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12-7 9:10am Tommy talks about favorite jingles

Dec 7, 2012|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about commercial jingles that you can't get out of your head

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Analysts congratulate Julie hey -- she won a French market coffee gift basket valued at a 150 dollars. Just in time for Christmas and I have to do is listen next week has got more amazing giveaway Ohio a lot of and I have to do take get two dollars off your next purchase of French market coffee is go to the French market coffee. FaceBook page so happy holidays from. All at Christmas and coffee lovers here and WW well it DNA jingles stick in your mind or not that you like. I can't finger runoff round you mentioned the Garmin -- -- Obama -- give they give regularly go to and you know again they give -- From some of the other ones. -- chip forestall commercials on every guy here at I turn -- -- somebody says. Then that's no reflection on chip force doctors say -- don't like the jingle yeah. So you don't have to like how about Jerry's. Chairman's. I -- can only be -- -- Here's an easy jingle blind men and witches like. 'cause stanza. Seafood city is very pretty are well that's class. But I don't figure that -- so -- -- not so much and AM get a lot of money is now and then and Napoli know how nap but no how now. They get your head -- seeking uranium. So do you have any bomb any jingles that are that have just stuck in your head that went -- here -- nets it. Can't get a -- get it out that's gonna be there for awhile. The mayor Mitch Landrieu told us the other day that he had a couple of and I had favorites what do you have to say I'm trying to remember knockout. Maybe they can either. -- that upon -- like -- -- you when you get to see exactly those kind of then they re not act like that yet executed at idealists and -- so you've got prosecutors say and I I -- on this thing this -- thing that you talked about ad jingles that are stuck in an active I denied to reflect in my head I got to up. -- -- -- What woman to date myself like -- some of Atlanta I know what one of them -- what one I'll bet it's Rosenberg's you know -- Rosenberg or Rosenberg. Eighteen -- iPad two yet this is two all beef patties special sought what issues -- designs on sesame seed bun saying it's forming. -- sit -- -- went quietly wooden. So are you losing -- a single mom and you know he's a good singer to -- that little appearance and the other night of the Christmas -- yet. I thought it was Willie Nelson that was the mayor he's very talented guy well. And allowances. Ole Ole -- Riley auto parts like Dallas -- -- are saying all right yeah auto parts hole -- spiraling the end of it mom. Now is get the AutoZone. Is that jingle and a by the in the I don't know. On -- 2601870. Till 38668890870. Enemy issued this disclaimer often if you don't like the jingle. That doesn't mean that you don't like the company it only means that you don't like the jingles so we're not disparaging. Any company out there. And it is have favorites sticks in your head it's effective and I feel like -- not I don't I don't those nom. De hands. Dealing John Deal and done exotica idea to Mexicans and they like that jingle. And if you ever so that -- Ever won it and now. Oscar Mayer jingle. A text comes him. Rotor Rooter -- that's a class all you out. Call Roto-Rooter. That's the name in away go troubles down the drain which is interesting. A very pleasant way just. -- -- -- -- -- Not so pleasant at all when you think about it right. -- when you think about what they're saying it about. And a boy. Another Texans and pick up the phone cult built around they'll fix it he in the flash. Already 86 when he said he till 386688908. Setting were also talking about. The NFL in case you have not heard Greg Shia and other head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who when he was a head coach at Rutgers had a bomb. Player paralyzed. I don't wanna kick off play has said. From the that he would like to see kickoffs. Eliminated from the NFL giving kick -- booed in -- He wants instead some Canada's team where and -- ball goes -- 35 to start the game and then. When. A team scores they would get the ball at the 35 and it would be fourth and fifteen so they would have the option a either go on board or punting. And -- said that. Kick offs of the most dangerous plays in football number one most dangerous blaze that's what they want to eliminate them. But -- here's the deal if you get rid of those something else is gonna become. The most dangerous place and then you eliminate that and then something else that comes number when you eliminate that in the name of safety and before you know it. When he got yet touch football is what you got another text comes and says the maison Blanche. From the mr. dingle Jindal Alaska but somebody's got to call and tell me and saying -- forming. And one other one says here. Went Folgers in -- cup that's part awake I here we go to. KJ you're on -- audio things are calling. Yeah