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12-7 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Dec 7, 2012|

Dave talks about the Saints/Giants game, the Aerosmith concert, and what is wrong with people

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WW well -- says it's the seventh of December 2002. Wow and -- Really be yes it's TJ guys welcome don't pride and. I -- my dog wow. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah no yeah. It. Nailed it NAND. Going to be a -- time. Okay okay okay -- I feel guilty Friday passage. Here and -- it is a whole bunch of blog maybe not quite as my home qualified -- call now -- Bill Bennett. What we've done it -- days. Loving manner with a -- report having him do it from him today that the it. And apparently it's moving around again and so was Derek says we're gonna keep -- advisory out who's reduced don't know what's gonna sick enough and not as much as -- -- -- There it is it is bill does is bad. Then that -- man. Now. I thought I was old. I was feeling a little. That I went to the Aerosmith concert last night these guys are in their sixty. Late sixties -- David Tyler 64 an object we had to look it up on. Yeah Google on my phone while we're at the sheriff of some of the other ones I don't look a little older than that by -- But today you still have Victoria all of my goodness today rock last night. And a New Orleans -- I mean. Steven Tyler was climbing up on -- up an office stuff rolled around on the ground he there was some railing he started doing flips over the railing. It kind of dive and half diving into the crowd it was. Energy filled. Sounded. Fantastic. And that really get time Paris. Great you know one thing the the old folks in the air -- if you -- group for entertaining us. Last night -- Kennedy that I saw them as a warm up -- like. Like forty years ago and yet they started -- in the early in his seventies yeah. That's was bear. Written out of it warmup is the problem of the group that had hits in four decades huge hit in the 70s8090s. And I ended you know early 2000 and now they're coming back but what about five decades now. He played them all. So you know unfortunately I found myself afterwards but that a lot of how many wonderful songs -- -- in Vietnam but I really would like birds. He's got well I'm sure are really would have liked him you know no one of the haven't slowed me you you've always got to favored her cute good hugest you know on the they don't get it in -- and -- -- when he hit the kind -- gone until the end what did they have some new stuff. -- -- play a couple of orca and there's news that's pretty good but don't let a couple. Anyway that was fine. But I don't now I'm speaking of my age you know this old man forties and last night was the harassment yesterday you know almost midnight tonight our company Christmas -- yesterday is. So I've got to find some time I hope they get nabbed in this case. That's the company Christmas party -- mostly from having only got four hours of sleep. Last night we're near -- -- my laundry now. The grenades and now with the the -- that rock concerts. Parties hopefully our -- -- on Iraq that it -- they've just been focusing totally and completely I'm getting ready for the New York tonight we get him back in about one in 5 minutes this morning news days. We will do it well you lay out to predict she owned yet where you'll be back in about fifteen minutes yet your prediction about when he climate will sustained. The the giants in New York. David like makes -- prediction when we get back here -- W well Amazon attack them with the news -- yeah our Christian Garrett who give us is coming up. In about announced it will cost forty minute. You're on WW well right now you can make yours tax me to six called me to six no money that would be. Or text mean 878 that vehemently now will the saints beat the giants -- this blog where you're at let us know about that do if you could safely use. From where you -- right. Happy fry it. And it feels good to say welcome to the weekend. I have seen on -- sky today welcomed the week and -- Dave -- here -- and Debbie WL for it is what the weekend weather holds. For us so morning fog and then eighties -- afternoon temperatures there warm though highs near 76. Kind of muggy as well. We're dealing with a small 10% chance for isolated sprinkles but I think many of -- state dry with partly cloudy skies. Overnight lows will drop down to about 57 degrees we'll see that -- once again forming we may see another dense fog advisory overnight. Heading into the weekend Saturday and Sunday both with temperatures in the upper seventies small 10% chance of a shower both days expected to be mild and muggy. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- I'm meteorologist. Kemper visibility quarter mile or less in -- days in the home Mott in Hammond and a few other spots you may find a patch of thick fog out there about it. No fog reported the international airport where the winds are calm and it's 57 degrees and no fog reported the National Weather Service office and find out. Where it's cloudy and 65. Good that it that it has neighbors forget my head they have got some of that you after. Staying up very late by my standards do. He's the Aerosmith concert at the world to realize that he's always got -- is that he's Christian Garrick if he's here with sports. Friday morning. Walk this way the saints to get a win on Sunday against the New York Giants. -- ovitz as they have to be able to generate a pass rush Eli Manning well he's been sacked just fifteen times this year. I think Eli does a good job of identifying the front to get a handle had. The ball comes out quickly comes out old time. Just two players missed practice yesterday for the black and -- offensive linemen Charles brown and defensive back Corey white. Both battling knee injuries he -- brother Peyton Manning threw for 310 yards. Had his thirtieth touchdown pass of the season on the game's opening drive to help them for. -- to their eighth straight win at 46 to thirteen over the Oakland Raiders. Manning looking left side now drove back to the right side it is -- -- -- now that he found some recent three. Zone and a six not. -- point six to 364310. Minute touchdown pass last night this may seventh NFL season throwing at least thirty. TD passes the Broncos are now ten and three on the season Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will start Sunday against. The San DO chargers Roethlisberger missed the last three weeks with a sprained right shoulder and dislocated rib but the practice for the second straight. Day on Thursday the north towards -- back in action at home tonight against the Memphis Grizzlies actions start at 7 PM. The Louisiana high school state football championships begin tonight in the superdome we start in the -- classification with a defending champion watch star Christian Eagles take on. Haynesville golden tornado at 4 PM coach Stevens that you. And the Eagles will rely on the experience of flasher to -- tonight. It does. Help having had that familiar experience. To realize they were gonna get out here and we get a -- just like for all our practice field has an account balances execution. What -- Christians defending state champion they have not lost. It in 29 straight gains their last loss is 2010. The second game activity around the -- and the car -- level in the class four -- coming up today at 3 PM it's the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football round of state championship. Addition with the -- chief Deke Bellavia play by play action starts at 4 PM. Honda VW LF and one a five point three the hornets host the Memphis Grizzlies at 7 PM I'm Kristian -- and that is early look at sports. 22 minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WW golfers Newsnight a year I had game morning I don't know about you but I really needed this weekend I went to the saints take off. For New York, New York tomorrow. It's -- lab on Saturday because -- play until late game on Sunday. 325 -- for the economy party fifteen effort our time here in New Orleans and he'll be traveling up there. And we will get your prediction alone for that -- -- to back in it was sports and about five minutes and beat them well you'd call a little play by play today. Which. You -- watch talk Christian and haynesville two storied high school programs. Back to back defending champions has what watchdog looking for they've won twenty ninth straight. Nineteen states to be just between these two schools -- that we should see some pretty good football in the superdome. -- -- high school championships. Today and tomorrow we'll have every game. Up right here on WWL am them and -- is -- call -- for -- him instantly get one at that car vs -- this weekend days. One and two and every classification -- one C version of the two seed has never happened the best two teams in each class fight that could be. The -- and haynesville. -- the team that. Knocked off south platinum went south -- who was so dominant there also -- drew was there before the storm -- this is apostolic in my 2009 right at 2009. Pay haynesville knocked off south black -- who was guarding. For a state back to back state title as well similar scenario tonight against watchdog Christian system drama and excitement -- -- for the -- -- -- -- more games on Saturday we'll take a sneak peek at those as well and 25 -- to thank you sportsmen that beat them well Emma Diamondbacks counties fishing -- I'm Dave going to weekend forecast. Coming up right after. -- money savage you're ready for the weekend. Temperatures are built -- about 76 degrees this afternoon certainly -- and kind of muggy. The fog obviously burning off throughout the morning but that likely to reform later tonight. Lows will drop down in the upper fifties. Saturday and Sunday look a lot like bulls heat today morning fall into that warm afternoons high temperatures both days of the upper seventies with a small chance for sprinkle. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- I'm meteorologist. There Kemper. -- close to the coast now and in Kenner a little bit on the North Shore in ham and otherwise 57 at the airport 65 on the north -- here about the outrage in a Texas town after the Santa clauses found Libya. Sex offender hundreds of parents came. Their kids for a time of Christmas cheer and a recent holiday parade in the south Texas city of Cleveland. But for many an amateur has turned to outrage as it's been discovered Amanda played Santa clause in the parade. Is a registered sex offender. But -- -- Brenda miners to grant you -- you are being very fair I found out that my child sitting on the rapidly said center. Officials with the city of Cleveland said the discovery will prompt changes in the way they conduct background checks for volunteers. Joseph Gomez CBS news -- It's been around South Portland, Maine now malls and has been fired. Because you apparently told kids he wasn't gonna get him the gifts they want and if they didn't pay the forty bucks for the picture of what -- it in his lap. We generally just a -- There on not with everyone's in holiday there and make or and it's all. Past. I think blog at home loss to bargain but don't forget that I'm 55 the -- is here and then it may object more on the way coming up your deputy. I'll put up the water off -- people vial or just a few minutes. We get predictions and David like drifting out of the thing to beat the giants and much more straight ahead. I'm here Friday. May -- And and it's December it's the seventh 2000 and well plan. And it's AGI -- welcome don't fry it. Man a man had before I get to the fun stuff is very quickly we are getting a bunch a text messages that there's thick fog. On the night while between night 55 in Covington and on the I 55. Heading toward the I ten as you make -- -- aren't like also thick fog in home mine have been out. And along the coast here in those areas right now that's for the fog is. In a few minutes it could be some more house now we got out of that yeah that's what -- exactly what we got. -- Really big -- Brad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now the first ones and everybody stand up again across the weekend here. -- -- navy OK okay pop. Who would -- villain like we might have a win. Really. All the fans on blitz Eli goes off of them apparently have you back actually predicted a loss. Not that golf fiftieth dad announces his dad was governor I'm -- -- -- they brought them. Good attempt habits and I didn't know about the saints active. The New York Giants. Malaysia -- game every ala the light things as we know some weeks -- stinks up the house. And other weeks he's like the champions. Of the house to get the house that's what we want the and your prediction on it. I got the saints winning by and I'm gonna give mobile touchdown real now. Usually gave you expect bluntly that the female fighters three point that we. Like when he playing on just think there are summaries and you're gonna have the most Joseph parent and Mo -- going minutes told good hour right. Then not than we know the playoff thing it's well it already use. When they say white support. Fifteen minute victory there -- typically some viewers coming and people. Not sure about this one's holding off on verdict announcement. At this guy won this -- 44 giants when he won he like comes up short and -- required -- -- -- at the movies this weekend Q. Big new movies opening and it's about time Bill Murray and -- Hyde Park on the Hudson the story of the love affair between FBR and his distant cousin. -- -- Also playing -- -- This -- with Gerard Butler Jessica Biel Dennis Quaid and others a former sports star who's fallen on hard times. Start coaching is done soccer team as a way to get his life. Together this -- comedy and romance. Yeah. Going up against the current top five -- Johnstone is going to be twilight Twilight Saga still number one -- -- -- call this number to rise of the guardians that's the animated one with. Easter Bunny and Santa Claus and almost no -- number three Lincoln number four in light of -- Number five so what do you think. And that I honestly don't have a you know I have no idea I really don't -- -- stuff to make a -- I did I know. Neither one of those New England so like you're gonna do anything in I'm gonna predict. Twilight. I. The safe prediction that reserves are those that will be number long maybe there's a thing of you're -- people that haven't seen it yet sorry ID again. Thank you David will talking again about twenty minutes Chris Miller will join you with some thoughts on The Who dat nation. Whether or not the same slim playoff -- come to an end in Washington. I mean in New York. That in New York. Or if they cling to a dream of still possibly making the post season. Yeah let's do that we'll get to watch. With people -- do right now we have to live and direct Eyewitness News forecast that if they get Bahrain. Mr. meteorologist Eric ever. Gave power man -- fantastic. Man I was just thinking about how great everything that went to see -- To drawn into war. I did not. I as she was there out of my she's not here this morning yes I. I am here this morning even though I was there until after 1130 last night -- she's probably there it's like to hand you know no -- -- -- -- it's fantastic you know you accounted people. Especially when you -- -- yeah manners and I sort of gone Iran does and I was I was. Very lucky -- Mike