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12-20 6:10pm Isa-Abdul Quddus

Dec 20, 2012|

Safety Isa-Abdul Quddus is this week's guest on the Saints Player's Show broadcasting from Hooters on Vets

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And good evening and welcome this week's edition of the -- is the Crown Royal saint players felt it coming but just a few moments we get beat on by Saints defensive back. Is to have duque who says he hit back to back weeks where he's picked up an innocence including the Saints. 41. To zero victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at ease on earlier in the season it's at that point to think that the -- I'd better coming off a three game losing streak was the defeat Tampa and now this week and -- Dallas follow by the regular season finale. As they take on the Carolina Panthers without the -- about all of that out later that I am program was 7 o'clock now -- have your. View from Vegas as we talked in the yard -- thinking it was some winners. Put this week in and also we will have some university's new football coach Johnson Odom a great story Alley -- The job as interim basis and now he is the full time acting head coach follow suit me full time coach and it's -- university would speak with him. In the 7 o'clock now -- -- by 8 o'clock you have an opportunity to hear the Pistons to a seventy point 1053. If this week's edition of the Monty Williams show 504260170. Or -- free. 866889087. That reports -- New York's a bit. The New York Jets want to trade. Current quarterback Mark Sanchez who is just being pitched awful formal Alabama quarterback Greg McIlroy. And they also try to cut ties with Tim Tebow -- April with this all season from him. If you want a coach or a general manager would you -- Tivo watching -- why where would you play here -- would you use. And Tebow as offensive put him on special teams. And if not why. Not with you use. Tim Tebow be -- case people on line at W did you -- Dot com and also don't forget Sunday I'll go to started eighty with fans first take with -- And Estes and -- court it's about -- countdown to kickoff at 10 o'clock. And then at noon kickoff one million nation has been anticipating a lot on a Saints and traveling over to Dallas at this weekend this is Saints and the Cowboys. Its -- guys on. Color analyst the -- think Jim Henderson. And Kristian -- appear on the silent bring you the Saints and the Cowboys turned down the -- -- -- it in terms of Saints radio look at it the history between the Saints. And the Cowboys. These two teams the Cowboys lead the series a fifteen to nine in -- 44 meetings with the Saints. Have a dominating as of late winning six of the last seven -- and loss -- that was. The first loss of the season in 2009. With thirteen -- And Dallas came on a Saturday night that game with on the FM network. The center before Christmas and defeat the site of the -- the Saints pretty much dominate their rivals Atlanta as of late and the Dallas Cowboys a lot of alive. As Dallas Lotta speculation about the future of coach Jason Garrett and the organization what will. Owner Jerry Jones do but if they win on Sunday over the Saints they will clinch a spot. Ian in the NFC. Layoffs and a lot of talent Louisiana talent on this Dallas team of course they've moved up to the directorate defense to bank. Moakley upon penalty defense -- that volley one in his -- teams -- had a great career. Undated LSU coach Nick Saban and just give -- an idea of how good these 34 defense season. You know not offices of a bad over the regular but the last time we face Iraq Brian defense. Wasn't. October of 2000 team and in the Mercedes-Benz superdome when he was the defense the -- of the Cleveland Browns. And that. That was probably the -- lost we've had in the Sean Payton era. And so -- the picked sixth in a couple interceptions from Drew Brees and we lost that game. Thirty to seven team but this defense is stout. And the front of -- we said Marcus -- it -- in it and also Jason Hatcher. At that over and -- less than most of the nose tackle all of those guys play extremely well right now. As each has -- sank in the month of decent will welcome me at -- at Duke eight deuce giving him he would have easily been how are you comment on gray -- There was since the last time we've seen you that you picked up some numbers of the stick back to back weeks that I'm an up and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a big interception you. You know will want raffia can't -- to boring and go to. You know as it was big those -- think -- -- performance of the defense to get the confidence you know -- -- really they've with a good game. Visit come a point and he's when you get in the game I don't know maybe you play at a certain time this mission at second and we say okay. We might be able to get a shutout -- -- if you guys talk about and how I want to know if you meet you have a go into a game thinking you're gonna -- it by. I think that's the mentality Dave Michaels at the game by the news you know that's -- that's the main goalies -- it down -- opponent but. You know it's just like it started off we stop the right so. Was he made a one dimensional we made a -- and we just night made him do what we wanted to do and that's we've got to make plays on the ball so it was that it is a great thing. Now he's so I guess the fan in me and it is a lot of fans calling Bobby and myself after the game and even -- the through the week. With these teams and oh yeah -- I mean it's trite that is allowed to get together you know it was a with a lot of changes and offseason where I mean. I'm glad it came to get at least so -- Right now and a lot of that talk about picking up the new scheme the coach Mike Nolan and