are morally opposed to get sort of kick off -- it's such iconic. Part of the game neither can you imagine the Super Bowl without and here they get oh in in -- them there actually to get the ball the beginning of the game. Well. If -- any saying. Arctic due to maybe a little tweaking to try to make it as safe as possible about it during the virtual ball -- dug a little bit of that. Little bit of the year -- -- -- those alterations to the way rules it's like that. All helmets are gaining much sic percent and -- -- why is that while. All metric used to be well. The other -- if they decide you. -- that you know reduce that number to call. I think this year at least. At least -- per game more at the beginning of the burst out. There were at the beginning of the second half step that we still out there -- the -- at least one exchange. It's not a perfect it would drastically affect the team's roster the a lot of these players. -- to -- Ortiz because of their work on special teams. I don't doubt that would be maybe you're bigger bad thing that gives -- much of it. Iconic part of the game. All due to eliminate completely. -- The other thing about the jingle was just the -- Jing in jingle I never could understand -- as a kid I think it says. Great being in -- -- and maybe like. You that whatever the appropriate my sister used to say about it. Finding out that sun beam of bread was spelled with an M and not and and that caused me so much cognitive dissonance I couldn't believe -- that sun beam. It's got to be dean a DEA and a had a hard time you know than any jingles you'd like to favors with. Well -- -- classic Al shelter I haven't heard plop plop their news politically it is. Nice job Jake thanks a lot to Glenn in Arkansas -- -- under the W on the morning the ball pretty good day how are you. Well -- Tommy. I. -- today AZ and I did there. Again what's up. In. A row that that witnessed the opening. Clinton who has been absent those suits in. -- ball. Touched -- do you think people people who use that. He'd be honest with. Can't -- -- jingles. -- in. This thing within minutes -- screen. Analysts at Christmas in May want to Christmas. And is a little. Chip. Nice job banks alive we will have more jingles are going to iMac also talking about. I DN FL in kick offs and -- is it time to do it with a kick off or not all things so. And only about onside kicks so that means that these school or you're done by guessing you do. Greg -- knows when you have fourth and fifteen year and haven't joints. Though the onside kick -- and efforts to end at midfield met with a fifty back in the second on the -- seventy get a W well. -- tell me. I love smallpox. Singles against second year head to 6018780386. Exit 890 -- at any. If there's one you'd like to us and floors were also talking about. Talking in the NFL Roger Goodell -- seriously and doing away with kick -- because they are the most dangerous plays statistically. In the NFL problem is if you do away with that guess what something else moves on a list to the most dangerous place. And then when he unity deal with that and if you do something Els who's up to number one and then before you know it were running around with. With flags are touching each other playing football. T 60187. We also don't talk about the saints landed sciences Wiig do you think they win or not. And he is still holding out playoff hopes and keep this in mind when you call in with your jingle. I'm getting some great texts here so I might ask you listening. One of those but it's Friday it's been a long week let's have some fun. You'll want you ready. Hey I you'd only think about it on the -- now you do win with a man on. -- -- I am on that he had to do. You Ryan -- -- Which Eugene. You and here. Here. Eighteen but I don't eat lunch. He certainly know. Well. It has -- -- drives me crazy about -- one or and they say if you won the lottery would how many people can does apply to. I mean not -- -- if you went won a lottery or heaven unstructured. A tax settlement. I don't cool. How many people could it seemed like -- did you send out a letter to -- hundred people are so that this applies to it. They tell me about the saints did when this weekend and -- I you know I like Eli you know. You know that it will let you know -- apple ancient -- through injury actually at I think you were -- Pressure on. And he knows that each at bat and hit the ball and not think he and then. A lot even a light have a great weekend 0601878038. XX any nines early Sammy David. In New Orleans and we don't kick off -- and. Amanda well he actually keep America you watch sometimes you might it just see him. Close games so you know that's 10% of that that that -- and all the media. Anything mobile mobile Korea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the experts -- the problem. Would you increase increase is increase equipment. If you the years ago and yet -- -- at the moment now that there's nobody mistake truly -- complicated now. And crashed head in -- without. Equipment is is what it is increase in the blows because they feel