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Dec 16, 2012|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the shut out win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Look what happened on Saints -- WW LAM ad campaign. I'm qualifications anybody any bad time Deke Bellavia disappointed I'm thinking he's seafood in the French quota. -- -- need to get some delicious -- of votes seafood -- about the politics in some of ourselves but don't forget about the needs and them they have you do your holiday cooking in fact they can do it all for you go to the -- That -- DEA in he pans -- Thomas and owners such great menu items like for your holiday -- stuff monotone. Augusta dressing they've got pride all -- -- Turkey and sweet potato casserole with -- -- which -- can't you're a fan of this holiday season and Budweiser. Have a great time but he's more -- choose. Eight designated driver New Orleans 41. Tampa -- zero now we've got a another front coming in some bad weather expected in our area and wanna get all of our units on the way home and everybody in that area. Up to -- on the weather will go to Alexander crammed for it in the WW TV what Fasano for a weather update Alexander. Now we are seeing some showers out there right now know we had a line of rain moving in there are no watching is -- no warnings no severe weather out there but actually we do you have a little downpour just over -- right now. And also moving across the causeway a few showers. Around ten. And we are also looking for a slim chance of some severe weather especially late tonight so. Overnight tonight into early Monday morning we might -- Alexander what -- we go after the last probably got some beautiful cool weather for a few days. I was out look at this front. You know let this one is an extremely strong so it'll be chilly tomorrow night we might be in the forties on the North Shore and around fifty or so South Shore. And have a nice day on Tuesday but it's a pretty quick little warm up the middle and end of the week. We're watching another system on Thursday though that might actually -- down a good bit into the thirties. On the north source it would be feeling a little bit more early December by that point I think. So we got -- of miles front come in the beginning of the week and maybe later in the week. One to give us some good weekend whether. Yeah I think so your weekend is looking pretty gut is we look to Saturday and Sunday at the moment so. Stillman is on Tuesday too so my when he makes an outdoor plans for that until. Alexander -- in the WW TV weather center with an update Alexander thank you so much we appreciate as a little thank you guys -- right. Party one to zero Bobby just to -- -- to date on what is looking like a historic day. Any NC south division since Corso. Came together in 2002 but I think. Atlanta won. Today. Big time 34 to zero we won 41 -- 20. Think Carolina leads San Diego would have 1024 to zero -- to get too caught up. This is what's going on right now I don't remember ever happening in in in the first half of all three games. Carolina and -- in New Orleans. Outscored their opponents 65 to zero. So far it's Jim shutout total quarters in those three games and in the Tampa in in our game and the Carolina team. The opponents. New Orleans and Carolina. Allowed a total in the first half a 162. You know it's. Tampa had -- 6:0 did and I am in right now San Diego only has 66. Antonio is after they scored 34 point mrs. Taylor against the Steelers in Pittsburgh last week. Who don't know the guy you can explain that it is kind of -- -- don't make -- and you know and I think the book is in. The guy and and if you do if you do bet on NFL. It just shows you how there is no rhyme or reason why certain things work out as you say. How humbling QB well yeah it's very humbling because risen everyone's so professional. And you think you're high on the hog it and you are ready to go on a roll. No the only team as of late -- You have to say you know be interested if you haven't hit them against the 49ers. As the Patriots yeah I think it was the Patriots. In a meaningful game look at it has given that they put on the Texas they've. Humbled some people may result in -- you don't -- is grinding away and -- being weird streak now they -- they they look 34 screening game. But you go back and you look just like okay once he won many candidates. Washington -- are right now time. But the NFC east but they're both eight and six and both those teams have a top regular Seattle is winning 31 is seventeen and get them and we San Cisco. So we're basically you know. Out of it now wasn't -- once Seattle finishes off their game. -- quit generous and -- Bobby. Is earlier in the year. When did a good loss to New England that could come down to who's going to be one or two yeah Houston's still got a game lead over the league and even though they lost on it and it's. But one of those teams and he could come down to -- in the big game this -- aren't any you know now you move on to the next night. Go again that doesn't -- here it could be meaningful. That is so impressive about the Giants. When they always had that constantly go on the road to get -- -- snowballed ultimately become Super Bowl champs that's why I think even if he can be the number one seed I think if you played -- percentage and number two seed. It is really important. Where you don't have to always win over on the road to get this little boy you might have survived the home field advantage so that's. That that's very important. But going forward I think it's amazing to love an -- to give his numbers come back with a great. What is the Redskins QB if you look at their adversity here with you were talking about in DC and our team. The road against the Bears are tough team and tennis that was put out RG three and out on -- three and went down and making -- came back and once he knows this so you look at. What they've done that that turn their chilly. The Redskins are good for the NFL they are relevant but coach Shanahan thought they were thought they were down and out I don't know that was a PR stunt or whatever. -- -- -- -- to win we have evacuated at every gateway for the past five weeks it's amazing with the Redskins have done. New Orleans Florida one Tampa Bay zero this is the point after All Saints radio that he -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Independent I look -- how would hurt to come that this afternoon and shame that you -- -- -- can't push to become both. I want to thank you can then you're remembering correctly what New York pitcher that -- -- thank you think you can fortunately I'm won't. I'm -- the only. I didn't I didn't understand exist yeah -- the first allowed just wanna make some and we can sing and don't. Look I think you would Memphis egotistical arrogant don't let. You think that they it. Can't put that should be -- pulled -- what happened to him today -- you think that this thank should be humble about what happened to them at seventy. Yet have we -- that -- -- for three hours and I would say that that for three hours last Sunday when they got humiliated by the Giants. It just shows you that the NFL is humbling. And when you can't ever -- you gradually getting paid. So up sizzle what value talking about where I -- would you say you people. And that's a very good and it. -- -- -- and we -- when you use this this past those reasons you columns from memory you know it is in Louisiana to go. Mentally I don't I don't even know it but I'm originally from -- And I just want to let you know -- I'll. Yeah zone this season allocate that nagged by Paul Odyssey that now we get to utterances glory isn't that Dallas the other nick. And since quitting on a hot -- -- eight years. We looked at the end we can play according to you -- -- -- -- don't -- -- -- -- zillion if you don't -- you can leave Louisiana go. -- -- -- Yeah Christmas -- yeah different realistically. We still think this Christmas yeah you know run. The Cowboys have not been relevant. And forever knock it down to you when you talk about somebody you gotta you gotta do an investigation that's why you answer a couple of questions. And then hope follow wax was a that was call -- McDonald I'm saying Cowboys already but -- aren't even the best team. You can native Texans cannot even this big chance at winning this week people post people did -- him. Are better that's a national perspective. In the Cowboys. So this any of the Cowboys -- holed a lot of states fans you know are we over the Cowboys went. We were watching the game we hope they beat the Steelers -- in a three way tie so Jason Garrett keeps his job in their hand -- and iconic Cubs still our coach. But realistically. Come on the -- Danny won anything. In killer Troy Aikman now when you wanna talk about shut out. And how -- part of three majors shut outs and Saints history. In the superdome Mercedes-Benz superdome. I said this earlier in 1991. That Dallas the last shot on at home in the superdome. We beat the Raiders 27 to zero. The largest shot out as the blatant. In the superdome would be about one point today was party won -- zero we beat the Broncos at 88. Party June 20 put -- great Troy Aikman. And Jimmie Johnson. They're showing you how it -- -- June. In the NFL. Their first game. It took 28 to zero and all of ninety. I had a good -- out. Troy Aikman. Jimmie Johnson they went one and fifteen that year won a fifth team the Dallas Cowboys. I think I was -- and then the way he treated Tom Landry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay -- not commented -- about because it pumps you up about it but we've gone today but. I can't miss this could create committees and and Albert Mac and and Jed knew all all manner I think that at basically he should be our band and playing. You know it does not happen because to me every -- there in the game here big goal. Three and out or something happens OK okay great calling -- three and now I really think that they can have more now and what they. Do. Well talent and you know you know it when when something happens -- and someone gets injured it's always. You know you hear coaches say that next man up and -- -- -- I didn't manage opportunity everywhere I went Malcolm that the end anyways who gives them an opportunity to move forward. What does -- Nolan is the well to do -- they go out there look at this thing we got we got some