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Dec 18, 2012|

Dave talks about parents taking their kids to the shooting range,gift cards as presents, and what is wrong with people

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL for sooners on this eighteenth. December 2012. Shoes today and we made it through Monday but again that away. And now it's Tuesday one week one -- -- Christmas Day. Date today as it has ever -- asked to be done. -- six. I have one give the that's one -- -- it one more be done. Now that one haven't -- and it -- Vietnam. Now. Go get you know it. My wife may want something else you know we were talking and trying to determine if anything he wants. If you know what -- task force of files satisfy her. I'm sure will walk out with a -- I'm still wanting to see if I think about it once special oh. While that sent out what a lot of you know a surprise. Because it's your life now like we are we gonna work things out. You know did -- Something that we both orally once -- Renault and advance yet. I can do the surprised every year there's a few things that over the years -- know oh yeah and we've been married sixteen years here it's you know once in awhile with an assist and it really like to have that. And it sometimes you know a few years later and again it that it it's that that's not something every year and I don't have any thing. You know now I get out the hardest questions people can ask me what you want. Because I don't want much. You know I say things like you know I'd like a big. Thing -- can't shoot and look at users about the chocolate covered pretzels my wife looks simulate real that's -- -- a bite out we covered pretzels. And you can't agree more creative than not but you're right you do you know I don't really need anything now I've got everything I needed. To give me some cash I'll take that. But you know I mean you know -- of Ari put. Not gonna test finalists are -- a flurry. So -- -- pretty much at the extremes chocolate covered pretzels Ferrari anything in the middle matter anything now. And it seems like -- as you get older and at least in in my experience against harder and harder to you know to try to find a surprise or something. Does somebody really needs because they don't need anything or one and there's nothing worse than buying someone against. And they opening you can look you know that they're smiling and saying thank you. But you know they think and hope we can return to -- -- that night. Secretly and in -- buys something for somebody one return I think gift cards are fantastic. For folks outside your media have really do know people that are impersonal yet but they'll be used -- I don't catch. Which cash is a wonderful ashes beautiful and -- I have no problem all the didn't put any thought -- it get yet they did they thought. They can do whatever they all of -- -- ha you know so I got no problem cash and no problem gift cards getting or giving either one. But he is challenging to find a gift that someone's gonna -- -- -- -- while ago while factor. Now from the they really want that they really are going to use. Or Heatley. About three honest when it comes to the wires. You know if you go get something shiny and sparkly. You you can't really go wrong you're you can. And figuring. This Clark was he has so many hearings and bracelet there's never enough. Barack. And bigger and shiny sir have more glittery. And more expensive eye popping. Net a thank you David documents when immense effort here at WW -- about Diamondbacks count all right the cold air is filtering and how called look at not a whole lot new warm up began -- -- time. Protect your forecast coming up from eyewitnesses forecast center after this and we'll get your sports on a Tuesday morning and WW. Size seventeens -- morning saved on most schools and Newton Connecticut reopen today but not the one where Friday's massacre took place those students. Now going back to school but interesting how their friends neighbors and in surrounding communities kids they're going back to classes today know that here. Yesterday was interesting at some schools -- some kids worried about their safety and some just having questions about you know what's going on in those kinds of things -- and I imagine that it's gone back to school in the nearby communities in schools just down the street. From sandy -- -- a lot of interesting questions and the Butte area I think difficult day for the students teachers staff and parents do. Those kids going back to school liquidity tales -- CBS news in fifteen minutes here on WW well right now at your forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast that there. Afternoon looks mild today 68. And let it sunshine and tonight clear skies little chill to the air 44 the North -- 53 south of the lake. A little warmer tomorrow 74 partly cloudy then Thursday morning scattered showers and storms moved through along with the cold front dropping Temps for Friday. From the Eyewitness News forecast center right meteorologist Clark knocked out. -- -- we are much cooler this morning and we were yesterday remember yesterday were almost seventy degrees to start the -- right now it's 46 at the international airport. Under clears guys know real willing to talk about clear and 41. It the National Weather Service office inside -- house or cool the day we warmup that only because the weekend. We cooled down again then we warm up again into the seventies and time for Christmas. Sports time now on WW -- that we say. Good morning tears -- The morning gave him the things are getting ready to embark on their