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Dec 16, 2012|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the shut out win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to the point out they hear on the Saints radio network where it was New Orleans thought he wanted. And Tampa zero. Let's -- ten seconds when faced identification on the New Orleans Saints radio network. The news talk in sports leader. They'll create -- seventy WWL New Orleans 1053 WWL or famine HT won ten -- New Orleans. And a final score New Orleans 41 Tampa zero and I've been. The first set now we've had since Christmas Eve in nineteen many fine against the you know did that game twelve to zero. Yes and and now as part of a couple of great shut out in Saints history and a ride here in the superdome. You know you look at that shut out Dallas the last time and you know Saints hit -- we -- look at the last. A couple of shut outs and Saints in superdome history and I remember we had to win this game at 99 you only play the Raiders on Monday Night Football. And beat them 270. Now a lot of this is almost the wreckage. But our largest you don't set out at home but in 1988 in the great John Elway who's running the Broncos. We veto fortitude to zero -- -- but they came out and scored every time in 1988 so. This is -- Saints fans expect. Now I don't know beginning to make this sub game any game out above but this is very promise that we could Spagnuolo and the defense and what they're able to do because. -- tell -- the Buccaneers -- we're not chopped liver. It if you look at the talent and and the players that they had. -- can and do what we stop I mean you look at Vincent Jackson. This kid Jackson last time we've waited can't that being. Said at Tampa Bay record. 216. Yards receiving. Well as write it in my notes and he have his first catch it killed two minutes of 49 seconds in the third quarter. I think I'd ever see that but you gotta give a lot of credit like god gave it to bags came to play against the Falcons. When they shut down the Doug Martin is going to be offensive rookie of the year and he did that conversation. Definitely got the see the top running back coming out of Boise State. Mean look at rushing yards we gave me was riding -- 95 per game. He was only behind Adrian Peterson. And Marshawn Lynch -- -- everyone follows football. You look at odd yards of scrimmage he was only behind Adrian Peterson. Have been -- 124 yards. A game. That's always set the tone he had sixteen yards. Rushing. In the first half. I think you look what he ended up for the game and needed just total and domination. He -- averaged one point eight yards a carry. Know that the Saints defense bottom line I think he cats and -- you look at their quarterback Josh Freeman -- to be out becoming. Hit it over a quarterback rating at 37 and half I knew it was going to be pretty good. Would you look it drew in that first quarter. To show you name Powell needed -- you know like go whoa is me listen Lou -- we gonna be always be aggressive. -- and the first quarter he was eleven of twelve. 429. Yards and touchdown a quarterback rating of 139 point two and then you throw in there are. And listen. -- thank you got to take a good with the bad. And remember. How all of a sudden on the show and pay their Drew Brees circle putting -- will never be concerned I'll tell Jimmy Anderson and hope you did speak. -- were up 24 to zero on half under coach borrow. We would have been a seventeen to zero we would not have been aggressive. We would've taken that lose who we could throw on his game around 720. That's runs saying got to think that go with the bad we always Glavine and knock out punch. We're gonna be aggressive that's the way we structured. That's the philosophy. That's why they didn't work out a 49ers gave you got to accept that because a lot more good. Did bad it's just the way we structured it now it's unbelievable outstanding effort by the whole team. Just to show you we beat him -- Others saw -- -- Drew Brees -- Tampa Bay has played us in the division. As well as anyone -- better than the Falcons or even the Panthers. And you look since joining the NFC south. We now play what they want times. Against Tampa Bay in the NFC south you know a direct it is we've won eleven times they've won ten. Through Q so you just a great accomplishment. That was being a good team like them both. If you look at the superdome. Really don't -- it -- advantage there that they don't make it different or should save but it was the difference today. They had won six of the last eleven meetings. Including five of the last eight on the -- travels a great accomplishment. And now you look that this this is the great college we considering how tough it's been against Tampa Bay when you look we've recently that this year. That was the first series sweep against the Buccaneers. Since the 2006. Season which goes straight big Drew Brees came on board so an outstanding effort. And we were gonna break it down a goal on and on. I mean out what what more can you say in a lot of you're gonna stay out now well wherever this that. -- you know -- this -- what we -- in August there's -- we thought was gonna have a -- put all the adversity. But you gotta give credit -- Spagnuolo the defense. I think returning at the corner. And an end and playing as a team on defense. The bottom line is you you got a look at that turnover ratio. We we came in the game and we remind his floor. Today we're a plus five for the game plus one for the season. And then it and that's what you have to do. You know it took truly. You know winning close games -- weblog games. You have to dictate the tempo and that was the case today at the Saints. Dominate listen I don't think nobody Vegas and no one. Who would've looked at -- crystal ball and we all thought with the Saints feel limited to be 30000. The twenties so that I could be 41 to zero no that was an ass would have been that the -- but I have a name. Have they got home. They got humbled that they here in everything busy. We'll continue with a point out the New Orleans Florida one Tampa -- zero on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Here's the NFL score more. Outing of the season for. For Tampa Bay throwing the corners are different and losing a fumble. Jabari Greer -- -- field pushing -- have you paid use the others. Cameron Jordan force -- fumble on a sack and even recovered it. Before the -- he also bottled -- -- standout rookie running back to Doug Moore and holding him for sixteen yards on nine carries. Well the Saints weren't the only NFC south team posting a shutout today. I drop straight back drive bring pressure these kind of broke for -- -- -- Matt Ryan threw three touchdown passes and the Atlanta Falcons into the New York Giants their first regular season shutout since 1996. Blowing up the defending Super Bowl champions 3040 nothing to -- one more win for the ATL will lock up home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Green Bay Packers clinched their second straight NFC north finals with each one wants to thirteen victory over archrival Chicago. For the touchdown. Big day for James Jones who caught all three touchdown passes from by Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. We'll Adrian Peterson continued his quest of breaking Eric Dickerson record for rushing yards. In a single season. And Donte -- of the -- he ran for a season best 212 yards. Viewing the Vikings at 836 to 22 victory over the -- Peterson now has 1812. Yards rushing. Leaving him 294. Shy of breaking the NFL's season. Single season record -- 2105. Chris Harris returned an interception in 98 yards for my momentum turning touchdowns. Denver -- -- Ravens 34 to seventeen for their ninth straight victory. Mean anything for 204 yards and a score finished ninth straight win against Baltimore the first with the Broncos. Felt Miami Dolphins kept former teammate Chad Henne out of the end zone and beat Jacksonville Jaguars. 24 to three Houston Texans RA FC south champion for the second straight year after beating Indianapolis Colts 29 to seventeen. Hope Robert Griffin the third walk on the sidelines as another rookie quarterback won again for the Redskins. They're -- 46. Bootleg to the right -- it's always probably the only thing you look at her perfect by. I have. Kirk cousins threw for 329. Yards and two scores filling in for an injured RG three leading Washington to its fifth straight win and 38 to 21 over the Cleveland. Games early in action -- in the second quarter Buffalo's trail Seattle 31 to fourteen Detroit and Arizona are all tied up at seven. Carolina Panthers are dominated the San Diego Chargers forty wanted nothing. Dallas leads Pittsburgh tens if any Oakland Raiders are on top of the Kansas City Chiefs right now it's six for an update. I'm Steve -- with a look at the NFL scoreboard on the -- radio and. All right Steve thank you very much it -- the first half of the of the blowout highlights who have putting up their efforts to make a long story short New Orleans dominating today's 41 -- 20 about it when you look down the breakdowns. Of the drives in the ball game and you could tell the reason we got a lot of was going to give up. Let's take a look at the police in this sneaky idea how dominant the Saints scored days. At the one -- at Atlanta had eleven plays and 63 yards the most dominant quarter was the second quarter. Fifteen please just 33 yards of offense in their corner you have the much don't they yards came one after the game was out of hand in the third quarter they had. 25 plays a 152 yards. And in the fourth quarter. 41 police -- six showings but after three quarters yeah they -- event you want offensive plays 248. Yards zero points in only one trip in the red zone now on thirteen offensive drives. For. Resultant interceptions. -- resulted in months. Two resulted in Paterno was -- down one was a fumble into the -- in the game so five live thirteen drives. Resulted in the forced turnover. In the risk we want played a turnover on downs they want and -- happen again. Just think how long we were wait -- borrowed the villages the -- -- team the -- somebody on the 400 yards. You know we know waiting for the best of -- -- turn a corner. To me that shows you what you wanna call it cliche and so whatever. About a five thin line between success and failure. And the parity in the league is not much between. If you look at you could say maybe the bottom floor which you wanna look like the top twenty teams is not much different. The reason why bring this up. Look at it dominant performance we had against Tampa -- that that's why it is professional football it is guys that are getting paid to play. Then who would have thought gonna -- his game considering. Our defense was ranked dead last. And last 32 and have that kind of dominating performance. We were given up for the 37 yards a game. Rusch should be -- through given have a 152 and a half yards against the top three running back in the NFL. Adrian Peterson of Marshawn Lynch Doug Martin. And look what we did that's why I'm telling you you can not. Look at -- like gold there's no hope there's no light at candidate I don't know it's the NFL. You can't change rather quickly. And it's amazing in games game any game out like what's gonna happen in Dallas I think they're right now we go to Dallas next week. -- -- and what we're plus one. -- even Arnold only even they gave you go either way we play as wonderful as -- I'll tell you right now we beat the Cowboys we get a beat Dallas in Dallas. But that turnover ratio we don't have to be plus forward. It and -- plus five whatever some ridiculous number I just think that we can be plus one plus two. Protect the football. And take it away it will we have an advantage no we beat the Cowboys. Head is going to be a challenge the last game against Carolina. Look at Carolina. They got and you take all their season is over. Look how hard they've played the last two games and Carolina blowout San Diego right now well with a 11 enough now -- that game back in San Diego and San Diego coming off -- that third hole out -- win against the Pittsburgh Pittsburgh give the Steelers you know that proved the point right there Italy and highlighted hitting into charges and looked like Carolina. Did against the Falcons. They -- the outfits that's. And then you have but the Falcons president -- and instead they shot them well. I'll tell you it's unbelievable that's why people you know who you bed in the points spread and all that. How would have thought that out I was right on that I think it's safe they're gonna win but is gonna be like well 31 what is it hasn't heard. I hope they hate how close dampen their own games they what they went down by three scores -- -- but they came within 888 game. And this this came up north of Tampa Tampa has not been an inning in a row I don't know all yearlong. I was Tampa Bay's worst loss it was act in America to Broncos by eight points. And we beat them by seven in Tampa know while other games have been close. That's why just you just never know that there's so lacking that that occurred today about it Saints over the Buccaneers. It's New Orleans Florida one Tampa zero will continue with the point after. A lot of things great. And welcome back it is a point after on the New Orleans Saints radio network great TV seafood in the French Quarter of come on Alan -- at the All Saints games and don't forget to check out these. Holiday you mean you read the 86 PET. In IES. That come and get all of your holiday orders him to do the cooking for you great things likes them murder atone point depressing. Surprise don't -- Turkey and sweet potato casserole and the point that has also -- -- -- Otherwise have a great time but he's Smart in choose eight designated driver I don't have a high point people yelling into this game. Vincent Jackson and also Doug Martin. Basically none of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That they might think man I think I've figured out this NFL game now visited Jackson needs a better known him amid a quarterback got to get on the rock. -- -- Josh Freeman. To meet them all like him he's too much of quarterback gets on a roll calls for a busy give me outstanding. Like he was the first game against the Saints. His career high had over forty yards passing and but they museum have these type games so -- not a lot of young -- Well Josh Freeman here and now obviously when you get a guy like -- We knew coming to his relief wherever you all you can sell a GM. And and a whole