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12-11 6:10pm Bobby & Deke talk to Sean Kelley about the Hornets

Dec 11, 2012|

Bobby & Deke talk to the Voice of the Hornets, Sean Kelley, about tonight's match against the Wizards

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Reports the Hornets Shawn -- Dodgers now Sean thank you so much for the time and I guess the. Yes you can -- and this is partners because Boozer -- just -- in the 07 wins combined. Between these two clubs not rules actually it -- ought to mean yeah. But evidently they're back that I -- that are so little piece of that promise but it's been kind of working around a club the last couple of days. He'll come off the bench for keeping it going tonight and then they'll be out he does. And the double B -- -- get back -- the body lock up your remark or perhaps brought it back -- all. Now I Sean you always have to have look within reason at all that you look at the Hornets opponent. Obviously. You wanna get a win no matter what the circumstance but what is the status. With the Wizards right now is that John Wall is any Hurd also. The other -- I mean but I want to compete up there and got four guys that are critical. Yes I'm all about agent prize to support your guys are starting point guard. Now he's got the fractured hand and Trevor Booker and and Trevor reasoner -- important -- felt pretty well I'm going to be a true. And -- just go for the wedding on their first road win of the year -- -- I don't mean to disrespect the Wizards are not going to see the order as what it seemed like. Wasn't in the final or the -- B well you know last year I mean that that's that help and then I'm also anxious to see Brett repeal. The other big gun that would came out of the draft in the summer youth of our -- -- They'll point guard for the workers tonight and you have Davis or that side so it'll be neat to see two top five draft guys. What in the same -- Shawn -- voice of the Hornets tonight at 7 PM tip at New Orleans Arena Hornets. In -- the Washington Wizards shown Kelly and John -- Asia will have the call for your -- radio Shawna. I guess I'll opposition this is I can't have you with the broadcast team it people who with the team dated eight. Become like -- us in the fans Wear it every day goes by I would like. Away in the big news and Eric Gordon implant because when I expect him to play it is a month and -- to -- just thought it -- no thought the sixty million dollar man. You know that are part of -- you know and again I I work for the same -- our broadcast per game Zambrano -- our -- It is it is frustrating because you -- -- kind of product if they're a row the last couple games in the -- what Angel hitters of all polite. And yet they don't have a closer they don't have very -- help them. Finish a ballgame. Or -- -- out of the starting lineup if you more -- Against another team's second unit so that part kind of frustrating good big news today. Is a piece of curtain here but I think you are welcome because you've been hitting or something you've been spending your real -- that. Attribute -- -- -- they'd probably get a little more traction and our turn on the court toward the end of the month where. Gordon himself as that that could be a possible trying to come back so when you -- the teams start later quarters supposed to play. Then if he was back. Is it actually. Gives you some trauma -- -- but I hope it's not -- But it sure reported a team like Toronto. Or watching courier or Cleveland right now who. And -- it in the -- be the end of this thing don't want our -- or it's probably. -- your courses in the end of this struggle. Now I -- it is early body of work beginning this season but what you seen. So forward to new additions -- Aniston and Lopez so what did you take on them so far. Anderson them like an all star he's carried the load that he can't call it any other way. He's carried the load leading scorer he's averaging over eighteen -- Carter. He's on track obvious to just not just for it would -- Peja Stojakovic -- franchise record for reasons he's been. And he's been he's been. He's been a reason or it's I don't know why you would get injured or want my teams but at least at least you've been competitive most nights and he's probably the reason why. And then Lopez of these big surprise because the public was struggling even last year the backer but mostly it now. Is serviceable arms so the spotlight guys have been on the bright spot. The downside is good and they're still trying to figure out. Guard player it especially through the the -- the shooting guard multiple positions. He is the voice of your New Orleans Hornets show on Kelly tonight the Hornets look to pick a bit. Sixth win of the season at three and eight at home taking on the to a fifteen the team it's not won a road game this year. The Washington where it's it's -- A toss up and it would handle so people could probably in game. Are you are archer RL in laws and shark get him much on thank you so much you've -- have a great call tonight but it ordered our national.