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12-6 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Dec 6, 2012|

Dave talks about the legalization of pot, the proposed Hornets name change, and getting gifts for your pets and others' pets

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this sixth of December of 2000 and while it's the day before Friday -- have welcomed a Friday day EU like you have had feels good to be close to the weekend but in some spots out there. -- Now I know what Hewitt -- you can that the Atlanta and I didn't hear that. Hi -- now can you were needed. It. -- a sun spots where the visibility is now. He could see forty feet maybe. But then as Zagat the and you liked it today. The bottom ball get closer to the Jefferson Orleans parish line coming in from -- it was just disappeared no fog and all the hard -- downtown I concede clearly all the way to the Crescent City connection and it into the -- -- -- in port. As nicely here -- and -- -- poisonous over the our cause -- didn't look too bad either yes so -- Bernama. Because -- its volume we shift and move around our spot where it's extremely thick. And then spots where there's non. Call so we've got that going for it's also well. I was you know -- slightly twisted mind and I -- Find things humorists. I was thinking you know I was who listened to the story on the way in CBS news reporting. From Seattle that people had gathered around the Space Needle list smoke there dope legally is all marijuana becomes legal in the state of Washington big big celebration and a legal to smoke it is it's legal to possess. An ounce -- last of pot in. The state of Washington now the federal government still has not issued its guidelines on how -- it's gonna deal with this is still against federal law yesterday's but it's okay with state law. So we'll see with the FBI the Justice Department decided -- with that but here's what I was thank. Pot became legal in the state of Washington today also legal in the state of Washington today. Same sex marriage. I just have this fear. That some people are going out there and token. Smoke at their wheat. And it certainly didn't name. Every tennis for. The next thing you know get you matter to women. I -- pot now legally. Don't get the same sex marriage license. And then in the command. We -- -- your -- -- want to a couple of I'm -- and I think it -- to think about became legal -- Washington today. Eight. -- that FBI spokesman says whoever gonna wait to see you have a they do with this. With the dispensers and you know. Try to make some proper but I guess from taxes I don't see how it works. But he using illegal by the -- yes but it's legal. In state government both in Washington now -- in Colorado town directly Federer waiting to still rescued from well. Because if -- of the will of the people but it. -- states. It is cute with federal laws to policy which was not. -- interesting debate it is. They -- watching this when. Very carefully -- in the fog carefully to thank you talked about twenty minutes more birthdays smokestacks -- 87870. Once you're safe location and able to do so safely in the you know if you find the dense fog up there's some in what other people where -- really thick fog is right now it looks like it was on the South -- the heaviest of the fog. Is in tanner another person next to me says I'm in the plots and -- It's the it thing got it says -- -- the plots do the fog users right now tricky forecast and sports in the sense that reporter Kristian -- after. I seventeenth and good morning I'm Dave Taylor -- nearly edition of WWL first news he had there is some thick fog mostly though the worst of the visibility -- being -- and applause on the South Shore right now. Like Procter and actually you can see all the way across a lake -- the folks at the causeway so. Their ego he may be careful is the confinement then match here or there is we hear from mr. meteorologist more about now. Seem to patchy dense fog this morning battling around at least through mid morning. After that begin its -- sun -- then a 20% chance for light showers this afternoon. And mild Temps near -- before today lows tonight will drop to about 58 on the south sort 56 north of the lake. With a little patchy fog than Friday and Saturday looking mild upper seventies both days and each afternoon 10% chance for stray shower. But the Eyewitness News forecast -- I'm meteorologist locked out. Right now the visibility to international airport is 18 of a mile that's not very far at all. And so pretty foggy in -- and -- hostile to the loss over the body carries away some dense fog wet Slidell -- -- -- more than half miles cloudy. There at the international airport 62 degrees sounds like 54. On the -- sure hate to -- did you have a number 25 boosters -- Did you buy it a few years ago you still have it while when I tell you there's a great use for tonight. Find your 25 bush jerseys because you may want them tonight and be a good time I'll explain coming up. After we hear all about sports. But saints' sideline reporter Christian -- good morning -- good morning gave the saints have enjoyed blowout wins over the New York Giants in the previous two meetings. Across street in the superdome this Sunday the saints are in New York to battle is human. Which are licking their chops we can we trust you'll play and do this and we understand that. It's a powerful football team the defending world champions saints coach ovitz -- safety Roman Harper was limited in practice yesterday with a rib injury Kobe Bryant scored 29 point. Making him the fifth player in NBA history to score 30001. Career. In a Los Angeles Lakers snapped a two game skid with a 103. 87 victory over the New Orleans Hornets last night and I've put money -- and the hornets did have a halftime lead in this sort. Until six minutes ago in the second quarter of vote we employees. -- of basketball that we. Wanted to play him defending tomorrow night the hornets host the Memphis Grizzlies in the arena NBA commissioner David Stern says the New Orleans Hornets have yet to file. Required paperwork with the league changed the team's name however stern says. He won't object to whatever new name hornets owner Tom Benson might choose because he knows it'll be quote unquote sensible. In the league could expedite the process texts say they like Johnny Denzel is that. Southeastern Conference offensive player of the year while Aggies coach Kevin someone shared coaching on -- SEC coaches also named. South Carolina defensemen did -- clown me at the top defensive player yesterday hall of Famer Barry Larkin says there's no room for steroid users in Cooperstown. The former Cincinnati Reds shortstop told the Associated Press in a phone interview yesterday that players who cheat should receive baseball's highest individual honor. Barry Bonds Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa all up for selection for the first time. And all three have been linked to performance enhancing drugs today at four on WWL it's sports talk with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia featuring the saints players show live. From looters in Metairie with CT Raphael bush I'm Kristian -- advantage early look at. -- well -- to me this is a perfect opportunity to. Raphael bush being in the players the saints players over at -- in -- and the fact that he wears number 25 and his last name is bush is first and last the initials are RB yet and its treatment that there's an -- bush on the -- is just said bush for a 45 for red Reggie Bush Reggie Bush is -- is that many people bought. Well now he's got the same number the same last name so. If you ever warn you bush your bush jerseys since Reggie laughed put on tonight. Go on active shooters. Go have a good time enjoy yourself meet Rafael bush. And say yeah yeah winter. And eighty ninth. He's had a good pass defended he's actually got him on defense last week government I saw that. And the previous weekend is primarily -- special -- he had that muffed punt recovery. So he's been making his name known a little bit more. Let me ask you this the saints in general. You were taught us the last few weeks that the swagger was back they'd gone on the winning streak they'd pull themselves out of that known for holding them back to 500. And you saw the swagger from the saints in the locker room and practices over on line. He's seen that same swagger now that they've lost two games in a row and really they -- when the rest of their games have no -- -- the playoffs at all. CN. You know similar confidence and in their confidence is on wavered. In terms of you know they still believe that they get -- post season they still believe they can win. The remaining four games and you know they they know their -- at times beat anybody and then but if they don't you know take care of their business and excuse the way they're supposed to. Clearly beat and beat Italy like they did though last Thursday night. Today they have the confidence but do they have the -- I don't know and -- -- and then that's obviously just a judgment call this swagger meters it was gonna turn on and as the blueprint there and if parents with a swagger level is today. I wish -- were that easy Namibian happen. Probably is if not we might be above makes it might it develop one. The web broadcast about it in and talk to me about it obviously illegal that yeah maybe there on the cusp of the swagger. Yeah I had to bring that thank you Christian tactic about point five minutes more sports here at WWL. And -- them in fact I'm all right some people are sharing them. There text about where the fog is thick and where that there's no -- and all of terrorism and those with you next and -- people are texting us about the fact that. -- -- Became legal today in the state of Washington. Also voted in Colorado legalized it would still against. A law so take a look at all that and your forecast. Right after. I've played 5 good morning I'm -- colonized or get the text messages today 7870 people telling us there is very thick fog in -- parts of west Metairie closer to the tenor line clearly and in the plot so that appears to be the worst of it but oddly. There is no fog on the causeway. And no fog it all one tech and as it's as crystal clear in south Slidell and across the twin span so. Does a little bit of -- usual fog set up this morning where we're seeing it in spots. But places where we normally would expect to see -- we don't see any at all so just be careful out there and be aware that you could come upon some thick fog. Very quickly as you make your way out and about let's get to forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast center. We'll see a mix of sun and clouds as we head into the after -- today 20% chance for just a straight shower. And mild Temps near 74 -- tonight patchy fall once again rolling and lows dropping into the mid fifties Friday and Saturday looking mild mid seventies and each afternoon about a 10% chance for a stray shower. From the Eyewitness News forecast setter I -- urologist Clark knocked out visibility. Quarter of a mile or last in La plaza right now 18 of a mile at the airport in Canada where it's 62 degrees. In Slidell the other just reporting light fog. Also bell chase lights fog right now. So they go Canada lay of the land on the -- about the way it's cloudy and 54 degrees text messages and 87870 what