as it's a restaurant. In my opinion it would improve their corner. And you know again it you know if you if you buy a house next to commercial real estate then. You can't be upset if they develop something else they need again they need to follow the rules -- political Michelle thanks soliciting. I hear is and -- text that reads. So you don't understand. Intent to kill. When hurting with a gun. Now that is flawed logic. So I don't understand intent to kill when hurting -- I do understand intent to kill. But it -- unless you're being threatened to -- protecting your life your family's life your property. He can't kill somebody. The Second Amendment doesn't protect you laws don't protect you going out and shooting somebody having an argument with -- guns don't protect you. Venting and -- him. Trying to get back at somebody or -- you you you get into a rage and you get a sending you kill -- -- the Second Amendment doesn't protect yet. Guns need to be used in the proper way here is a text if Uncle Sam starts selling -- girls we'll solve the debt crisis. In no time. You know we've been down this road before everything we're going through in this country we've been down this road before. High unemployment. Rising inequity between the rich in the poor. Losing hope in the future. A growing anti. Immigrant sentiment. An increase in tension between the races. That describes America today. But it also ascribe describes America. During a great economic downturn in the late 1890s. This is not our first recession. There are striking similarities with what America is going through today. And past recessions in the Great Depression. All of these economic downturns manifest change. Across the political and cultural landscape of America. These moments in our history have. Had a significant impact on individual workers and also families and we're seeing that today. What happened during the economic panic of 1893 bears resemblance to what we see in America today. The latter part of the nineteenth century was a period of technological advancements now again those technological advancements are relative to the times. We're seeing that today. Regional markets had new competition from national and even international markets we're seeing that today. Unemployment was high then it rose to above 16% today it's seven point 9% but still like. Large number of immigrants came to America to work in. Factories. And skilled workers positions in the job market we're no longer secure. By 1896 the richest 1% of the population had more than half the nation's wealth. And 44% of the lowest income Americans. And only one point 2% Americans are. As they are now then were earning less than they did in the previous decade. We're seeing similarities with that today. Blue collar workers were less likely than white collar workers to find jobs. Political discourse turned ugly during this economic downturn and seemed less inclusive. In 1994 and anti immigrant organization the American protective association. Saw its membership growth to 2.5. Million. At the time that was one out of every fourteen adults belong to this anti immigrant organization. And race relations changed for the worse. There was a period when lynchings were taking place every other day. In politics the populist movement was born and the movement promoted a moral superiority. And a sense of resentment. Socially and culturally tolerance in general decline didn't we. Have seen that today with many of the things we talk about on the show. Looking back on this -- political discourse during the presidential election this past November. We could see many similarities between American now an American event. And on many levels there is hysteria in America today. And the issues -- differences is still the economy the same sex marriage abortion race relations in fight hatred as part of the debate. And I seat on a regular basis on the show. In their depression. There was there was a guy in the year he was known as the radio priest. The famous father Charles Coughlin. And in the book pinched. How the Great Recession has narrowed our futures and what we can do about it Britain might gunning done packed. He says that's. The father Coughlin known as the radio priest regularly spoke to thirty million to forty million Americans the largest radio audience in the world at the time. About the depravity of communism. International finance years and choose. -- father Coughlin praised Adolph Hitler another fascist. Seen in chemistry and and moral purity there was absence from capitalist Democrats. And it sent to a -- is that they are very popular radio host today who spew. Similar Taipei to. The Great Depression the 1930s was. Also defined by -- many of the same political and cultural changes of the late 1890s. High school college grads couldn't find jobs. And there was a growing sense that higher education was not as important as it once was -- no way guaranteed employment. Which is a sentiment that we've heard expressed in recent years in America. 1970s were defined. By more than just Watergate and Vietnam War the seventies head to big recessions that defined the era. The recession of 1973 in the recession of seventeen of 1978. And both with the result of dramatic increases in the price of oil and during this time incomes did not increase proportionately. In the early 1970s the United States was importing more than it was exporting. And American workers were experiencing. New competition from international markets and that's what we're dealing with today during this economic downturn. There's a pattern here. The seventies were the only time in modern history. When this country dealt with stagflation. Stagflation was a time when there was high inflation during a recession. We'll see that down hopefully will never see that again they're a little. And incidents of that here in the air but not like it boys and -- the symphonies. And during this -- once again anti immigrant groups became more popular even anti government militias. Grew in popularity. Opportunity and necessity not just the feminist movement in the seventies led to women entering the workforce in massive numbers. As our country began to shift away from manufacturing. And agricultural. Based economies physical strength was no longer the -- -- city once was for employment. And that presented the opportunity for women to compete equally for jobs. But that changed the family dynamics. Both parents were working. The divorce rate skyrocketed. Because women could now. Use their personal income to live without the support. Of their husbands. And I know there are other contributing factors but we see the divorce rate continuing. To skyrocket in America. It's true that we don't always learn from the past. However in looking and our pass as a nation. Can't we clearly see that there are many factors. That lead to economic downturns but the political and cultural changes that we're experiencing in America today. Are similar. To what we have endured in the past. Hate inspired. By fear. And insecurity. Income disparity. Anti immigrant sentiment less tolerance for others and tension between the races all characterized our past. And define our nation again during this current economic downturn. During this past presidential election the Republican Party fed off of these frustrations and fears and that proved to be a major miscalculation. Perhaps it is a degree of