WWL>Topics>>12-19 12:10pm Garland speaks to Patri Friedman about artificial islands

12-19 12:10pm Garland speaks to Patri Friedman about artificial islands

Dec 19, 2012|

Garland speaks to Patri Friedman, head of the Seasteading institute, about artificial islands.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Quote we have well learned through provision. Improve student. -- Being in a red red Bridgestone. And I you know -- -- and then -- 10% of you. Very conservative people. Don't like government -- like big government pressure and -- government. You're like the restrictions. We may have an idea. On how all you can do older country. We're Cumberland back comparable judicial review very interest -- we call it the thing tech. Arlen rather an overview. Rubio -- conservative and moral fired three at the -- of material hellish hold world news soon so. Covert program I think there. Because I think a review should be used in public airwaves or do something other than just being screamed steps. So we're doing a lot of voters chose on the economy. Possibly. Ted dot com is one of my big big hit entertainment venues. -- pulled a lot Obama. Entities they're making a different world war and -- nugget increasing the that you usually don't see in media. And to -- real -- it is when we -- economic chose. This country has become true part of -- everybody's proud of the fact that liberal conservative. And never the Twain shall meet. So what -- Columbus I -- -- icing in the beginning. For the benefit of pink tank killer people who were Julie are you keynesian. Economist. Or free. Bringing you juxtapose -- over me. Watching a lot of issues reading a lot about entrepreneur wars because that's -- rude boy and intrusion. All of a sudden I -- putt -- Friedman. Who -- up so you can call -- sterling institute. Compassionate about this. -- you -- -- pot for welcomed the show. Thank your amateur at general Andrew understand -- be related to Milton pretty Britain. Good -- it is small world. All right well let's talk about what your talking about here's broader -- your -- small. Nonprofit company whose mission is to quote. Established permanent. Columnists. -- Haitian community. And -- through -- And innovation. Would divert social political legal service tell me about this. Sure I mean that there's a lot apparently the kind that it you know I'm I'm from Silicon Valley so one way to I think get it. Is that is making a start up sector for government. Idiot idiot that just like. Ever else. Need competition. You need new people trying new things in order to get progress. You know we get progress on our help on our computer and our cars because people would start new companies and you can switch between that. But would -- and you know there's hundreds of millions here in the US and we get you know we get to vote. -- every year at about -- chief executive is but there's no way that someone with an idea for a new system of government can go out and make it. And an after -- how we got America you know we got America wins when a group of people said you know what we think it is not a -- thing. And our local self determination and while we're at it we're gonna make a completely new credit government taking a constitutionally limited. Representative democracy and because they got to do that experiment the world that subpoena the former government would really often I mean it got a problem I think we can do better. But we only got that that that progress because people try to continue. And now there's no way to try something new. All landed claim there's no frontier. And so there's no way that we can find the next best form of government and we think that the ocean is most likely what to do that. And for the listeners out there that country a true there's -- I you're almost guarantee that other little rolling -- -- and turn. Rather there's no loop or out crazy idea of molecular Jordan's website. Punctured prudent and T and T or. There for a IEG. The in Marion in the UN dot com -- three Friedman dot com. And look at the rendering -- you correct me on this country on brilliant. Guru real pleased to have the winning -- on one of -- panic and there's no one under and -- you do you know. Did duplication but. What you're doing person really cool and each -- community -- Built on loans let's say he triggered ruling. Pending home and you develop this thing. These -- there's an -- -- tendencies or not. -- and all of I'd do is just an idea -- to local bar. And when you say competitiveness. Between government let's say just hypothetically. You live in Berkeley right. Okay let's say you develop twenty fairly close to each other call for all the crews can get to go to American international walks. Well it first ship it it's twelve mile. It if you build something permanently attached to the people are you gotta be 200 let's get a deal done with this state but at least golf pressure. So it is it is rather isolated. Idea. And -- to go back and forth few obviously we need boat -- ignore the form of communication other than that. Well I would. Small eight get it it's got to be a boat which is not bad for twelve miles which is pretty that a few hundred miles. You know -- grows. Then you can you commute plains where we're chewing him out not bad -- -- biggest -- import -- for the for the bill. And then a group of people feel after a hundred -- you -- for a helicopter we take. Helicopter resulted crucial Louise you know 200 miles all the time. Yep although how candidate quite expensive but you know on on the -- and -- that rendering that they -- look at. One really cool thing