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12-10 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Dec 10, 2012|

Dave talks about the end of the Saints season and nostalgic gifts

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition of WW LR's news it is December it is that tent that is 2000 and well and it's Monday a dad how about. Now about yeah ever have a situation your -- that really painful and unresolved. And it drags on and non. And you know the inevitable eventually got to come but it does it quite get there and then finally. After months and months of difficulty. And confusion and pain. It gets resolved yeah. It it takes care -- -- -- off your back and finally can move on whether it resolves itself well or not so well. But at least you have the relief just knowing you get past it. I don't have to worry about that anymore. That's how -- -- today and that's how I felt by about half time yes yes I know the failing finally I know I don't have. Have to worry about if the saints will or will not make the playoffs. Fine I don't have to hold my breath every Sunday hoping just hoping that they finally get things back on track. Finally. It's resolved and I know the saints will not be going to the saints will not be playing in the Super Bowl and I don't. Afterward about it anymore we can just relax and still gonna watch the games and lessen -- absolutely gonna miss and he any of the -- saints action. Now but or inaction whatever but I don't go into with things -- going -- the don't go into it with. In the chance grinding -- -- -- this anxiety. You know it wasn't the way I had hoped it would -- it did and the way I won it. Especially act -- him. Well while that was horribly ugly with the offense they could do any thing the special teams that was in app and ridiculously. Unable to perform like that defense that was put. In bad situation after bad situation because all the office to do with turn it over all the special teams to do was give them out its shortest field in all the years you watch the settings and I know it's been a -- dislike me I had never. Seen anything like that with a return game. Over and over I just piracy and it what was that the out as the first of all -- that you always exit through at least into the net and puts them out lessons -- for starters was taken its short. And the coverage team literally could not stop anybody in mores that either had to try to make a tackle on fail or make the tackle and time again. Both on kick off on it is I'm not gonna I don't wanna do see that he got -- our topic. -- -- it could do without the latter this thing -- relax and that means it's over you know you know mom whether it was you know. And maybe this is in the great analogy but you know it's a stick pat it was a lot of pain. And finally -- was able to and grace literally in the pain is over whether it was. You know jobs that you just so one happy new jobs in which it had to go every day because yes and it paid the bills. Whatever that bad situation in your life was that finally came to our resolution and it's got this is it. The saints season has been painful from the get go. Difficult since the pre season. Whoever's fault it is whatever caused it why Everett was it was a horrible terrible no good very bad season. But now announcer. Not to worry about 287. Yards in returns -- you go patches. Now we can just look at or data to itself look forward to next season now and figure out OK okay next season -- Yeah I need to switch to your crew light. I like your crew played better -- than mine. -- Our church they went into bank union -- -- minutes more for -- is we gotta talk about the Christmas party. The guys you -- cameo appearance yup but you left before the fun really started it got wild and we have a new. Leader of the pack when it comes to doing ridiculously stupid things at the end of the Chris I can't wait you missed it. -- is someone I never expected to get -- -- their rewritten -- cause the crazies they. I won't name any names on evaluate our on the -- overdo it and I don't know you well with unexpected. The normal people who just lose their mind and get drunk and act -- the Christmas party behave themselves. You just never now via. -- -- -- -- -- Nearly visit WWL prisoners you feel like aideed is glad that finally over we don't have to worry about it the attempt to win or lose anymore. They can't make the playoffs and it doesn't matter we'll talk about that coming up here on WW well also and taxes on the rent it looks like it's almost inevitable at this point the Republicans to have that devote to raise taxes on the wealthiest 2%. They're growing in number they traders. Or are they doing the sensible thing for the Republican Party and for the country to some of the things we'll talk about it to forecast and it sports. Cloudy and warm muggy -- hours starting today but there is a -- front comment with -- -- the senate over the Eyewitness News forecasts and articulate meteorologist Laura -- now. And so all the storms could be on the heavy side in temperatures will fall quickly from the seventies to this sixties this CD. -- overnight lows around 38 on the North Shore and 42 south of the lake still -- like patchy drizzle overnight tonight. And again tomorrow at 20% chance for light rain stain a bit chilly highs around 54 but feeling more like the forties than Wednesday mostly sunny at a height 57. From the Eyewitness News forecast set Aaron urologists Clark talked. Out and looking at ten point doppler right now there is a diagonal line of showers and thunderstorms stretch and from