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12-21 6:10am Scoot talks about the end of the world

Dec 21, 2012|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks to listeners about what they'd do if today really were the end of the world

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It wasn't the end of at least not so far this is today is some people have interpreted the Mayan calendar. You come to -- the conclusion that the world is going to and today not supposed to -- I think sometime this afternoon if you really wanted to nitpick you the average you do all that man if you don't carry -- one you don't borrow one properly -- the whole thing what about the wait years they've encountered that there's that experience it's all highly confusing and at what about daylight saving time I'm gonna get David I don't know maybe. You know here's the crazy thing about it we might be dead. We might be dead right now we don't dog well most of us believe there's life after death. Is this what you would expect things don't nobody thought -- I'm not exactly. Personal right now I feel like I'm in heaven but that doesn't mean depending on how the show goes summer -- -- well I guess I really went to hell yeah that all the parents -- -- on what happens at the boss's office after the show at this point. OK I don't know really haven't you after the fact I was purgatory. But I want the other way. So I want to do this in a positive way not a negative way -- What's the last songs you would wanna hear this this was going to be your last day. What would be the last song you would wanna hear. What would be the last meal. -- -- -- What words. What would. Will be the last place you'd wanna see or or or. The threesome with us to be positive when I think about how we quite often. Take for granted to that we're gonna just be here tomorrow so we don't do the things that we would really love to do now and so. By eight. Thinking about this today if this where -- our last day what's the last thing we wanna do I think it tells us about what we really love and light through what we appreciate it life and and what we might wanna. Continue on some things they obviously week we used panel forward and then some things that we really won over absolutely free so I guess money was no object and that's so -- you're just gonna you know right. Unlike your don't worry about the -- the money thing potentially and I have whatever you want whether it's the food during the whatever I would do I'd wanna pick a meal that I would have to worry about the consequences of eating -- meal. The next day because you're sometimes I think it was well I'm not eat that the guys it's like conformity. After the deal paranoid about that some of those things. I would love to be it was just you know throw all that out and think you know I'm just gonna go to. