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12-10-12 6:10pm Second Guess Show Hour 3

Dec 10, 2012|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier take your calls on the Saints' 52-27 loss to the New York Giants.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back tennis I can get show Mike and Bob he had the symbols of the casino beach side and Hancock county Mississippi -- -- big -- up right now but Monday night on this between Houston next. New England Patriots -- must listen to radio. You can hit tonight at 7 o'clock -- 105 point three FL. About the pregame show and -- -- Watson 57 when you start up. With the game itself but appeal wanna plot point three FL. The night special edition of the Saints go additional assistant head coach Joseph Witt will be on -- is guest tonight will be the offensive assistant. Brian Hill who was a former defensive lineman. With yet you wallets it's also with the hell with that he Los Angeles and St. Louis Rams using. The Olympic today you know our -- by Brian you know. They -- right about this institute. Not that stint in 2000 thinks coach beat Pittsburgh game. Likely -- -- sacks both three sacks right like you kidding me right -- got three sacks. It's -- papers being that speaks for itself right there. That's always something you looked up and Libya but -- you stick on the Saints Giants game the quote it's that was of embarrassment plus this. Coach do it indeed it's important it is these Michael's comments today you online and evidently that comments of Saints fans bullet for a long shot. Others -- wait till next year it's all on line at WWL. Not to and each and every 6 o'clock we don't let Dave hill but from the civil slip but -- Yet today the picture and section. As Ronald Boller -- they had a day -- Big -- it'd been not at the throat we go to ball that the bandwagon you know longer on the aborted. Direct mandate and I don't have weather friends at what the fans act like now -- back -- -- delighted if it do they win we're in. All of where the -- out -- -- all the time you know it's not working out like -- make a wise it's an answer these these homes. It will be called up here next Monday. Or you don't know where you go to that that that was Belichick probably pretty good. Is this all on pit at this the that we got the holidays -- around the Colts on video got a lot of. Things of how well we assure you we've got that tonight and then next Monday is the last Monday Night Football. Games on TV so if you haven't they haven't over it got us where on the board. Next month days is to last chance it will -- see -- get -- where on the board. Lot of great things going on that we've got to one of the young long thrown -- casino wild expansive weaken -- -- from Bob what's it differently onstage defrauded Saturday in. Next Friday Saturday December. When he first went second argues that fire comes back in a lot of good things going on New Year's -- over here to Donald we have Bobby here. And the summertime blues on but. That's also a Monday and we're fortunate he was just wrap up we're gonna have on that Monday December 31. Gonna have. Bobby you beat you when Ellis showed elegy tailgate show when but it kicked the label Def for about 1 PM till 4:30 PM you spent I don't know Bobby you're -- -- yet. Yet and I don't know if last week and a -- I actually comment -- out of -- party -- -- at the -- Yeah I mean that's not. You with a four point you know I mean it's just -- -- yet if you look at it debacle. The BC and that made you Bulls and you wanna go on a heck of no ball game Goodell didn't chick filet it got old school peach bowl game. Belichick vs Clinton to a lot of good it to get a game that as a football fan you'd wanna watch. It's because the difference. Hope they do with Clinton. You -- throw the football they got two huge receivers I've ordered via shootout best -- -- back. Really this late yet and I -- I -- I honestly don't -- get out they could issue about because the last. Regain Ellis who has given up well with -- yards passing you watch -- -- -- run right so to me coach and I hit some great -- offense time of possession. At those long is being tried in. And I think Ellison can obviously score the ball you know a profit on a pink slips through yes stop relished the running game vocal about it without just keep doing that keep the ball. On a Clinton -- and -- should land but it could be -- scored. It's a big it is gonna make or one B yes definitely absolutely yes -- so when those matches you've got the well of course gonna happen in the number one but failed to coach -- gonna have back it was special. Faith more Christmas Day and New Year's days so come on out here go for it. You can watch football games on each and every slot machine that he'd be on what we have 52 you might if he'd be about the seed. They've -- new look this. Like you with each Monday night we got it's her of the day if you this is this is almost a repeat now. But did so well the first. -- -- that good -- do it again if