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Dec 17, 2012|

Along with the chorus of voices expressing heartfelt thoughts and prayers for the children killed in the elementary school shooting in Connecticut and their grieving families, we are now hearing a chorus of voices proclaiming that we must end the violence

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Which continues to be affected by what happened in Connecticut and the fact that last -- this Sunday Night Football game on NBC between the patriots in the forty -- had already started. And you know how we Revere football in this country. The game -- already started an NBC. Left the game broke away from the game. To have live coverage of the president's speaking at a high school gathering. -- auditorium in Newtown Connecticut and also I -- if you've just joined us we played the opening of Saturday Night Live earlier. They opened the show and this was just so uncharacteristic. Of Saturday Night Live which is you know is a very very reverend show. I'll always getting criticism because. They go too far with comedy now I don't know they go too far with comedy but some of their company makes people very very uncomfortable because. Almost done almost nothing. Is. Not considered fair game for Saturday night life. However last night I'm not my site Saturday night they open their show with a young choir singing. A very solemn. Meaningful version. Of silent night. And when you expect. Comedy. And get that the stark contrast. I think made that even more meaningful. And so here we are continuing to talk about things we've learned from the tragedy. It's any of Connecticut. And I think one of the things that I've learned is. We can't be so quick to judge. Certain things. We can't be so quick to blame certain things. For. Mass tragedies like this. It's too easy. To blame video games -- too easy to blame. Lack of gun control. We'll talk more about this year is just a moment if you wanna join us with a comment about any of this -- we talk about in the show are numbers 2601. A seventy. -- 3866889. Is nearly seventy. And it takes embrace 87870. If you didn't hear this earlier I want to mention this to I want everybody should know this. The west Borough Baptist Church. An alleged. Christian church in Topeka Kansas and I use the word alleged on purpose. Says that he will protest funerals in sandy hook Connecticut to to quote. Sing praise to god for the glory of his work. In executing his judgment. There is a petition now that has been six at the white house with 85000 signatures from a group known as anonymous. They describe themselves as a activist group. And they are asking that the west Borough Baptist Church. Be considered a hate group. And I can't think of anything more appropriate. This is a group of alleged. Christians. That's. Are so anti gay. That they have protested the funerals of fallen soldiers. Because. They don't agree with the growing acceptance. Of homosexuality. In America. To pick that moment. To express your opinion on that subject. To me is. Laden. Deplorable. Toward Christian applies to a lot of different types of people. The word Christian applies to a lot of different groups. But I don't think it's appropriate. To -- Christian to the west Borough Baptist Church. There is a lot of speculation why Fred Phelps the founder of this church and his daughter and their followers. Have embarked on such a a campaign of hate. Especially against homosexuals. I don't care to advance any of those rumors because it's about Fred Phelps his own family so I I but I don't know for sure. So there's no need to do that. -- define him as a hate group. But to take a moment. Like a funeral. Too aggressively protest York anti gay gender. Is. Absolutely. In human. And since I heard more talk about it today we've been talking about tonight here's our WWL project opinion poll. Do you blame violent video games for sandy hook and violence in the real world. Here's an update 42%. Yes 58%. No. You can give your opinion by going to our web sites WL dot com from Covington and Leo welcome to our show tonight. Trying. And the I current saint and hours to really -- my arm. President Obama last tiny and in the workplace and I personally did some comfort from them -- From a lot of see each other you know religious leaders and made comments. It was so nice to see as so many different religions represented it was just such an ecumenical. Gathering there that it it did feel good and it was very comforting and I thought the president I hope everybody was able to put politics aside. -- -- -- are -- about how as we wait for the president to come out and speak they said that before he acts before the speech is started. They said the president was -- was backstage at his high school auditorium. Meeting with the families of the victims. And I couldn't help but think that -- Some people feel about this president. And I wonder if at a time like this they were actually be people who would not want the president's. Embrace. At a time like this. I thought how sanity is that politics. Supersedes being human in in many cases I thought he did an excellent job. And all politic should be set aside when the when the president of the United States speaks at a moment like that. That's exactly how how can I invest -- government and Vernon Obama