room a lot -- okay. I think I can do some what you got here. But now he's been here -- -- and if these next two games he doesn't play well you gotta wonder what they fear they've got the offensive line in place. They got to change things on the back into the second day couldn't run they evolve into thirteen years as you know hey yeah up. And they got Vincent Jackson they got the running back but you gotta wonder now what do -- -- -- -- it. In a cramped all create the last hole quarterback because they -- -- and -- article a different direction. Actually it was nice gentle at that point the big guy as I don't lie holly closed the season. The last two games does he make plays a busy going upon him because I can tell you right now. This is impressive Tampa Bay is going to be a team you have to reckon with. -- they can control the line of scrimmage you have to look at what to think from Oklahoma that -- kills us. Yeah yeah okay he's been out the whole year -- putts Carl Nicks is basically play don't want to say six or seven games that's the best two guards right now. And look what they've been able to accomplish with Doug Martin. All purpose yards Russian Pavano did -- today so they gonna get better so they got to have common it's in a quarterback that that's gonna get it done. And I'd be interested to see if you know I don't know his contract with the got a vested in him. But -- Josh Freeman. He later and today the colors his quarterback rating haven't -- like 37 point nine -- -- wrong -- -- -- you could not have that. I mean in an enemy any -- -- as far as are you truly a professional. -- you got to close out this season. That is that that's why they because I've been a valuable clue that this -- -- none of them really depleting I've been on great teams. And I've been on teams that like people got the you'll find people players got that you all packed. And ready Vinatieri downtown they did that who visited him you with a lap back at the -- I'll -- the Falcons Darryl Talley. Darryl Talley as greatest he was sweet biscuit Cornelius Bennett wants who bowled out West Virginia fours and bolted to the bills. He was literally in the falcons' players parking lot wouldn't you follow behind is that UV. Pat and hypnotic -- hitting like Orlando who live in Orlando in the offseason the -- in the do you recall that was almost embarrassing. -- -- you gotta be a pro you gotta deal pros pro and you -- it to the fans to leave everything on the line and I get out of dodge even the -- I play but nothing. That's why. You obviously not only playing. If you got a kick it to -- the Saints Tampa -- whoever it is -- you play in. The trial last double digits right one reason why I took it on the -- my -- off. And that's how lasted fifteen years -- or not hurt whether you played -- something or not because you're constantly being evaluated. You cages on my plate and I've been good to get -- we get somebody else that's right when you're around thirty years old -- old -- -- football you've got to take more pride in that. It's amazing so Josh Freeman. They have to be that future franchise quarterback candidate he has to finish strong. He can't be feeling sorry for himself all we don't play but nothing that's what I respect about Drew Brees because today. Drew Brees came out -- could look at that first quarter. He was unbelievable. That this is the first quarter it was eleven -- twelve a 129 yards you might feel sorry for himself. Oh what happened against San Francisco what happened against the Falcons what happened against the Giants tell you gotta be a fight you you got to be a fighter you got to go out there. And they're just drop you know -- an -- and like your -- has to be pup then he beat -- leader at this it is hard to manage your. A player's heart. Like coach Joseph -- said. We have players on this field we have better -- we have winners and then that that's a -- going to argue constantly. Evaluating eighteen. And like coach Smith said after that you are a team we need a coach up these young guys can handle what it takes to win. And then and not make the mistakes they keep you from women. That's right -- the ball historian and if you -- Nevada town it's a model can be given -- you hall of fame game you go out there. This has come a long drive yourself -- you evidence dreams. In the NFL. I mean you that you worth half the year you get to indicate you don't work out how many people would love to have that ability to back come on. All right it's the Marlins thought they want to have a zero blue. What's the point after a hard to New Orleans Saints radio network. The point after with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Puddle of Saints fans 5042601870. Or 8668890. At 71. Board you can -- desk at 87870. Hey welcome back to the point out on the saints' radio network New Orleans forty wanted and at Tampa. I