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12-7 1:10pm Spud talks to Hokie Gajan about NFL rules

Dec 7, 2012|

Spud talks to Saints Color Analyst Hokie Gajan about a proposed rule change that would eliminate kickoffs in the NFL

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Anyway -- George Bush showed today because prep football state championship to crank it up today at 3 o'clock -- -- -- picked -- -- them. And we'll give you more -- on that coming up here but so we will be taking your calls and comments about a couple of what really plan and on them but one got a pass for the hope you guys don't was talking to work done here. At the end of the now learn and my -- opinion poll of talking about beautiful women. Any kickoffs and that's at WW dot com if the NFL eliminates kickoffs will you still watch when you get on line at WW about comedy cast your vote. Make sure you go to my page. -- click my face or let's go to shows and schedules and you can see in my latest editorial cartoon. On my page on WWR back comments about Jim Latin but John I mean not just for human six point a few things to -- -- the world famous -- -- job let's say they apparently hasn't gone. I'll do tonight good I mean there is there room with a -- change in. Thank you mean you you've always heard the expression you know you know -- -- -- -- -- midstream. I don't know why I don't I don't care for this at all. Because I think the take opera time and the punt return. Our two plays and a ball game bank and yeah dramatically. Which moment and home. Not only about a mile what Lois. Dog gone at this that was prep football team. That device to a three onside kicks in a row when he came back and beat one of the biggest teams in the state. You know they scored three times cells because they were only able to do the onside kick if you don't have a kick off you can't do an onside kick that's one of the reasons we were able to get up and a Super Bowl. Well -- Yes and I don't like it I don't. I mean I think you're out there. I understand players say dean and things like dead but eliminating bad that means. That and what do their very first thing that happened and every football game particularly on going talks there. The kick off and you you're eliminating -- from the ball game that is something met. I did and I don't know enough about. What the entire. Situation entail slow you know what -- But particularly independent they're gonna completely eliminate and put the ball to Tony yard I know I'm I'm -- able. Well I mean I was talking with Tom and -- -- my producer and don't know -- from a fan pro and -- actually worsened from both would you guys on the home games. About this particular deal about them eliminating the kickoff as -- what you don't don't they have the same thing would punt returns negotiate but the differences and a kick off. You can if you kick the ball out of bounds you're penalized but you can't you can. Strategically punt the ball out of bounds and that's perfectly legitimate as a what's the point one that you changed the rules about that 1 June changes so that the kick off guy. If he's good enough can plan it. You know on the one yard line or something like that. It I mean if you're gonna change rules were you actually eliminate an entire. Play of the game which is how the game starts woods is on the second half always starts. You know what then you can't change that particular little rule. That's -- mean and some people get hung up on rules at a point where -- only realize a rule is just a scratch on a piece of paper that everybody agrees to. That's what it is so if you're gonna eliminate the kick off what can -- Alter the rules to make the same is upon. It's and that means. Safety -- payload it's hidden to refine. And try and then it merit all this step down. You know it's a receiver has its feet inbounds. And catches the ball out of bounds. And it's called a -- A huge yeah probably did catch. It is feet are inbounds. And he crosses the goal line. Then it's called a touchdown and which you think they're going well one ball out of bounds the only crossing -- on my bow -- -- in the field playing. Let. Sometimes we -- good compound sort of felt bad and it's it's I you know I. I've just when he hit the what you have to keep tweaking the league's. A little bit why you totally. And I think it just becomes more and more confusing. Everybody. It makes a point where the foundations. Are being of. I backed into it came back and watch -- culture and make -- completely. Legal -- in the middle of the end zone nobody touches and he's five yards from. Any boundary out there but Detroit has to be reviewed. Well I mean I mean. It's an original bright -- if they don't spend a whole lot of time moment you know that touchdown confirmed but why does every touchdown have to be confirmed. Well let me -- it and I mean all this is obviously because of a big lawsuits that are coming -- you know and end of the thing of it is is. How often does somebody really get hurt I -- and every time. Every time -- -- play is blown dead or like you said is the past and and they catch well that's funny to -- every time they snapped the ball. You know six men are are going to be pounded into each other. More that we got the twelve men at least anywhere from eight to twelve men are gonna hit each -- as hard as they can't. On the line nobody else may guitars but I mean that's part of his game it is a physical violently contact sport that's what it is financial. And that's why everybody loved it and why they why are they trying to take get out that we not Lansana. They must upset like I'm gonna talk I mean look cute he'd seen me walk around I'll put up there I mean I mean I'm Wimbledon -- and wanting another good. You know that's what we actually we also -- an -- it's. It's well we'd like to do it's what people like deceit in do you pay more and more. Oh wait I mean -- it -- but what's the next thing -- -- -- they -- think undercarriage and good golfer circuit. And he's trying to -- ball wherever it comes. And I don't as they wanna go to an eighteen game season. The that's a possibility. -- the possibility because of players had complained about that it's. You know your notes. At risk out there for two more. Pick ball change. And is this the swap out maybe for a guy got to go through two more games what we're gonna let them. I'll also say this but I'd -- happy to if you went down and ranked Serb. Being a payroll. Players coaches and everything -- -- if they said eliminate kickoff. And ultimately to punt return it almost has six or UK didn't. No you -- didn't affect every metric that is mark to a play in football as a lead early. Yeah although although special teams away the backups when you get hurt his play in eighteen games. You -- -- plan fallout for eighteen you have pre season games and you got people who are playing for a lot of those games because they they try to make a limited roster spots. Well a GT ATP tinkered with this thing won't not even an Arab people a break. And it's not going to be. That they Bridgeport America anymore everybody is -- don't want volleyball it's you that more contact -- to hand out Daytona beach California and then period on a football field didn't. I'm just -- in the background opinion and I anybody is welcome to college in argue with. We have Roger as far as you're concerned it's a stupid idea up ready opinion poll at the NFL eliminates -- so that's the principal. In the NFL eliminates kickoffs would you still watch. And I haven't pulled the numbers up yet but I'd venture to say it's going to be in the high nineties all day long because there's nobody -- about it which is still gonna once yeah -- He had I I agree with -- man I think people still watch it but. -- you don't have that anticipation. I mean where you know where really it's they. Not -- Deion Sanders Devin Hester. -- And Craig Morton and not great Gordon but. Chip Morton played down here with the saints. It big you know those guys did that we're just terrific return specialist. Well Deion Sanders -- the -- -- the home because he was. Terrific whatever you well enough there -- but. You don't -- Wear -- -- excitement in the anticipation. And this could be the play. You know they they wouldn't be any such -- yeah being dropped the ball. What is more exciting. At all. Yes somebody catches the ball six yards deep in the end zone. And they run it back for a touchdown a 106 ship where where you gonna see where you can see another run like that except in a kickoff. You know unless unless you look up and catch an interception on the than that you never gonna see those big long runs in on some. -- it's it's something and I am not in favor of I I have not been in favor of -- some of the rules state. -- -- -- and in recent years. Well. You know different contact helmet that helmet use it in somebody and that -- was position. He can hit the quarterback below the knees I mean Aaron. Act can kind of -- my children as -- debt and say well you know. Okay actually win it though but not -- golf. Return in the end make its next -- isn't inevitably going to beat you can emerge article. Yeah and then what you -- you intercept of all he can't return Mehdi. Flag football man flag football that's a lot of people's and a failure the next thing you know they have you won't even need the -- helmet anymore. You only the so depressed because of -- flag hanging off each ship. Yeah I know I'd say it was all that -- I know we don't enormous warmth that I appreciate stake in time you're completely against this. It takes it and I got my first call Brandon from Gulfport. He says that's the most exciting part of game Brenda hang on coming -- straight. Right after -- -- guys on our own -- are color analyst for the saints games coming up here he's on his way to New York. So -- we'll hear on your own Sunday their hope I appreciate particular town talk for -- -- -- thank --