guys here we listened and. All I know is like he's taking the look look how we shut down basically Kennedy trying to pass the ball and annual query came from Alvin Mack is is from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He's a veteran. We're looking at plays yet that takes six to give us the lead to momentum against the Giants were up 70. When you look at significant plays vs Korea while white. I'll draft pick kind of Sanford are you look at Johnny Patrick from Louisville. I mean who's made more plays Albert -- Now you look at Malcolm Jenkins considering where he was drafted and duplicate -- I don't know. -- pay dues. -- pretty he's done two games to mix how long it took Roman -- Malcolm Jenkins -- -- -- -- So a lot I mean all I know is look at when you get the opportunity. Do you take advantage of it and coach Spagnuolo. Djokovic del aware of that. All I know is page views and Albert Mac has taken advantage of their opportunity get on the field and make plays. You look at the first time grabbed him by before it Tampa Bay three plays six yards upon eight plays 57 you know it's intercepted. Three police Manning you know with the punt four -- seven yards innocent compares it in the final at -- five straight tearful pleas. 42 yards and a punt just. Dominant the whole big big if you look at it is dominant and then you look at overall. It is that they wanted to run the ball. But the only runs the ball in the -- because they had to play catch up. But I'm gonna go back to how they sit at home. In a guy. Who ran over other teams he would give -- -- 3233 yard touchdown run against us the first game in the first half. He had sixteen yards. 2.0 average and I'm telling that guy coming into this game. We're dried out there when he repeated today Marshawn Lynch can really do anything that that's who was so shocking. And I mean we expect all offense. To -- all the -- the -- because he's hitting before in the past but -- defense solid defense was smoke in. In their first half they had 41 downs are you kidding me. And that's talking about Buddy Ryan and the 46 bears' defense to give up or off the the puck first downs and a half. Did you look at -- 96 total yards. Core that was garbage yards at the end no. Don't patrol are no patrol. This eight team under coach thank you know all the great players whatever. You look at -- half of football. That goes as dominant as -- kids as they only had 96 total yards. And for a first down third and realize that that's embarrassed. In this in the second quarter right -- you look at it once again at thirteen drives. Tampa -- had -- -- made it four decisions -- caused a fumble to Paterno was on down the end of the first ended in the game. And they didn't cross our red zone until late in the third for. No ability and let me tell you I haven't -- there is shocked how they came to an emergency and they have Thibodeau did they have been a blocking all yearlong head Danny dogs eight point -- it was a Bolton -- had Denver. Against the Broncos. And and we beat them at seven inch Cameron knows -- good every game. But today we're learning as they weren't in his game from the get go and -- -- we come back. And -- there -- days -- don't know that -- decision as with 630 left in the third Carolina is pitching a shutout right now. 31 to zero so you can have Atlanta New Orleans and Carolina all -- wouldn't shut out. Today and it doesn't he's not gonna get like the SEC the SEC citizens out we all knew that new Marlins thought they want Tampa's zeroed support out there on Saints radio WW it's. -- And welcome back. To the point ascending as it gets caught up with -- schoolboy who Steven gala it's just a few moments alone and you know with the point after has -- -- By DEC school where we had at the All Saints home games. And at the All Saints kings on the corner of I've Louisville and golfing in the world famous French Quarter -- some is barber earlier it was everybody in the house of Merry Christmas and a happy new year. And reminding you think he is can help you take care of -- holiday. And we get together but Martinis at that found the -- -- offering up for this holiday season greats like always to -- sweet potato casserole. The pro town proud and some other Turkey that he needs help you do your holiday cooking and it's also -- But -- have a great time but these -- and choose 858. Draft. Foley get to the phone line that's pizza caught up with all of today's goal that's what the scoreboard in studio with Stephen younger. Here's the NFL's more. Brees threw for 307 yards and four touchdowns in the Saints recorded their first shutout since 1995. And he 41 nothing to beat down of the Buccaneers. From the shotgun Freeman all sorts of time -- on gonna throw the end zone. Jabari Greer had two picks -- field bush and he's I've -- -- the others. Think Cameron Jordan forced a fumble on a sack and recovered it giving the floor delete the five turnovers on the day. After the game Drew Brees says that while their ultimate goal for this year may not be obtainable this team will not laid down the rest of the way. Even though maybe that's Super Bowl trophy can't be r.'s this year I was so -- put -- and we were very prized recruit