took my wife that accounted smoke. There you go and tonight their company Christmas party and it costs eat up those as well on. My wife gimme a sneak preview -- particular that the nine. I -- very very lucky man just in the alleviated that all taken notes and yet. Great places began to see women all -- up I will be concerts and Christmas I like it. I don't like the weather. You know. I'm OK with the way I would like in December so normal temperatures here should be sixties today were going to be in the seventies it got dance walk early this morning yeah abilities are reduced many different -- -- take -- -- in the -- -- -- -- -- text -- -- it -- -- -- -- North -- On I 55. And I twelve between 955. And Covington and then down closer to the coast is where most of the -- we're hearing about. Yeah that's going to be spread all over the place though. Were to be seen -- probably to about 9 o'clock in the morning may in some spots a little longer than that. For the afternoon at a high temperatures about 76 so mild in the afternoon a little bit monkey to it it's really -- will be this weekend. Mr. -- the same lines in the mid to upper seventies and a little bit of fog in the morning yet for Saturday and Sunday as well -- days when things start to change it going to be dealing with the increased chance of rain as a front comes through. And the temperatures drop off -- twenty degrees four month. -- for Tuesday that is -- -- -- rain Monday colder weather Tuesday yet but not that this weekend certainly nice weekend all warm up to -- You know or expected -- New York for the game on Sunday afternoon temperatures that will be in the forties and about 30% chance of rain outs. Nine -- now no eyes but could be wet and -- That's all right Derek. What is wrong with people that I cannot answer police in all orchard beach -- say a man called them to complain. Nobody was upset about. That he lives in -- Now -- Agassi -- about -- about that he had no lobster wasn't good enough yeah now that wasn't it it was that a prostitute dipped in the says. Are the 34 year old is now charged with engaging a prostitute like getting these -- I don't understand that that if -- -- him but. Now police in eighties today that Scott. Piper. Was arrested after he called to complain. That. The prostitute. Cut him off ten minutes before. Is time was legitimately supposed to expire oh man who not only didn't he didn't get his full money's worth he -- him. By ten minutes according to the police well it probably took her out to a concert before hand she got out got up and it was said that it's time and it equipment. I don't know mediate any of that -- it at that. Yet that's an idea let's see if I illegally hire a hooker news and I feel like I deserve ten more minutes for the price I pain I don't get it what am I gonna do. Call the cops and now yeah and what people I don't know these are gonna take -- -- the Christmas party now I don't think we thank you dad have a great weekend to do their camera live and direct from Eyewitness News forecast -- -- -- -- about -- although I -- know is that that. Aerosmith concert last night. A lot of people that was -- jam packed and it's there but I'll seek Kristian -- a seasoned -- sports here on WWL relative or. They were a lot of fun here this morning on that -- their new album I less pleased at some point today take a moment just remember those people who died on Pearl Harbor day. And in defense of our nation and an attack on well what was -- state yet but really US territory and they threw us into world war two and ultimately led to far more. Americans dying in the defense of freedom around the globe and bring him down the Nazis Pearl Harbor today. I would say good morning degrees again. Good morning Dave. Saves -- -- to let -- for the second straight day with no setbacks coming off an ankle injury that sidelined him for the last four weeks coach ovitz is still look pretty good. Yeah a lot of energy he was happy to be out there I think with a weekly sales this the first time -- ever had a setback medically. So now he's gonna have to come -- -- and understand academically we've got to do on the field now. The saints travel to New York to mauled to battle the giants on Sunday at 350 catch all the action right here. On -- radio WWL -- Denver Broncos extend their winning streak to eight straight games. After beating the Oakland Raiders last night point six the thirteenth. Second goal from a -- to give mr. Moreno hit pushing the pile all horse horse. Cuts down. The Broncos are now -- three on the season the raiders are just the opposite it three in ten Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. We'll start Sunday against the San Diego Chargers Roethlisberger. Missed the last three weeks with a sprained right shoulder is dislocated rib but practice. Yesterday for the second consecutive day. The new world -- -- back in action tonight at home against the Memphis Grizzlies actually starts. At 7 PM and hide the Louisiana high school state football championships begin tonight in the superdome we start in the class one day where the defending champion watched -- Eagles take on. The haynesville golden tornado at 4 PM. What stock Christian has won twenty ninth straight entering tonight's ball game haynesville one at all back in 2000. And nine the second game of the championship round is tonight. -- -- In double the class foray at 8 PM coming up today at 3 PM it's the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundup state championship edition with the B chief Deke Bellavia play by play action. Starts at 4 PM on WW LF and one of five point three toward its basketball against the grizzlies starting at 7 o'clock I'm Kristian -- that is your early look at sport. 