we've seen. You know and in the losing streak -- -- panic yet there it was wasn't the thing typically throughout it. -- -- Giants game and Ortiz stated we can look at the Falcons game of the game we happily before in game defense played solid. Is this is this what we're going to see moving forward now he's at do you think this do you guys have it. Well it definitely do I think afterlife and about in the grass and the defense and is there will be got to do to win. And he -- start to come together like really well because we had -- road pass that would. It in -- put put a stamp on your own play. How hey if you play how we've improved since we last vote to. I think I've been playing a lot better -- implantable a lot better you know I've I have a bent -- that he does anybody else though I know it to what they expected me when that will pay that to me if I'm not really like. Think it's who might -- woods reacted that was -- -- Saints defensive back east at Duquesne -- is a special PS if you have a question that he's a Bible for 260 point seven the volatile free. 8668890. Rates in the he's at now when you look at it where we are now one of the Dallas and you take -- one -- tan and we have Carolina. I know coaches say it is a lot in and Agassi Sampras advocates and do you coaches with the article. With the players who believe this on the field plays to get it done. In training camp in you know show the work ethic and all were pretty into the in the offseason program. But it seemed like it that's not lip service here that don't tell you any -- no one. It before you got here coach -- coach if this is that this organization. Had a track record it doesn't matter where you come from if you come in public who you gonna play images that the Q what's -- -- I've done in the second -- -- help as well. -- definitely you know it's it's. I have everybody had a fish his team you know it's not like the big money guys you do -- took snaps away -- about if you can play you play and that's not really care about that thought that matters with all the wanna -- do was win and we don't. We'll put the best players -- -- that's gonna give him the -- That you come from up north. Who was that you I walk round with shot and it shows the -- -- with them well you -- -- not that you know use the right round back home karma thirtieth on Wright's ninety have you adjusted to the weather the way it is seen -- you know we all want to open and the I imagine if we -- what you came from college. They would have this out right it beat you nice cooler night where you finally acts these isn't hot like so much. Now down here I think I feel like it's close I mean but it's not a couple of the -- good Louisiana the only -- Isa and duque -- is auspicious in a small piece on his plate. The victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one and rim nation obviously is excited about Sunday. At Dallas it's the -- is my Crown Royal Saints players show don't listing the Saints radio that you don't Buick. From the shotgun -- can't find anybody eventually it's gonna throw it -- downfield and it's going to be. The fact he's so how -- locate news and he's -- -- touchdown by Dallas Clark but truly desperation throw by Freeman. And -- the Saints came up big last week forcing five turnovers. In the victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers welcome back it is the course like Crown Royal saint players -- In this week's best -- is Saints defensive back he says. And do anything yet the question to -- that 2601870. Or -- free. 866 eating ninety rates him the phone we go let's go to Chris on -- three -- always -- have new cadence on that you know -- him. I eat dorm the power -- -- -- and a -- game in Dallas. And I know. Weaker you know mark you don't have the opportunity to knock down balls out run out playoff picture. What are your mind The Who what you think being -- it is a warning. Her strongest game live here now. I Hamas that it definitely get the win you know they have a lot of star power over there they have some good players Dez Bryant. That the Montgomerie. And -- in town -- also you to settle down you know we always -- a winning game because of what's at stake. -- you play golf sharper and will return unit by Victor coaches who aren't they look. I believe so -- -- He's got a lot of loyalty to this since nineteen -- and he he brought that program back and whatnot I think it was time. Operative arm there are -- the offer. I think it's all right thank you very much credence to Houston -- Steve Steve thank you for calling you always -- at Duquesne dukes on debuted at UN. It's an honor it is if you thought well I just wish everybody happy holidays are prisoners -- that would make it has been out here that you. Guys with a one over on the Dallas Cowboys -- -- person there's a lot of older secretary of we're good. I think that this one. -- I think a lot of no problem thank you and you know what you guys are class organization and no matter what you guys. You know you're wont wont get people appropriate what you can -- his -- that is what it just questions if I could. OK but my first question and -- I guess it is this year has been -- -- thought it was -- very compatible with him on Sunday and also some euros or about him. I was not there a couple of them in -- -- we have in. Which is about. Police that. And one off some of the toughest players you face -- of that's not an -- when we face. Well in my career so far with Calvin Johnson you know he's like he had an off so now by one of the biggest. We get the best player -- Lee also Vincent Jackson plays a pretty good receiver would not. Let's put it. Are you do that's pretty yeah. You know that's how you guys they would have so much success -- a games albeit