guys. -- river does understand the big big picture. That is that -- here we're going to be together for a long time and we can start building the foundation something now. That will carry over for years to come. The Saints are in Dallas next week to battle the cowboys' New Orleans wasn't the only NFC south team posting a shut out today -- arrive at a -- takes a snap. -- -- -- -- Matt Ryan threw three touchdown passes in the Falcons -- welcome New York Giants 34 nothing. One more win Fred Lynn and lock up home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Green Bay Packers clinched their second straight NFC north title with a 2113. Victory over archrival Chicago. After Roger shotgun if he looks an -- Big day for James Jones who scored 43 touchdown passes thrown by Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. Adrian Peterson continued his quest of breaking the record for rushing yards any single season and Donte -- of the the twenty -- of left the 45. Fifty. Good at -- Maybe it's -- AP Grand Prix season best 212 yards lead the Vikings -- 836 to 22 victory over the Rams. Peterson now has 1812. Yards rushing he's 294. Yard -- sure shy of breaking the NFL's -- single season record. Of 2105. Held by Eric Dickerson. Denver beat the -- Ravens 34 to seventeen for their ninth straight victory. Peyton Manning threw for 204 yards in a -- -- his ninth consecutive win against Baltimore the first with the Broncos. The Miami Dolphins kept former teammate Chad Henne out of the end zone and -- to Jacksonville Jaguars 24 to three. The Houston Texans are AFC south champion for the second straight year after beating the Colts 49 to seventeen. Robert Griffin the third walks on the sidelines as the Redskins and other rookie quarterback 10 game. Great course for the Clippers center. So I thought Redskins. Kirk cousins threw for 329. Yards and two touchdowns filling in for an injured RG three. Beating Washington to its fifth straight wins 38 to 21 over the Cleveland Browns. Teams that are currently action goal in the third quarter it's all Seattle over the Buffalo Bills 47 to seventeen. Arizona leads Detroit 24 to ten. Carolina trying to join the shutout party they're leading San Diego 31 to nothing. Pittsburgh and Dallas all knotted up quicksand and Oakland unsurpassed and -- accounts -- four field goals -- the Kansas City Chiefs twelve to nothing. Hi Steve popular with a look at the NFL scoreboard for W to. Well AM FM and WWL dot com. All right Steve you don't have planned job keeping us up. -- -- both Floyd and -- now as though we were talking earlier about there at the historic day in the NFC south as we move now with two minutes left in the third. Carolina 31 with. San Diego zero so we're about a quarter and two minutes away from having three shootouts in the division today. The end and it probably look at down NFC south. And I said this earlier if you look at head to head. Until today Tampa Bay Buccaneers won ten games the New Orleans Saints won ten games and now we won eleven you know so. In this chart history out that. You know NFC south. I don't think this ever occurred. I mean I mean -- bit. Louis Kansas Speedway that's who shut out the media one yeah eight yeah I know it once they considering how hard it is. -- shut out though we all know. Big east at the last set I was against the Jets win in 955. Brown devolved into the greatest thing man history instead as is goes is tell you that I didn't have any gray -- and that time the last shut out. In the superdome we beat the Raiders on Monday night in 91470. That the largest shut out in the superdome as of late. Was against the great John Elway the Broncos 198842. To zero so no blows so hard to come by when all said and done and how big. She before we go back -- -- phone -- do you break down to score by quarters. And how you dictating the tempo. That was one quarter. That this Saints have been outstanding. Is the second quarter. He saves. If you look at it. That was really the only quarter we about score Al opponent. You're aware ran right now and -- you close out games in the fourth quarter. -- we get outscored opponents a 110. 21 on nine only one point -- well we outscored Kennedy's seventeen to zero. Which is dominate. And a bucket there's going to it is gained only quarter we have not won. Is -- second quarter they were outscored. 96. To 64. So if you look at that now they've been outscored. 112. To six feet forward to going to have time. Now in his second quarter and the reason why bring that up to show you how important it is to close out games. In the fourth quarter. The Saints you know coming into this game against. The Sammy Buccaneers -- -- scored 95. The sixty to not be -- in the fourth quarter window of scoring. Ten points those twelve. Is it just 95. You get this right 95 to 72. We still went out score but you look at the past history. If you look at his faith. That all that if you look at last season who you comparing. We were out we outscored our opponents. 156. To 89 in the fourth quarter. Now when you you learn a one reason I want to see global how dominant we weren't closing out games and given the ball to Mike Bell the other clock. Think about this. In 2009. Now we had 98%. This attitude and negative side. We were a 142. To 51. We crushed opponents in the fourth quarter -- about that number look at that point differential. We scored a 142. -- opponents 51 points in the fourth quarter -- -- -- -- -- right now. -- with a ten point advantage against -- movie. We still behind the eight ball at 98 to 72 in the fourth quarter. He just goes to show you. How hard it is to close out games and expectation that we haven't Drew Brees. Would this offense but. This -- it's an -- in its fan. Since then as far as the numbers. According to his game Tampa Bay. Struggled in his second quarter. And they continued to struggle today. And the one quarter -- Saints or advantageous. Was the second quarter and I haven't today as we scored seventeen points and ten and he's. Or zero Bobby it is relevant that we talk about finishing the season that the defense knows it's its -- got to do you guys do. Just to give you an idea if it was dominant there's no question about it but Tampa Bay was on a three game losing streak. Now and we talked about what we hit the -- after three quarters. Tampa Bay had -- 51 employees food 200 game I think it was 52 yards right. Eat two or forty yards to give you an idea how dominated Carolina is playing right now. He's even the turnover battle. Ended down 310. Paramount over San Diego at San Diego's only get many three yards of offense. That is scored 34 points at Pittsburgh in -- rain and snow and you look at you as a -- got to be minus three or four eternal with. -- -- -- Well -- -- you know the moral of that story is hard to guard a guy has to go BLU corny to some are not head coach. Because they have that potential to implement his season number and then and -- nice weather in San Diego. He got to go a visited the that is the bottom line. Why aren't they what if you want the best of both worlds -- money's not a factor. Blog you humility and charged on October by the fan bases uncovered about living conditions. Where it and they get through -- they get too cold if the charges ever win. -- -- -- wanna retire you get all the new RA. How about the elements you have to deal with San Diego would be a great place come on you're reunited immediate. He kept his places San Diego night might be selling it because. Think we have lucky he got a lot of money but there's a lot of he would alone in the sand eagle. If they have those greens resources in La Hoya a -- get a mid Ohio who now what -- wanna live there. Had a -- come on paper. You have to be stupid. If you got your family members all around you and -- La Hoya. C'mon who would then that's what I'm saying that is unbelievable job like Saban -- whatever. We take you say let's save and he started game. And you can go whether it's San Diego you win the Super Bowl. Not that people to bother Ross. Sam brought my teammates got to this to a Bulls you know they got -- and a 49ers with -- you -- it's not a real San Diego's. The target and he was an -- was big but he's elite status as a coach to win and sandwiches and take it seemed to have some of the and now I'm here I'm John Rollins Jimmy has done it and voted -- -- no one has me taken and gone but I think maybe three maybe if Jim and -- and -- Miami with a. Cowboys here's Bobby Ross Ference was yeah yeah yeah if you look at how -- -- now and I think Saban eventually come on they gonna be Notre -- I mean. They got I don't know the -- surprise. It's starting game into beatings. Alabama just don't see that coming and I think David's going to be look at credit next challenge and I know I'd much rather go to San Diego -- Cleveland's. I don't care if you're from Ohio K state Brunell has to go to -- in Ohio and fitness anyway you gotta be kidding me. -- -- New Orleans forty want to have a base zero at some point -- -- -- radio. Hey welcome back breathing easy throws in the world famous French Quarter and come out and zone us that's All Saints games here on the Kona vibe of building a golf scene with -- Any TVs in the spirit squad about whom he doubted the real point after taking on -- that counseled a great holiday menu including. Delicious I -- like -- Rotella wants to present some potato casserole and fried -- -- Turkey and a Budweiser. Also brought you by helping to bring you the corner and wanted to have a great holiday season but he's more -- choose eight -- -- and -- is Barbara came out here the owner of the -- is an aircraft fly and a total of one MIA senior night I mean you know it. She looks back like feels like 2007. Looks as good as ever run into businesses and look good isn't Miller looking as good as ever. And no and obviously be glad that she has as heroes here at the point after. You know I can remember reflect back we're. -- we read. In the end involved town that's right you know it until that point after him now here in the French quarters. French Quarter -- -- -- And no adult -- is their ideas -- right don't make sure got that Chris Wright but -- yet this is the real point have to and it's amazing. Of the great times you've had here in the room looking forward to having any mower here -- know Venus and see. How they close out the season that we can parlay that into. More a little momentum going