WWL>Topics>>12-10 11:10pm Scoot talks w/WWL listeners about gay marriage

12-10 11:10pm Scoot talks w/WWL listeners about gay marriage

Dec 10, 2012|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about gay marriage and gun control.

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And welcome back to our show on this very chilly breezy Monday night's nine depending on where you are -- it might be very very cold right now. And there we do welcome on the truckers and everybody who is on the roads around the country tonight thanks for being -- -- On average of the real you know here's a text that is calling me out on something. -- clearly you are biased. Wishing people happy Chanukah. Happy holidays etc. What about us lovers of Ebenezer Scrooge. Can't you wish us misery. Well I have to admit that I am a little biased. And I haven't wish people misery. And since I don't apologize for my opinion I can't apologize for that and but you know this is a country where you are free to be miserable. And god knows many people or and they just you don't you know people who just don't know how to be happen. But you know people who like thrive on misery and drama. And problems. And things going on in their lives that are -- they thought they focus but I think by focusing on that and by by having that attitude. You invite those kind of things and then you focus on those kind of things. So. While you do have a right to be miserable. That is not something we will promote. On the issue. And I do realize. That I am biased. If you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we talk about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text number is 87870. We've got to I'll update turn everything we're talking about tonight if you have to -- show also was another cellphone was stolen this time on canal street talk about that and in just a moment. On but once again since -- started Saturday. And it goes through I believe December 16. We just want to wish a very happy Chanukah to all of our Jewish listeners. -- Now older more this as we continue with the Chanukah this weekend Adam Sandler just an absolute -- classic something that. Even those gentiles can and can relish and and I know that all three stooges were Jewish actually did that song and in all three stooges were were Jewish. I hear is attacks that reads a fixed elections and judicial overloading. The State's individual rights to choose. And set forth their own laws are to changes. That are a tragedy. Of modern America. Here is another text damned good weather and you're right about that I'd of this alleged right. -- open up the wind is just a little bit don't turn heat on I tell you I don't know about you but in my apartment I'm saving so much over the last pass against two or three weeks. My AC has not -- dawn actually I've I've I've turned it off. Haven't used my AC or heat so. This is a good time of the year and I know we're spending a lot of money in the holidays but this is also a good time of year to. Save some money on utilities. And here's a text and -- this is about. Another tragedy. Affecting Americans and other is that when. Someone chooses not to conform to your opinion. You assume they are stupid or wrong. Just remember when you point a finger at someone. There are four more pointing back at Q that's an interesting way to look at it. You are entitled to your opinion as I am just don't assume that you are always right. And those who differ are wrong a price -- past assured destruction the humble thank you very much for I guess the -- I'm I'm I'm not always right in in my mind I guess in the same -- -- in in your mind we're. Right about the things that we we believe it doesn't mean that we're always right it doesn't mean that we make mistakes but. We initially believe that we are right about the things that we that we discussed. -- one of the things we've been talking about tonight if you just join our show Bob Costas proved that he was wrong about gun control. Did you see last night -- halftime the Sunday night NFL game. Bob Costas talked about another tragedy for the second we can -- dealing with an NFL player. And this involves drinking and driving. One member of the cowboys in the car was arrested charged with manslaughter for drinking and driving. The other member of the Dallas Cowboys in the car. Is dead. And yet last week Bob Costas blame the availability of guns for the murder suicide tragedy involving a Kansas City player. Why not to blame the inanimate object of the car. For this tragedy. When Bob Costas failed to do that are once again I think he gave us a perfect example of the irrational hysteria. They're quite often surrounds. The question for gun control in America. I mean I guess it's fair to point out that big guns make it easier to kill. Because -- -- allows you to kill somebody without personal contact. So it takes less courage to kill somebody. And I think that actually. Is enhanced by the whole demand for instant gratification that we have in this country. We we constantly hear about shooting deaths resulting from an argument. Road rage revenge or just a moment of anger. It's the instant gratification of settling at right here and right now. I think that has led to the issues of guns. If somebody wants to kill somebody. They'll kill. Making a gun -- using a