551 -- going Christian -- hang out on any radio on Friday. Morning. Welcome to the weekends there would be the first to welcome to the weekend should things them amongst the weekend activities you have will be calling. One of our high school football championship games getting on a plane going to new York and then. Doing your sideline reports from the saints game on Sunday busy weakened economy. And will enjoy ourselves for you at the company Christmas party and by the way what year. Working please do over the super one of your game will be over about 7 o'clock seven this might finally over -- come on. Him. That all having been said one yet -- it's -- -- -- I've seen you when you have more than one and you do not get more than one. Not at the company Christmas party. And I did that do that on your own time. So the two games today that we have -- in the superdome. The other one way in -- -- obviously they'll watch talk Christian and a 18 taken on haynesville golden tornado. -- coming in one when he back in 2009 watched a Christian to defending champions. And in your car balance with the yes and then in the foray Deke Bellavia has the action. And the car number one taking on number two the level tigers in a class four -- action starts at 8 PM that's going to be. Maybe the best game of the weekend all right then three more tomorrow through more tomorrow John Curtis. Christian in any -- Christian two powerhouses into a battle and out Notre Dame in the 38 it's -- few Baptist to. Really good friends coach Louis cook for Notre Dame can Ethiopia for a park view Baptist in the Rommel. And -- in the five day in and admit that that was -- wraps it up tomorrow night the it's rare wraps up on Saturday induced two teams right there -- never winning a states' image of Barbara -- -- -- -- 1980 they had a huge upset. Last week against. West Munro trailing a ball game -- point seven points winning 4940 there was room. I love every game for you every minute right here and Debbie WL I am adamant that now are you ready for your prediction on -- thanks. Giants. Sunday 315 here on WW. 38 3428. New deal or yours you said last -- you've told us last week that the falcons win and they now you tell us that giants are gonna wind farm. That same dream of a post season slam as it might be comes through a complete and Sunday in a partner in all likelihood. What's the difference in this I just think that on all them going up there. Playing desperate team I know if you can make the argument the saints are desperate but the giants have a one game lead in the an -- there. In the division against the Washington Redskins are nipping at their heels so -- the desperate team right now there. Facing those questions of a you're defending champion you have -- again that that late season swoon here. I just think that at the end they end up getting it done Eli Manning's have a pretty good here and at giants team is looking to atone for a loss on Monday night. Thank you for your honesty is pleased to stop by the party that we went fishing gear. Actually normal things like this. 554 on your Friday. 550 snakes and some fog out there along the coast and some on my 12955. But other than that not too much. -- -- somewhat sick this morning -- -- partly cloudy skies in the afternoon as a fog burns off high temperatures near 76. We'll keep a small 10% chance for an isolated shower. Overnight -- drop back down and the upper fifties again that patchy dense fog likely to formed. Heading into the weekend Saturday and Sunday look a lot like today with highs near 76 degrees morning fog with a small 10% chance of rain. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist. Here Kemper up. 57 degrees at the airport no fog 5065. Degrees at the National Weather Service I don't know flawed but. Whether it's blog it is -- so please care. I think David Blake says saints and -- -- -- giants and not a Tucker what used to tie. A -- happened upon but now anybody. He there was a -- yeah lions win. -- really isn't her eggs Rosenberg's. Eighteen to money but to Elaine what Tyrod jingles today ear worms study -- that gets stuck in your career. Eight on the on the other one is part one. 00 well O Reilly's. Auto parts hole and out against me at the end it's not about Gillette and as well the saints in the G man and -- I'll I'll holiday Christmas parties myers' tonight -- such an -- you come. Yes I wasn't gonna go but my daughter's and my hands on them in the ointment so it's. He would go do you not -- upsides downsides -- And -- I do wanna go and I do want to -- -- tried to sports leader.