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WWL>Topics>>12-10 9:20am Dave talks about office holiday parties

12-10 9:20am Dave talks about office holiday parties

Dec 10, 2012|

Dave Cohen in for Tommy Tucker. Dave talks to Kathy Burnett, a professor of management at Loyola, about office holiday party etiquette

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm Dave -- and for Tommy Tucker it's christmastime and WWL wanted to enjoy the unique flavor of New Orleans with a French market coffee gift basket listen. Coming up this hour for your chance to win. -- gift basket is chock full of amazing -- three bags of French market copy two mugs 125 dollar eight -- gift certificate who'd had dreams CD. A Louisiana sports legends and heroes books and a labor of New Orleans post there. By -- Osborne the value a 150 bucks so when you hear the unique sounds of New Orleans. I'll give you that number to call and caller a winning French market copy gift that gift basket this -- that's -- ball good luck on the station that. Christmas time -- New Orleans WWL. But you -- Christmas. About the office Christmas party or your company Christmas party. Joining us right now from the Loyola university school of business a professor of management their Kathy -- -- at area. I'm doing balm glad you joined Jessica tell -- we were having the discussion here our holiday. Party was Friday night here for that spoke -- Debbie WLR and and somewhat raised the question before the party -- Think this is costing the company to throw it. What are they just gave me that money. You know like if it costs fifty bucks per person if they just give me the fifty bucks I don't have to go to the party well. I don't -- most people wanted that you know the people who went to the parties have a great time I -- and really enjoyed myself but. Think about that in theory. Could -- and give a Christmas bonus instead of a Christmas party and that is one of better for employee morale than the other do you think. I think it depends on the situation I am not familiar with any company that. I have let -- play at the party in place certain I guess certificate. But it certainly -- -- -- -- But like in the Christmas party and bring people together. If there is -- -- work on the year and and it kind of a lighter take on on the situations that -- I don't know that there are people out there to get certificate. It really such achieve or accomplish the same saying. -- And choose our charitable donations that he has any donation to the charity you're actually in your name and so that's an option as well. But the army really serve at -- bring people together for what kind of the end of the year celebration. So I rarely if it doesn't maybe semen on the surface to the average employee there is team building going on there just by letting people. Gather in another setting in and enjoy each other's company. -- absolutely. It can be -- celebration. It's an opportunity and mingle with people maybe that you eat out often. In your organization throughout the year and you don't have to work you clerical work with closely each and really built relationships there so yeah absolutely as a team building activity. Yeah I was noting something funny that happens. And it is it every company I've ever worked for every every company party have ever -- Q very different. Different happens at the party. That happens at the -- to mean we all come into our offices every morning here at the -- nation is fighting each other but that's about -- -- -- with up by. At the party. Everett walks in both hugs all around -- at least handshakes all around pat on the back it's. It's a much different cat but you know people you've never hugged in the 364 proceeding days he get a big -- -- with the holiday party. It -- -- demonstration to have a different kind of setting and brings a different dynamic and. Utley in the heat and read -- people. Get a ticket opportunity. Content just that the Internet and other people in and I mean that's -- mix and mingle and celebrate. What. -- pretty that your organization to take pride in what you've done as a team American organization. So bottom line as a professor of management which did you advise that managers strive to have these kind of activities that they try to do something. To bring the employees together around the holiday time or would you say hey. May be giving them the option to donate. A small amount on you know from the company on your behalf to a charity is a good idea or. A Christmas bonus if they're trying to -- these things against each other. I would say go with party. And gathering for you wouldn't. -- her to build morale. I swear to bring -- together I think one thing that. Managers could hear it and they -- people that are not address -- part of ago here illegally and sometimes. Year after year -- and change the location. Or change you know Atlanta and and that the court not in the city. As part of your corporation outlet channel for the employees will get them in -- look forward to turn it up that same IRD year after year after year. Yes that makes sense yet do it different difference that day maybe have a little different agenda may be of one year it was a big dance party the next here. You may get more gaming or something or give out awards -- Christmas party when Aqua man where we. And get better. The dinner before action and it went over to celebrate. It and it integrates about a lot -- couldn't -- any -- -- All right what do you say to the employees because -- I think every officer company or workplace has them go. I don't wanna do that these are people I work with not people that I party with I don't wanna go but they feel like a half too because well the boss suspended all this money to throw the party. And they can ever grudgingly go just to make an appearance to you do have that. Kind of side of the story. Yeah I -- Party you know like the pot or the people that you are not showing up. It let me get herself in the frame of mind I am going to do -- connect -- and Andrew enjoyed it actually for an -- and -- so it's not an entire. You're eating out of my life and and and to stay that way and you might even enjoy it a little bit. All right I appreciate your site Kathy Barnett in this season of holiday parties especially for the office party and now that. A lot of people out of last week and a whole bunch of bomb coming up this week and any other things yeah there with a says that we move through this holiday party season. I would. Apart. And the work. On. Even as you would it war. I don't drink it all war might ultimately. -- Our. Commitment to -- myself obviously economic little unfortunately every year it -- at least one person does that. In every party. I won't let me have. Thank you Kathy we appreciate you're in a statement that professor of management. Oil.