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12-19 2:05 PM Drew Brees Press Conference

Dec 19, 2012|

Drew Brees Press Conference

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And WL IMF and dot com Christian Derek here Saints quarterback Drew Brees getting settled in to the podium I get ready to preview. The Dallas Cowboys and their matchup this Sunday and it Jerry's world -- kick off right here on a WWL's Saints quarterback Drew Brees messed up -- Tony Romo -- -- that was. Talk about Texas quarterback and don't believe right moment dad got a. Yeah actually summary things like grandparents semi had an article. Producer in Dallas paper couple weeks back. Penny and realize it at that at that time until I read the article but. There's there's -- nine starting quarterbacks AFL from take from the state of Texas and it kind of went through -- guys. And in addition this year that it I got pumped up a little bit obviously with the RG three Andrew Luck. Nick fall's gonna take -- a starter filly and be there might have been one other you know young guy but. There's that I couldn't believe it you know there was nine out of 32. So you know that's obviously -- the whole state of Texas takes pride in. In football and you know they -- they run a lot of those high school programs like college programs have the facilities. That way in the coaching staffs and yeah obviously it's a very highly recruited state you know when I went up to Purdue we were kind of the first Crockett Texas guy's -- up there at least by class or when -- Texas guys on the team and by the time we left I think we have about eight -- Toney Texas guys you know so there's just. They're such. There's a certain vast amount of guys and obviously. Texas tech's Graham and blow it Texas schools kind of take your pick but so many are gonna stay out Oklahoma Oklahoma State. Missouri him in the Big Ten. So -- Obviously some we take a lot of pride in that I guess especially the quarterback position in particular. Just seems like there's becoming more and more. -- -- Just that I think definitely not definitely not those kind of numbers put. In terms of the Saints in particular. Interest -- that the circumstances surrounding that or. You know I I just hope I can Republicans throw like guys like I'm used to. I like Iowa once dead and they're coming off an injury and -- would go to win some games and go play play for awhile. I have to step back -- to have a twelve step back until. Somebody tells you the season's over. How well his Dallas playing right now and occasional hot team again this season worse challenges associated -- and I am happy my disposal. Yeah and their plans for a lot you know they're they're playing for a playoff spot and a division division championship. So we know we're gonna get their best performance. You know for us. You know despite the fact that we got this you know. Very small chance still at the playoffs. But I guess all but eliminated. We still have a lot push for two. For that type of guys we have and we were gonna finish this season and I think our mindset towards building a foundation right now for what we're going to be our television future. Unbelievable how. That's where our spirit. -- you know representative Spencer is a Purdue guy. Yeah those those guys have had -- our success this year didn't get after the quarterback they got. -- Thomas sacks merely a ton of pressure. You know even just with their you know Foreman rushed. And that guys -- -- 34 scheme you know something different that tell you gotta gotta be able to prepare for -- be ready for their multiple fronts that they they'll show you at times so. You just that's every communication and certainly know where those guys are because they came -- they can change your game pretty quick that you have. For the next. It's very challenging. It's very challenging. -- and I think kind of the motto I live by -- as -- -- your next performance so you -- were we enjoyed the temple went for 24 hours and and now it's on the next challenge and I guess what was it was it it was a Joseph DiMaggio. Or maybe just Lou Gehrig. Or great Yankee players you know back -- the day was asked why he played so hard when he went out there. And he said because there is some famous fans we -- you watch me play the first car. And I only give them the impression. Type player I am and so I think it's someone of that mentality. There's always some proof there's always a challenge to be met. And you know there's always somebody discussion their cross there's Cheerios can -- just so you were you wanna make sure that your. You put forth your best effort them. Certainly I think we're what we're trying to accomplish as a team to. He'd -- -- just can't have a down he can have a down game you know I know we've had -- tough stretches of time this this season I've had tough stretches. But it's all about how we wanna finish. Saints coach -- -- -- Saints quarterback Drew Brees here on WWL. Your passion. And it -- me. Yeah. All unbelievable is his attitude and just how positive he was -- mean that's such a traumatic event -- -- something that. You know anyone who ever played football community -- addition put yourself at that risk and yet. You know for for it to happen to a guy like that who is who such a well loved guy on this team. I mean. Federal cause talked to coach players couldn't say enough great things about the type -- that walker isn't. To go there and his family. Sister and her her little baby. You know just to kind of be. Be a part of their lives are a little bit you know that was some of