way down in Lake Charles, Louisiana through Alexandria. And then on up into Monroe and that's what's heading this way folks looks like most of us get to work. Before that gets here but then. Mid morning and into the afternoon that line of showers moving on through bring announced the wet stuff right now it's cloudy and 71 at the international airport this is. Canada warming is part that we're gonna have all this warm weather -- through the political front gets here also cloudy and 71. In slide now some -- text message is coming in at 87870. About the saints once as I love my saints win or lose sometimes a player will have a bad day and -- game yesterday they all had a bad day. Another says Roger Goodell can finally say. Mission accomplished stance is definitely kept the saints from playing in the super ball in the hometown. For the first time in the history of the NFL do you believe that's what he wanted to do then. Well you agree with this text that says his mission has been accomplished at it find it interesting that he was -- game but I guess he kind of lives in new York and that's for the NFL's headquartered. Some say though he was there to watch the demise of the saints and see that his whole. Bounty gate fiasco finally came through and he did keep the saints from any shot. And the Super Bowl in the super ego -- Are your thoughts coming up detected -- mandate 7870 there right now what you hear from Steve -- -- it was morning sports on. Mourning after. It all came to a final resolution that is. Is -- the morning if you get a New York Giants kept their one game lead in the NFC east over Washington and Dallas by routing the saints' fifteen to 27 this. Another fairly short with Wilson and we'll Whitfield at the team back to the twenties at that point but it got a wireless speeds right past Boston at me because. The 30451850. Five and a touchdown -- David Wilson. Rookie David Wilson accounted for three touchdowns with 227. Return yards and 100 yards rushing from scrimmage. -- sport puts the saints now at five and eight on the year in -- Jovi was not happy with the team's performance but took full responsibility. That was an embarrassment today which took place in the football field it starts with me. That's where the blame should go green days of victory away from the TV NFC north after beating alliance 27 to twenty on Sunday Night Football. -- incidents that there won't care who it was right takes -- snap while -- -- trouble. Let's out of it Kevin that was right that 3045. Five people couldn't text. The Packers have won 22 straight at home against the line which is the longest streak in the NFL next up for them are the bears in Chicago. On Monday Night Football this evening then 93 patriots host the eleven and one Texans in a preview of what could be the AFC championship. If you catch kick off a 1053 FM at 730. And notre Dame's -- -- tale has won the Lott impact trophy as the collegiate defensive player having the biggest impact on his team. The linebacker led the Irish in tackles each of the past three seasons including a 103 this year on the top ranked fighting Irish went undefeated regular season. Today at four RW WL it's the second -- show from the silver slipper casino the followed by the saints coaches show. -- early morning look at sports I'm Steve Geller. Five point 3 on your Monday morning -- Allen Steve -- hang out in your radio on Steve -- really saw yesterday as being a great relief the great burden pulled off of me I don't have to watch the wild card race -- -- to keep track of which teams have to win lose for the -- have a chance I don't have to watch the saints with the same kind of well nervousness in. Anticipation. -- in and all that anymore. It's like a weight has been lifted and I know it's disappointing and -- it's sad it's that the outcome that anybody wanted but the way I see it is. Finally that's over we can worry about next season. -- -- I used to say. A 136. Days of the NFL draft. It's it's like we've been delaying the inevitable all season I mean I think the writing was on the wall we all thought that maybe they can rally around all the adversity. Rally around the bounty gate suspension of the coaches and GM in the players and fighting through this whole appeals process we kept. Clinging -- hope that there would be better things to come. But it ultimately I think everyone knew deep down somewhere that. Without Sean Payton with Drew Brees hold out all of that during the offseason with all of the adversity this beat teams -- they had a huge mountain to climb. If they were going to be able to accomplish when -- went hoped which was you know the first team to ever play in the super ball on the content right. And they've dug themselves an early hole and I'll I'll hole in 04. But managed to Wear it where everyone got back on the wagon was they got back to 55. And I was like you know what to start -- look like the saints were used to seeing it was a reset creative. It and it just seemed as if they were gonna carry that over but it just didn't come together lost three straight now five and eight. While not mathematically. And -- they would be. Like basically every team in the NFC to continue. They just dropped games and everybody one in the NFC Latin this past week except for. You know ought to have a bet that it was only team that -- the other sense. If not eliminated there I had their eyes got even slimmer with everybody you. We wanted to lose winning anyway yeah -- I gotta check it out this morning but they've they were going into this past week 2.5. Percent chance of making the