into the 2013. Season. But I'll -- you know it's frustrating right now. And it's not just me it's been. You know Jeff Duncan -- different number of you for the times Picayune. But basically Drew Brees Jeff Doug Harvey might wanna say and being objective that. You know commissioner Goodell is not welcome here. Run he if he can chill out that it dating game that is Super Bowl when evident that no he is not welcome. And I hit are really goes under another name. Later it was all utilized in navy's main mode again you know. Okay I've got that the satellite DirecTV and I had a -- -- man movies you know the one that was out awhile back is out. And I have to be watching it I could sleep tonight I don't want to get around to the DL looks awful lot like they can hardly the end in its sixth event and move given notice that. Yeah and it's just like that yeah he had no the thing is it all the players are homeowner in the NFL. So why now Roger Goodell came humble himself. To admit he was too harsh for you could make his statement going forward. When the potential lawsuits gonna come a vowel. You know we're all about players they think know we went overboard. I mean Saints fans -- looked really jealous that you right now Paul Tagliabue. Butler Roger Goodell. I mean he can't even shine. Paul Tagliabue shoes that's All Saints fans feel about him. Yeah 2601878668890878. He is the celebrity get -- involved. When he is coming to an on line 72 point thank you for calling the point after on Saints radio WWL. Gary opener tonight for -- -- -- simple -- -- while they never know Sweden but cut but I think you're in but he. I'm used to it now and if -- Up like we should -- the start -- it is Allison and all that not go well at all but I want all the people on but he played more at the I youngster can beat -- against Carolina and back then you probably don't mean much these things. If the wind is it as a you know I try to get -- out of this in the high school I don't know I you know our ties and don't ask don't you know know. -- let's see guys trying to get a letter I can't -- I'll play this second string against well listen to your professional. And now -- and everyone that you expect to play. Is going to be playing until I can now you might see his situation. Depending on how the ebb and flow of the game you might see Chase Daniel last six or five minutes away claim no reserves. Your professional and united -- not been. So while it is the way the NFL structured. It's it is not that way and you've played to win even though you're not going to be the playoff picture. You wanna finish strong. Now which interests him from a player's perspective. Just look it's neat. As the season progresses. Middle middle sitting in -- December. Going into the last game who practices on Thursday. Who's available to be actively play on Sunday. Because I'm telling you sometimes some agent. My mid -- some individual player you gotta think in the long term not short term that if you feel when injury. And the film everything their big guy in the sky don't lie you won an outstanding performance. Because you're auditioning not only for the Saints. With all the NFL teams you have to be at the top you gain but as far as the organization. Know if you're healthy you're playing in -- -- not -- even that didn't even though we tackle wanted to play else. 2601878668890. Rates have the you'd think number because they have all been. Any illness that. The sent out by the discourse on Carolina make it 31 to seven they have over the Panthers who we will play two weeks of the day in the final game of the season. -- Carolinas. Are they playing for pride obviously we talked about that and their job and well -- endless amounts in that organization to focus gave -- -- but I think negative media does -- -- very entertaining game they gonna be ready. To roll try to have some swagger at some confidence. Going to make sure. Look the crowd which is dominated the Giants. What Carolina dominated the Falcons and now they've dominated the charges. So made the biggest they'd be ready to play. That we can't come out to the Cowboys. Back onto the phones we go and let's go to JC in Baton Rouge on lancry TC thank you for calling. The point after on Saints radio that you don't view it. But a good thing earthquake occurred called -- -- -- -- you in on their third yeah. Pretty out. Lately at sloping and it should be -- away -- have you won't Radek are at -- -- -- all -- number Q are you got out and everybody else. It all -- with the Cowboys. When we come out that stadium will put him in good enough playoffs and everything else. And Cowboys and can say what they want. But act he has more pride more important and more talent and one thing and that you -- in my bag. We got every -- quicker. Feet I -- Whenever Sean Payton the oh. If you -- -- -- -- not and I'm not going anywhere everything else I hope you take that ring I'll put domino figured shown what they really all. Yeah out there and listen right now. I mean I don't know was gonna come about in the future. With the Cowboys did announce that this is. Thank you want the Cowboys. To be -- pitch -- play was something learned Jason Garrett. There is around and their future coach. But I've said this even in the pre game you have to look at the market and what it comes a -- And now a -- major college football everybody SEC. Everybody wants to win -- C championship. But not everyone can win it was great season. But SEC we get with six teams that won ten games or more of rank well it's the same thing in the NFL. A lot of these owners very eagle they'll -- winners approval before they dying. In as -- is to be the Cowboys I think. The longer it takes to solidify -- get a deal done was Sean Payton now worry more and more because every year. Just look at it every year. 32 teams there's always six. To eight coaching changes. If you don't win they get ready to get somebody else. And now economic. 