protected actually. Downside in equipment. Would actually reduce interest -- they would not. It is all a little bit I mean it's just unique needs to think about it. Years ago figure prayer and a little that can. It was almost like -- nobody's Cilic at 482. -- to reach out so. -- to increase the equipment is actually a lot to -- at all. I think something to mix in your body internally. To protections to protect yourself like a mechanism -- Somebody said that when all is started and they left data miner who was some coach but he was right the I think I think you're on a -- -- if he's doing well with all of that. That may be kind of polices. Let me just -- a quick using coached Little League secure accidentally -- me. And actually group is currently -- -- -- picture yet. And -- and that's just you know. Into the X ample and it's exciting thing. Also imaging -- you get -- -- but ultimately kill them. So. And on and on and then and now you guys do a little bit of David you know me and yes I do -- Well. That. And it -- just the end of the army he can move them nice job -- -- -- -- Canada. -- quote -- thank you appreciate all of a very weak you aren't too. Bryan Gonzales hey Brian you're into the video morning. Tell me about the helmet first we get to the jingle kick eyes helmet went to a foot by kick off day doing the kick -- -- No I don't think Richard met with a kick off leaving -- back -- major part of the -- I think is doing is I get a taxi comes in no kick off -- be one less reason to college football. And and somebody else accident and said but he got a -- pregame show countdown to snap. Tell anybody jingle. There's one being played right now and I hate to expand that major sponsor that this has strived to meet great. And it says this is not a reflection on the company. This is just about the jingle let's make that. Had returned Martin radio call because it was playing over and over and no power and no legal Lendl it is. Never say you're out and I'll ride -- shield today. And I did you still like the Jindal. Two days. Is it you guys we have in the news in the dollars but -- must play a thousand times a day. -- hold -- alleged call Brian we keep in mind right now she got people -- -- so. We play the advertising people get -- -- apply to their houses and Kevin manners set I think it's his name pays people to do that then those people spend their money and before you know we have an economy on here too. Keeping candidates that tells you their bodies Rico and -- you're on -- beyond it. Would tell me about the technology underway with a -- out. -- what about the saints they beat the giants are now. He army and people in our -- -- data are optimistic and that's going to be alone really equip the saints given up -- yard. And I all the weapons that the giants and then that they indeed and not playing. All that well and given up yeah I'd have to be realistic Tommy I don't think it's going to be good -- -- his mind. And -- -- of them went on a couple of things only gave up 238. I think it was against. Who played last time and falcons and it was a five. Nixon -- -- an -- one more thing real quick bomb. The giants and -- match up very well interns the saints it's all I'll say. It will pan -- Still today you know I mean that's gonna happen to be realistic diet -- a lot of weapons. Being given a lot yacht down that -- he'll. So that being said -- I'm guessing you're not -- not a lot of hopes for playoffs. Like basic I mean it's for euphoria. And I don't think as far as I -- and the. In real Ly gadget that's good -- but what -- -- Jindal. Like -- like the money -- on another product. Coming in I would have been real. You know it's been real real -- is -- money. And land it's a color is nice and that he can live on that carpet he -- that girls a lot ready to. Hate to -- a jingle real quick pseudonyms are compliment -- That Rosenberg. Gary Condit my partner died on the giving them when to do that to them right -- that wrote that. Rather than. Gain it back to. Long ones in the new loans and real quick to -- human island. Exactly where he lives in almost in the runner. And what. Dade purples sign that says so I'll let somebody else finished it when they called in 931 time for -- have you offers news and press that. You know. And now and I don't know. Yeah. I Tommy -- big 870 -- WL talking about jingles. And once -- -- -- -- had to get a texas' -- now got fifty comes stuck in my head. I estimated sixteen after that 12. -- show on into colonization on your on to have a W good morning. The more you. Outlined as greatly as it did in the laws probably 2030 years. It's the seafood. City jingle. That -- like -- Can you rule the eighties there really pretty. Seeing below CD's. Re creating. Down the taught in saint -- He -- -- -- bolder. And now will be. Eighteen touring the -- Now on Bravo stick with. Andrew Malcolm booze. Oh Newsnight. Check witness. And I got -- removes them right now is you. Reasons. Is as Allison. I promote my thoughts on right now. I'm right John thanks for Collins John now. I tell you you that includes -- Jindal and is -- close. On Sean was -- -- I eroded bank direct but it did get back. Agilent now about -- and development close on one all right got you as an atlas it. -- -- -- -- -- You know like he indeed do badly at all you -- -- Somoza. I've been great and I can tell me about this stoke stoke Cogent and everything I need to -- about the saints. The saints Ottawa. At pointed out too much key key is little pessimistic. I don't agree would keep these that he might be -- but you know. What's -- issue -- You know now I don't want to -- this to match. I guarantee you that -- -- matchup good. We have real strong record against them -- what it is. Looks like did you know -- -- admired the street for much you. Treat you going to be surprised. I think initial level back now little plain old. Com. I'm optimistic that. Not a optimistic about two chances that percentage is not good but. I wouldn't -- -- was wrong on because. He's in dispelled when you know you know I don't say that we are out of it. You know losing this game was so well that didn't look up to up. I can he take his own became be gentler now. God I don't. I don't remember it -- a year and exclusive -- is what do you house of -- right thanks a lot appreciate the call you have man did thank you. While they'll nice seeing you at PSE and room crop these cook -- the house of blues. The judge in cross -- battery and you game alternated Jimmy in Metairie hi you're on -- WL. -- -- -- -- On the -- culture and our lineup on you know your regular downed Serb Lester holt want to close together. -- -- -- -- -- You know particularly still back in -- and they couldn't do anything to move to receive an -- ball. So -- -- move until a receiver catches a ball you only ten yards and well at ten yards away now. Well. Well Richard no vote no -- -- put up a little bit bronze and the the trickle out to be closer. Like just you know like like a lot of not. Right at all. Which -- trying to do is no line no running start is using. He has talent is that you can get a big return off of that right news. -- let them at some point. Digit lead agent is that a stuck in your hand. It's delta what yeah can't make them. I get a text Sears says of free credit report dot com knows it's not in my hand. Oh yeah they're. I need to pick but wouldn't say that. Cracked -- especially in the -- What's nice to say I had to do my best Jimmy's win as we get -- -- Man -- you'd like me at that Al summed it up man depends on what saints team shows up and and we'll see and what in what drew -- shows up really as long as he's on we got a chance I have a great weekend more calls when we come back to 601870. Told free agency. 890870. Tampa Bay head coach Greg piano thing is person they -- to do what would kick offs. Is that the most dangerous play in football statistically. Like I say if he did do it that guess what something else moves up on a list city do away with that. And he would do in have a new number one and also we're talking -- -- he gets stuck in your hand. He's -- one. And we using a sports. -- only cemented basically NB -- forming. And it was an honor went to that somebody texted him any money jingle that to sing and Alan forming. Taylor is we come back Tommy Tucker brigades that he evidently. Kinda strange story in the New York Times about. Hunter Steve Weatherford with the giants saints opponent this weekend he says of course Sean they know get his message to the team somehow. I'm not saying anything about Sean Payton as a person or anything I think any coach would do that. It's not like he's gonna sit at home and watch the games and not have any thoughts his message will be heard. Of course if Sean -- would do that. If you violate at one year suspension. He would to have the eight big trouble maybe be suspended for another year lord knows -- and the potter has absolutely no evidence of that at all none. It is thought he'd say. You believe that incredible. 2601878038668890. Rates any time on jingles its stock in Europe. Eerie ear worms they call and -- also. -- would kick offs. Now there's talk about doing away with Nicholas in the NFL for player safety it is the most dangerous place statistically but as we've been saying. If he would do away with that something -- he would take its place on the list destiny in -- -- destiny or -- WL. That's a nice name. I'll tell you to think. -- -- the -- And and -- and actors are no longer able to air currents because. -- -- doing that you know. And happily out of the I -- -- Arie L and little people who aren't people who work in plants people organ oil refineries. At the why are you now know and it had a chance you're gonna get any hadn't paid pretty well -- Exactly. Is that topic that. And -- And maybe the comedians do you need a court rulings say that -- some kind of releases something like out early or you know. And I am like her and I can't sue anybody if I'm assuming the risk that. What about the saints is weak they went in and actually. And playoffs. You know along. You still believe and probably be a -- because it's our saying it. Destiny. Hey