playoffs. Ordinarily would have to zero now about zero this plan that will that not mathematically done yet that's what we -- keep -- coming up. Tell me data that I could not do it there is still so long. I don't -- now thanks Steve. Acted appointment to more sports here on WWL stable give us all the details of. He is ridiculously slim playoff chances still remain. When we get back to hear about wanting to support sports on WWL a map them -- And it just bought my entire outlook on this whole -- completely out of the water. Aren't being a water -- his comment we'll get your forecast right after your forecast from the channel four eyewitness. Forecast sent there. We're starting off warm today in the seventy's that things will change as a sharp cold front moves and first rain and storms. From late morning through the afternoon hours in temperatures will fall quickly. Into the sixties as we head into the evening time it overnight lows. It's in the thirties and forties by first thing tomorrow morning T say looking chilly 54820%. Chance for light rain and mostly cloudy skies. And Wednesday mostly sunny but still cool highs of 57. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- our meteorologist -- about. Tell -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on both -- -- -- -- 37 minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition -- WW Alfredsson is on the tenth of December 2000. And while it's the Monday after that it is after the -- season all -- by a tiny little threat habits and learn it comes to a complete than that. I have been told now that there's the mathematical possibilities. Bill that essentially every other team in the as head of the saints in the -- not loses in the saints went out and go alienate there's still mathematical. It will slim chance. I'll boy -- make the policy talk about -- under with the round yeah I'm I'm I'm -- Yeah you guys are note Jermaine I'm just trivia but that was fun. Challenge it was difficult it was. It was a battle but it's time it's okay this is a battle that we cannot win and let's just -- regrouping and looking ahead and did an army coach back. Gas several text messages and 87871. That I can't wait to see Sean Payton. When he gets back. This squad come next year's NFL is going to hit. -- going to be. We're gonna hit them hard. Now is about it but he he basically says -- below point to prove when he comes back yes well he's going to essentially. Next season will be much better than this season was way and the saints as the -- It's non patent back now we'll find out this week and it's suspensions that. Will Smith and Jonathan Vilma and having to serve and is Jonathan Vilma is could linger into next season yeah. Other than that. This season should do we should've Lebow at all -- gate fiasco of this season and be rated start ration -- with the NFL draft -- employees and and hopefully greater things will comment now what I'm hoping for. Since -- essentially given up on the chances of the saints playing in the blowing your new world I'd like in all Manning's. Yes that is home to I was through -- you know -- -- -- Peyton and Eli. Facing off. For the crown. Here in the superdome and the chances of that I think are pretty darn good well the way it is giants were playing against the saints last night. Look they would darn -- -- is that what now and then yeah he's he's been on fire they've just been peel off win after win after win in Denver. So I yank it absolutely happened and I think that it's been eight in to have the hometown boys at home the great story -- and in other -- and it's in the medal and now. Not the last you know possibly rivalries -- sponsor we have a lot of fond of that and in the meantime yeah just make sure the falcons aren't anywhere out near town actually back and it happened rockets cannot -- -- news. So -- ego others that to you predicted -- saints win yesterday you're. Very wrong very wrong on the -- at four point win and be forty point loss that he has that hey they were only behind by eight points for. A little couple minutes -- moment. And there polygamist seven while and it was -- The the that the but it that in a minute. -- Iran about that I'll -- you admitted. An adult -- on Solomon the movie was predicted tops number one the box that is very very difficult to do it that week new films opening in. That battle four well two and three and four week old movies -- -- but you -- a license to kill at the box office James Bond are back to her line Bob and I fall. With season its fifth week ended the editors the -- eleven million dollars which this week it was enough for number 111 million digit number one yeah and worldwide total line now 918. Million dollars. 9189. As the best ever for a bond now. The animated rise of the -- chemicals -- -- the Twilight Saga which he thought -- might want to number one drops number three. Followed by Lincoln in number four. League and we got some things I think. To look forward to -- coming -- goodness that. Take things one the today in hop hop -- summit this weekend thank you David. Redacted from The Who dat nation is it over. Is it over for the -- 96% of you voting at WW well that count. Say -- only 4%. Are still hopeful hosting it will make the postseason and obligate them pretty jaguar. Opinion polls. Harden. Let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecasts that are it's a good. Are demanding. He -- meteorologist Laura about. Aren't well ballot on long ride and it is Monday yeah I've given up now I've finally accepted the inevitable the saints visited -- are. And I can get that. Pressure