49. After the Saints. You know victory against them -- That I would not be surprised. Depending on how they finish. Joint pain bit -- -- -- look at how Woody Johnson ended Jets. Then out then all of a sudden. You know his agents. And go talk to to Woody Johnson and one whenever the Jets been relevant when when Antonio it's I was playing has been all. You know I don't think it depends on what you mean is being irrelevant if you talk about winning the -- will win two we'll hopefully you can you can do you relevant without winning a championship who would you -- to a conference championship that's relevant. Yeah but I'm talking about winning -- Bulls and and going forward if if if the Jets. Don't finish. You know where the owner expects. I don't know -- the -- Atlanta a lot of. Brazilian Mancini when you think about it all of the other -- let me just across the -- yankees yeah he's fourth in the end at the -- with the Giants right giving you share a stadium with a team. It's a long way to the last four assume both they've got to go to play out to be aware of -- -- a -- about -- allowed their playoff lives it's just about. Atlanta -- yeah I think -- the end you know they've got to beat the you don't have to deal -- You hear a number of rumors. You know coach Saban winning a championship Alabama -- forty you have to prove an Alabama. Potentially gonna Cleveland you look at the San Diego job's going to be open right that pin like we sing with the Jets do that that might be a possibility. And and I'll know as coaches have Eagles. And I think you have to -- you needed to and win and get eighty. It's been able gobbling them up in a heartbeat and teams wanna win I mean teams coaches what a win new yard hook up with big -- up in the heart that -- at every level. They want to win at a point where. Book I've done it quite as high school college or professional level. Like -- Jimmie Johnson. We've -- we've brought this up Miami you look at the Dallas Cowboys Barry Switzer. Oklahoma and and the Cowboys you brought up Bobby Ross. Georgia Tech now and they went with the charges but he got there so to me what more. With saving if you if you beat started they went to championship why would maybe you accept that right challenged anyway national football. You and I was in him that the pick. Of what he wanted -- at a time but if I'm Woody Jenkins though and that's what I like you say that's my what's his name change of the Johnson -- would've done it hits. Small one who will I would think it would -- -- the guy -- -- Felt like well then Woody's toy store yet but -- et -- would I would say okay is there is no way I'm going to let. My resources get the weight you know I mean if you debate if it's that my my can they want to state and a certain police. India I can't fight that but if there's anything within my control -- -- rink every resource every bit the backhand. To get it down like you don't like mixing them to Cleveland may feel the same way yeah San Diego may feel the same way because. And he is reviled -- some of the other coaches that are out there right now. He would easily if he would demand is as much as anybody. Milloy got a question and I'll tell you all the even though he didn't have success and all the little ball eyewitness. And this teenage with the rule changes and how they are. I'll tell you Sean Payton is the second coming of Bill Walsh. About football genius in how you call plays against the way you arrange your ways of putting it plays. I'm aiming implicate trying to do Sean Payton is thanks to -- now. Hundred dollars on pain goes anywhere. And I don't know if you lewis' contract. With the -- seventy sugar -- field. Because. Sean Payton -- people listen and they work hand in hand. I mean who knows I don't know this advancing God's plan yeah but I think you won't go down without a fight. Think he's like a Mickey Loomis is -- big priority of playoff machine to do it. -- -- -- of all I'm speculating spin no no zone area with a look at a reckless football he didn't. We didn't take -- -- that those don't nobody acquire just don't even think he drove and -- there. All right thanks so much everybody out here at eight TDs seafood Antonio's next week should be allowed to meet this week as good as they sent to take on the the Dallas Cowboys but don't think it's a the Deke Bellavia final score New Orleans thought they want to have a base zero he has the cajun cannon. I behave bad on the -- you -- it's -- good night people.