final road trip -- the regular season Sunday when they travel to Dallas. Coach Joseph Pitts says now while quarterback Tony Romo is often criticized. The cowboys wouldn't be in play up and. Tension with out. -- the quality of the great quarterback actually people would make people around you play better too and I think he's doing that this year Jason -- now looks like he's been -- the film he's he's playing better than he has in the last two years that Bryant is getting better every game and -- -- didn't go to guy for. -- New York jets' playoff hopes are a book after an ugly titans win on Monday Night Football. To whine don't consider Sanchez looks at 43 accidental but step up the Coast Guard today. Stick it to stick to the. Mark Sanchez threw four interceptions and lost a fumble in the final minute and a fourteen to ten loss to Tennessee. Nick Montana outside a poll Famer Joseph Montana has announced that he's transferring. At Tulane. He played quarterback for -- saint San Antonio college last season. After transferring from Washington -- completed 63% of his passes for 2652. Yards. And 22 touchdowns. But the hornets West Coast road trip continues tonight. As they -- face Golden State looking to snap a seven game losing skid -- took off on one of 53 FM at 930. And third ranked Syracuse escaped with a 6072. To 68 home win over Detroit. To make Jim behind the third division one men's basketball coach with 900 career wins. Joining Bob Knight and Mike should chess game today a four on sports talk the saints and Sean Payton are reportedly not close to a new deal. How concerned are you got another team will make coach an offer he can't refuse plus we go around the league checking on each division. In the NFL. Early morning look at sports Steve -- twenty minutes after 5 AM the early edition WW offers Tuesday on Steve Geller -- York radio well let me ask you that mean I got a little concern when Jake Glaser over the weekend reports. That if John -- cannot work -- a deal and reportedly he says they're nowhere close to a deal. To keep him the saints coach that not only will he open up discussions with possibly Dallas but several other teams that have already expressed interest. In Sean -- So the question becomes is this just. You know Sean Payton Clinton and his buddy Jay Glazer which we know they talked to tonight is just given him a little bit information to help his. Position in negotiations with the saints or is there's some real concern that several teams want Sean -- and he would actually consider them. You would think that he in the sense that work things out quickly but look what happened would Drew Brees took a long time for that contract and it's exactly how I look at it but I do feel a lot of -- By Sean Payton and his agent and using his good buddy to put this on the media we know Jay Glazer is friends with Sean Payton. And you know reports that he's put up before have been dead on the money so it's something that I think. You have to be a little concerned about just because -- this hasn't gotten done yet and we saw how this dragged down -- Drew Brees and luckily for the saints with that situation he was franchise tax and no other team couldn't go. Can't franchise tag your -- and yeah exactly. That. So that I guess I'll ask the question how concerned are you. That -- could be without John Payton. Forward where are you pretty confident that event I'm pretty -- public in the high nineties around 9295%. Believe that this thing to just think there's a lot of unfinished business he needs to get done here. But as you know Indian money talks -- we think it worked out evil being in there re. High demand around -- -- is an issue Q we can't discount that it's gambling does not -- right back in the open now. The one thing is though that he won it's now his ex -- soon to be like that you really wanted to close it. Well ambulance because -- -- exactly athlete and order and somewhere out there that consider reconciling I don't know. I've stated this thank you but that's about 25 minutes more sports here that we -- Steve -- line gave -- Texas to today 7870. And a survey asking what women desired most as it gets 87% that they wanted to gift card. But Matt always buy them jewelry or prefer perfume. That's not what they want. We now buying and eighty's what they want. And how many times you buy -- lady lingerie. If she really want matters such as -- gift for you. -- play 5 morning I'm Dave -- I -- very interesting. News bowler with the Associated Press on reality. And get your reaction 878. Net income to think of this. Text message that. Was sent out it's as investigators looking into the background. Of Connecticut school gunman Adam lands. Today he fired guns and shooting range over the past several years. But they say there was no evidence he did so recently to practice for last week ramp. Thirty day his mother a gun enthusiast. Who practice at shooting range with -- its first victim he then took her car and some for guns to the school. Lanza and his mother would often go to the shooting range together. I'm not sure why the Associated Press worded this the way to -- what the point was it. There's a concern and you have a mother and a -- going to shooting range together your problem with. Mother and on shooting guns together. It's -- forecast that -- forecast. Afternoon looks mild today 68. And let it sunshine and tonight. Clear skies little chill to the air 44 the North -- 53 south of the lake. A little warmer tomorrow seven before it partly cloudy then Thursday morning scattered showers and storms moved through along with the cold front