supporter. Current bank island happy that IE. Decided to watch because at first -- -- -- watch this can be depressing -- and beef and then. -- not carry out watching and it's and actually you know race. Happy because I felt that it was. You know comforting and I and it gave me an error. I think that it was Ted I -- that was a positive thing. A firm's cash and a -- -- going to night -- her -- I didn't want in my mind. Com first for her that cook has crashed and how about violent you know gain. Three -- -- ranging current age cute it's corny weren't actually. And I'm not in Puerto violent its eightieth game I don't think that helped -- -- -- positive -- Q a lot of colors. And different comments in the media or people that unit that they played as gains or has ever expected them. You know -- -- I'm supporting our company. How look at other people. Putting them that are -- behind -- has just like. Some people can -- attorney. And you know be responsible for and I. Mostly fat and other people you know keep him or -- alcohol -- I -- am -- -- time for her you know. I think Italy I think that's a very good analogy. Bites if somebody is an alcoholic. We don't blame the alcohol we blamed their decision to drink the alcohol. -- exactly fair how I just feel like trash some people -- -- be a game in Miami actually eat. You know kind of people like may be from Connecticut and in day out. Yeah but that isn't that there -- -- that or the parent comes in you know -- should you know I remember -- I remember who aren't spending time with my son -- watching him play Grand Theft Auto. Which now appears back Grand Theft Auto was really violates you know there there there were scenes where. You know my son is playing the part of this person who can. Beat out a prostitute it well first of all he goes with the birth mom my stunned but they've -- there's defeats your in the in the video game. Can. Go with a prostitute and then beat her up and takes his money back. I don't that was an entertainment a -- actually it was it was our right it was bizarre to watch it I've. I I I hesitate to say that it was funny because it wasn't but it there was a degree of entertainment there. But I sat there with my son and you know we had conversations about. How outrageous this game is and that this is not real life. And that's a role that parents need to play in the lives of their children and you could you can ban something as you know with with children. You can -- something from from your home but if you don't teach them how to deal with things they're gonna go to somebody's else's house and be exposed to something that. If you're keeping him from and so there ultimately going to be exposed to it. Right exactly so I don't initiated I would support banning things like pat -- It's just totally insane how you know I think different people have different -- all -- and different. You know actions are part eighteen as you know different paint whether it be alcoholic. And it affects everybody differently and I think -- broke. -- may be without caring how tight end threaten you know their intent just to let us straight I. Certain things or like a violent you know being that the violence ever ever again. And I'm thinking you know that occurred to me yesterday. And I don't know how people -- and aren't addiction to arm but it -- think. That should. You know how bad it sort of came out started to make other people may be -- -- that team. You know the Eric heard was a lot of people can learn how can got a -- -- fan. You know violate what I was got let something like that app and her think that we all deals year that way. And for being such a trap for me. You know and that got into letting god he's ambition and his -- Noll hadn't. I'll -- the temperature is how powerful they are afraid that it's the cardinal and to tell you check out of nowhere came permits. It just came mantra -- say. Well you know maybe god was at that question back cannot. You know it's like we eat how turn you know guide helps -- out -- and and then maybe he revert back and doesn't say you know. -- -- A lot of times you know like Obama and last night we're not -- our children are not being good enough job. He then there -- should fight people want to blame god which you know I understand -- And you know at the same time it's like not they probably learned that we need to look at crashing to a final Islam aren't to blame god. They say you know -- power you know it has. -- -- He had to protect children however -- I'm not impede her olive. You know taking away their right to bear arms because she had a week. And Louisiana especially I mean completely. You know. For the right she'd defend yourself especially after Katrina world saw people have their parents taking away our. America agrees then -- -- weren't able to defend them their homes are. Or their businesses. It really scares -- think that the government can commenting just confiscate. Guns and. Well while the government can't and the government won't that's not it's not gonna happen but there are a lot of people who wanna instilled interference because they're. There -- a little bit maniacal about the Second Amendment I mean you could support Second Amendment without being maniacal daughter Leah I love what you Santa bound to. Many asking the question why would god allow this to happen and maybe