does. It's not Bob did its pot smoke coming out of the last man. And in parentheses it says that in your bad spot Edwards and and I was and I can't CF bank -- or the week. And that was as America is losing more of its moral compass northeast and plaster on a readable. Unreadable as the only south as visible our direction. What do you think. Used to go much about it ticket trip to Washington the state of Washington the Seattle drafted. Legally smoke announcer less of marijuana the state that he can have an ounce glass. But the bad thing not constantly illegals cells that power that. No other text message to date that it generated no fog on I 55 payment that applies though all three of the major lake crossings. No fault at all the year. 9 point 9 -- morning. -- -- count and coming out I gotta talk more about this hear from -- VW about rose not only are more people than ever buying. There -- Holiday presents. Christmas presents for the dog and cat. Bird and plant it. But now. People are starting to buy other people's pets Christmas presents. And I'm gonna buy their own dog the president but they're gonna buy maybe their bosses dogs -- it. We'll talk more about that on the details of the cheeseburger assault. And all I ask you this if you get a hair in your food and restaurant. How does that make you feel and do you think you deserve a 150000. Dollars. From a lawsuit. With. For a parent -- for -- we'll talk more about that coming up next the latest CBS an update on marijuana and same sex matrimony. Moving into Washington State today David like as a WWL first traffic weather together sport straight ahead. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW LR's news it's the sixth it's December it's 2000 and well it's the day before Friday welcomed Friday EU as we enter area Thursday with just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On a lesbian -- meteorologist about now. In here about three minutes well run down where people listening on where there's this point and I'm looking at the humidity in Slidell on a 100%. At that muggy everywhere but it. Not -- everywhere but Daniels the -- of law and of course when you see that it cute cute. -- Or hit your brakes one of the through the thank you -- And I got to. You know rose -- I don't -- more pets than ever getting presence. More than half of all dogs will get it. But now people are buying. Gifts. For other people's. So. She used the example and one reporter where people buy a pet for their boss for their bosses off. Now I have no problem if you wanna buy your own pat. -- that's your business whenever. In. And he and I think you had no idea what's going. Nobody they have no idea did -- you know we've already reported the -- is now a full fledged family member yet in many cases you're absolutely can't leave them out your on Mediterranean everybody's happy and so the pat you know here's one for -- ago because of carrier and he's feeling horribly left. When you can as a birthday by a pet and -- have a present for your dog to yourself feel left out then -- Daughter opening all those present Dalai knows that there where you get those little trees that come for the cat you know visual special treats the cat knows it but what about buying gifts for somebody else's. You're gonna -- am your friend's dog a gift. Yeah I don't know I would do that but I gotta be honest that when we get something let's say from the in laws and here's something special for tally the cap. In all turns us on our in laws buy presents for your -- are -- Absolutely really -- know what has ever given me a present from my dog mean -- might hit the bought presents for the dog. But no one is that non paid Dave happy holidays in the present for you know every year I would say and every year you're connected the president asked somebody else that we get excited about it -- book and yes. Isn't as precious. Added that he got. -- -- Got a text message today that creativity from -- business. What's wrong with a sweater from my finish. I -- I letter I hit I commented the dogs get president then the cats come next to be able buying presents for their. Birds I hope no one's buying a present for their finished so they asked me. On with a sweater from. I leave you with this mister Blake before we let you -- Eric. It's not quite a big Mac attack but it was a case of assault over a McDonald's cheeseburgers authorities in central Pennsylvania charge of making these cuts went into a rage. After ordering. Ate cheeseburgers that he apparently wanted plane but it had all the Texans on top. They knocked over a trash -- through high chair. And caused a general rocket goes to leave a worker walked outside after him just get the license plate. Thinking well we're gonna call accounts on this guy. He sees what the workers not -- and apparently hit her she suffers minor injuries. As she's trying to call 911 -- on his -- But he did get away east they're calling and mayor sees that he witty and you thought getting. Getting the right guys on this you know I was gonna I don't remember the name. Police from. Susan Mac burglar Rosen and yet it was Baghdad via burglar stole Amber's. It was a police on their rage guys I don't know -- -- as was the big Mac was the pleased when my. Erica he had made it happens barker in happy what do you do just start -- stuff -- and growing it taken stuff over tonight. People right in the file. And I with -- when he met with more first days Chris Miller will join us with the latest from mayor Mitch Lander on why he thinks the -- on City Council should. Vote to dated double the rates New Orleans residents paid. The history and the water. Not what we are mourning in terms of fraud let's go to the