dropping Temps for Friday. From the Eyewitness News forecast that our meteorologist -- -- Clear 46 at the international airport in Canada now and inside out clear and 41 degrees to start your morning on the North Shore. I played 9 this morning practice on what's next president seventieth and it has no I teach my kids gun safety and other says yes I take my kids shooting all the time if they learn how to respect guns and use guns they won't miss use them why do you think is that a good idea. For parents and kids to learn about gun safety together do you have a problem with kids and parents shooting guns together. And children and places like Louisiana where. Gun rights are a huge part of the moral fabric. Of this state. With the kids who grow up around guns to six one point 78 toll free 8668 and theory them. -- a text message today 78 avenues as I suppose I wouldn't be any more concerned about a mother and son going to the shooting range that it would be a father and a daughter. Or even a daughter and a son. -- what do you expect you to fill line seventy told three -- -- 59 -- that behavior about the new. Gender neutral easy bake oven -- black silver and blue instead of purple and pink. And remember that thirteen year old girl who began the online campaign to convince Hasbro. To make a toy that appeals to all children several male celebrity -- got on board that yes. Why shouldn't little boys -- play with toy -- They get another black silver balloons and a purple thing. The purple thing -- for a little boy and totally opposite on it. I had -- gone coming up the list and CBS news we'll get ladies and invited UW WL first news traffic weather together in sports. -- at WW. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this eighteenth of December 2000 and while weaker way Tuesday. We can only one week from the day while. Will be Christmas Day two weeks from today. It'll be 2000 and their team isn't more -- -- people this weaker reminding me ever remember the mine's at the world demand. It's right near the -- cars and try to get there. -- Friday. It will be at work -- yeah. I'm pretty confident the world will still be -- well based on all the information have been able to gather. About the whole mine are -- isn't there another thing. And -- heard about anything so you better go ahead and do your Christmas shopping -- is inactive again that that easy can now baby that world was -- and I don't Liza I'm bothered him buy you anything -- -- -- -- -- that I didn't bother to go the world was and Seattle does anyone wanna spend our money buying you. The -- that Christmas is coming up -- you know nobody I -- noted that two weeks in today's New Year's Day. Waterford is rolling out the updated crystal ball already for New -- the law yet again already put that in times square's. Yes time it is. Denying it by and very very quickly with. Or etiquette for years. We will be toasting in and kissing and hugging and all that for New -- in no time posting kissing hugging him all of that out. What they all that would do at all with the bat and ball dropping yet ball dropping. How does that time go buys so darn quickly lot of football common yeah and I guess I'm interested to see other saints do over the next couple -- final road trip get ready for that this week so I real it like to receive them political action. On the most cowboys yeah and it would be nice to a net. I mean I Agassi takes them. Solace in you know the saints gimmick laughs it would have been nice to be keep that hated cowboys -- -- the playoffs absolutely. You kind of want the cowboys to win the Super Bowl for one reason and one regional. What is I know wade Jerry Jones tries that hires Sean Payton the cowboys -- at all why he's got to change coaches if his guy -- brought it to the Super Bowl. But he got even make the playoffs then maybe he's looking for a new coach. Around saint air you don't wanna see Jerry Jones -- checkbook out yet that has get late. Unlimited dollars and he's willing to spend it at any given time it is rip -- and spend it. And so yeah. I kind of -- the saints to lose to the cowboys but if it knocks the cowboys out of the Playhouse then it's more likely Jerry Jones is gonna put some pressure. I'm Sean Payton to become the cowboys coach. -- the way now. Very difficult. And then alliger emotions idiot -- exactly. It's not as easy as just beat the -- Just think it would beat the cowboys out forgot was of everything counts aren't they are affected tournaments are prisoners here and read about them back if folks stated coming up. People home. Who died let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast senator Garrett but ending. He and his meteorologist Laura but. -- -- Pretty well would have rain out here to be a really nice to have Monday's ID here the rain that a year it's a cooler start you're right we got forty doubles I'd like this morning. Have. I had to grab media light jacket little heavier coat and find out how you're feeling this morning but you won't need for a long winning 68 today -- pert near seventy I don't almost perfect and very comfortable dry weather sunshine. Maybe just a little light breeze out of the southeast I think today could be buried them. On Saturday afternoon -- -- a Saturday afternoon a whole lot unitarian Christmas parade crowds part of the sun came out and it was just right. And we bet against -- yeah you have to wait for the clouds to part pentagon be any cloud that -- -- the beautiful today -- still nice tomorrow on. So even warmer 74 tomorrow and by the acting in some clouds begin to an end because our next storm system. Will