gun might make it easier. But you'll still find a way to kill somebody. If you really wanna kill -- And you're not gonna get guns out of the hands of the wrong people. We do have. An affinity for guns in this country. Some people have a positive affinity for guns some people have a very negative affinity for guns. And there are too many people that. Hide behind the Second Amendment. When he really should only gone. The Second Amendment doesn't protect you going out. And settling an argument with a gun. We talked about a couple of cases recently where people are claiming. Stand your ground law applies in their case but it really doesn't because -- They murder people. On with the right as we've said many times with the right to own a gun. You have the responsibility. To use the gun properly. Also talking about the decision by the US Supreme Court to decide to hear same sex marriage cases. And yesterday in Seattle over 100 same sex couples got married. At Seattle City Hall the first -- same sex marriage law allowed citizens to marry a member of the same sex to women who legally married yesterday in Seattle. Have been together for 35 years. Why would you want to deny them. The right to get married. They're both professionally it has to hide their life. And that's not American. That's not right. You know I feel badly for. For people who org or gay. Who are going to their holiday parties this time of year. And they're not able to bring a date. They're not able to bring their partner. Somebody that maybe they have been with for years. Somebody there in a committed relationship with. There's this erroneous. Sensed that. All homosexuals are promiscuous. Which is absolutely. Not true. Heterosexuals are very promiscuous. I know promiscuous heterosexual. I see it all the time in a quarter. You can't judge -- if you don't. Know the gay community. You can't judge homosexuals by what you see on the news. Any more than you can judge any group based on the individuals that you see on the news. By its very nature since the news is entertainment we talk about this a lot on the show. News is entertainment therefore it is going to focus on. The most outrageous. Examples of anything. To get your attention. So don't judge the world by what you see on TV because the world is quite. A different place. There was another cell phone stolen -- this time in front of a hotel on canal street and police have surveillance video. I hope they get this guy. Now here's my understanding of the cellphone -- in the quarter. I it's my understanding that their son a small group of people who -- toward doing this. And they go to the same store. To sell the stolen. Cellphones. Now I don't know what can be done about the store that is the source of income for these people who were stealing. Be stolen phones. But if something could be done to stop selling the stolen guns mean -- stolen on cellphones to the store. Then why would they still the cellphones that they couldn't sell them for money. And you can't tell me that the stored as annoyed because of the same people coming in with cell phones on a regular basis to sell cellphones to. The store it's obvious that there that they're stealing him. And I'd like to think that a store would be ethical enough to not buy those -- I mean not not by no cellphones. So if you are in downtown New Orleans if you are visiting our city or if you're a resident. I'm very cognizant of and now I don't just stand around and use myself on the quarter because these things have happened. They just grabbed the phone out of your hand. And run down the street that's how brazen. These punks are. And apparently there. Teenagers. And assists just quick it's a money for a and I am not sure what can be done. But I sure would love to be in a position to see somebody grabbed somebody's phone I would love to because since they take off running and -- the triple. And maybe they would fall and bust their face and knock out their teeth. May be hurt themselves mean I would I would love to be able to administer that instant punishment. Now I realize you're innocent until proven guilty I'm not a vigilante. But if I see somebody take a phone from Sony's hand and the running down the street have a chance to trip -- -- going to be honest with. I probably will. Now that might not be the smartest thing for me to do and I don't recommend you do -- but I gotta be honest with -- I'm probably gonna do it. Now I don't know if they'll ever see that because it's not that prominent but don't. Don't just stand around using your phone. It's if you think that there's a possibility somebody to come up programs always be aware of the possibility that somebody could grab your phone. You know this is not something that we had to worry about in the past. But now we have to worry about this. I guess it's drug money I've I've don't think these people -- stealing guns to go home feed their children. Although I guess there is that possibility medium and their might be. I guess there's a slight chance that there is a noble reason they're stealing the phones. But I seriously. Doubt it. So be careful with your cellphones. And if you're in a bar don't turn around with your cellphone on the bar and talk to somebody keep your cellphone very close to you. Because again another one was stolen -- it's -- -- quarter. People have been. Beaten up over phones and sometimes they described a phone system was -- stolen this classroom that I know of was stolen. In front of the hotel. On canal street if you wanna join our show the comic tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866890. A seventy. And a text numbers 87870. Are you. One of the Americans who thinks that you're paying more in taxes now than Americans in the past two you know you'd be wrong. The majority of us pay lower taxes. Now. And during the Reagan era of the 1980s. Get all the details tomorrow. By listening to the growing revenue -- the think tank tomorrow Garland -- one on WWL. This is the -- we push boundaries at night and we're coming right back after this quick break on WWL. From. Me. Fleetwood Mac is reuniting for tour next year there will be 34 concerts in the US and Canada. Beginning April 4 and including in early June. However New Orleans is not on the list. As closest Fleetwood Mac we'll get it at this I I guess I can be alterations during the tournament. At this point is close is able to get to New Orleans will be Dallas Houston and Atlanta. But they're really going to be the all over on this tour marks the 35 anniversary. Of the release of the album rumors which -- on one of the top selling albums of all time sold forty million copies. Now I'll take how long I've been in this business. I was on the air when this was just released I was on the air when this was a hit. When this was a new -- hey here's the latest from Fleetwood Mac I'm -- the morning graduates here. But I I love that I'm still doing it I love life I. Have loved getting older and yet experiencing all that I experience I I hope you feel the same way about your life. Hey here's a quick update on our WWL pretty jacked -- opinion poll tonight the US Supreme Court has decided to -- same sex marriage cases is that the right or the wrong decision by the court. This has been flip flopping all over the place last time we checked it was 5050. Now saying the right decision the Supreme Court to hear the same sex marriage cases 67%. The wrong decision 33%. You lose your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com and if you missed a part of the show or just wanna hear some of it again. -- you can go to our podcast at WW real dot com under shows and schedules so I click on scoot. And then scroll down to the part of the show that you would like to see it's all WWL dot com. Here is -- reads my iPhone was stolen out of my basket in Wal-Mart while I was shopping right in front of my face. Those guys are quick be careful. Yes you've had a -- owner a Smartphone of any kind stolen. You are telling what happened in -- show it to 601870. Toll free 8668890878. And 87870. Be careful. Because. To a lot of people on a cellphone like that is cash. And you'll steal it. -- Here is a text are talking about it people who don't know how to be happy people who are into drama you just describe someone I know well drama junkie. Never take responsibility for the consequences of bad decisions we choose our own karma. And it shows. Here is a text. This is about same sex marriage. -- L tell you line. The county and the state constitutions. Are all based on the Bible and god. The Bible says homosexuality is an abomination. Hate this in love the sinner I don't think Jesus would be in heaven performing. I'm macaroni and say this. -- performing. On a sex act on his apostles. And that is from Daniel. In -- You know Daniel I I'd I don't think Jesus is doing that but I also don't think that he's involved in heterosexual in heterosexual sex with -- all of -- the wonderful on. Parties who have died died and gone on to have and I mean to me that's just a little bit it's ridiculous. I realized what the Bible says about that but the Bible says a lot of things and I think we all have to answer to and to god in our in our own way as long as what we do doesn't hurt somebody else. -- I'm not sure. It's a -- And what might be a Cindy you might not be a -- to somebody else I know there are some basics in -- I think there's some areas where what's -- -- TU might not be -- -- to somebody else and and vice Versa if you wanna join our show the comic tonight our numbers 260187. In toll free 8668890878. And our text summaries 87870. Here's a text one up -- I'm gonna walked down canal streets with my cellphone. Hanging in my hands. When they snatch it I'm gonna put a good old fashioned. Blank will put on them amen. Here is another text -- do you think New Orleans is the only city. With stolen cell phone with a stolen cellphone problem or is this happening other cities around the country auction this is happening all around the country. It is and this is not just wants. A cellphones are present these Smartphones iphones for a percent cash. To a lot of young people who don't wanna work. A lot of young people who don't respect others a lot of young people who have not been raised by parents. But they've been raised by. Neighborhood -- other neighborhood punks. And this is just the result of of of lack of respect for for the people. How many times do we talk about things on this show and how many times does he go directly back to a lack of parenting. Not every young kid out there are still -- cellphones. Not every young kid is going around with a gun shooting people