you want yeah a millionaire guy -- there went Bobbi yeah 00. Might I don't know it in my covent thank you that look round at the -- -- -- of this being -- I think up throughout this write notes. Those beliefs -- -- -- -- the symbol that Celtics ego that. Get a 75 dollar -- that he's good -- it the minute signature or massage. Our facial. Good long look at it that and you're an American if you don't like -- against united human being. You know like a massage our facial only 37 dollars and 55. Located on eighth street in that area of Florida. Anesthetic. That rhyme like aesthetic surgical that is. And put the signature of massage and -- body. Choreographed I think you mean the word America says that as fired up quite therapeutic. Mostly relief. While incorporating. Extra touches. That you've -- you know relax the agent who doesn't like actually touches. And c'mon. You gotta love extra touches the go to coaching. Police in limbo -- the brook Phillips -- right now go to mighty dollar worth. Not come again at 75 dollar certificate good for a fifteen minute. Signature massage our facial poll only 37 dollars and fifty fit. Mike -- Darren who knows you and I might look a -- And go get I'll be sure almost half a million -- got to next door parakeets at him and beat him here alone in that national law that was already on it different being in that. I still without having -- we've got to -- probably the police and also. But -- that we are difficult than it did you go to. Mind you all its purpose dot com update this kick that not -- anywhere only hit this opens how well the liver Bobby. Well I was climb up and had a few big word in there. It will -- on the football if you -- -- that -- the investigation what is it. He's got a -- football helmets out they expect them much help and as we appreciated. Each and every Monday night with the Dave you know -- -- the slip. Gonna go to Richardson Donaldson bill -- in the huddle with Bob and Mike. -- getting. A what they'll make -- comments buck coats. One. What you consider it -- it deep as coordinated this year and here you go into the situation what out of it coach. Two way he did go to his coaches we look. I would like you try to -- this particular player of media that particular player. At a cup without a head coach -- and at a point. Even be able to -- 101 with -- you. The problem is and the economic. Weakness about the contract to -- -- would not have that all situated. So that was that that there are paying. Welcomes back the come into. It took me out to be able Coach Williams. And actually a -- Well a lot of rich and I could tell you. That as a coach Payton is the head coaching supposed to in the office. Realistically. Ever oval and has an expertise they have a background. Coach being -- nationally Gregg Williams. And he's done that simply he's not mess that we coach I know that's -- He came here he had options and -- to be honest with. You don't think that would relate that I play is that you wanted to complete overhaul your roster got completely from one. -- I'm equipment but with that but it. We would term contract. And negotiate all all. All the -- and at the top four on court. No direct it there right now -- -- not -- -- -- players. Reid -- -- got. You gonna be unbelievable money in the saint -- is that because -- salary cap structure. UK it is Julius Peppers or Mario Williams of the world McCain do it so we -- go far that they do in the draft right. Yeah like you know can't retarded his progress. -- this ain't -- get better but he community that is cool and why you know those guys they should know a lot of well. Sixty Spagnuolo lots bought it yet we got naturally that's yeah I'm pretty fit is gonna turn things around. Is to trap on -- young players -- And I hit it up. And put it -- optic coach. My. Club -- rich target guys like that you. The -- and he helped get a Super Bowl yeah -- brought a lot of with him. And certainly use a big part of what has the magazine down. Okay -- that you violently greatly at all what's happened. But he was hired. Because coach -- inaudible -- bored. He's been out Laramie county it's nasty. He actually pay him 850000. Now in the warm in the Dallas and results salary given it to Greg Williams. So that's why I'm not -- K Gregg Williams -- down. Because my about it because I'm Greg would have -- -- -- threw well when I'm not stated he would expect it and look at it like following well yeah. But the thing is that they have now game now solely on the topic and -- yet. Then it got into this situation. Every once arrogant and -- ego and is like beat me you know like me you're not gonna tell me what to do and I think that's. You know Gregg Williams got caught up and all the hype and he got -- -- -- -- -- coach -- National Football League. Listen he is a -- -- All of the good the players is talk to them they've -- Greg when they make you -- run through that wall. How many individuals in this world can inspire you to put that on the line. I'm telling you whether it's right or