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12-19 Sean Kelly on the Hornets

Dec 19, 2012|

The voice of the Hornets Sean Kelly previews New Orleans match-up vs. the CP3 & the Clippers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back Christie -- in for the big chief Deke Bellavia of course. With a cajun cannon Bobby there 504260187. Or -- 38668890878. -- -- pelicans of mosquitoes -- dogs. Bull Sharks. All applied effort trademarked by the NBA today. As an effort to navy. -- team. The current team here in the world as the points. Speaking of the voice of your opponents Shaun Kelly joining us now as the he's he's ready to take on the LA Clippers tonight at 930 Shaun Kelly and Jon -- Asia at the call. On WW LF haven't won a five point three Sean how's things out and LA. Are huge earlier in the year and are now walking into the very comfortable -- under so all's well. It did -- look at it I guess the fans and they go to mean. And look and when you have a losing streak in your in the game beat you can't close them out. What is the plan right now until Gordon would come back. Who you think -- do you -- maybe in the game plan that could be date closer. And maybe coach of money when it was to count -- He's totally one night to -- Yeah aren't you know probably -- -- probably that really -- close -- at the moment because closers. Execution on whatever your number viewers because. That trouble wanted to be able to and they should -- this complex junior team play. And I know that not -- advance and looking forward Michael coming up hopefully soon. But right now that that's when we're gonna talk Eric Gordon tonight your Los Angeles a nice career so it. Shauna. And indulges for a minute -- guru pelicans mosquitoes swamp dogs are bull Sharks with one you like about. I don't know -- he had yet to boldly did those that are -- names that a hornet's have submitted to the NBA. I guess he pelican the moment -- by the to a optical. I think that the you know I don't know that Brittany yet. Or not but it sure you know sure sounds like the people don't know about that and I hear a lot of negative about the -- but I think that. What I do -- and and a and a good logo comes up and whatnot I think -- a growing old and become kind of part of our culture down easy so. I. Don't want you know. -- All in the ago that it would be really cool but I can't imagine having little hundred and use a year trying to explain what that is. Right exactly out and bought shark I don't know you know all the way to get -- -- -- -- -- on -- them shortening bullish guards to be ends. -- -- -- -- John Kelly a voice of your two worlds once. Our guest here on sports thought -- -- John initiator while the call for as the Hornets take on the LA Clippers 930 on WW LF Emmons Shawn. A larger interview post game interview last night -- money Williams and he is quite Cantonese -- lose and Sox. What's his frustration level as he's still trying to mature a very young basketball team. Kind of frustration right now is taking. Trying because it can -- -- believes he's getting that from his players to that kind of all the type effort that it takes for a young. Maybe less talented than the other guy at the moment I seem to achieve wins. And they piled up there's no doubt you know I look at the pace. That but watcher on this time a year ago people were four and 21 so now -- by and then eighteen going into tonight's -- you're out around where you -- last year that couldn't -- who is in a row. Were you had to kind of really grind and -- looked purple -- spot I really do they put Davis back in Gordon Brown -- on the court that bright spot that's finally almost here. So it's frustration that you know as much teaching goes on there hasn't been. A reward as a yet it's coming but the actual artists feel right now you're just you're surrounded by didn't look at the road trip. So boards and had to endure a lot to it tonight -- -- -- Trotted into the explorers and oh -- -- -- legal status has -- -- to acknowledge. It's not like you're trying to go to the tree and get right here against like for the Wizards to the Bobcats right now. Do we get two teams are going to be playing well on the back. Yet now Charlotte did -- that competition and when you look at the west think conference. Obviously -- done there. You look at the experience of the Spurs in. In -- number of people say when all's said and done who knows it might be the Grizzlies -- where do you put. The Clippers when you look at that makes him are they potential. A leader coming on the way as the comets are playing for a championship we're not really. I think there in the mix you know you can't ignore the fact they've won ten in a row and did a good portion that -- on the road recently but you know been doing game -- tonight's game I have a little trouble occurred got right now. With Chauncey Billups will be out. Feel like I belong 11 -- injury to now is just unbelievable work are you have a problem that -- couple and I don't think it's backs up to what you see in Oklahoma City. Or or maybe in San Antonio at this point but they're in the conversation end and there's so once -- the -- -- guys. I mean we're right into the new year yet and who who is gonna have direction that injury can. -- roster shakeup of the trade deadline -- becomes -- should get most -- -- -- start and got. Shawn -- the voice of your the world wants wants back in action tonight at 930 and John procedure rule but he all the action at 930. Against the Clippers on WWL that the 105 point three shot think's stopping by appreciate it. It all right Shaun Shaun Kelly is a sports talk on WWL I am FM and dot com.