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12-19 8:15am Scoot talks about violent video games

Dec 19, 2012|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks to Dr. Cheryl Olson, co-author of Grand Theft Childhood, about if there's a link between video games and violence

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well you have to do is just mentioned the other possible new names for the hornets and everybody wants to talk about it if you are on hold you wanna talk about that we'll get that coming appear. In just a few minutes I'm studio for Tommy Tucker it's a 17 on this Wednesday morning. Christmas is less than a week away. Here's a -- read so one factor that nobody talks about is the fact that the vast majority of people -- commit these crimes of the one in sandy hook Connecticut. Are from broken homes where one or both parents mostly men are apps it. It takes a mother and a father full time to raise a child but here in the United States with our freedoms. We can't legislate marriage or morality. But I agree that it's nice to have two parents in the home. But there were so many millions and millions and millions and millions of children. Become out of broken homes or I like to say nontraditional families are non intact families. Sometimes people get along. And -- together. And there are so many people that come from homes with one parent but that doesn't convince me that that. Is the problem. That is quite often in my opinion used as an excuse. There's a book titled grand theft childhood it's a book on video games for adults and it's based on research. That was conducted at the center for mental health and media at Harvard doctor Cheryl Olson joins us on WWL doctor welcome to our show this morning. I -- to try to simply answer the question which is probably not possible by with a simple answer. Do violent video games inspire violent behavior. There's no evidence. That it I've I have reviewed all researchers will smile looking for a link there. It's a criminologist at American University to land -- they can also look at this and I attempt by the crime that was just the idea teams. Even now when you look at it you know if you look at it for a minute with a plan -- the -- didn't think oh my god. That altitude slasher -- even Q. Can you can't. He had no violence in Catholic and he of people killing each other right. -- anybody -- how many how many people are familiar with the original on the greens fairy tales. -- -- It's not an island and Wednesday that. I think the real concern the main thing that adequately protect him in dollar government grant stated that harbor statement of school kids. And what we found was that where -- young adolescent responsible. For the girl. -- by the time it was normal behavior. The real. Public health sector by trying in the real world. We don't -- crime going up in between down we don't speak on problem gambling going -- -- stable or going down. So when -- look at that. He probably need for the typical otherwise OK -- -- -- a problem we know more about the typical kids especially once too. Grew up with other violence around them I think we need more research. Cheryl you know I did not know what your opinion would be this was set up -- our our producer Jordan fetal and I'm I'm told -- this opinion because I share your opinion completely. I remember playing Grand Theft Auto -- play but I watch my son play Grand Theft -- -- and it is a sick a -- I came about terrible activity could be with a prostitute. And then you could beat Iraq and take the money back. But I sat there with my son and I found it entertaining to watch but I explained to him that obviously this is not acceptable behavior. How much of a lack of parenting is involved in this blaming of video games for behavior. Grandpa -- -- was the most popular game among the -- that we. We -- a bulletin board with and it was the second public fury among the cardinals went by colonel. They were playing at regularly and we don't like the foreign box game sometimes because you can opt out -- I talked that ten year old friend that. Topic the electric electric phantom plane hit -- -- picnic a trickle down. And the -- child so I knew my Grand Theft Auto game. And he would pretty attractive to struggle. They work. Prostitutes or other pilots -- not to get that you need to he would -- and the -- told us and focus groups. We like like grant that -- because. Because of the time it happened he would act like we can have fun with it we thought -- was -- the court fight with state with a message. I think but parents -- to do is. Feel like that it's a blank I can make a little bit like it's not -- a -- not being there is the proper court -- the compromise -- -- I don't know about school violence by. But parents do need to do with say OK you can say that the game -- these other kids are doing but I don't like it. You like to say you know I don't know playing at your content your friend's house my son but I don't and then my house. Don't -- encourage your child shall do what you should like about the -- -- -- thinking that -- about and watch him play and get a sense of what's going on there. Isn't it fair to say that sometimes. The contents of entertainment on May be confused with. The passive activity of consuming the entertainment and -- it may not be the contents of the video game as much as it is the the the hours and hours spent by a child with that passive activity. -- And protect them to put public marker at higher risk we couldn't say it's cotton that -- -- it back on normal and take a look at this kid. And that and that one usual response like you're playing. You know beyond the -- more than 1520 hours a week consistently playing well all the time -- -- -- you almost can't possibly. -- that as a social activity one of the -- was saying look it's simple. Didn't like we talked about it -- in between he like back. But once he -- at having to withdraw something that you enjoy -- and playing well all the time. He can -- problems. He became depressed and trying to help Medicaid by playing -- forget the problem a lot of kids that they. Used to get their -- not to forget their problems to get less lonely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- maybe even good at that time. My problem in the teens could be making matters worse. Doctor Cheryl Olson co author of grand theft childhood. A book about video games for parents based on research that she conducted at the center for mental -- immediate Harvard -- thanks for being with this Merry Christmas have a great weekend.

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