acceptance. With this current economic climate in which we live. But Americans seem to be many Americans seem to be refusing to to buying into the hate the paranoia and hysteria. That form the opinions of others. And it is certainly a younger generation that is today defying the opinions of the establishment. And issues ranging from who should lead this country. To same sex marriage. If we haven't actually learn from the past. We should take comfort. In the reality that. As a nation. We have been down this road before. And we have not only survived. But we have recovered. And it's an old cliche but it bears repeating divided we fall united we stand. Rather than. Advanced the hateful political debates. And we've had over the last few years. We owe to our founding fathers to find ways to embrace. Compromise. And work together to once again a -- wish the United. States of America. For we are Americans first statement that. That's pretty wanna join our short comment tonight about -- we talk about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890878. Thanks numbers 87870. This is the -- show we push boundaries tonight and we'll be right back on WWL spot. There is. Analysis. Of Bobby Jindal running for president it is. On our web site right now WWL dot com also you'll find all kinds of great information there if that is not one of your top news sources it should be. I'll always go for news sports weather and updates on everything going on always go to WWL dot com. Here's an update on our -- give -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight a despite the poor economy party battles in Washington and growing racial tensions or -- still optimistic. About America's future. Only 31% say yes 69% say no again this is so this has been close all my -- -- Tommy Tucker arm wrestles. Running back Mark Ingram from the saints to settle an Alabama L issued debate once and for all we've got the -- video for you at WWL dot com plus. On a lot more and who -- -- WL wants to send you to saints game just listen and win. To Garland Robinette in the think tank tomorrow. And when you hear the saints play of the week call 260. Wins to six so. 9467. For your chance to win tickets to the saints Bucs game Sunday December 16. And don't miss Garland Robinette tomorrow afternoon at 1250. -- saints tickets -- -- radio WWL. Getting more -- we talked about this win Benson's first bought the team -- but it speculating that the name of the team would change from a corner stoop to something more appropriate for New Orleans. I and now Benson has announced they are gonna change the name their team and we talked about this again last night in a more poised to do is bring this up and and people send in. On more texting and calling the names. Other new loans blues. Here is another text in New Orleans San first or we're not going to be this effort because of the Minor League Baseball team. The new orleans' second line is a good name for the hornets. That's where the Texas. He can't have two names there's not going to be -- -- -- it might mean something for us here but. Whatever name the hornets picked. It's got to be something that works on a national stage. On national television. They can't just be something that's. Totally local. I hear is -- student gotta go with the brass. Although I think the yachts. What caused automatic intrigue curiosity an inquiry about New Orleans and its culture. I disagree. Here is another six in New Orleans wicket win eight. No there can't be -- names that's not gonna work. From listening from Kansas died here on WWL. The 2000 ordered new feud maybe -- he's only your opinion poll would be Europe -- we -- out of caterers. Or moved moved those fall won't Scrooge. And I don't think two names or will will work are you of the gators has since come up a lot -- a you know I mentioned last night. And then. New Orleans does have such your relationship with -- alligators there you go on the French Quarter. And every souvenir shop -- -- on alligator heads alligator this alligator that so. You know I think that's legitimate possibility I'd I thought I would be surprised if it is going to be the pelicans I think they're just floating their name out there -- so. Whatever the name turns out to be a people -- -- well -- has been in the pelicans. Because there will be criticism of what -- name is who we're gonna have to accept it. They Tom Benson has a right to name this team he bought it it's here he has a right to name the team. And will ultimately have to accept it and I will. Doesn't mean that I might not think he should have been something else especially if it's the pelicans I really don't think it's going to be the pelicans I think this is there way up. Setting up what and what the real name is is going to be. I here's a -- what about the New Orleans red snapper is now that's not -- now the second happened. I hear is attacks that -- -- -- in the words of the late great Martin Luther King Jr. We as Americans. Must learn to live together as Brothers. Or we will surely perish together. As schools. And here's another text neither the 1890s store the Great Depression. Was burdened with a rampant. Growing entitlement mentality. And that's something that's something that needs to change and I don't know how to change. It's up to individual families to change this culture of entitlement. And it's also to all of us to take a look at the things that we think we're entitled to that we're really not entitled to. Because as I've said many times. The entitlement mentality transcends. Socio economic and income boundaries. I'm -- and we'll be back to rev up our show right after this break under the WL. Tomorrow night on the show we're gonna talk about holiday party and the kids. Friday night is the WWL intercom holiday parties. So we'll talk about holiday party -- let me tell you something about holiday parties -- party's very own -- You can. You can totally ruin the image that you have it work for the rest of the time you work for that company. On this one night. The night of your holiday party. Now I'm not speaking from personal experience as it happened to me but I've seen it happen. Don't get drunk. Don't make out with somebody you're not supposed to make out -- You know there are a lot of office romances and there are a lot of office romance is dead are suppressed until people have. Too many drinks. At the holiday party and by the way as politically correct. As MSNBC is. One of their hosts yesterday. Slipped. And referred to the party at the White House as the White House Christmas party. He was actually the White House holiday party. But you know for a lot of people it's always gonna be a Christmas party also tomorrow night we'll talk about the fiscal cliff and if we go over the cliff. Who were you in a blank. The president or Republicans right now the polls are showing that. The country wins. The majority this country would blame the Republicans if we go over the cliff but I tell you gonna be the big losers. -- -- I hear is attacks in New Orleans rhythm -- like the chance here's a text name the team the sinners fencing could have the saints in this there's I love disinterest but only it's gonna happen. Here's attacks on sticking with the New Orleans Saints. I like the vampires. And the cheerleaders could have little bite marks on their next. Peter is so fascinating volume with with the cheerleaders are gonna do a more -- with the.