I would these forecasts and it did you do it by saying. That this meteorologist Laura but now. It's called burglar yet give him the police chief I told Sam Mayer McCain's as the mayor today and over the fry guys right but I don't remember the name and police. Somebody's gonna attack -- and you know people have come want to help without that -- -- it presents from like your co workers do other people the forecast dinner by you the president or by your dog apron I've I've. All that -- growing trend buying other people at -- and now I think it will grow. Free or whatever. Kind of free whole yours and for. So when today when the family comes over yet. Neighboring present for you -- add -- mere hobby may be for you with a couple -- for the Dow hit a tree on its home date tree. Health care. Hot bacon Dodd's street and bring out over all. She can make it back in their right. It's OK there you again say I haven't got any and all patents from coworkers. It added that it anyway to me that's about it -- -- -- the fog this morning we have thick fog tanner. Thick fog at west Metairie thick fog and part of applause I'm getting a text message and it's -- but it's bad in home in Thibodeau and between the two. But then the causeway is crystal clear these -- expand crystal clear I 55 across the -- crystal clear. Yeah it's strange at me because that's flied out -- forget in the cities showing thought that strains that go on right over the bridge there's no fog that would be careful on the roads because. It's -- spots and and maybe a little better at other areas that could be one of those mornings where you kind of hit a wall of fog and it may be foggy for a few minutes and keep driving and make clear on I does that prepared sporting case she come upon right now. Our right officer big Macs -- -- -- -- that I don't know what to look it up to announce a grimace -- -- -- that big purple thing that I know what he was. But he was -- definitely not the police advocates. That having been said after the fog moved out -- there is -- -- I guess we're back to let's bring its condition. In this spring it is we get into the really next several days with that cold front all the way it's early next week. More more warm weather mid seventies all the way through the weekend when -- nickel market here you know the -- to be here late Sunday night and early Sunday morning so. As early Monday morning at -- so it looks like maybe some rain heading back to work on Monday and from court or whether it's anti late Monday and it certainly entities dramatically colder discount. On the are you were the highs only in the fifties on Tuesday may be just around sixty Wednesday. Are you ever thought he'd not name -- places and you get a hair in your food and rapidly. It happened to me -- it it's not like. You don't want somebody else's they're your food now look at accurate mind spurs and it's like long and -- clearly not mine. I do not have long blond -- going to be yours but now. But. And it when it's happening and generally you know the manager comes out to them very sorry it will make you know the way you want freezer that -- at them like that. Well in Madison Wisconsin I was so angry. That they would hear their food -- -- They suit. And actually wanna -- -- 50000. Dollar. Judgment. Yeah now well here today gone tomorrow because it was not that it appeals court has now ruled the -- at the proper. This thing that Kevin -- when he ordered the -- at Texas Roadhouse restaurant. And -- back saying it was too well Dominique a cut this late in the -- stake stuffing his own hair in the middle so again the little -- It wasn't just that he found -- hairy and they purposely put it there. Yang and at a jury said that that was negligent in the code it anyway so. Bottom line. The good judgment and tossed out by the appeals Gordon -- Your. Mind them again what the brawl. -- People. -- -- Make a mistake which -- it maybe you shouldn't -- -- right -- up. Yes we have Sunday it's Ronald McDonald's dog we have -- message that the large purple character a burglar. We have. -- cheat as head of fry kids officer Mac is also serve big match. Officer they went the cheap. I would like not technically journey that it's -- he was right. He's -- Mr. Big Mac I see we I always that we of the smartest audience but -- -- -- without a captain -- the professor. There's uncle agreement the happy -- there's hi I am looking at this website and there are more that I remember maybe they only make cameo appearance on the agreed learn. There's green red alert because of riddles. I can't get her gone by its -- him on all that sort of McDonnell and character from 36 with the regular. To promote the ethnic rebels and -- folks. A regular aren't is a wealth of information that forecast I don't know how to Google. Now but now I'm a direct from the Eyewitness News Google's sports with Kristian -- speaking of actors up next. And by the -- you've had the rank of officer with whatever sport stymied behind -- WL that former officers now. I'm about as effective as the police chief in the land that never get to Hamburg where it's 67 reporter Christian point. Good morning -- the saints. Our New York the son it'd take on Eli Manning and the giants coach ovitz has many company are going to be tough to deal with. He -- playing at a high level peace -- he's more he's accurate. There's a great job throwing off his back foot. They scored 85 points the most of anybody National Football League inside the fifty yard line. Coach -- bit of forming a safety Roman Harper limited at practice yesterday with sore ribs. 10387. The Los Angeles Lakers dispatched the hornets and Kobe Bryant scored 29 points in the win Bryant. Became just