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Dec 11, 2012|

Dave talks about falling temperatures, falling gas prices, and students who found naked pictures of their teacher at school

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this eleventh of December 2000. And while it is saying -- Tuesday. Yes it is only a few more Tuesdays. Ago this year and well two weeks on this Tuesday -- today. Will be Christmas days you mention right now yeah getting ready. And even colder tomorrow. -- the eyewitness forecast. Looks like 31. Hello on the north short tomorrow morning. Frost and using conditions will be pleased north lake with forty miles south of the right now man that -- weapons out there now that's the difference. 45 degrees at the national apartment that north wind at seven team makes it feel like it in the freezing rain. Forty or her management and -- -- like front 21 miles an hour out of the north. Am legal. Those as well now. Yeah. -- the blustery chilly. -- changed those folks. View went event last night. As a starting equaled out. Tackled -- -- -- And we promise thirty degree drop smoke -- again in some places -- -- that you know and 32. Bars drop on the -- -- down a couple of degrees. And a year ago on the lot. So big -- there a couple of fronts -- last the US attorney that's right he steps down amid scandal. Afterward many have described as distinguished career of taking them one wrapped politician after another. And criminals as well other sorts. And today that he stepped aside -- -- help in the transition and they. Brand new US attorney in army anyway coming in from Virginia cute and there what's going on that office. And thinking that community -- prosecutions that are coming up including. A former in the war on air raid make. Indictment -- this week -- next. Writing on the wall. Repeated defendants who have been pleading guilty and agreeing to. Testifying against public official day. Agree we keep saying that coming up over and over again. What equipment that and that is public officially indeed great nation and is -- -- -- them pretty bad investigative reporting skills now. -- -- Exactly and we expect to hear from former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue today. With the ruling the bounty hearings. And the appeals. Will Smith and Jon Vilma. At this point. Now I know it cost them money now on a personal level they don't want to miss any -- But at this point as from a fans perspective -- go ahead and spent and get it over with please don't like it linger in the next season now let -- that is finished it up now. Make this whole thing go away and that be done with it because always when outward about. Playoffs anymore when -- about the post season anymore wouldn't. I if they can't play can't play out. Just get it over once and overall. Let's move. Forward. Thank you -- before it was not hear about. When he meant for. And think gas prices. Stunned number of stations under 3 bucks this morning. Gas prices they are falling. Temperatures falling gas prices following and he gets -- fall right into your forecast next -- count for. And it will get out covers sports and Steve gal all right your Tuesday morning -- you feel it more than holiday spirit not the cold weather has moved end. Now finally we got our decorate them out last night called whether his company and. Everybody get out there especially my eldest daughter she -- she was tired of not having a models she took the bull by the it's much more faster and. 570 and -- Tuesday morning good morning I'm Dave Allen thanks for being a part of the early edition of WWL first is -- coming up in about. Fifteen minutes walking on over to CBS and get the latest on HSBC. Paying. Record ten figure mine in the United States for allegedly laundering money. That went to Mexican drug cartels through the US. End for helping get around sanctions against Iran while now while the world's biggest banks paying one of the biggest fines. Ever for allegedly well helping the bad guys. Across the globe and gave known at the early edition of WWL first news while stuck on that Monday Night Football game and I guess Houston's not quite over the hump yet. Man doing and made them look like amateurs but right now your forecast from a pro indeed. Mr. meteorologist Laura about now feeling that it. More like winter today with highs only in the low fifties but it'll feel more like the forties all day. Add in the clouds and a slight chance for a shower it's gonna be kind of a -- December day -- tonight cloudy with lows dropping into the mid thirties on the North Shore upper thirties south of the lake. For your Wednesday beginning to clear out highs around 58. And Thursday mostly sunny high of sixty. For me I dynasties forecast center right meteorologist -- -- Have -- December day indeed step out the door right now you'll find north wind at seventeen miles an hour bringing that temperature of 45 degrees with the wind -- well down into the thirties it's cold folks across the area clear and forty in Slidell the winds not quite -- fears on the North -- north at three. Miles per hour. Here's Tom Brady on and on the post season gets closer. Looking good last night Houston. Applied meanwhile the saints are waiting for former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue to issue a ruling today. My ruling is it time for sports and for that we welcome and Steve Geller good points out that morning gave. I don't think for 12 at the saints -- gonna give up just because they're five and eight on the year and the playoffs looks like a distant hope. In her head -- Joseph Pitts says there's still one important thing for this team of. Play for. -- -- Decisions are going to win Wimbledon and win three games in the spot where we're not for the playoffs. We got three things get better we got three games that position in the 500 and we don't have to do this we get to do this. Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue is expected to rule this afternoon on the latest try to play your heels in the league's bounty growth. That's according to a person close to decision says any potential punishment will be the only eight by eight feet. The decision to -- potential sanctions means that linebacker Jonathan Vilma. Defensive end Will Smith may be able to play Sunday against the Buccaneers. Tom Brady and the patriots showed the Texans who's still the boss of the AFC on Monday Night Football. Brady Anderson with a couple -- single men who -- the -- the big kid off steep drop. -- -- Brady passed for 296. Yards for touchdowns as you -- that. -- huge game 42 to fourteen. Attendants -- pats are one game behind the conference leading Texans now follow in his seventh consecutive win and twentieth straight at home in December. San Francisco suspended running back -- tickets for the final three games of the season. Following a host of social media site posts addressing his lack of playing signs one read that quote. On this team rotting away the thirty year old Jacobs has five carries for just seven yards while playing in only two games. To the NFC west leading niners western Kentucky has hired Bobby Petrino as its new football coach. Katrina was fired by Arkansas on April through what is being described as a pattern of misleading behavior following up a motorcycle accident that ultimately revealed he had been having an affair to. He replaces -- attacker left ankle toppers to become South Florida coach. And the hornets look to -- three game losing is losing skid this evening when they host the Washington Wizards basketball on 1053 FM at 7 o'clock. Damn war on sports talk to are the same explosion this season solely due to the absence of Sean Payton I'm Steve Geller with your early morning to -- sports lives. Point 1:9 you're Tuesday morning -- -- him back in here and 25 minutes from a sports -- -- talk more in detail about what we expect to hear from Paul Tagliabue and his suspensions if he indeed and some down against. Saints players Jonathan Vilma. And I Will Smith extended to next season and -- and what was all this talk about a settlement that apparently the players refuse to talk to you about that. 125 minutes with more sports right now though IEA Houston outlook in light. The juggernaut that many people thought they weren't looks like than Tom Brady of the patriots may have revealed that. Now some problems with that you. And tax yet coming in general is actually to document the Texans pass Russian Brady had fall day in just pick them apart -- -- even some plays. Where it would be Texans defense just looked like they weren't prepared and ready. One touchdown to -- and Aaron Hernandez. They got to -- so quick you snap the ball it was he was wide open they just had shot and the hornets. Try to. Get back on the winning side of things tonight playing the NBA's worst TSA does a good opportunity here if you're gonna win a game should be noted against the wizards everybody else as they better they'll have to win the the season with that one of those wins was against the Miami Heat. And a -- and a lot of games yet. It doesn't matter when gas and lose your client and I. We'll hear shootaround today if anti Davis will be ago he's the recovery from an ankle injury. Participated in practice this thing he's full contact. But -- -- -- -- monitoring and be careful with right now game to keep them on the fact I think you'd be this one right exact or he could look through just get him back in the mix again. This. Eric Gordon -- Who -- that the -- whomever I could play a couple of games last season back I think we all that Matt -- my -- on it now Adam. Thank you Steve documents went Imus must sports here at WW ally of -- on -- back on your Chile which three forecast after it. I have 25 on a cool Tuesday morning and that winds blowing those temperatures have fallen and it's downright cold out there let's go to the eyewitness forecast manner and it's meteorologist Laura about now. Helpful stay with us today and we -- NC a shower or two highs only around 52 which means -- -- and most of the day in the forties and tonight clouds still with us 20% chance for a shower 35 on the north soared 38 south of the lake. Then beat getting to clear out on Wednesday still a cool day highs at 58. And Thursday mostly sunny with a high of sixty. But the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- town to LC six. The again until Thursday ladies and gentlemen right now it feels like thirties on both sides of the lake it's actually 45 of the international airport but that north wind at seventeen miles an hour. It's Vista express train of cold air blown right across everything in slide out clear and forty degrees on this Tuesday morning taking a look at gas