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WWL>Topics>>12-6 8:15am Tommy talks ab. Congress trying to compromise

12-6 8:15am Tommy talks ab. Congress trying to compromise

Dec 6, 2012|

Tommy talks to Ron Faucheux, a political analyst and president of the Clarus Research Group, about Congress trying to compromise to prevent the fiscal cliff

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- numbers here from the -- research group state governors how would you rate the honesty and ethical standards of people in these different fields state governors. Average. Very high 20% average 48% very low 31% senators. Mary high 14%. Averaged 39% very low 45%. Members of congress. Congress very high tempers and averaged 34% very low 54%. And this I think is a telling statistic. When it comes in the fiscal cliff negotiations and how America feels about it. Do you think that the use of marijuana should be made legal or not July 17127%. July 200941%. October 201140. -- percent November 2012. 47%. Run Scioscia professor of political analyst professor and head of the -- research group. Seems to -- people get worn out they just wanna get high what do you think. What about the problem is one of the conclusion completely shot I think we're getting. What goes on in congress about what goes on in Washington. And and I think they're looking for something different as a solution. Even those in the last election they re elected president we elected democratic senate reelect Republican House. And that came up -- though international work boat show yesterday a lot of business people there and has had some conversations with -- because you know I try to do some field research certainly not as formally you do Ron and -- it seems to me a lot of uncertainty going on -- and -- common theme was you know the country didn't want. One way or the other they wanted compromise that's why they they sent back basically the same thing they had before but what were those dots connected and does that really reflect what the people voted on in November. A couple of things number and people tend to vote for the people really do now is because quite like them but because mostly white. Number and they like the opposition. So in some ways for people voted for Democrat. They were voted against Republicans when they voted for Republicans who voted against Democrats because many voters don't like he -- In terms of an idea compromise one of the surveys that we reported on in the last couple days indicated that voters across the country. By about -- -- and more -- would rather assume some compromise is supposed to. To our members of congress should be in Poland on the their principles. On these things so. So there was a feeling I think on the part of the American people -- it was -- to get the business government. To figure out where those common ground. And and to go forward. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The states that voted for the president that that were Blue States I think in those states we have tax increases. The states that went red that voted. For Romney we just closed loop holes in those states so we have different tax policies for different states depending on. How they voted and then if there's population shifts well in the states benefit depending on what the people really think in that way. I would call that -- Tucker great compromise what do you think. Well. -- and the the great American migration of 2012. Because. A lot of people would move forward from this storm into the state whether it would have been better -- situation -- this. That then means that the answer is. It's just close loopholes that can't work PC in saint do we do about. It where it way. Trying to show what the public wants or what needs to be done what is except let me get my biggest fear run. My biggest fear is this is politics drives everything right but my biggest fear is that nobody talked about. Fiscal cliff before November 6 and November 7 November 8. It's on a front page it's at the top of every web site as were bombarded -- My biggest fears that politics drives all of this. That what we've seen a dog and pony show and when it's all over them Republicans and Democrats both know. They -- years until mid term elections and administered and his average America like neat. Wind up eaten at once again honest and and might make himself up in my Canada. Not a 100% like what. You could get to a fully reasonable average Republicans in two -- -- reasonable doubt which Democrats right now today. The -- and to look at the president's plan in the Republican House plan. And -- and within a few hours -- could come up with an approach that gave both sides essentially what they wanted. And and -- it would be an approach that could probably get 7%. Of congress to support. I mean that can be done right now today if they would not political considerations. So I think you're right that that's the politics of destroying the other side of putting that aside in the position. That they will woman's forum is is hurting the country it's delaying the solution to these ball. And do we people like you know I mentioned added mr. in his American people just in the middle letter just trying to go to work just trying to feed their families. Do we get caught up in hell or some of -- -- Get caught up men in the in the rhetoric in and vote against things or or allow politicians to do things. With an eye toward a bigger narrative that work against our enters and alternately are gonna fix anything -- in the served each political party to try to stay in power. You're I think that is the case I think that a lot of times. People and politicians sitting in partisans. Get caught up in some of these slogans and in in the course of doing that they're forgetting what's good for the country. Because they're looking at big things in in you know and otherwise and that. That is entirely valid for -- look at. But it doesn't solve the problems that the country dealing with that it doesn't put aside. The politics that we have to put itself. I always look ahead run and try to predict the end game is the end game. Both sides dig in blame it on the other it sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher and then these budget cuts happen and if that does happen. I mentioned mr. ms. America like you know home immediately -- -- and a lot of listeners NN. From what happens in business and industry they know what the deal isn't any proceed from there. Oh yeah I don't know yet in people who predicted cinco or predict. Getting without adequate information social it was different issues one is is budget cuts in the budget sequestration. And the other is continuing. Tax cuts bush tax cuts and Obama tax cuts. So -- don't think they can do and not with the which is where possible. The -- that we don't know is whether or not president. One. Obstacle for the fiscal cliff as well as a as a tactical strategy because some of the bush tax cuts. Expire at the end of this year the President Obama politically tactically and capital. As a typical. Because there and all of those taxes go up. So he no longer has the -- -- increased taxes. His whole approach can be. Okay Republicans let's sit down and figure which taxes we didn't. It seems so that gives him five trillion. Chips deploy in this game and it gives him a chance to shape exactly what you want so. So it's possible that they've been deposited in game it's also possible that both sides will ultimately do. Well that's you know few minutes ago could be done and that is that use as markers. The plan the president came up with a plan -- house came up with. And figure out what they can take from -- saw it and how they can meet each side halfway on some things of this agreement. And in at the last minute -- with that. I think most people think that would be the likely scenario but the big question is whether or not there's there's hidden agendas. Right now we're above politics and in terms of I was just having control the process that they exist at the White House.

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