god is. Presenting us with the challenge. Why would you allow this to happen. I haven't heard anybody express that I think that is done a very profound way too. I took to ponder this and I did hero a priest in and in Newtown Connecticut say on Friday and tired not long after the shooting. Our people were asking the question how could god allow this to happen and he said some questions can only be answered by god. But I like which you I like which you brought up that this could be a challenge. You know sometimes people are. Are taken early. But because god needs them we don't know why god needs them and I like with the president say when he said that I've got a call them home. And so you the other the other nights. I guess it was. As it was Friday night -- that is somebody had called the show and was telling me how on. How deplorable and why is that those who -- bodies of those children. We're still lying on the floor and their parents couldn't get to that world that is why there was such a massive crime scene that they didn't have a choice but to to to handle it that way. And I couldn't help but think that. You know their bodies -- be lying on the floors but. -- God's arms right now. We I appreciate you calling your show. Have a -- theocracy here. All right thanks a lot to listen to. Here's a Texas scoot the last two guns on your purchase came with gun locks when I'm actually nice I guess the important thing is that you'd have to actually use the gun locks too and I'm assuming you do but. There are going to be people who have the gun locks but there you're responsible. And I think we should start holding people accountable who are reckless. Gun owners. We have rights come responsibility. And you can't dismiss your responsibility of owning a gun the Second Amendment does not allow you to be irresponsible -- -- We have laws on the books that hold you accountable. And those laws should hold you accountable. And more parents should be held accountable directly accountable. If their child gets a hold of a gun and does something bad with it. That is the parents'. Fault. From New Orleans Robert George WWL. Yes I don't. You know I think what a lot of people mention known notion. Is if not. The ability. To kill someone. Could we all -- that ability. Did any instrument of the ability. Is that right now is the weapon is -- I wrong. Because if you can pick up on learning that pointed at somebody that we -- -- you and you kill or would you shoot them. The ability. To. How can someone from committing this crime is what we need to focus on. No one. Tried to stop this individual. From committing a crime. He he killed -- mother. And then he went tradition school that he would not related to get docket of just learn from. And and murdered a blanket children and teachers. That you need to know. So where. Is still the point that you grow it on any shape we need to stop. I wrong Colombian. Available. Through this kind of individual. Well if his mother had the guns Roberts and he. Got the guns from her mother we don't know exactly how we got a hold of the guns we don't know how well she protected the -- she apparently went with him to a a shooting range which can be a very positive thing. Because that's a way affect teaching. People to be responsible with guns there's a lot that we still don't know. I it would be nice if stricter gun control. Laws would get guns out of the hands of the wrong people but I'm not sure would we've had a very bloody 24 hours in New Orleans and everybody who committed a crime with a gun in the last 24 hours here I don't think respects the law enough to respects -- gun laws. OK can I had a parade on a little reported that she okay. Here in the wall. I've I've been around 66 years old and can doubt been lower than here. People who do not abide -- a lot of talk about the law. -- if they wanna kill somebody they get all agree on how we Kugel. So if you have a -- that you can't own a gun. Do you think the Kremlin hoped to open and say OK enrollment gone I'm not gonna hand the it was just can't drive it killed and holly -- yes. Not -- -- until my brother was. Did get hit the camera in the call any get well I don't know he came from Metairie. So I don't know the end Cameron called. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can really sympathize with so with cab drivers I can't imagine having a job where you allow. -- strangers in the middle of the night in any part of town to to get in Europe your private vehicle. -- hit -- point eight compared to an Everett can't drive well with a lot of it came out real Tyrone. In and then get -- -- Until the position out okay and I want your money and you could turn -- shooting. How many people would get the candidate try to rob. Robert you know this sounds and it kind of like him an ideal world because in the case of the cab driver in holly grove who was -- just killed. They say that he was approached he was robbed and then shot well if if somebody's pointing -- -- you. Already before you have a chance to get your gun. I'm not sure how quickly you would be able to put your gun into action to to protect yourself that's not to say that there wouldn't be many scenarios where. Where it would work but I don't know that that's a guarantee fix although if I were cab driver I'd I'd feel better -- -- had a gun. Well I'll I