his great two weeks ago or -- support for him let let him know we're thinking about a month diehard Saints fan you know and I guess it's ironic that he's you know and it has it that the -- Atlanta -- where. Right Falcons country and but but do you -- -- new -- to restore -- she's -- All Saints here and who red jerseys there there and you walk in Israel so. He certainly is supporting us some. You know we we we wanted to know. How much north think about him and me you. You know -- well there was there was it was before the Falcons game unfortunately you know he was talking about how much yours to beat them. You know we beat them the first time unfortunately didn't get from that time but. Not just to know that. You know despite everything he's been through you know still such a positive attitude. There's talk about how he's gonna be going back to you know go back to school and how he's gonna. Which -- back on the field and you know so his his mind is -- already thinking about you know overcoming the next challenge. No you don't win games obviously but that's the big picture guy you. -- back some time and I wonder what's gonna happen -- -- Well. Graham no I don't think about I'm not worried about it I truly believe that he'll be here and all sorts of south. But -- everything else going on you know really really trying not to think about the things that would just be distractions of the sport. When you. Hear reports saying. Certain things I mean aren't you going through this and had a contract negotiations -- -- it's obviously opens people's lives and sister and kind of get suspended hitting you for this kind of understand why it's such a. Well yeah sure ocean there that are absolutely good. We also know how the -- sources thing works or. I've spent doing. Sources say. Sources confirm or say whatever you want to mistake. Because you really have to be accountable for it so. I'm like this and I'm not worried you know I'm not worried I'd be I'd be shocked if he wasn't here next year. But there right now there's formula things for us to think about more about most the season ends we'll. We'll get back to that. -- -- -- And you're not first draft where I wish Ripken are. This is red hair. -- -- is. You know you you always assume OK or hit the ball and some maturing right and and then this is this is Howard Americans you know approach certain. You know all of a sudden if you're backed up you know might change you know insider on five or if all of a sudden you you know you get to turn over a big returning your inside they're -- and maybe changes. But for the most part of your -- of the field like you are. Most of time he's script out. Maybe your top ten placed on fifteen plays tough -- at times. You also talk about a third down this is what we want to call short medium long. You know him and you pretty much all the lists. As it as it is listed in them until there's a situation where they and you plug in another play or. You saw something that just wants to get you to this play this -- midway down the Vichy era right now. Well yeah it's it's something that obviously just to look at study. You know really visualize. Every look that you can possibly get and then and the -- the great you know there's some great teams that I thoroughly prepared for the Texans you know last year but. Just the talk of how fast they started and how well they are with her first fifteen and you know Atlanta has been that way and there's other teams so. There's teams that do have very well certainly we wanna be wanna seem to think we have been in the past. And Thomas call sheet for -- commissioner thank. You need to do you -- like. Graham this supersonic. -- relativism to see that there -- the script how small the script is the failure all the plays months. I I I would venture to guess there's a -- count him at some point but there's so many variations to different plays to bit. Yes -- formations personnel groups that kind of thing and if you really added everyone. Here in the hundreds and hundreds of players. It's a right. Well I'm I don't know if it's hot -- -- similar. Plan Murton down in Miami for the national championship so I'm sure his get a lot of questions about his Dolphins stays -- I mean. Ahead. Yeah I mean and I I'd I'd I'd say the biggest difference between you know first -- say this I got a lot of respect for coach Saban and I felt like he was an honest with me closed down there. But they are so like when I was here in New Orleans there was I was embraced. I was given confidence that you are guy that we we know the situation we're -- we believe you're gonna come back clearly this team's community. The impression I -- I was there was. I realize -- We're just master and -- I got this of this since I was being evaluated every second I was there in the united. I spent an entire day doing physicals on doing that. MRI a contrast where they you know they inject those saline solution your arm in fact I -- MRI two for two hours it was miserable. I had -- stuck him armed to to check from I guess if I nerve damage and I mean I was just poked and prodded him. You know and so the whole time just like we're not sure when I assure him aside and I wanna go somewhere -- -- some believed in me is. Much is ugly to myself but you know I needed that at that time this post two months into a month three have -- -- I heard it that you know so it's that I didn't pass my physical how would the past anybody's physical I was too much -- they -- -- have. I could lift my arm fast here in town so. Percent of all -- no way of supposed to. He's an Alabama. Played