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12-6 Jamey Eisenberg gives us Acme Oyster House's Sit'em, Start'em or Shuck'em Report.

Dec 6, 2012|

Jamey Eisenberg, columnist & on-air personality for CBS Sports covering fantasy football, joins Sports Talk to give you advice on who to sit, start or shuck'em.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So I arrived from a view from Vegas the offensive football report it's now time to get to call up -- -- and Buddhist thought. I sort of thought of chuckled segment -- -- football they brought -- back acme oyster house. Blown in the French Quarter. Brains all over welcome to fantasy football expert columnists and on air personality for CBS sports. Jamey Eisenberg -- it good to have you on a program -- how are you. -- -- -- With David let's let's take a look this golf course with our New Orleans Saints and gold of the against the team that likes to rush the ball there at home. Who knows might be a cold weather Sunday evening that could be effect especially the second half. I NFL saints' defense allowed a 154. Yards per game one would think that she got to go with Ahmad Bradshaw this. I think yes it is you know like that the Saints run defense has struggled at times this year. MR Brad I know what you -- last week getting in the side of things that come with Andre brown and there if they get the majority carries you know we're typical lineup that we well actually but. You know my backside he's in really is looking up. I'm not that underground and not in the picture anymore seat amongst our running back I look. David would you look at it via the season fantasy points leaders man that the did you think it RT three a Andrew Luck would be both in the what top eight top team in the -- is quoted as an old rookie to come off a great year -- Cam Newton. As a rookie but -- are both of these quarterbacks Indians you talk about on the quarterback out at the Seattle is -- -- Russell Wilson. Absolutely victory here for a quarterback and you know -- -- sort of excited about it here or clap. I think you know when you when you went into the he's been you know I have -- be ranked number twelve and I think -- was thirteen. I just like the outlook for those guys because you'd you'd -- the weapons that they. Party -- and they used to play in because Mike and even with them that quarterback Doug Donovan McNabb Rex Grossman and -- back. Those guys up and be in numbers as a group. -- -- -- that means that all got an opportunity would appear on without Fred Davis not those two guys really in -- in a lot of ways because of the injury. But I think if you look at the way he is capable of we had a great offense around him and you know it it's really a great situation for him and Angela great weapon when you talk about reviewing it but one of the premier receivers you know felt. And -- -- climate might not complementary -- well I think it's going to be you know a nice future pros you guys and it beautifully about it that because it's always great to have. Great players that you can think -- Carolina been in -- you'd needle that a number that you'll before. Now when you look at it this things that defense Damian of course we -- -- follow one day to day basis what the outs that person and understand -- how. Solid this secondary has -- in their win that even last week you know like off the field. Eleven out of twelve times in Atlanta was one of eleven on third down conversions. And for the first time at 37 games they have Roddy White without a hits in the first half they -- really kept them quiet. We look at what they've done it that's going to be key this week but Victor Cruz one of the best receivers in the league -- just bought him this week. You have to you know I mean I think you look at. A couple things that happen for the Giants recently you know thereby we came -- perfect time you know they won the later bye week and -- And they need you know after all the all of a bit but last year after all the game that they played this year -- top of Eli Manning with a tired are thinking mix well and help the they're there to struggle and so it the bye week helped them and they came back and ET know I know he let him put up great numbers last week. Into the fantasy production but he threw the ball very well against that -- and secondary and back at their home. You know he knows this team we played at saint last year. I think that you're gonna Eli Manning they'll have a big game it's -- -- -- game thinking that you know -- as long as he's -- you're starting -- -- get this thing. And I just think that this opportunity with the -- opera but at -- -- there's going to be issue and so that that favors noble cornerback both receiving corps. Do you guys America's especially is -- for those out there that inner -- -- all of the great work maybe questions if you could still get involved offensive football on him in the right direction. Jerry get sick about CBS sports can't get on the on -- with that -- Eisenberg and the good thing about the and the people while he's that it doesn't and when the -- use and you can go places -- quite doubtful -- -- -- in our -- lineup -- teams that are in the playoffs it's that basically a rotisserie style format but you get a lot of changes. And it's really fun way to follow the end of a play out public through -- doable. And it basically to your crew the most points not that they had. But you -- the most points it's another game -- devious were on the spot on a lot of people like to do that because they think they can continue to get their -- -- six. All about well. -- Dez Bryant has been lighting it up as of -- into that -- -- receivers young premier receivers in the game today. Face off Sunday in Cincinnati in attain the Dallas Cowboys AJ green -- Dez Bryant does that get to bed that. Absolutely I mean you missed it does rise -- right now -- -- a bit about the job and really excited -- that he's playing at that you do the same thing for me figuring. You need to slow down a little bit the last couple games but the numbers that he put up right now we've got a solid and cut down. I think -- people of -- -- -- need to play at a very high level to be really funny. -- now what would number one tip of the week if you seen okay. Stay away from it who'd you must thought maybe toss that out there. Yeah you guys I think we knew we might start that are obvious ones you know you talk about on the -- real opportunity that you are -- -- -- -- great opportunity for the -- Tom you know. Then the quarterback situation like -- -- and a great opportunity again yeah about equal they can't stop anybody right now. Until I hear this did you guys that did you know the underway acquire or stat leaders sitting on. Josh Gordon of the Cleveland -- Chris given a that they -- tram. Both guys great matchup this week and playing well coming in this game. The -- you want to -- generally don't like Tony Romo very much to beat because the fatal habits and I think in terms of opposing quarterback they'll look at numbers but he won't be as great as he's been a couple weeks. But running back to probably I would not our lineup he's been real miserable -- but there's really you'd have to -- -- -- -- it and Ryan -- against the Steelers in Pittsburgh that the game that they get really one -- very quickly. I would Daly for it but negate that same game -- a -- that a guy of that caliber but the unity and Brad is playing great I think it -- -- -- on an arc -- off -- Jamey Eisenberg gave me one final time -- our list is out there and know how to get all of the great fantasy football expertise. Are you can -- about newspaper Friday at CBS sports by comment 12 o'clock eastern and then Sunday at 11 in eastern market people operate so. We got beat that -- -- in the initially an awful lot on CBS sports network. Greatly yet although lap and a lot of decisions that help you that your that you have to make sure that you know when the hit it left the start that we can editorially. Jamey Eisenberg folks if you heats offensive football information chickened out Thomas and on air personality for CBS sports. Covering fantasy football Jamie is truly a pleasure to have you on the program thank you so much and all that has greatly appreciated. All right -- -- as well now. Remember eat today or Thursday night -- you to view the biggest hang your fantasy football reports and stuff are always a coma brought it back. Once the house Bolden for its quota. -- -- --