there was a party. I think it was in gentility. And may be heard about this over the weekend is a party in in gingerly over the weekend and it was in the house party and six uninvited guests winning in. There was arguing gunshots fired and then the six scampered. Brand on the street. So you're gonna shoot somebody over an argument. And in here's what I wonder. If they didn't have a gun. Might they not have walked into the party. For the other problem with. Owning guns or possessing a -- If you own it I mean I guess your own it either way technically but you know when I say only -- it it it it sounds like he went out and bought the gun legally. No if you possess a gun if you have a gun. The thing that I find interesting is. They give some people courage. Courage that they wouldn't or nearly half. That's not what gun ownership is about a -- is not supposed to give you courage. And -- not supposed to change your personality. A -- supposed to make you macho. And it's not supposed to encourage you to do things that you wouldn't ordinarily do. And if it dies. In the best thing that you can do is give up your -- Given out. I know you respect the Second Amendment and your right to have a -- But he if you might use that gun because the gun makes you. Confident. Macho. Make you more courageous than you would be without the gun that's not a reason to own a gun. Or am I missing something here. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688 -- nearly seventy text numbers 87870. Here is a text it's sad that people goal. Go low for cellphones to support habits. Yeah that is if it is it's said that people steal to support a bad habit if indeed that's what they're doing and again right. I am I have a feeling that the people who were doing pump things like stealing guns and stealing on cellphones and gods for that matter. I have a feeling that they're not time stealing them to use the money for a noble cause. Here is another Texas -- how can you possibly know if anyone is promiscuous. Not sure I wanna know the answer mr. freaky. Well. We know that there is promiscuity in the world and we know that people are promiscuous. I mean I do see. What I would consider to be some degrees of public promiscuity. On Bourbon Street. I see it with people in the street I see it with some people who work in some of the places where people work on Burma street and we've -- promiscuity. Are around us I mean that's a fact of life promiscuity is not confined to. One gender or another. I'm getting some reaction on our website WW dot com to the the blog tonight that a wrote Kostis prove that he was wrong about gun control. Here's -- -- reads on target very well put to you voiced my similar opinion on both issues. Here's a -- I support costs. People kill people yes. But a lot of people walking around today shouldn't have guns. Well. That's obvious of course their people walking around who shouldn't have guns but they do. And stricter gun laws as Bob Costas. Mentioned when he was talking about the murder suicide involving the Kansas City player last Sunday night on Sunday Night Football during halftime. Stricter gun control is not gonna get paint guns out of the hands of people core criminals. How was a low first of all if somebody gets a gun illegally. And is gonna use the gun to commit a crime this is some -- -- give a damn about the law. So why would. Stricter gun control. Get the guns out of the hands of those people -- I realize for those of you who think that I'm a radical liberal. This is a very conservative point of view. But this is proof of -- talk about often on the show. I'm not a member of either -- up. Liberals or conservatives. It depends on the issue I focus on the issue I'm very much like most of you. I don't judge everything through the same political perspective. It depends on the issue on some issues on -- because they're liberal on other some might be considered conservative. And I hope -- open minded enough to view things that way and not see everything. As a sheep following a leader of one political and social. Ideology. That's what we need to break in this country -- we need to denounce among other things as well. I hear is attacks even women. With women is a natural. But sinful and means hell bound and those who advocated it. Well you know nobody knows where they're gonna go. You know we do the best we can to. To ensure that we go to -- it if if we're. Religious people. We do the best we can't. And I'm doing the best I can and I'm very content with my opinion and -- my feelings about things. And I'm very content -- my relationship with god. But again. You talk about this CN. People focus on this in. But there are so many sins that that that people commit on a daily basis. Premeditated sands and I don't even need to get graphic with this premeditated -- on a regular basis. And yet the focus is on this one -- Is it really. Your responsibility. I mean it's your responsibility I guess to point out if if somebody you know is doing wrong but is it your responsibility to rid the world to send. I don't know that that's really up to us as individuals. I think we lead the right kind of life. And I think we. I think we I think we do the best we can with our lives we try to set a good example for people. But I don't know of anyone of us. Can take on the task of ridding