it Jackson who was one of the top receivers in the league. Also Doug Martin in the way we played against Atlanta I mean Roddy White I think this that was the first. That and 37 games that he did have a -- to the first NFL football game and you guys did well against them now with so. Against who would've been -- has kept him handle that in the -- two out of last four weeks do whether it's Atlantic -- making his fans in Tampa. You know I think we decide to get though it was not a -- more than at a secondary so we know. Well we know what to expect out of my players and -- not so. You know we've been we have playing we're below that I'd take him which plays off also argue lives again a lot of pressure on the quarterback that's been open a little much. -- -- you wait you don't you would be. We you when you -- -- you know I guess overall in the National Football League game in at this point this season. -- doesn't want both -- -- -- them you know so I'll always going to be a play in his league but definitely I'm happy I'm limits of yeah I expected also to be here by that there's guys that play in America to. Now -- obviously if it's controlled environment Sunday quickly take us back to adjusted to the playing candidate different rules of college to pro. Vertical game mean in new your off of there with the Giants and how do you how do you precedence followers of the globe and so -- you'll -- type that get you -- over -- that was kind of a -- kind of cold afternoon in New York. -- yeah I'll look glove and also had a handle on -- -- -- -- with -- one -- but it really wasn't too bad out it was like I would like this it wasn't like it right to quote. So and I see now from where Beckett the day you -- -- ON FL fans gather that the big. Bulky switch at a time that it make this stuff it's almost raise at the end to keep you won't so -- he keeps you from where you ought to slow himself down. Oh yeah I did in weird you know where a lot of plays Duke and is definitely light -- helps that a -- if you walk -- and everything right. -- to have duque Duce in our Spencer is you can have a question for -- you can email with -- he -- if you give your background. 5042601. And seventy point 03866889870. With -- and just the moment. But as far as cook cut up your time is 630 it's not the first -- we'll go to die -- Second at seven after the three yard gain Manning shuffles to his. Left looks downfield it's intercepted by kid is he sat out locating his guns up and takes it away from Martellus Bennett he runs to the boundary just pushed out of bounds -- for another -- -- And he had the Saints look to making it two straight. If they take on the Dallas Cowboys Sunday here on thing creator would not go -- the money you need him. With fans first take happened since the call and at that point at 10 o'clock if the countdown to kickoff. Follow by noon kickoff Dallas and new water on them with them exit and turn things radio -- -- Jonas and is this tradition of sports and about the ban myself from the Oceana restaurant at cemented -- contact in the world famous quote from 2 AM to 1230. We'll talk to Travis wrap your body get them online now economically it's not I'll have a little bit about the national championship game between. Alabama and Notre Dame with a time on that point favorite over the Irish also -- it but elation Clinton took them -- to the label. And -- break things down for this week in you to set up with a lot of cajun fans to -- in town this weekend for the New Orleans Bowl with it UAL the -- -- -- we can't try to keep -- The east Carolina. Putts he's a -- about the Dallas Cowboys come enough. What we you'll. If you luck out there it's in the Philadelphia. Philadelphia. -- and who who -- -- -- is. But you -- those McNabb Duce Staley. OK okay so that was a bit -- and it what you think you know he was football league Griese wasn't the I -- so you'd be inactive he's -- in the AFC east it may in ought to the Cowboys. The reason why you know you looked -- strokes in the NFL you know what how is. Indianapolis and ANC's now how's it Walton in AFC winners all the you know about real man if things but. If -- all it takes -- had a -- is if -- -- -- I want a piece of -- and BC and you want to be what you were prominent. The media off that Dallas that the beer it's not know you had a distinct but Dallas with the America's team and so forth. You talked about the robbery -- -- if you get this same field the fans and a double but his game as they only but it felt yeah definitely because you know. Is a big game -- Tommy partly that was because they're like the team that's on it right now that -- like the Yankees problem you know so. It's always a big -- we played some of the problems again and you know we would sit back talk about it if the Q you'll host. So hopeful they've caught the perfect and it. That the more -- -- -- the success of France as an above all Wallace who will you at Dallas San Francisco. New England Pittsburgh so history goes on on the when you look at Dallas offensively. A few players pick out before we -- of those guys out. What would loosen things defense in the UQ you can be counted that for the second game. Oh well they have big receivers you know they have they have Dez Bryant outside also Miles Austin and Jason wins it being persistent -- you know so it's really just. To stop those guys have been he's talented. What we want Mike McKenzie was playing with us we talking about I want to think things that stood out that he's seeing them on the anything since. The best friend to a defense that Beckett the -- us. I don't know Panthers would be needed this week because there there -- ballclub that it is his -- the ball how lover Tony Romo is ever one is that -- -- You sort of patches