on the guy I athletic. But the floors of the holidays in next season -- and just enjoy things -- now we've played hot hot hot out to open of course it is -- theme -- -- -- -- it's kind of odd how that morning when they're gonna change today. Gas added we've got cold front all the -- to those of you that they've been going where is the December weather well it will be here but later this evening and into tonight. Yeah I mean right now we're in the seventies. And at this time tomorrow will be in the. Looks like this time tomorrow and the -- Mid forties on the -- short and then the upper thirties north of LA. Advocates like at 35 degree temperature dropped on average across the region between now in this time tomorrow exactly it's it's it's pretty strong cold front on for a -- where is it and where it went physical and what does it do to. We'll cold front is west of us this morning the heaviest storms are stretching -- about Lake Charles to Jackson Mississippi's economy moving through central Louisiana right now just the west of baton reached. And those storms can continue across the area during the late morning to early afternoons I think our best rain chance will probably be between about 10 AM and news. Here in this city. So we're in late morning to around lunch time -- both get through the commute and I do you think you're gonna be okay with the morning commute in lesser traveling west you know around Baton Rouge or west of that. But if if you're gonna stay in the southeastern Louisiana area I think you make it to work just fine but shortly thereafter. The rain and storms will endorse or a little earlier maybe 9 AME tonight hand in -- sort -- mean. Storms cleared the area about 2 o'clock. And so byte at an afternoon that it works are teetering come to an end but it's going to turn cooler by 5 PM. Temps are already about sixty degree drop ten degrees. By about 5 o'clock the. All right so essentially for most people the reds gonna come while their network yeah if they don't in the -- they work outside right he what man. Had to be avoiding the bulk of it temperatures start falling about the time -- headed home for more in the that he falling until tomorrow. They do Wenzel pick up and a -- -- tonight and even tomorrow at heights tomorrow or Canadian and mid fifties. It's actually gonna feel more like the forties once you factor in the fact that it. Going to be kind of breezy and cloudy to to -- kind of a raw day it's a cold windy Tuesday. -- upper fifties Wednesday. And I are right back sixty -- and witnessed most of the week it'll be in and get a taste of that's a couple of and I think it'll get a lot of people out shopping for the holidays and I you might as Christmas is really almost years -- and those that typical for your your front. Porches that. I actually kind that I'm -- -- a. Attack -- it -- -- associated with them and -- sure you don't have to watch out I think Wednesday and Thursday morning that -- lot to watch out for some -- meeting coming closer freezing conditions when. You -- right -- new trend this year is nostalgic yet to even -- the -- you have people -- buying gifts from their childhood either you give to their children -- big key to their friends and family. And -- comeback of nostalgic yet now play the ninja turtles hopes. The easy make of it. These kinds of thing abbey are my -- we are in all that stuff that I remember. Rates well. Yes from twenty years ago and on the -- Monopoly other board games sorry things like match. Those are becoming the start against -- -- a year when -- your favorite -- never want your favorite toys that the little girl. You know I have to be really lets see here when my favorite things which young heart attack was not one of those you know kind of pre manufactured -- my dad. Hand made me a doll house I -- from scratch and signed it. There was actually house that I love and Metairie grow up -- little girl at I would pat we drive by the house Wednesday. As he went and sketched it based on that house and built it for me. And the prize Christmas morning we today at -- Ryan. War is that best fairest snow yet that that's how -- a special guests but. Many over the years and it was very it. Paris in the back to -- with -- JJ arms action -- -- superhero I briefcase -- of different activity can put on his arm and he can put on a grappling -- he could put on us he could put on and go on component -- and accomplish any task. Acting out his arms -- his hands. Dale arms can you get any I don't now to have it the -- -- I don't. Matt hit it would be might be worth the treatment. -- -- -- at a mile might want no -- spot too I had all the large boxes from all the popular characters back in the eighties -- that would be there equal numbers in the pocket and make some money. It commented -- and its effect on a -- rounds. About now -- direct Eyewitness News. Forecast then -- all right what -- -- down again with a one if you wish you -- you know organic give to your did. You remember from your childhood we'll keep talking about that talk about the saints their market text messages and 87878. And get sports with Steve -- Sports time on WWL. For that we take our -- Amanda gets the pleasure of telling us about the tragedy is Steve Geller. Good morning -- and Eli Manning threw four touchdown passes. The giants who -- To -- 5227. Victory over saint branch out double setback play action to -- players and it held up. Touchdown but first. Hit salsa. But battle plan. Victor Cruz had a 121 yards receiving and that touchdown while rookie David Wilson amassed 327. All purpose yards and three