prices it's not just a whole bunch of stations. Summit for under three bucks several on the West Bank couple in Metairie well the current. Averaging greater New Orleans is three dollars and ten cents right now that's been falling. And me a day every day this week. Well I'll long back continues. To -- than average but I'm not as funny places real time -- 99. And glad to hear a coach -- it that. During sports just a few minutes ago. He said we know we're not going to the play now. So for any of those of you in The Who dat nation who were still hoping that maybe. Wild card contenders ahead of the saints with them now and their games and highs -- the things that somehow sneak into the playoffs by winning all of the rest of their games. The coaches. That is not happen this. Update on its five point 7:9 yards Italy Tuesday morning you'll love this cold weather. Yeah I hate it via somewhere in the middle text me 8787. I coming up the latest on the CBS news on one of the biggest banks in the world paying more than a billion dollars in fines for allegedly laundering money for drug cartels. And helping get around sanctions against Iran. Out David like gadget WWL partners in the last day on the job the US attorney Jim what do you think he goes out and change. -- proud of his accomplishments. Which are you. Do you feel that he's leaving in -- are you proud of what he's done and we should get a ruling from NFL commissioner while the former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue. On the bounty appeals to -- whole lot coming -- stay -- here at WWL also what is wrong with people. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news on this eleventh of December 2002. Well. Choose day 82 weeks before Christmas today I mean you had. Have David Epstein shopping days lab does give me much time to. Does this cold weather inspire you Google buys something yeah. Yeah yeah does that the whites look better though the mood changes you know 75. Almost eighty doesn't do yesterday. That to you Mike noted it buys up. And say. Did. I -- you could break your pattern make it happen. It's that excitement the rush that I get at the end. First things are rather picked over -- At Doral get a story here about the -- you're wild and wacky stuff. Current students from an Indiana middle school have been suspended. The school says they viewed. Topless photos of their teacher on a school issued I pass. Their crying foul and their parents anyway and -- -- that we should be suspended. According to fox 159. The highland middle school students from Anderson Indiana simply turn on the iPad up. That had somehow been saying. That teachers well. And in her phone. She had topless photos of herself. And so somehow either by connecting to the computer or wirelessly. It would do the automatic back up whatever there's still going to be out exactly how -- happened her personal photos -- up on the iPad. One of the student says we can't do anything -- get it popped up on core of -- but now it was our. While they say he had the photo on there her iPhone thing doing. She had to have press something to make all of her photos down there -- the student. How old -- these kids in the middle school alone there in eighteen years old. Just -- negate that there are -- line yeah. Interest than curiosities. And an ego go to school turn on the school -- iPad and now. It features topless nothing has the teacher -- -- -- yet now and that's what's got the parents done I'm unhappy one boy's mother says he thinks the repercussions are very unfair and an alleged terrorists done. Every touch iPad just spit it expected. Time. This is just one more lesson on why you should just never amber ever stored digital all photos of yourself naked up -- yourself in compromising positions IV. It's just we've had army generals. With their shirts off. Sending -- -- and it's crazy. In one student said. It's just showed up when our teacher will we turn it on our teacher with a bronze but most of her -- showing I never thought of seeing my teacher like. And if it's. If this from Mikey and I think I'd be pretty upset I have a middle school student and he came home this -- as a wedge to turn on the iPad. So well when I did my teachers naked breast was staring at -- If you go searching for it if you pull up on the Internet -- -- find inspection technologies partners that. So there's more to this story but it. Did I guess the other question did you turn it off right away and look the other way that's the other thing they are here I got -- When I was thirteen that would have been my rear view that oh my god yes. -- aware wild wacky it is in the wacky department called love -- like it -- it somewhere in the middle. I -- You'd love a lot but to explain it to utilities that were feels like on the cost of Christmas. Marketing back to -- -- and those that I love this weather. Does he does whether. I liked it it would stated Baltimore bring back heat the this -- you're gonna boost on whether it's at that like in eleven I want some more thank you -- -- -- in about twenty minutes more birthdays Chris Miller Jonas. From the federal courthouse where Jim what is on his last day today. As US attorney. And the cool changes here no doubt about it blustery and cold it means we better go over the eyewitness forecast Atlantic. Mr. meteorologist Laura not to. -- are. Indeed it is the