definitely use you know even get -- a lot of question the last couple games which is open it's not a lot so that's and -- addicting -- with Cleveland. Miles Austin from from my vantage point -- looks like that but just a speedy -- with the as Pratt has like he got that. The total package this sag as his speed and so forth. What do you do what you matched up with a gap like it it innocent situation we've -- of these is is physically more stout that you. Well you have to just know you gotta expect that by formation when that within them to see them to -- -- and that's those not. You really got to be there for play that they go their way -- -- so depleted. When you break them down -- is there enough to hand over the course that we did it. I know you fully understand what our players successful and but you may be kind of pick up most of -- it. Maybe some think they feel alone on a week you don't -- in and that's what you try to do what if I. I've got to play to my strengths and our bodies we please. You you have to look at what their what their weakness it's not you know is really about. Was this scheme days and how they use certain plays to get to play this thing so you know like there's Bryant's big guy you know -- -- He's gonna -- their own routes where he has yet that's where it that's what he's good -- so as we studied film to see what they do with them. Running back DeMarco Murray Felix Jones some guys have been playing well both average and -- for yell at the -- Marriott helped the coach did today. It's become Naia ball care he's got got a 133 attempts is the fatigue and Russian. And -- he's got four touchdowns but is he a threat overall come out the backfield to catch the football. Yeah definitely catch and avoid a run when he's he runs really hard you know he has to look pretty dynamic. And -- to stop him before we can start the game you know because that's the biggest thing stop and Ryan makes one dimensional. Lisa how do you focus. In a game where at this past week. Just bam we're well on on you know the Buccaneers and things like this melted metal when last week with a lot. And with it to be playing. On the knicks' sixth inning comeback in him they returned the kickoff and before you know we get down. Howdy -- able maintain their focus you hear coaches say they'll -- -- is hopeful but is it easy to say that. I think it is pretty easy because you like play every play this like it's all you know you don't really tied it like. Put it together the game until at US film again. With so you just take it that one play at a time so you lose no I really don't feel moments and on in the game it's all about this taken one play in Stockton. How now with the don't want to own news about you know as a of that and -- and you know they're down. I'd be. I keep his -- the crowd get really loud city to get so they can get there they Texan went nuts and hope yet again that. Can you see when that we knew when the crowd is that that you see the confusion. On other teams -- -- you can see that they can't hear its ability can't get this they're in -- would NASA hopes without. So minute -- within you know -- but Kravis -- -- from the equipment huge debt that you Spartacus -- coming. -- -- -- the big article on -- negative growth now since. Over the course of the last few seasons -- to pieces of some younger faces you down whale. Obviously we talk about the reds feel he was on a couple weeks ago you came here heard it here. In the end cam Jordan you've been able to see him in the second game that -- or so to speak. -- -- the team in sacks a fumble recovery in sect is paid this week have you seen how we've seen him with two out -- playing with him. Cameron -- like he almost got the game now packing now he's slimmed down Lucas with a lot faster when nine youth -- our motive and he's playing lights out right now yeah. Nice when you look at two stupid do you think what what would you say that makes the makes personal goals you have that makes it and he says okay. I wanna be started as recently knocked out hope. -- it be here would not able yet to receive these ahead of -- room operative update and so. You don't you started the how has the placement of Malcolm on the injured reserve effect the rotation but what you guys do. In it it's -- Our you got our motto is next man up so. You know every game going near as if we're gonna start because you don't know what happened anyway so might you heard yet to go in there and have to help your team win. So with though when Malcolm went down you know I had a Communist -- -- strong safety and -- -- come in play and he he's been doing great since these. Right is it isn't that can't land it -- it and oh there's no disrespect you it is that we locker room is. Of having an excitement that you -- a few more clean -- community within the next man up. Vs Siena -- you could -- local fans either. You just for the rest. Yeah I mean. You come you always happy about in more playing -- -- don't wanna get in that Minnesota's. Injury is solid there instances in my career would not. But me I'm am excited about economically it's not enough can be -- mile and got to live with being strong -- not to get the plays that he was he sees. He you off I guess two years ago he -- you a replica you fall semester through finals against that for the Christmas break. Collins and now you view toward completing yet you say a year in the national football only. Give a kick to set maybe Gordon home watching sports and then you see an almost as it and go back and say man -- remember. I wanted to be kicked out you know I hope that the one day and now you'll Tikka. Yet do us a toss -- back in the old woman known putts and it came true. And I got to get to do that once and he knows -- come from