don't look at the Jonas tomorrow night for the Saints coaches opens 63730. We'll recap today's game also looked toward a big weapon that motivation always it's you know for. I think with the Dallas Cowboys next Sunday. At -- we're eating seafood in the French Quarter on a corner viva villain don't need. Don't forget to check out these great -- this holiday season let them do the cooking for you go to -- he's got time items like always depressing stuff monotone. Sweet -- to Castro they've got Turkey fried all smothered let that -- -- -- do the cooking for you go to TDs dot com and the point out there's also occupied. -- a rent a New Orleans tradition -- a Canadian -- but by the have a great time but he's more into the designated driver tomorrow. In Houston on line to mark thank you for calling the point out -- on a Saints radio network. Tedy appreciate you having me. I'm stuck in the land of the Yankees in the -- did and I'm happily acknowledge that this kind of enjoy about it when I think it's -- shoot his. He's not -- -- it was. And attention then you've got a couple points that I can point out indifference to the folks like. Q why Israel for Brian Cushing isn't drafted -- yeah that would restrict what defense. -- yeah here -- McFarland did you know also there perfection we just haven't had that this year. And I guess -- I don't think you can anybody on the defensive. How other people there's secondary that will step up to being able to -- on people -- are young and after that we could somebody had to have been a bit that this stuff. Well I guess that's acquired them like it to be able to get close to their draft because truly we gonna have to hit the lottery owner draft pick. Where if you look at I'll never forget we -- reviewing that draft fans. And and we were gonna K that spot and we think we'd be losing and that and that number went Malcolm Jenkins Brian Cushing. And detectives did that taking cursing so obviously we couldn't you know draft and now I JJ wide. Like Von Miller I don't know where we're going to be drafted with those that are kind of player you need. Because really this week to get a better. Oh won't -- to fit that in this salary cap when you look count Julius Peppers. How landed with the Bears come Mario Williams left detectives went to the bills though is going to be something as great as Mickey Loomis and his staff has been. With their draft picks and all of a desired of all we need that on the deep blitzes that ball outside above I think right now. His sophomore year Cameron Jordan is a keeper. Cameron jarred is going to be a key -- going forward. You know more even today and against the run in the National Football League hopefully -- get the ten sacks but. I know would you talk about we look at Buckeyes. Weren't -- Spagnuolo. Then have to like manufacture. Cars deem and pass rush to get that a quarterback. No words we got I thought junior golf I played outstanding today his effort -- you look at Martinez Wilson. We can't we find a guy like it to Marcus -- or somebody where you know what it is basic 101 rushing forward. And that and thank god is with I'll -- that one and Vito one on one block. That's so we look at far now all of a sudden look called -- -- bit I don't know if you've seen the highlight. If you think you Google this that they would have it. Look at this -- he had against the Dolphins. How he just ran over the tackle and you don't think of him and that's only a bull rush or more speed. And that was very humiliating because of right now -- majors in defeat. Evolved on Smit. Can surpasses Michael Strahan I'm sink with three games left. To have the NFL record against the get a good opportunity and I think it's a team that -- depend -- he has yet to get three sacks. So if he -- three sacks -- have the NFL record. And now. I mean -- on those are my objective and all you fans are Saints fans. -- look at life like how we played against the Falcons. The Giants in the same light. Like all of a sudden Drew Brees is throwing a lot of ball well we played the 49ers. -- -- you look at the circumstances around like -- will. Now that front seven in their Friday there's -- -- of 49 is just it's been almost been as like -- if we ever -- that we Drew Brees. No there's nothing you can -- you become a team of the decade who was so impressively Belichick and the Patriots. Is how they've become. The team of the decade cage and basically mixed matched the defense is still get it done to give me that that's has been impressed with the Patriots have a problem. All right it's time and it's taken by those station down the Saints radio network land -- Thomas is in New Orleans stick around for more focal point out that I was -- New Orleans. 41 Tampa Bay is zero for Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia disappointing after on the New Orleans Saints. Radio network.