blustery day in the old like thirties on both sides of the line. Not with these winds coming across the lake north winds we've seen up to about fifteen miles an hour gusts to about 22 miles an hour -- -- Exactly -- pretty cool this morning deftly changed from the weekend let's say that. And I think that the treated felt snobbery just a couple they got shorts and T shirts and now it's definitely bundle up wintry weather and not -- warm up -- -- today. You know and the reason is because the clouds are gonna stay with us that we had that sunshine to warm us up and -- we gonna stay pretty brisk throughout the day. So that's gonna make it feel even colder -- how high this afternoon at 52. And that means -- the majority of the day in the forties right we're gonna briefly maybe make it into the lower fifties that most that I in the forties. And with that wind it's gonna feel like mid forties at all. And then we'll just fall right back off on the sun goes down even colder at this time tomorrow. Applicant in the thirties and and those spots actual -- not to -- like tents the actual tents and thirties tomorrow morning. How are all right do we warm up and all what we -- sixties again sixty well right at sixty for Thursday 67 on Friday they yell but we can't seventy. It's a and you don't like the cold weather to break till the weekend it'll warm up just a little. That's exactly right at the only thing right now is it warm back up. You know -- -- -- -- -- a couple days the roller -- will take that next step or climb to that next Pete I did get a text message today it's 7870 to one thing. Do you discard alert today. Cool -- not think about that earlier in. And the winds are gusting like that over twenty miles an hour on the -- stained at seventeen at the airport you tell me you're an official here's the thing I think it's pleasant -- the -- it's cold outside group not connected with the start I had that I guess here it does it. Lord shall we. Warner sure. You hear it hear your -- and we're here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Others should be aware that if you see someone wearing a skirt gusts may push it right up over the airwaves. Our. -- we got to ask this question a toilet together what is wrong with people. About this guy from Cuba who is now awaiting sentencing about twenty years in prison. For bringing birds. From Cuba and the United States. Pants. Six team cubic bull -- hidden in his pants. Six teen yet not 66. Need -- I don't know I'm a part stern and the flutter around and I got caught Colorado we -- -- at the action a weird and it actually. So just -- to all. They flap their wings in you know the. Gators they either admitted the birds were from Cuba any plan that element in the US has. It's dangerous in many ways magicians used dogs and they hide them in their sleeves and and there. Apparently they just kind of sit there Weytman. I don't know sixteen inches in your pants. Maybe had a really well for its. That this. On any level thank you. For. It like here Byrd against you live in Cuba right here impoverished it is worth the risk this sixty Burton and that it's a woman the last. Are worth twenty years in prison yankees -- ever find that guy you know provide me with sixteen Byrd spent the fact depravity of -- who at one burden might. Contend yes that. The idea that the case I think I threw my day out that I ever. Have any particular. Product people all have a great. Thank you Laura Laura bogged down alive and direct Eyewitness News forecasts and sports with Steve Geller. No birds in his -- there after the the text message today 77 is as the cost of Cuban -- -- is about 240 to 350 dollars in the US. Of this guy at sixteen birds and its pants but they've never to 300 dollars you stand to make 4800. Box. Now maybe would have put sixteen boards in my pants for 5000 dollars. -- what had to smuggle in the US that's -- -- -- -- -- there bright eyed stares -- gallon regular sports on this Tuesday morning. Good morning -- in the -- -- and now it's just finish out the season with a three game winning streak to avoid the team's first losing record since 2007. The Bucs come to town this Sunday an interim head coach Joseph -- says. They'll continue to just take things one game at a. Time don't worry about the national football and you can go bowling news you can't buy everything you -- -- you do what you yet. Show up similar work hard to get better we'll of course keep working together won't work hard to be accountable and other coalition would happen. The black and gold are about to get some closure stemming from the NFL's bounty probe. A person familiar with the decision says former commissioner Paul Tagliabue will rule this afternoon on the latest round of player appeals. And that any potential punishment will be delayed by a week. The delays decide to give federal judge in New Orleans the opportunity to rule on the pending motions to throw the suspensions and removed Tagliabue as the appointed arbitrator. All the patriots have made -- every lab statement on Monday Night Football. Brady pointing out his protections in the gun gets the snap propped -- the pro. He says he looks long. Tom Brady threw four touchdown to New England routed Houston 4214. But pats who are already on the AFC east title moved to watch one game behind the Texans for the conference's top -- Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne -- will miss Sunday's game at Oakland with a rib injury. Coach Romeo for now says it's possible the former LSU tiger is done for the season it. Western Kentucky has hired Bobby Petrino as its new football coach the former Arkansas coach replaces Willie Taggart who left held toppers to become South Florida's coach. Katrina -- 34 and seventeen record with the razorbacks but he was fired last spring from what the school -- a pattern of misleading behavior. Following he motorcycle accident that ended up revealing he was having extramarital affair. And the hornets host the Washington Wizards tonight tip off on one of 53 FN is at 7 o'clock. Today have four on sports talk -- this close this season solely due to the absence of coach Sean Payton. Hi Steve Geller with your early morning -- 5:52 minute Tuesday morning two weeks from the day's Christmas. Moon. Man this year's line by means three weeks from today will be January 1 2013. Tomorrow's 121212. That's pretty cool -- them that'll happen and over him and saw at least that's where alive newscasts and that and it went out you know. You know if you believe the -- down there and Andy did this month in the world will be you know exploded a fireball something that your government. The last time until the year 3001. While the same date month and year. In the date 121212. It is such things -- ego suspension for its players ruling expected today from former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue. First question is. Why do you expect the expect these suspensions to be fears and harsh and can they or will they extended the next season. See that's -- the question of extending into the next season is definitely a big question right now Vilma is this four game suspension. Jonathan Vilma is as for the year and Will Smith originally it was four games. Jonathan -- was originally the entire season right exactly and it's just a question now -- if you Will Smith accepts this which. The players have been adamantly fighting this declaring that they they don't want to admit to any guilt they were given a proposal by the by the league. And was denied. I just I just think this that is gonna carry on again to another phase and I think it will end up extending to next season because. Of the players just don't. Aren't accepting the. Because there. Convinced that they were innocent and it did no wrong the -- they were out there Robert a settlement that they turned down. According to report threat right exactly in May just be a -- -- -- -- guilty they did not doing that yet it was they felt that statement there were the wording and if that. There was -- and you know a truce and that made them. You know look bad in and they're just not willing to admit to anything that -- any wrong there was no Downey no pay for performance programs this what is there. I'd say you think this thing drags on. Well past today's ruling that federal goes back to federal court and then we'll see what happens at from a fan's perspective I'd like to see it go away. You know I know -- the double wants to get paid and Will Smith wants to get paid and I stand that -- -- -- fighting for what's right and constantly believe there in a -- They wanna prove that but from a hand fan's perspective. I'd very much like deceit. -- suspension served at the end of this year and it not be an issue. And -- states can start fresh and new and. But to me in in your heart apart if you know that you did nothing wrong how can you accept that somebody. You know you accepting some accusation except that -- -- to -- brief break now Mottaki entertainment sports like experience that Steve gallery here on WWL. I'm looking your wintry forecast next. Our eyes as some people love this fall -- thank you for the text messages and 87870. Other people eating it well that the editors if you don't like it matters -- it'll change. We'll see -- -- around 52 day feeling more like the forties all day long been cloudy skies tonight. Lows dipping into their thirties and still could see a -- the shower too especially along the coast. Finally clearing out a bit for Wednesday but still a bit cool -- of 58 and mostly sunny on Thursday with high -- sixty. But the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark walked out. Five now the airport -- a north wind at seventeen make it feel like the thirty's clearance fortieth like Albert just enough way to make it feel like the thirty's there as well or a seventy to be back for the weekend. -- -- doctors in for the next four hours upon and now bank dominant texted me gave him -- every point out the error my way. I met 2100 the next is that -- the -- a month and year. January 1. Point 10110101. That well I'll be dead either way. We'll -- -- will we're all done after December when he first out -- of this year so I don't really know. Well like that -- -- you still have to do the next -- funds to wait until it -- you know him well we talk about that hospital hopes. That the disc jockeys in Australia did you know you can't do that kind of thing here is illegal according the FCC. Andy hoosiers console that listeners is that we'll also talk about the Supreme Court taking up. Lightning rod issue gay marriage. Right the lightning rod himself Tucker and acts -- green -- talk -- sports leader.

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