why -- from a at Fordham University. Easily have -- dukes is thus mr. -- makes more on the Cowboys. And the final two games of the season. The regular season for the Saints Dallas this weekend to want to detonated. He's eagerly looking forward to it's the -- I Crown Royal saint Bledsoe are special guest piece to have new stadiums. On his radio that you don't view him. And welcome back. And always have been OK -- a -- -- -- Isn't good background -- -- players to our coverage starts. Sunday morning at 8 AM time in essence the cold will bring you fans first take -- -- -- for the New Orleans. And Dallas the phone to go back and root for David David you always Isa Abdul pay dues on WW. Guys got very quick comments and -- questions. Noble on. Congratulation. -- safeties it's great to have another playmaker and secondary. I hope you don't go anywhere as we need to read this -- Well -- wish you continued success and you know you're -- back the American public. Not a long for the financing for you guys and you know. Hello there are some educated sports fans out there and lots of time this season unfortunately there has been sitting out there. Forty plus minutes beginning. And the yards per game. Doesn't matter as long as Uga has been out there -- or strong. Come up with big congratulations. -- Excellent. Ball. You will have continued success we hope that's what. I did it the last one and the question -- home. Coach Peyton and all the contracts. And I was kind of up in the year. But technically is he's still under contract with the verdict here. I'm not really sure about the that this is everything how much over the concert situation right now. This state to have any idea on that. Awful my -- years under contract renegotiating thought it do something with all of the suspension handed down if you know some -- but to see him so that -- -- I think that and a -- due to -- and then Nolan. When he and the suspension down that would open the world all. Were so -- -- tell you anything else but he's the David -- I don't really want -- -- shopping is awfully. That's okay -- and graduation. And -- Libya and you know I have a great politics. All right David thank you Graham. On -- -- -- 78668890. Rates him full Isa and UK news of my knowledge of him. Eight in his the only you media that maybe after that you could feel Foyt he talked about is Brad. Miles Austin. Now look and on the flip side. Special teams lines. You guys -- there raffia with active there is practice. He kind of looks Titanic at their peak physical I'd like Patrick Peterson -- -- he he he needs he could get a heart beat it and chance and a break down what they do as a team last. In return game. Oh yeah it they don't use him I think the main returner is really the -- harassment they're getting. -- also -- -- he's really good. And like papering Dez Bryant like packets and like the into the game when you -- -- -- like that but you terrible great return of electing hit it downhill and if influence. Right you know -- did take some interests and -- -- night -- anything he says games you can buy because I was about but he professional ball fourteen years. It you won't fanned a player in this league who was successful defensively. Coming into this league. Well became successful in -- the day at some point -- given to -- wasn't a very good or great special teams player means you can meet next week -- Coach -- and that's where you're really into it. And and you -- it to the -- position. Oh yeah that's like the root of everything in the -- year -- drafted -- young player Vietnamese team to a sports teams and -- -- helps you a colony is still you know mesa but it -- it. Open field because you know. It's like the whole field that they have a hole through the run around yet to make it make a tackle in space -- not -- it so definitely I. I remember talking to -- and we were talking about you would do whatever it takes they're one of the can't -- the camp -- if you're trying to make the team. So like when you guys are coming down note in the and I guess in the room when you break -- think -- expansion teams in the you have all the guys -- all my coaches -- we. Coach. McMahon says will want to do this this is funny to an extra guys. Anybody is and become a candidate is it just tape it for me to do you have that opportunity. To like say oh I'll do without quality youth which name up everything that you want to show all of it you would do whatever it takes to make things. -- -- -- note sometimes the restore our players and talk with the injuries and when that's our goal Obama scouts and when that you know I'm all about whatever it takes the team win. Right they got on Christmas happened yet it is that he yeah you've made it back that you look. You -- kids so with them when you get home at this season give them accounted -- -- -- -- -- back home and -- -- now now at this point now because -- -- fortunate to do with football which is a a a very good. Well paint job with what he's on the top -- your Christmas movies as the play is what they like that would would you do if somebody went. I really -- the most of Christmas you know Beverly and one thing so I don't think I have anything right that's a big victory over Dallas yeah definitely. So what's it been since he's insulin no B this is reason to them at five and see what everything else that doesn't. Easily as a pleasure to have you I want -- twice each year and thank you up to play from the last time with that this so we we appreciate that and I think -- great to be here. Back to back interceptions folks could be -- both. They sent out the first set out. Think 9095. For the Polanco can look good against -- -- But it's Dallas is a bit because my Crown Royal saint issue you're listening to WW.