we did was those were based on an engineering design -- them send marine engineers. We commissioned to designing. At 200 guests to hotel resort and -- that cooked. That is the design that they made and stripped all the buildings -- -- -- -- platform and then we gave that 3-D data file architects. To imagine what they can build on top but unlike a lot of bit. Kind of architectural rendering these young line they have you know little to no engineering base that the system and make -- something pretty. Those renderings are actually based on a platform designed by engineers. -- interest and aren't we go to school extra break because Cuba president Obama's news conference will come back a morning talk to about. Barriers to entry. And an institution rule evolution. Our guest is doctor Frieden added she's standing institutions. Felt like this country don't like big government don't like the country's. Do -- bureau and very interesting concept coming right back. Having some floating holidays so I don't know where it's quote and wars can get a little. Tiring in the holiday season or we try to have some fun in the twelve noon hour. And tailor your -- fascinating. Road signs and I think especially in contact. It's Colmes. Series -- institute and we have poetry Friedman. The or regenerate this concept. And -- -- for the people would just sure induced jobs report released on just. Good example of what it is tips. Loaded if he's adding it to start -- new country is and putting platform that international waters. Starting out designed based on cruise ships and oil rig and eventually. Expanding Tamara that simple cities and the point of it is that just break. Any other product. In order to have government work better and better over time to learn and have progress. We need to be able to try new things and it's really really hard to try and you sit in the government. In in a country that -- operating but changing the higher in your car -- and sixty miles an hour. You know -- just doesn't work. And government is a field where in order to it to try something new you really have to start it. I'm from scratch someplace and he would keep people and more people moved into whatever time I mean that's how the US about the new frontier state. And you know would -- with the American revolution. And so we think it's incredibly important for for government has to be -- that small groups of people. Can go and start new society new governance system and then grow over time. So we can find new batteries to live together. If you if you're 200 miles out how little hole. Realistic gives it to build the community that would keep them isolated what what happens it can get sick. What happened -- I don't know I don't know if you were -- more grim -- -- milk for. That the that the great questions so. We think that -- don't need to be twelve mound at the beginning either by using ships. Or by getting an agreement with a small country. That you can't anchor outsider twelve miles -- -- twelve miles just like being in the country. And the twelve to 200. Region. The state has. Jurisdiction over. Fixed platform and and eating the local resources. You know but not over over things that you produce yourself in I think loyal guests that are hurt or things like that. And so by starting with these small communities that are closer to shore we can grow over time to Wear when we need to get about 200 miles. We had a Billick is large enough that it would happen airstrip. And then -- underground not that bad he would think about all the people in the world we live in in remote places. You know it is it to challenge -- he got -- yet to plan ahead more. But a lot of people find it worthwhile and I think were creating a -- -- -- society would be people who that would. Tim we ought to keep you know the couple minutes. And I were talking about recruitment. -- of something called seat. Standing. Institute literally building the country in another country many countries. On ships eventually Ulanova. Stationary platforms could be -- oil rig that expanded. And if you look at is where it played portrait Friedman PHT you're Orion. And for a IE DM EN dot com you'll see renderings of some of the ideas. And it's tempting to contemplate -- come -- -- do more of that -- up to this if you have questions through -- 170. -- freely were in the country. 8668890. -- 78 or text in seven he would -- and. It's rather different goals in the -- -- we're told she's stepping institute. It's a nonprofit. Once you get back in from groups that -- -- their -- -- limit the nation's. And we have the other former. Google software engineer doctor Frieden what this a Berkeley mayor Richard Lugar of this contest. -- -- view of things a film -- knows Google removes. You mentioned. And to help this mission news or doesn't mesh with the libertarians. Exploiting. Chair and it did he has as he said he is too. Let -- -- different groups that treat people try a lot of different form the government. And you know that can be most appealing. Two of the groups that feel like they're not represented in the current system then. One of the largest of those groups or libertarian so -- and the idea very attractive but in the idea that he's sitting and not taking any one political system. It is just saying that we need to open politics up to competition and let. What people try -- that thing. You know with groups have volunteered that the key difference between that something like communism. Which imposed a new political system. All I mean you know billion plus people without asking them and when it turned out to be careful political