WWL>Topics>>12-11 12:35pm Garland speaks to Doug Sunseri about Saints bounty

12-11 12:35pm Garland speaks to Doug Sunseri about Saints bounty

Dec 11, 2012|

Garland speaks to Doug Sunseri, co-host the weekly radio show "All Things Legal" on WWL, about Saints bounty suspension being revoked!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Approach children which brings together on the ruling -- former lawyer and felt commercial Paul Tagliabue. Because she vacated. Just minutes ago visions of suspensions. Of four current and former saints later. And and obviously -- -- due to your current commissioner Roger Goodell. But he also concluded. That Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith. -- ringleaders. Of a -- for -- program. Awarded the Andrew tackle well and lose -- knocked out. So one side. Is vacating the suspensions. On the younger. These cinder delta announcing any mention at all about. Sean Payton and I only had do you repay him for salary -- seasonal -- repairing. The saints fans who paid money Oreo depleted team of coaches and players. Telcos sort over yourself. Dogs and -- are usually -- and improve. Experience within a pillow will be your dog welcome Lucia. Aren't aren't gonna happen Garland are you can I. Make the odd person and I got -- ruling came down about about fifteen -- can -- The second thing is I thought that these strong the strongest actual defense the player's head. Well as well we're employee. The employer put in this program. And these players. I have contract where -- can walk entry indicated they're not guaranteed contracts. Going on here is guaranteed or sorry -- should. -- you know people in the NFL and or participate or you don't want up -- usual are on the outs which coach is still picture right there. I think the players like look all we're doing -- following instructions to our employer. Charged. -- -- -- -- the ultimate responsibility we should not bear the responsibility. Of the coach is implementing a program. Is a proper. So basically within a coach Ernie this book. In fact there -- commissioner. -- -- -- about -- cracked. But the application -- the facts to the punishment or wrong future participation. -- coaches and administration. -- is that if that's the case from my understanding is tackle Bruce ruling. Comes right up through a brand new room hearings. And I think for the person -- loved films would turn his NFL players association. Debra presumed to move players. To crawl to determine G and a pro witnesses in the pro. If that's true. They're they're about to be something there that simple written jokes exactly what dog to -- says. But didn't tackle who comes out and says. No suspensions. But they did do what they were accused. Why even put that in there. Because basically they didn't really do what their returns -- it was -- Prize. -- I think I think what he's trying to do I think there's a couple things going on first the ball. I think as a matter of policy. The NFL -- car this issue and I think Jon Vilma did an excellent job -- initially issue a lot to the detriment to the NFL. In order to work from -- a resolution. And in the court system and within any -- within the collective bargaining agreement here appeals process. I think on one hand the NFL and look we -- -- once sanctioned tests by the players even hit the coaches tell tell you to do this. Audio and we understand that you're in the employee and the coaches or employer or management side so when are we don't we'd probably say the punishment. I'm participating in this. Because management is so -- that formulate this program management to wanted to implement this program. And Europe following instructions and basically we understand what happens to players who don't follow instructions they end -- -- incredible the way the war. So on I think that's the bases but they've ever felt did not want to sanction this requires the future as saying look we don't want you say it's OK -- -- it -- coach. Or -- intelligence can do something that she knows. Not proper. All right explain something to me if people that have volunteered. To play the game they're pro football players and they were little -- And even today. I would submit you can find one. That says they wouldn't go play of the way you did did it all over again. But tons of them or able to assume. Over. Injury news we receive. Can't Vilma Smith from -- Hargrove. Patent. All of them soon. OK let's break it down first ball. He got to look at from monetary standpoint. -- has not been missed starter on any game checks or mr. out any games that he didn't sound babies. Practices -- -- should bench -- -- -- thought this can't own anything -- terribly. So for me -- perspective he's getting paid the same as he would as if this pensions would not handed down. Now or the other hand. They were careful to say there -- not change. Your number we're saying that factually true. And they're correct. So. -- -- -- can't say in the air defaming me by saying something about you that's not true. There's been -- so I mean everything we're all part of the fact we think are true. Issued the application -- act to not warrant a suspension the commissioner Goodell has painted -- So can -- -- They can't -- be simple laws were being calm so maybe. -- vacancy from Auburn nebulous claims saying -- -- you know betraying me but they've really care because NFL and we still can't actually all just stated in the county program. At the request for the management of the coaches. So that's sort the distinction. Now again. I think in the -- true occasionally I'll find Iraq on no facts to be true and not really gonna shift the responsibility. For a sanctioned away from the player should -- the coach could do the ones who are ultimately. I'll formulated recruited equity -- implemented. So we're gonna continue to hold them responsible and that's what I can watch it and abuse so strong and -- -- or. The fact we don't have any change earlier are a good fact into or going to modify the punishment for the players. Doug juniors they were the whistle blower venturesome a question from finch. Who are I would go dogs and Surrey will lose whose involvement unifil. On the legal side of -- for very long time series 60. More than seven -- protect your portions of elements seven is settling. Think about it if you haven't heard. Former commissioner. And the mayor and that was you arbitrator. For the all of you there have been knocked out in the car and all that -- -- computer or group. Working accused. And we're ruling today. And -- vacated this descriptions. Of all four current and former -- player who's coming right back -- Your recruiter for the