wrong. Football is controlled violence whatever. Look at the players Gregg Williams as coach now. -- -- -- I don't know bill must admit I don't know what they would sit behind the scenes they might feel maybe Gregg Williams through one at a bus. But overall the Scott Fujita is. The guys that are played in the Gregg Williams. That's how they wanted like it to be inspired. Playing football. About that's the of growth side and that's because you badly is. -- coaches under the bush yet coaches don't coaches. And it brought up Utley sided this game where you know what I'm really not a must sell it on this issue one that was a pump in the -- -- -- Is that might Cirillo -- that guy repeat he he he is a loser. That guy Mike's a real little from central Connecticut. Whatever couple. He probably it was a glorified. Ninth grader who will hold -- -- make them more teams have an influence. And -- Kiffin but. To promote his situation that that that act -- Pocket that he used them well in the locker room visit that sort of look like you would never want. In Alley to be in a street fight that they probably somebody now Michael with a Q correct. -- -- exposed to saint was going on in the NFL. Along because they had dropped that are written is that in that dropped again like. Started back up again so what he's workaday print that a comic Princeton is masses are these -- Mike's the revel alone data that is very you know -- Bob and Mike. Manuel a year and Jimmy Graham has been pretty much a huge mismatch probably since about their -- what is didn't. The Falcons the Giants. And the 49ers done in the past three weeks what adjustments were made it offensively the addition I can dance. But he's a six foot six. It tight end on. I initiative now I mean it's well. He's not get to the world outward what Gary does not hit the ball well to that right now I'll be honest with you. Struggling -- concentration issue at this point. And he's struggling catching the football. Not yet again he can sneak I've got to hand injury but some of those pitches. Drop we've seen it in practice before a hand injury I think it's all that you -- in August break in August. -- I need to get in you'll make a great way. Yes he's not not at -- defense is doing differently to -- now we could not be honest I don't know what you could put. What that athlete that side of Munich match up now you're well with him -- yes one of those issues with him. Just like what Drew Brees is almost like watching that great pitcher. And keep -- on strike zone a little while and just off he's just off and all of a sudden he gets back into the. -- it's kind of like the expectation with Drew Brees you've got a great player. You take it for granted that you expect that we you know we now. Look at the game he had in the dome head to head -- -- in Dallas we -- that bout was the first time around. Of the well you know with all the little icon yeah -- between -- -- low what you see economic game you think that's gonna happen every week in. But it just showed your concentration human element. That's involved tat I think the big issue was in when you watch the -- and honestly -- -- out of the Saints take Vernon Davis out of that game and me Delanie Walker available to be honest that's not an event of this and he was in the witness protection -- -- France with the 49ers. Look at Manningham. And wide receiver what Crabtree and Delanie Walker and Delanie Walker here it was Manningham. I mean Crabtree or at that game -- double on third down receiver. And you know it's like a chess match right you'd better stop let alone a long -- got to give Harbaugh lot of credit. If you don't you're talking about trying to attack it the fifth. And you look at with what. Mike -- the second night in. In Italy and he -- needed that Delanie Walker that third receiver Manningham. What they did. Look at there are no mistakes like this thing it just goes to show you. The chance -- that goes on and money and I don't know -- they'll go off yeah I think you can. Critical back diverted Davis did -- that you put Delanie Walker is there any damage that if anything played in the well being that he was hurt. Bob some issues coming out of Dallas with Dez Bryant who's been unbelievable support this year. A loss of the five catches nine to account of what thousand yards in receptions. -- problem you know I know a point ligament possibly I'll speak to which would require surgery. And Cowboys coach Jason Garrett that is no better than 5050. It could be shut down for the rest of -- ease the pain or being good on ligament in his finger paper that you can have in that -- you believe that. But that's the way of the NFL today and and yet here as a coach you're does that get back out there you created it -- -- -- -- they end up being you know being vocal ones get this surgery. Come February. We'll -- second Daschle had 730 that night but who -- be going that it's all coaches don't went assistant head coach Joseph bit. And his -- tonight the Mets assistant coach Bryant Young.