system. -- hundred million people -- -- he's getting a lot of small voluntary experiment where people choose to go try out a -- society. And then we'll find out what works and what they're. Will actually do it and we can actually argue about what we see and -- -- you know what he'd -- just imagine. In general consumer via written written so the concept of these islands where the leadership whether your stationary platform. A look to whether winning entries in the seat sitting design contest. -- where does that tell how many would be people who participated. And what came up. Love it and I thought that was done that pretty early back in that he does not I can't think. In an -- and earlier the framework that we gave the designers. Like something designed by our engineering consultant. And we got. Over forty entries. Many of which. Architecture and design -- -- is about a lot of time into. And we get these corridors rendering that we've been using -- percent. You know the goal that was that was to show people what he could look like. With the down engineering based and I think -- really exceeded that and it says then we continue to do all kind of research on. That I talk to different types that ships and barges and putting platform. On and that the international law and and and maritime law related deceased dad the look at the business that people could start there -- Other researchers that's on our web site that he's getting got a court. And and let's let's hypothetically say you had. 200 of these island nations. Aren't cruise ships losers are you could get to the twelve mile limit. There the concept would be. The better you -- you do -- he's standing. Island nation. Big battery you're attracted and a other. Island visions of weren't doing as well. My copy -- he -- What your doing in order to complete -- is that a misunderstanding on my part. No that's exactly right and that goes to bring that the virtue that a competition. To -- government you know. One way of speaking about it that is the model. It was called -- that person's voice for days. These two -- had influence who wanted to do you know. Complain about it system or or agitate for change. And the other is to lead to something new and and even though we're really used to it -- you know live and consumer. Using exit you know achieving she didn't like to hear your car if I get a get get slightly different car company next time. You know you put yourself a writer -- not working for you. You know it it I don't like the service that I get from from T-Mobile you know my first instinct is not to go right to the president he mobile market like. I -- shared the boat and the shareholders meeting because like he did switch an alternative but first summary in my country government you know we have that. This this and don't try it. Four democratic -- and and and think that Great Britain are they go to. But it is bad boy it and backed by exit then it only has Italy has limited power and if you had 200 different he's sitting cruise ship. Then you know the ones that didn't do a good job with with the money that they charge in providing public service says it would leave them and go to the one that worked. And the bad ones and either go out of business. Or copied it innovations in that kind of get progress everywhere else and all I'm saying it hey let's try to recover until. Only got a million or so but I gotta -- for their first look at this I thought it would make an interest in pitcher. For the show but I told my wife present political and Angel investors on this contest. But history computer field. And he was the big big investor in plain spoken PayPal right. Yeah you bet founder and CE OP value -- the first doubt -- investor and in in it but he made them like 2000 or 3001 and I think investment. And then he backed that that as a nonprofit. You know donating money to enable us to do the basic research. And we're really interested in the next stage it people going to start isn't it based on that. In things like. Putting a hospital on a cruise ship and taking people out. -- treatment. That are not covered by insurance to their weapons that let's expand that could be a doctor from India or Brazil. Or treatment that aren't FDA approved yet but you know somebody dying they're doing and they've they've done their research they're gonna take a risk. On I'm trying to think you know. And -- up interest in things like lakes fish farming. You know what worldwide fish finder are crashing and that agriculture is starting to make the difference. -- do we bring you for all. Highly qualified foreigners that can give a green card -- Yeah and that's that's not a good that they actually started by asking my former employees publicity that. They just announce the date it gotten hurt their first -- -- to do -- feasibility concept of appreciate -- -- -- For a tech worker you can't it be good. There -- a lot of cool -- says the star in this space then and we're trying to get the basic research and get the word out to inspire entrepreneurs to start them. We'll -- Korea is a fascinating concept -- dual followed through with you appreciate the time. And I you have great holiday season. Thanks so much you can I got a book coming out in about a year and it's a book pro council works to. Yet he's getting that or FDA XP -- PI NG dot org and Simon she's terribly publishing her book about a year. All right Greg thank you Padraig good talking. Thank Audrey Freedman do you send some to Goldstein spanning the institute. Creating their own island nation it's -- -- she's from other foreign government. Coming right back.