donors give permission. This is good -- cool. Current forms including Jon Vilma will smooth. Junior doing a horrible room. -- -- breach just we did this congratulations. -- -- for having to suspensions vacated. Unfortunately. There's some things that can never be taken back real -- and sir it would boost. -- was on the legal side and then fell for a long time. Talking about all of this still producer William. Elmore -- one of our caller who uses a very interesting question. Melissa you're on the dog sincerity. I -- -- Melissa how are you or are you go. I'm great thank you your church and calling I -- -- small business we have we felt I send. Court that terrible apparel for LSU and for the saint. Our elder down this year alone 75%. Off of last year these people coming in telling yet. They're mad at the NFL and they're not going to support the FL. Do you think that we have some kind of legal recourse because now the eight. It changed. That -- and on the plane or we're appealing that punishment. I'm the short answer is probably not armed reason why is junk -- animal was actually suspended. And are all know will speak out on the hit the prospect of being suspended -- there -- ultimately vindicated. So. You know what you bring up a good point because the commissioner Goodell handled this entire matter. You're basically taking a year of the thank you know Larry. In a year that they were both mr. group that you -- Super Bowl and wall close every year. You know. That they -- seemingly content to -- Are so no but again he is now. We Horry entering or replacing. The blame on the coaches and management. There -- in his. You know look we're not saying you all -- as an organization Interpol talked it and we can all walk factual findings are correct -- -- There you don't even some of the players may not told us. The truth. We first interviewed Graham who was gone a little cart -- But we're not holding the players responsible. Because it's marriage there -- implement this program. Soul they're not saying that -- on center exonerated with the organization circus -- we're not punished at all part of the organization involving employees partners. -- Helmer John -- did do you launched celery dude and Renault was second question. About draft picks. Well again a distinction here. -- if they're not saying that his organization exonerated. Just saying we're not gonna hold the players responsible for -- discipline standpoint. Coach ER I think with -- just the terror Harper's if there's not receipt is piano so. And the -- about maybe not. There on the coaches may be certain about their marriage being -- comedy. About the exit the program. Is the but the program itself. And I think that's would personally wrangled commissioner Goodell and incoming count -- -- -- British and I think that they -- -- Would've not come clean -- provided more accurate information sooner. It probably wouldn't be a big issue going to be named chief describes it requires -- -- the twenty. Coaches may be a late round pick something too polished now I think this is my personal opinion. The commissioner Goodell purse I got upset because he because -- -- urgent mission would not. -- -- Additionally and also no -- there pretty important and that because of program and told them to take care of it. It was and try I think it was more purse question that he was trying to demonstrate you look. You know I try to pull one on the commission saw this -- do we wanna sit on. So I think it's you know Genentech -- suppliers to the extent the same look. There are employer would do with the employers says to do. And so we've -- punished players who as a as a as an organization was still on hold you response or. Here's a text says they can sue for defamation. This -- -- not a court to determine definition it was only during the see what unifil determined. They could easily take this scored for defamation. Have all evidence presented to an open court but the jury how else. Yeah yeah OK I we're America. Anybody any thing that did it and so my -- is more -- whether they would prevail and not. And so. Yes and I would not be surprised. If there's a lawsuit. -- I would not be surprised if the NFL and -- travel. Because not because. Maybe the law itself. Or the defense is gonna walk. I think he haven't -- one it is issue all the back burner -- -- not appear to want he talks about on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday injury report. They'll match ups and how these machines they don't wanna be talking about county extension. And in those types of issues they want it appears. All the newspaper they wanna get it all turned down went from behind now and I think that while commissioner Eric Dubuque. You know is made an impartial. Judgment. He also implemented a policy consideration for the best and spherical and we are tired talking about just county thank. Quick how to ensure we can't come talk radio which are. Content newspaper article about -- and not football. We like a -- tackle football so therefore I'm coming up it has copper lost art project management. In order take this issue off the table in duke head towards our football related issues. In the early in the -- I miss Schwartz yourself about a draft picks and the chance of those being reduced. We now because because I don't think so because -- -- it did didn't Perry. That give witnesses against PayPal or who support the common program would not credible. They did not say that the saints organization did not implement this program or somehow formulated. Always said was we're not gonna hold the players responsible for the risk but it got exonerating. The saints. Rightfully won't poorly on the apple are actual implementation of the program war. Jacqueline Kennedy. Dude do you think there's clear his film won't Schmidt for -- Hargrove. I I think it. There's and to the extent. Putting them you know this you know keep coaches to tell you this is what we're going to do. To ramp up our defense we want you to participate. It's understood that there are you know -- happens to players when they cost management or PDA. Come from. Navy participating in certain objectives. Are they get cut you know or their contract Europe -- It's just saying look we didn't this -- -- -- not saying the players or exonerated. From a factual standpoint which is saying that we're we're gonna hold management the coach is responsible for their. And we're not -- punished employers. Don't go appreciate the timely -- choose your have a good day. -- if you miss the well arbitrator. Will be. -- Scandal former publisher pulled who do. Vacated the suspensions of the -- -- current and former say players --