would too wouldn't he beat -- probably should get. People would be more considerate of plug. In and not be so quick take -- judge. And and -- hurt people because they don't give people what they want. Robert I think there's a great -- thanks for taking time to call and thanks was -- -- WWL -- you know we talk about the the infamous status. The media and give to that people who commit these horrific crimes. And there's. Some thinking that maybe their names shouldn't be mentioned. Since they're dead I'm not really sure that they know whether the name is mentioned or not. But we live in a fairy. Narcissistic. Driven society. There are legitimate reasons that people feel the need for attention. Attention they didn't receive I don't know whether that's the case with. Adam Lanza in Connecticut there's still so much we don't know. But when it comes to Dylan Klebold Columbine. And all of these shooters. There is such a desire for fame and fortune I mean just I mean think about it. Everybody wants to be famous. And and I say that obviously there are exceptions. But everybody wants to be famous. Look at the reality TV show us. Look at how people act behind the camera. If behind the reporter if there's a live camera on during a live shot at a crime scene. Sometimes it a crime scene you'll see. People in the background waving and smiling. At the camera. When the reporter there reporting a murder. People crave attention. I guess to some degree that's human nature. And I wonder if if perhaps some people who crave attention. No they might not be around to. Appreciate it because they're gonna kill themselves. That's the plan. But at least they're gonna leave this world knowing. That they made an impression. Negative is it wise I'm not a psychologist. But I can't help but think that that might be somewhat of a factor. I wanna be noticed. I want people to know me. And so they're willing to leave this world but not on not being able to appreciate their status. But knowing that they will leave this world. After having left an impact. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601. Toll free 866. Days he dies early seventy numbers 877. -- I can't help but comment on the song whenever I hear -- I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus. I remember hearing is only kid I thought about my mom my mom's cheating on my dad she's kissing this guy with a beard in our house. I thought her surrogate to force because mommy was kissing cynical me. And we are one week away from. Christmas Eve I hope you have a wonderful plans and I mentioned earlier in the show tonight that. I have been through some Christmas as recently where I just didn't want to it to be run anything sentimental anything to do with Christmas I was just not. Because of what I was going through in my life personally it was just not in the Christmas on mood. And -- -- when the around it at all. If you're in that -- this Christmas it's okay. It be better if you Warren -- -- in that mood this this holiday season. I guess I wanna be here to tell you that. It's not gonna stay this way. You'll change you'll get out of it and this year I am just source I don't have anybody in particular in my life. I dedicating everything I do right now to my work which I love. But I'm just so excited about Christmas this year and I hope you are too. Along with a chorus of voices expressing heartfelt thoughts and prayers for the children killed in the elementary school shooting in Connecticut and they're grieving families. We are now hearing a chorus of voices proclaiming that we must end the violence with stricter gun control. And a ban on violent video games. Tragedies that defy logic and explanation cannot be solve simple problems. Which stricter gun control laws have prevented the tragedy Connecticut's. Put a ban on violent video games really reduced crime. The government obtained the guns from his mother who apparently purchased them legally. And even before link has been directly determined to be involved in in in this with this gunman violent video games are being condemned as a contributing factor to the tragedy. Our continuing series the united states of hysteria. Continues tonight as we now talk about the hysteria following. Any tragedy. There's a tendency to try to quickly and conveniently answer the questions about why something terrible has happened. It's human nature. But it's more human instinct that it is a useful exercise in preventing real problems. As humans we want answers because answers might lead to solutions which might prevent tragedies. Politicians fueled the flames of the rage about guns in violent video games. And many will use a tragedy to position themselves. With citizens. Voters. Group leaders with agendas also use tragic situations to promote their causes. The most immediate impact is on the politicians getting attention or the agenda being advanced but that does not mean that any problems have been solved. I respect the Second Amendment. But truthfully nobody needs to own an assault weapons or whatever is described as an assault weapon. The US ban on assault weapons passed in 1994 was allowed to expire in 2004. And nothing has been done to pass another assault weapons ban. Columbine happened in 19995. Years after the assault weapons ban was passed. We would live in an ideal world if everyone obeyed