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12-10-12 7:05pm Saints Defensive Assistant Brian Young

Dec 10, 2012|

Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia talk with Saints Defensive Assistant Coach and former Saint player Brian Young about the Saints' young developing players along the defensive line and his transition from player to coach.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well he played with a New Orleans Saints and -- the point of the coaching staff. The defensive assistant with the lab back as Bryant Young geologists now I'm Brian I remember the days of Babin and a lot of -- people in of union now we. Said of Bryant Young defensive tackle coach -- Glad to have you on a program and Brad talk -- about -- You always want to get involved in coaching in and that's you just thought here. Now you know what I assume it was overwhelming or so that was never gonna do it just you know just knowing what the hours were -- can and just you know I just. I didn't punitive one year and I was just and him -- -- more efficient and on into my kind of stuff but. You -- -- when whenever you wanted to retire in process at all like a month and I just that was lost and to know what to do and you know I just did -- play left could bring him an opportunity to come back and you know work with the corporate Stavropol wanna do and so Cornel Vermont -- that took my wife and -- was shot and Jerusalem and dinners and you know them into -- -- versions. Now the Bryant I mean you look it the Hart you had the passion you had. I mean is that something that you keep coaches that have to be with and and the Houston -- from you to have. An outstanding. Career unit that you had I mean I can remember and correct me if I'm wrong but I believe it was the first game. Other coach on pay you play in the Cleveland Browns and the road. And you have three sacks we would love to have some people it's linemen have three sacks and -- Well you know you can coach partners you have he was away my parents -- and well little and I was just kind of an attitude of mostly united you can just as the player I think you get guys to play our forties yet fun and it's been. That's gonna try to do things you want to do. You know lately and that that present game I was on our channel -- career so it wasn't like. Doing that year after year -- -- It puts us. How do you do -- you have to do very well whenever the passing situations so it's a. Former former saint defensive stand out and that defensive assistant with the linebackers Brian Young it's a special -- in the assistant coaches segment. All of the coaches so Brad I hear a lot of players that you talked about you never thought about getting in the coach in the in someplace that way you know of always. Is have a heart to a not to have a part of the game in my life is is that it it is this is this other than maybe kind of you love doing what you're doing to keep you close to the game gorgeous just a complete new pitcher. And let's take you by surprise felt like you elude to earlier. You know it is different there's no way to really understand what you're about you're -- do you actually you know -- I mean that's you know -- -- you know you're -- about the long hours -- -- -- -- -- -- we usually don't realize. -- -- player you think you know you know everything and I know like -- out -- minority about the and businessman but you know. You're in the coaching you know -- you realize how much these guys know -- -- -- which you really don't know anything. -- you know Uga game plan every week and it's been a game plan and that's what you know that we -- -- -- think about all the preparation and all the video and all the you know when integrating game try to get a -- just thought that you know there's conduct personal pronoun. You play games -- -- -- -- is as a player it's it's totally different as a -- minutes it's a whole lot more. Now Brian as a player's knowledge the coach would you look at this -- of different players -- -- command as a rookie in this sophomore campaigns. There's second year. And me to be right now Cameron aren't what he's brought to the table. Has been outstanding. You -- seven sacks yet the chance to get the double digit I was reading somewhere in pro football focus. Then he leads all toward degree in in the lead he had play seven runs stops. Now that was going into the Giants game we just talk eleven about the progression of camp -- We nominate cities he's become an oval of the players you know he's he's a long way to go -- -- you know -- he's just -- -- -- -- have a lot of things and actually he's actually a strong guy he's got. You know he'd be visited but he's got you got enough strength and size -- -- -- -- you can -- a pass from three technique there's a lot of things that he can do that. In a lot of Indians can't do because he's gifted physically and you know we would with size and strength you know he's got a good burst he's he's a Smart kid. You know I think you abilities he demanded a grown man but. He's he's got a lot of candles that you can't coach he's got a lot of things that you can work -- And have to make some stability it would take more trying to get him to do when he doesn't -- -- well and he's definitely. He definitely get a good opposite to a will miss it will keep the ball inside Villa -- serbians. Well right at you look at a background Heidi get to the NFL you beat the eight different routes. Yeah look obviously the contribution of a team hate where he's -- then you also a look at right here at that in this product. Tom Johnson. Both went -- Canadian route is talking about them and know well where they've come to be in this think uniform. We you know it's it's it's like was -- obviously you got to take advantage of every opportunity and never got to we don't come to -- wants that you may get a second shot at something but. He doubled to ignore -- long time and you gotta make the most of it and that's what these guys have done you know it's coming here with with hungry attitude and -- -- they've they've accepted what we're trying to coach and try to teach him and in -- -- with a full speed and you know that Tom does -- -- forces -- reported around he's another guy he is so like I was it is not not a big because of that it would be began discussing sizes and strengths. And quickness to him. But you know he can you can do a lot of things with them into a lot of movement stuff with them. And that he's you know he is just he's a guy you -- -- But he again has got to -- you know he's he's he's got a and a -- on him to leave and he's going to be another camp tour here before too long want to you can take -- don't. But he's just naturally get -- he's strong he's got you know good good speed that is a good good initial movement. Prefer three technique or nose guard he's he's going to be a special player there on the road. Now right -- what does coach Johnson now what you all work hand in hand in the meeting room with what is exactly. Here's your assignments. Global what is your expertise. You know point this season expectations. And then maybe going forward how do you work hand in and we coach Bill Johnson. That the light -- What I actually David -- the linebacker position -- -- to work on them in the laundry cart is right now you know and -- would -- -- and you know -- just taken over as head coach from there with Hendrick cars right now somewhere or -- back this year have been for the last three years. -- you know it's just personally phenomenon I'm -- I'm morning football and that that's that's the biggest thing I'm doing right now -- as a player you don't realize what you really understand which you know nobody walks. You don't understand going to handle that it takes to be a coach and understand this game there's so many things that. You know the general part you just keep you durable he can't understand how -- -- in this game and all -- you know -- every. Every you know few yards and every down has its own little personality and he overlooked these things and had you -- because -- -- and and what the -- situations and it was a learning process and that you don't want to have been doing -- you know and I've been learning a lot it's it's it's been a great time you know to move their linebackers this year because. Now they want me to you know in the bag you know learning coverages which is coming out -- -- before -- that's that's the whole new -- level up. After the veteran assistant that this has been a bit in the department's regular experience. Now Brian how is that obviously learning defense he'd all the time. That no matter what you position you're learning a different position. When -- trying to coach deposition. -- you've been it NFL veteran. And then all of us you having to deal -- better is it different navy feeling when a college prospect. -- -- guy that's been around. That they view you are they like his arms army does go about that process. I'm -- -- -- too -- and I mean I think you know as a younger guy you know you don't know what to expect you're in and you -- that you are more like this one because you don't know was much. You come and you know what you're look when you're ready or worst personal you know what's on the -- -- who's been in there and done and been around. It was questionable to -- major with with some older guys like Jonathan -- those guys. You know they've they've been -- -- you know for for a long time -- so you know they they knew more than I did and then at a Bristol do -- You know put it it's a learning process so you know it's fifty yards and give and take with with some go to guys on the were asking questions and they're you know they -- -- ask me questions. It would be younger guys it's just you know did -- bit there to listen to their door and so it's -- it has -- -- -- -- -- deal -- just -- has been a good -- so for. Frank young Bryant thank you so much for the time we certainly appreciate you joining us and good luck to you in the Saints Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.