be moving in from the west and it's going to rain chance of rain maybe a few thunderstorms. Early Thursday morning we're talking you know before you had to work kind of thing on Thursday morning -- five X that -- and they storms moving through. And then back to some -- tents for Friday and Saturday ice that fifty. Now while -- have called for the weekend before Christmas but we warm up into the seventies again for Christmas well Christmas is going to be happy if the issue. Christmas Day could potentially be very stormy here in Louisiana it's not I was looking at things this morning on -- stormy brand that's -- Note that -- tornadoes though and right storms so we're talking about I would not be saint storms those it -- And one maker of -- no snow coming yet and it we're talking forms are severe weather possible at this point looks like on Christmas Day basis it's just something to keep in my absolutely the way things. You make your plans for Christmas Day wanna have a bad if you have outdoor -- a Christmas -- -- an indoor baca Richardson and now this. And you -- -- post up as closer or I'd missed meteorologist Laura but now live and direct eyewitness forecast. Is wrong with people. Nine Lincoln Rhode Island. 43 year old woman got pulled over. And that they did then. Breathalyzer okay and they found that she was under the influence of alcohol they locked her up in jail day. And she called her husbands that come get mean again and it VW -- -- he gets in the car. Drives to the gym -- up and get pulled over on the way there. Guess why he would -- So now they both of them they can't stand this -- out. But he can now. There's been no conjugal activity. Bonds that draw I husband and now I'm just thinking -- for a wife and like a. At lock one up lock up now it makes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well maybe they -- to get togethers have one's going to -- -- ones colonials don't ever now -- separately but I don't know what they would do we evidence saying hey you know maybe they were together drink and what went out for another six pack it in. The rest of the story. Not that you are have at it day. Are about tell either directly at Wednesday's forecast -- they've got to -- the addition of WW golfers is back to this issue erected the blurb from the Associated Press that with. -- pointing out that the killer. Who carried out the school massacre in Connecticut. It was a frequent gun range. Visitor and now we're told frequently. Went to the gun range with his mother give a problem with them. -- a parent and a child going to a gun range it was just the fact they chose to highlight that and make a point of it. Got mine kind of suspicions -- now I grew up. In a town with very strict gun laws up north outside of Chicago where you couldn't even have a handgun in your home if you own a handgun. You get to -- locker at the police station while now most of my life. I've now lived in the south where almost everybody I know has handguns in their homes most people up hunting rifles and most kids take decades hunting. And do you target practice tonight now and two extremely different lifestyles which is right which is wrong. Orlando thanks for calling -- on WWL what do you think. I don't you probably split with great and -- the the -- in itself. Let so that -- reports that this was mentally ill. What possessed you to teach mentally -- That you and so I'll eat you and an Indian. -- you'd you'd go to prom with a parent and a child learning gun's safety learning gun responsibility together our targets. But it. If that child is not meant to unstable at that point he -- he -- -- -- the familiar with guns into tonight used guns if there mentally stable. Thirdly connect that he should be right -- and it's been you know it. Albeit. They. Know -- You know what what about a little boy get the BB gun immunity -- -- responsibility -- that first then when they get all nugget of a 22 a single -- when he Q and you kind of work their way up till they. Mean this is. You know sportsman's paradise in the event. You know back I'm all right this is it was gonna be -- and and and and the thirteenth and what. It would mean everything and yet -- debate. -- -- Orlando we appreciate the call morbid thoughts and comments coming up sports to it was Steve Geller and this. -- -- -- good morning I'm days talent Marc thanks for gone from the North Shore this market what do you make about this story from the Associated Press pointing out. That the shooter happens -- are at sandy hook elementary and his mom would go shooting together. I had a -- I'll put it out of the it'd be a point much -- figured eap you know. I'll -- my my eight year old girl I'm children injured she shoots a gun a popular appropriate courage. -- sixteen year old son Mallorca Spain no trouble whatsoever. About why it. You don't bring out mentally challenged. And potentially into genomic should add that with the possibility that -- picked -- a weapon. -- got some serious issues -- -- mom. You know what we're still we're still learning more about his past we don't know how long he'd had these mental issues if he'd grown up with clear evidence mental instability or through his and they come on later in his life for. We're still trying to get all that you know our arms around all that the stories haven't been -- Iran that it. One question. One out there that wants to talk about gun control gun rights. My question that it should we at all on. -- -- -- Straight emit almost impossible to people why don't make it almost impossible by the recognition. -- all those things go in the legislature and