what about jingles sang jingle for me. Ever covered all know I didn't get a load. From. Many think only come up with one for you want them it's he might not be old enough to remember the Mike version jingle aria. Okay what do. -- One about Kay Jewelers. -- -- I'm. Gonna get -- Every you don't want to get. Every chance thing is. All. Thank you have a great weekend. Egos saints. Saint ninety minute to Tony in Hattiesburg -- -- aren't evidently well. I'm -- well it's Friday -- off in about ten minutes them playing golf today could be worse. I don't buy pot was it that way there right now are yet. Well it has been it and why it. -- on that -- and so anyway fairways and greens what Kennedy Emporia. Well. That we don't sweat it really. Hotline that part I would vote went about it. It was quite a lot about on. Sides to it sort of the excitement of didn't back in the game of terror and end up momentum around with a big play. -- -- -- -- But what about a weekend in win and -- Got a putt there as we -- that. -- -- Well in the night and age you better hide you like girl I Cameron marriage. To. Oh it's Cameron in the parish I see now there are gonna Cameron daresay Cameron. I don't lose. A quote from Tampa Bay. It there's going to kick off -- you'd want. -- -- -- -- at all. -- -- -- all that at bat and that offer a lot -- -- -- about it. And now he's one -- blown up the they kill clock play when every child safety formation. The -- -- -- that's. They're not great but there are all equity. Copper porphyry I'm not pocketbook aren't -- -- -- that. That's the first thing I thought -- camera we mentioned it earlier this guy of all people it's blowing up the safety formation. Going after offensive linemen and quarterbacks to talk about player safety back in a -- talk about Christmas any oaks in the big 878 -- W. Tommy tiger -- WL first news is a couple of minutes left Johns and Torre joins us right now. Director of communications at east Jefferson hospital blood Jon wants to talk about something going on. Tomorrow afternoon and it is conjunction with Christmas any jokes and it sounds like a really fun and then Qaeda and John. And very well sir thanks for taking the time -- this letter but he noted -- Well look at celebration in the coach -- -- -- more afternoon. Of -- city park. It's greater than that you never done it we -- -- about the -- -- -- bring strollers. It's not a real competitive race coming up compared to the group the classic it's like comparing apples squirrel. Just. This is a very different thing that's a lot of on and then after the race. Everybody gets into the celebration of light display it's a wonderful time. Any race that nine Ian is a non competitive race so. But but really it's it's not. Of race really I mean if you're a series runner you can't -- but. You certainly don't have to be and more importantly it's it's a good thing for walkers like you're talking about with kids. Any time ideal of an exercise. No rush really I mean yeah. You do have to finish in a reasonable amount of time man and a gonna give -- till Sunday afternoon or anything but then you get free admission Christmas in the oaks. Well in fact -- too -- of course I mean you're actually right that we don't even kind of runners at this particular. That doesn't should tell you that you know that's actually their introduction to that -- they came out did -- the parents the grandparents. And that's such a great title. There are now the camera -- -- -- classic with the mayor things such a great production. To you know. What. At the -- where. Now about that so tell me if you wanna get involved. -- go about it. Will be after 130 a chance to arrives at 3 o'clock we've got the actual race to -- -- starts at 330. Everyone participates will get tickets to the. Who everybody participates notches wins and if you take part in it you're going to the are no -- Google's -- -- And at the pregame show I mean that the pregame concert. That there are so easy get to -- beach boys and bad company -- so where'd you get to where he got to go. You got to come up to city park will be right by story and let the city parking register will be up there from 130 right up until race on street very will be restaurant folks. And come on out register have a great time when you go you're running your walk. You would have done something off yourself the -- eventually -- -- on what's going to be a beautiful day. And then like this year get the first one in this city like this what. Mama tell you what -- -- get tickets today he would do you get to enjoy Christmas and he -- simulate an exercise. And then you get tickets for the are now carriers bowl and that includes admission to that concert which features of beach boys and bad companies so all in all. It can't get any better than that other than they don't have a clock that time in the race corporate. It's not even a race of the marvel leisurely stroll bank is well watch go to city aren't MR starting at 1 o'clock -- thank you very much -- thank you John have a great week.

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