the fifth player in NBA history to score over 30000. For his career coach money Williams after the loss. We look like a young team and that's the thing it hit me. Because it was happening or just a young team. Tomorrow -- the hornets are back in action at home against the Memphis Grizzlies in the -- NBA commissioner David Stern says. The new role as wants have yet to file required paperwork with the league changed the team's name however stern says he will not object to whatever new name wanted to owner Tom Benson might choose because. He knows it will be quote unquote sensible. And the -- is up expediting the process Texas in a quarterback. Johnny in -- the Southeastern Conference offensive player of the year Mattel also Heisman Trophy finalist this weekend. In New York SEC coaches also -- South Carolina defense and indeed deviant. Cloudy at the top defensive player on Wednesday. Hall of Famer Barry Larkin says there's no room for steroid users in Cooperstown with the former Cincinnati Reds shortstop told the Associated Press in a phone interview yesterday that players who -- Should not receive baseball's highest individual honor Barry Bonds Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa are all up for selection for the first time in all three have been linked. Two poor performance. Enhancing drugs today -- for -- to be well. It sports talk -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia featuring the saints players show live from voters in -- with safety -- bush I'm Christian -- and that is your early look at. 552. -- -- -- -- -- -- out on your radio yet again folks if you have those old number 25 bush jerseys you can Wear them tonight -- -- voters to go meet Rafael bush hang out have a good time man that take part in the saints players show. Here on WWL. AM FM and died columns so -- you feel one about. -- as they get rated make that about to New York asked minimal. He was it one more day of practice one more day of getting in the locker room and -- of the players before you tell us how you feel about that how do you feel it is everybody's talking about it. About the -- proposed name change. From the hornets to the public I can live with -- I like -- I guess but I it would be my first choice -- your first tourist well I heard an interesting story yesterday from someone who has been. Close to the situation. That they're leaking it and just testing the market now I didn't hear that when I hurt us. Okay well that that may be the case. It hasn't received very good. Response I think everywhere -- look and social media. Everywhere I look in where people are doing any kind of informal polling most people do not seem to care for the name the pelicans. Two be the basketball team that is currently the -- but I also heard from someone close to the whole situation that. There may not really be any going back at this point and you know why that is. While mrs. Spence and apparently likes and and you're a married man I'm a married man and other married men will understand perfectly now that day. If the wife wants it. It's just easier to say yes. In most cases. So article yet that yet so if mrs. Benson wants the name. To be the pelicans. I have a feeling the name will be the pelicans. But with everything now of course this. I'm just saying and I'm just. The thank you coach infected about fitness and sports here at WWL a mess them. And I count all right vortex on the fog coming up here at WWL. AM FM and Dag -- look at your forecast after this as well. 550 -- get some text messages. And it 78 avenue about a story that. Not only do most dogs now get a Christmas present. And -- buying pets. President is that an all time high -- people are trying to buy presents for other people's bats including like buying the boss's dog a holiday present. -- says -- to the bosses that is sucking up on a whole new and disturbing level but another says my dog has his own stocking at my house and my mom and dad's house to. So stockings for the dog not -- at home but it it mom and dad's place the Santa bring your dog presents. Forecast. For your first -- look for this fall to stick around at least through mid morning in the beginning to see some sunshine mixed and still 20% chance for light rain this afternoon highs of 74. Tonight Temps falling into the fifties and patchy fog developing once again. For your Friday partly cloudy at 10% rain chance highs of 76. And Saturday 10% chance for just to stray shower and height to 77. From the Eyewitness News forecast center -- meteorologists -- -- Now -- Texas sizes thick fog over the -- Carrey -- way thick fog in Washington and take talking tanner west smattering of applause nor Coe hall Mike -- that for the fog is not a pleasant though. Crystal clear weird foggy morning. I tell me a few interesting text messages. In response to the reports that mrs. Benson is the one who once the name to be the pelicans once as if momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy. And -- ain't happy nobody cares. It's as if your wife wanted to name her daughter Rufus would you allow it. Lee. Courses and other school with a lot of money happy mounting get the hell out of a to get kept up the next pars -- one other comment I think if you by in Europe boss's dog big gift you're engaging in the behavior. Similar to what a lot of dogs do when they first meet each other -- Analytic -- that we're talking about. Nagin we'll start with him and then we'll talk about Javon Belcher. I feel a lot of sympathy for this guy at all maybe on this insolvent but I think he's saved the taxpayers some money are right Tommy -- -- and radio artists talk and sports leader.

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