scores. The saints the five and eight on the year. After the game interim coach -- -- fell on the -- taking full responsibility for dropping their third straight game I do good job of getting this football team prepared I think. -- -- -- job of getting the major critical -- support to -- course for football team in the world is gonna take to win this before being. In the Sunday night game at snowy Lambeau Field the base -- Detroit in early fourteen nothing lead and then roared back to beat the lines 271. Picked up my great -- like that you know it's gonna add that I talked about the -- -- reunite the apocalypse are. I cannot import Packers took over sole possession of first place in the NFC north one game ahead of Chicago. Later today on Monday Night Football that Texans are New England to battle the patriots both teams come into this contest riding a six game winning streaks. Let's kick off a 1053 FM at 730. And Notre Dame linebacker man tiger tale has won the Lott impact trophy at the collegiate defensive player having the biggest impact on his team. Detail what the runner up to Johnny man's cell of Texas -- after the Heisman Trophy. Today of four on sports talk it's the second guess show live from the silver slipper followed by the saints coaches show. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning to sports. Text message Stephen 8787 he says yes the saints had a bad season we will come back stronger next season Sean Payton to do your job and people aren't still fix it got to believe and have faith if not. Then get off the Super Bowl ban -- another says. On the other -- them now the question as. We'll -- even PR -- the. -- I tell us handle this one thing at a time. If mathematically it's really not completely over the saints they theoretically could still make the playoffs -- looking things over and while we're gonna need a lot of the NFC teams that are still in the -- to lose the problem is a lot of them play each other. And the saints need ties. And those games that -- literally -- eyes right though because one team winning would not help so we need to teams that tie out yet so it. So -- the medical possibilities are. Decimal points of percentages -- exactly writes I can officially give up. Now we can't get our our attribute a group that -- -- now that you are I don't think. -- -- -- usually in -- -- in one this season Bryant. Now chances in Beatles will not and the season thanks to god but a fork in them but the question is -- that this tax questions. Now the question is will Peyton be our coach next you're currently on pain is not under contract with the -- -- thing. Currently Sean -- because that. NFL did not approve the contract he has with -- -- -- currently is no contract right right exactly he is not the coach of the door on it right now. And theoretically -- coach anywhere he wants and -- right the saints do have the window to negotiate with him before any other team does. Tom blood in particular that right now if they wanted to as far as we know they could be talking right exactly but nothing has been done yet like you said as for him leaving. I would really highly doubt it just because there's no way in my mind that -- shall patent can leave the team the way things went down to what. What they're greater odds the saints making a super ball. Or -- not coming back. I both are extremely slant right yes. The greater odds I would say of -- of -- -- not coming back. But it slightly. Just like it you think he's back out for your network now it's safe I'd put that nine 95% shortage coming. 9959. Point 99. You never know it's -- -- I gotta leave that up because Jerry Jones as real -- though could throw it on a boatload of money right Steve American fifteen minutes or sports on WW. -- minutes in front 6 AM the early edition of WWL first news in a moment I'll share some folks this now to -- that homeland love that about to those again and but first your forecast with that. Cold front in this way. Your Monday we'll watch for showers and storms to move and late this morning through the afternoon hours an 80% chance. -- start at 72 this morning. But falling to around 60 degrees by 5 o'clock tonight with a closed even colder 38 on the North Shore forty to sell for the -- With a few light showers for Tuesday mostly cloudy at 20% chance for light rain and chilly highs only 54. And Wednesday back to full sunshine but -- cool highs of 57. From the Eyewitness News forecast Aaron Rollins is not tell that. Front right now is -- pass and close to get closer to Baton Rouge and should be here now from about 9 o'clock on the North Shore 10 o'clock. On the South Shore maybe a little earlier but -- most of us forget that morning commute for the -- yet here. And the temperatures start all unlike Iraq right now though more but -- 71 at the airport 71. At the National Weather Service office in light now I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WW well prisoners naked and for those -- you enjoy the early edition. I'm back for the next four hours upon Tommy get some time must all be on hand for him. You're on WW well we'll continue the conversation about the saints as well as. About nostalgia toys I get text messages -- 878 that anyone does my wife about my daughter of the game mousetrap. For Christmas this year and I got -- mousetrap play with Mike it's now time I love it brings back great memories knows that we able wobble tree out and we able wobble but they don't fall down and my favorite to JJ arms Assad does not eBay for 400 fox. How much.

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