first third national title I'll think TV I don't think you trade for the world I certainly wouldn't trade for the world so Grogan. Saints quarterback Drew Brees here on WWL IMF women dot com. -- well I mean. It's yeah I think kind of scale that back you know -- Maris. There is an offer -- -- there was kind of teetering -- as well maybe in I'm so. And I'm pretty. What no no. But the like a set I described did the feelings and emotions that I had you know for both places in the feelings of certainly I got here from everyone and I -- wearable. My tennis. Yeah how this is this is funny. Saws and mr. Johnson -- here and I am there's a guy who handled his business card to somebody gets -- -- someone back he said you know my and so and so -- work for a company down in Corpus Christi. My -- or curse or Portland to write us a course Christian poker pro high school for. Twenty years. And he said I've played your grandfather. Used to give us water during two days. And hours fly and sort of disarray is just like brother and his Russian memories you know me and my brother used to go down and we stay with my grandparents for. -- weeks at a time during the summertime during tour days and we go out there and my -- serve like this green electoral light water is kind of funky and we feel they're in a brother or Martin given the guys -- Also wrong side and just thought that was the greatest thing ever. You know being a part of them watched grandpa coaching going to. -- his games -- here's an extremely successful high school coach crucial 38 years from 19501988. And then retired him. This out on his ranch in east Texas and -- on -- my grandmother still lives doing great and they're just so much suit -- -- as a kid you're playing sports and everything grandparents were a lot of those offense and it always coaching me up encouraging me and him. Did you hear the conversations about their. He McGrath a left a message after this last game and can say anything about the passing nothing. He said. -- -- you take off and run on that -- and made me so proud. This year they are all it was it was option rich or -- and Battenberg traps him. And you know my my my uncle Marty -- he always -- with his arm play University of Texas. Where Darrell royal. Ran the wishbone there in the seventies with -- Earl Campbell and and that crew and so. Tom -- wasn't gonna take off from round. But he agrees that the slide parties -- you know you might -- I'm sure. You know what's. He came he came to the Atlanta game this year. So using that make it out to one game here -- beyond his it's harder for him to travel. But. But -- he still he still walks from the ranch and he still you know he's got about 100 had a cattle guy doesn't help them but. As he had his way he'd be you know. They -- -- tossed some you know good. The feet out for the 2000 doing everything else he kind of walks around and structural yard delegates who -- more now but now he's unbelievable. No I heard he was here though. Pretty sure I'd I did not cross -- -- I'd I'd I'd met him many times. -- down from tired today you know again. Eight creepy Nike do you shake hands if you ever get any back. They said tiger I was like guys you're you're on the nicknames. Yeah grab. No I mean -- obviously might. Mean my affiliation with two rain is much I guess I got a pretty good situation to any it would work out their during the lockout everything else so if I feel like I'm an honorary member. They've been really good to us and obviously CJ being over there and -- some of our other coaches. Guys have been in this building before. But yeah I mean. Obviously I I'm -- I stay really tight with my Purdue. Your program. We've got to we've got a great group of former players and then we got a new coach this year and real love to coach there was their prior but you know -- I think we all stay very very involved in. It's always -- you know I don't know make those calls are. You know try to get guys get guys recruited that's that's kind of fun exciting for. Me but I'm their vast. -- All of the above. Perhaps but -- bit -- I mean I I I have not even tougher second and he wouldn't be here. Honestly. -- -- -- I haven't talked to him. But not I haven't even thought of respect that he wouldn't be here. Okay. Yeah I was growing up -- salute their group blossoming up like born in Dallas -- Dawson in 86. And look I mean love Cowboys they step training camp at saint Edward's university which is an awesome -- go to training camp. Watch -- drive around in his black Mercedes or golf cart. You know Troy in the fellas. You know win all the Super Bowls and you know you gather around Thanksgiving Day and you -- even Turkey much Macau is Damon and going out. Torn sweats on him plated -- tackle football game your own yard. When asked what it was all about three was. Saints quarterback Drew Brees sizing up his a press conference here on a WWL -- some quite a bit competent Corso. Does the dominant one of the reports about Sean Payton is head coach to spend their coach I said -- he has he given the thought the -- they will not be here he said he'd be shocked if he's not be in not here. Next season. Pushing guys out here at -- can't possibly back to spot McConnell. Christian thanks a bunch we'll open up a lot for some of the comments said Doug Jones bit and Drew Brees made as well as whatever else was in the pot right here. We'll step away for a second player will catch up come back here and start taking your calls on negates semi WW get a cup of coffee we're gonna talk.

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