the world of -- because so often that's just between the person and god. And I realize that's difficult for. Many to understand. But it was considered simple at one point. To use birth control. In 1964 the Supreme Court ruled that a ban on birth control was unconstitutional. Now if you think it's a -- to use birth control. Or you was critical of those sinners as. Where you would consider to be sinners in the same sex marriage. Again there are so. Many sins committed on a regular basis. But people seem to be. In my opinion. Hysterical. About what might result. From legalize same sex marriage I just don't see how this is really going to affect. You personally. If you -- join our shooter right our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Semi tech's number is 87870. Here's a -- reads aids aids aids. Unless. Unlikely contracted by bad blood transfusion or drugs. Some heterosexual couples. It's initiated from homosexual behavior men with men. If you believe that. Then. There's a good possibility that your putting yourself and your family. At risk. In a -- frank a year and -- BWL. Hey how are basically ducked his. -- -- I was hearing about it is the Supreme Court -- and here's same sex marriage. -- now. In the Bible says that Amanda lately Maine. That now let's say the mine's -- predictions. Only twelve on December between birds. Man. With these pumpkins that they never seen before. It it would change everything. Is going to be the rapture. Because guys that take these people are the here because I think he's tired of the corruption. Is you know decisions. -- people generated over the years and stuff like that you know -- Jesse you him or people believe the world's gonna end December to refer to -- to counter. Many times and it is gonna change its hit the difference the -- Were more like Indy. But they weren't civil. And they were civilized in there culture. That is -- -- she would consider Europe and so. But they had things with the stars and they you know mind calendars. Now. But I'm telling you I believe. That that's going to be the rapture people wake up oh. -- -- Now will knows Saturday. The Tony second. I could be wrong in I think you are the OK you. I hope I. But you know what it okay -- a 22 -- So -- so I'll be on the air Monday night December 24 -- Asif what you call me in the oval super still here. Well. Look at these. PM nice Christmas. All right. You frankly and have a nice Christmas would mean that the mines were wrong. Mean you really think the minds are right -- why would you bother paying any of January's bills. I mean in my it will keep it with you mean we don't know maybe you can take it with you. Which it nobody knows for sure so if you can't take it with you -- don't pay January bills until after the 21. Because of people believe that according to the Mayan calendar this caller suggests there will be the rapture. On on. December -- for you know I don't believe that there had been predictions. On over the centuries. At the world is gonna and and we're still here. Now you know maybe one day the world will but you know I -- I don't see -- and I don't think it's anything that you need to. -- concerned about on a daily basis. Here is a text screwed it's all about reading I just finished reading the first. 125. Pages of fifty shades of gray. And I'm. I'll put it this way. I'm in the -- that's what the Texas people -- for Ricky Moore. And yet it's it's it's all instinctive to -- is it. Those things that we do like that are very instinctive to us. And what is instinctive to me my dad being instinctive to you what is instinctive to somebody else is not necessarily instinctive -- But if it's instinctive. The argument might be made. That if it's. If it's not hurting anybody else. Then. Is it wrong. This is a discussion it will continue and you know am I I've separated one of the reasons that that people are against same sex marriage. Is because they resist change. And our lives change. So rapidly especially with technology today there are so many changes in our lives on a daily basis. It's hard to keep things the same. Things change you work. Things change its school things change in our homes in our lives and every different level. And I think some people on without realizing it may just resist the idea of change when in reality this change is not going to affect their lives. And this is America I have I have nothing to gain personally from legalize same sex marriage other than to live in the country where I think everybody is treated. I get to -- text when we come back. This is the -- show and we pushed boundaries of nights will be right back on FE WL. And and then and then. They are talking about Fleetwood Mac here going on tour. 2013 34 concerts. Tickets go on sale December 14. Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined the band is a couple. And then they broke up and could you go to work every day and -- close situation travel around. The country with your acts. I mean is that any kind kind of difficult I admire them for doing it apparently. Apparently there's still this love between them but they're not together and -- I believe they have both written songs about their relationship and about. Each other. Here's a text that -- is there any place in the world that recognizes same sex marriage I don't know but we don't compare ourselves to the world with the United States of America. If you wanna start comparing yourself to the world and what do we make. Ownership of guns illegally to -- in Japan Sosa you kind of gone down a dangerous path if you compare us to the world. Here is attacks still this is about a caller we hand as saying that the Mayan calendar says that we're gonna have the rapture. On December. A -- first. The Mayan prediction has no relation to the rapture concept came about thousands of years later in western civilization. Here is another text classic example of misinformed person combining Mayan prophecy with the rapture talk about conflicting ideologies. According to the Mayan calendar the world is supposed to end December 21 but again I suggested if you if you don't agree with that than just neighbor to the Mayan calendar. I hear is attacks that reads all the issues was about their shooting eyes as it was in Chantilly. And -- shooting was in Tarrytown. This text reads I live one block from there when I was a kid I believe it's lack of god in our children's lives. There are no morals or values taught anymore great website is values dot com. Yeah I know the argument is quite often made that. This country started to go to hell. When they took prayer out of public schools. And I don't believe that. On there were a lot of other things were going on at that time. It's not the lack of prayer in public schools it's not the lack of god in people's well if it is the lack of god. And values and people's lives. It's the fault of the parents. I mean who first introduced as -- a guy. Who first introduced issued a right and wrong. If your parents. And one of the fundamental problems we have in this country that are too many parents. Not being parents. They don't care about the -- Don't care about their kids. And there. Offspring. Are are a threat to the rest of us. There should be more ways to hold parents accountable. For the negative behavior of their kids. Especially when they're young. And if a -- kid. Is going out there and causing trouble. If a parent. And a parent should know this you should know whether your kid has a -- or not. Me year old girl three kids stuff. Your vacation and go through your kids that you -- a fifteen year old at home. Or your fifteen year old have a gun you not know it well yeah. But he might have it right there in his room. So maybe you should go figure that out. And if you can't control your kid into -- favorite call police. And educate commits a crime I know it's art but obviously a lot of people don't care about the keys anyway so do us all a favor and done it. And call the police. Now we've got a text just a few minutes ago what somebody says that they never written it written the first 145. Pages of the fifty shades of gray. And it's kind of put them in the mood and I think this is an appropriate song for the book dearly want to hurt me. I'm -- and we'll be right back -- -- you. This is this good show on WWL or who pushed -- tonight glad to witness on this very chilly night. -- in many parts of the of the country Oklahoma or Kansas especially up around. On Minneapolis Saint Paul and as many parts of the country is serious snow. Icy conditions just drive carefully there have been hundreds and hundreds of all auto accidents all across the country. I'm responding to our text is or any place in the world that recognize -- same sex marriage Ellison ransom -- studio producer registered some quick research. Here -- the countries that recognize. Same sex marriage. Argentina. Belgium. Canada Denmark Iceland benevolence. Norway Portugal Spain South Africa Sweden and parts of Mexico. And Brazil. Here's a final update on our WWL party jaguar opinion poll the US Supreme Court has decided to -- same sex marriage cases is this the right or wrong decision by the court. 67%. Say it's the right decision 33% say it's the wrong decision. Here is on the text that reads it's the lack of corporal punishment. Well it's not it's not the lack of corporal punishment there's something more important and corporal punishment. And that is. Punishment. Parents. A stab wishing a consequence for negative behavior. Maybe it's corporal punishment in your home but it doesn't have to be it can be time out. And time out by the way does work. But it it it takes time to establish. Timeout. And a lot of parents don't want to Qatar do. And that's what my. My wife and nine do with my son. We use time out it was an easy it was an easy to establish that if and then situation if you do this again then you go to time out. It's but it does work. Just do something. And don't send him to their room with all the games and everything they have I mean that's not punishment. It's not the lack of corporal punishment it's the lack of establishing consequences. For negative behavior. -- -- remind you that you can now listen to WWL. Everywhere you can hear it anywhere stream as a WWL dot com download our app or fight this now -- tune in dot com that's to win dot com. Here WWL. Anywhere. And everywhere when thank -- ransom our studio producer Jack Harris also in the other studio. And -- tomorrow night we'll talk about some of the reasons why the Republican Party is having a hard time attracting. A lot of people in America. Have a great evening stay warm love -- New Orleans.