called rational -- I'd like everybody in and end -- from Chile later we have another tragedy in the massacre. And my question what next. At what point when it's on the the American public and click on the way it still happens. -- -- -- Mark we appreciate the call Margaret calls comments and text messages and make him mutiny coming up here aren't out. Dallas -- sports and Steve -- you more about three wants the cowboys to win the Super Bowl. Gordon knocked into the discussion with David like -- and -- -- -- after sports here at WWL. Both they've besides the falcons' most fans to tell you that the cowboys are the least favorite team in the league. -- head coach Joseph Pitts says that they're looking to prove improve upon last week's globe win over Tampa and they get -- travel to Dallas. We know this'll be an emotional game on both sides it is what it is but you can't let your emotions get away with it. Catholics more football you've got to play the percentages in this game field position is gonna come and play and they listen -- -- The New York Jets great playoff hopes were dashed by Tennessee on Monday Night Football. Most of its -- it was only shoot straight and its ruling. It sleep at night. Oh my goodness that she had slipped the ball right. Mark Sanchez gave up the ball twice after the two minute warning internal totaled five turnovers on the night helping the titans went fourteen to ten. The son of NFL hall of Famer Joseph Montana has decided to transfer to two lane. After a year in junior college -- Montana's hoping to compete for the starting job next year for the green wave. As they enter their last year in conference USA before doing the big east at 2014. Injured shooting guard Eric Gordon tweeted that he's entering the last week of rehab on his knee in Los Angeles and then plans on heading back to New Orleans. Meanwhile the hornets looked and a seven game losing streak tonight in -- on the road against the warriors at tip off on 1053 FM at 930. And first came Bob Knight that might suggest he and finally Jim bay high. Syracuse beat Detroit 72 is sixty to make six to 68 year old had coached. The third division one men's basketball coach with 900 career wins. Today -- sports talk the same potential patent are reportedly. Not close to a new field how concerned that you got another team will make -- offer he can't refuse -- Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports city. Played dominos right -- -- Kingston at the dominos and you knock them down one at the next -- the next -- the next and it that'll chain reaction. Tom -- and dominoes. When I'm thinking about this whole show on -- situation in all the reports we've heard. And at the most likely team that is. Trying to woo Shawn Payton would try to -- -- -- away from New Orleans would be the -- -- used coached there spamming lives in Dallas he's friends with cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Is you know. All the things people point on why he would theoretically considerate job in Dallas. So I asked the question well you can't do it -- is not gonna replace his coach if they win the Super Bowl. Right I'd be pretty right right. But if they get knocked out of the playoffs they -- the saints this weekend. Then there's a vacancy there's a vacancy you know -- -- -- Friday night didn't even make the playoffs. In now we got to get rid of him. So it might weird twisted domino oriented mind I'm thinking well. Maybe what Dallas to win and don't want the Super Bowl and when it. So that that that temptation for John -- good houses taken off with him. Sure but there's going to be other coaching vacancies as well around the league so yet that the top. Which most attractive offer partial cable definitely beat Dallas. The if there's an off -- there's an offer right but come. I just can't. I can't the cowboys have -- -- it's like well I grew up. They were America's team and I grew up in Chicago and when I was a very young tout the bears were not very good they got Graham as their. The whole 85 super right to vote on in became a huge bears when I was a little bitty kids. Especially like cowboys cheerleaders fans don't even hear -- Does a little ploy the -- and scandal like that. Now now I've learned it here you just. Not think anywhere and other elected New York Yankees of football. No -- the cowboys went -- on. Atlanta with the super tall I'm -- -- for an awfully I don't Manning Super Bowl I hate against deal at this point I've got the niners play in the Broncos. Now that matchup and all -- wanna thank you -- attacks in about fifteen minutes more sports here aren't going to be WL AM at them and to act now. -- part of 6 AM Beverly cooler this morning but warming up. Sunny skies and mild Temps today 68 this afternoon almost near perfect -- tonight. Dropping to about forty for the North Shore 53 south -- Looking ahead to tomorrow partly cloudy and mild or 7 before then Thursday morning. A lot of storms will move through that's our next cold front dropping Temps down for Friday. From the Eyewitness News forecast center Aaron meteorologists are tough. Now 45 in the city forty on the north. It's national WW opportunist not a talker at six gamut and yet day we get people -- over here ma'am talented images. We had nobody here although we're going to be here with Jimmy -- made fifteen of you know who -- stationed overseas tell on the start colony at 8 o'clock. Because it gets to talk to number eighty Jimmy Graham will salute to the troops for the holidays and negates any evidence you becoming a live from saint --

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