the law. But those with the intent to break one law by committing a crime are not likely to respect another law that prevents them from getting a weapon to commit the crime. And is it fair to blame violent video games. Wouldn't it be nice if the problem of real world violence could be prevented with a simple ban on certain violent video games. When you consider the millions and millions of teenagers that play the most violent video games on the market every day. And a -- for years. And if you accept the reality. That those who are blamed for. Being influenced by those violent video games accounts for a percentage of video game players it is so small it doesn't even register on radar. I think then at that point it's time to reassess the blame placed on violent video games in the aftermath of a tragedy like what happened in Connecticut. Furthermore. The current suggestion that teachers should be armed. Is another argument that is increasing in popularity in the united states of hysteria. I've heard politicians talk about. Teachers and staff being armed with a gun in a lockbox in the classroom. How quickly would a gun in a lock box. Be put into action. During a moment a tragedy strikes. Any armed teacher or staff member would have to be highly trained on -- where and how to use of firearm and I mean highly trained. Anything short of that would be certain to lead to even more innocent deaths. And performing teachers was not mandatory that most teachers would not arm themselves. Therefore that would not the a legitimate solution. The main thing that has changed today. Is that adults. Have learned to blame something other than personal responsibility. For negative behavior. Years ago generations were taught that they were accountable for they -- negative behavior regardless of what they -- exposed to. This is a real simple example but honestly do you think parents in the past would ever have blamed. The Three Stooges for any violent acts committed by their kids of course not. As more and more Americans become part of the united states of hysteria. I see a direct correlation. With a loss of personal accountability in our society. It doesn't serve a useful purpose to become hysterical following a tragedy or to accept as gospel. The -- rhetoric espoused by many leaders. This is a time to think less about quick simple solutions. That are offered and more about the overall causes of negative behavior in the real world. Which sometimes can be hard to focus on because we look -- that quick easy solution. If he had become. Part of the United States of America. Part of the hysterical. United States of America. Part of what I like to refer to as the united states of hysteria. If you become part of that. I hope you will read consider your citizenship. That is a -- blog tonight that's on our website you can read it shared it's at WWL dot com under our opinions is also on the -- page under shows and schedules. And there are a number of other. The mother and an upper another a number of other blogs that to also relate to this including one -- the other day. Why this senseless murder of children all that on the -- page at WW dot com here's an update on our WWL party jaguar opinion poll. Do you blame violent video games for sandy hook and violence in the real world. 43%. Yes 57% to know don't blame violent video games. It's been very close has been changing there's been very close all night if you would give us your opinion you can affect our poll by going to our web site WWL dot com and casting your votes. Here's a dividend Yemeni within the next. They -- so racist still want a great time of year I hope you have wonderful plans to feel good about this -- this holiday season I'll bring your under the WLA good evening. Very good evening you don't talk. It looked so unpopular country show all night and -- it certainly is always. But can't you know you -- to open on the historical moral and didn't caught up in that. Print a lot of people just caught up in this state it's a lack of clear thinking. You know what country do you disagree with -- on -- put a ban on assault weapons because it was a -- narrow view we are optional whiskey. You do will consult odd couple under his. Yeah and I understand that and I mean I don't ambivalent feelings about senator video very. They're the ban on assault weapons or what would be considered an assault weapon may be it there should be a better and a possible on the ammunition. They're -- all weaponry they're bigger than Clinton on them like -- ago that this. It's funny article but we're more hopeful than most. And -- you know I heard you know I'm not a gun enthusiast. I'm not gonna say whether I own a gun or not but I'm not a gun collector. And I heard somebody earlier -- tonight's and on the news before before the show. I heard somebody talking about how he was and he was in Afghanistan. And came home and he enjoys he is. Whatever weapon he has it's a weapon it's it's used in war and many people I guess would describe it. As an assault weapon but he said he enjoys going to the shooting range and -- and shooting. It -- -- carnival lot and got a lot of garden and respectable enough I mean you -- under our current cards. -- pull it out in schools somebody but I mean it would that be inserted. You know the good form on. Consider -- in Connecticut in that -- kids are home. -- terrific but he killed. All these these teachers and kids you know. Formula does help children mark yeah what kind of cool because you know so he clearly up. Bomb you know it can end our -- -- -- he. He shot at or around in the statement it would have been arguably you can keep going double ought to know I mean I don't think that you just leave. How important this year it was a lot going for us. Yeah and she says she has apparently reveals that in 2009 when she and her husband were getting divorced his his father. He she revealed to a divorce -- mediators that. She didn't feel comfortable ever leaving him alone she knew there were problems and she would always be with him as long as he needed her help. Did you just -- what really pleased outlook but you know during your state of the spirit that you didn't -- -- America. Period. Purple America if it's so true because everybody can -- creepy. -- not clear clearly thinking about what we needed this because it is not the problem it's it's it's where does this ball well that's. -- -- your -- you're right and and that's why am I I I'm gonna start doing this regular series the united states of hysteria. When he -- sits it's not going to be every night on the show but I did the other night because people have a panic because Spurrier was -- from from public schools do you really think that's. According what I went to -- probably if there was so many other things going on and then and also part of the united states of hysteria or people who. Are against same sex marriage you say will look what happened Rome. I'm with to a list of all the things that we're going on in Rome. At the time Rome fell. And it really you can't blame it on a growing acceptance of homosexuality there was too much else going on. Your doctor that you governor there and you are many other countries home welcomed home factual but other than in the word at all all -- -- -- -- -- -- What you -- what kind of -- and it's certainly you know -- broader -- Before politics so what that word of god didn't pentagon could count each role is or this could be awarded beforehand with multi -- Pills it would make it what do you compare that to -- come on. Well I agree it an email earlier and earlier. As somebody mentioned alcohol and alcoholism. I thought well that would be like blaming the alcohol for the alcoholic we blame the alcohol the alcoholics decision to use the alcohol. Still on the walls and couldn't get it. English -- show -- thanks for listening and sharing your -- who has. I here's a Texan Reid says 75% of men say shooters over the past thirty years obtain their guns legally. I don't offense they statistic but I'm sure that that is close to a fact. I here's a Texas screwed first and foremost condolences to the victims and their families. Supports strong gun law. But he won't stop deter criminals. And those who would do evil never did. Never will. Here's a text. Is -- it's not only violent video games it's also violent movies music and a violent reality. -- Iraq and Afghanistan. Violence is glorified in the United States. As. Might makes right. I'm scared hang on we will be right back on WWL this. Last night's NBC interrupted since the Sunday Night Football game between the 49ers in the patriot center had already started. When you think about how much this country loves its football to me this was amazing but it was important and the right thing to do. They broke away from Sunday Night Football to carry the president's speaking live before a group. At a high school auditorium in Newtown Connecticut. I hope you were able to put aside politics. And appreciates. The warm comforting words of the president here's part of what he had to say. -- -- -- -- I come off her the -- And prayers of -- nation. I am. Very mindful. That mere words cannot match. The depths of your sorrow. Nor can make -- You're wounded hearts. I can only hope this helps for you know. You're not alone. In your brief. I was on the comments -- -- president made last night in Newtown Connecticut now you heard a baby crying in the background. But there were times when you can hear adults. Sobbing. In the background. Was -- quiet setting except for for that. And then the president started to read the names of the twenty angels. Many -- the names of the teachers as well but it one point you read the names of the the Tony angels. -- now and haven't -- there where is there was crying. Here's a final update on tonight's seven W a pretty general opinion poll do you blame violent video games for sandy hook and violence in the real world. 43% yes and 57%. A majority. Saying now. -- to take care Shelden Williams our studio producer also Jack Harris and the other studio tonight here's a Texan recess duty took the death of innocence for this country to finally wake up. To the reality of such mental illness realize this for God's sake. Here is another text scoot the only thing scarier. Than gun control is that now. There are those who wanted to decide who gets to have a gun. And under what conditions. And here's a text you're speaking of reality shows you won't believe this there's a new and it's being taped right now for release sometime soon. Called the best funeral ever. While family for that have a great night this is the last show that we're gonna do this week they'll be doing.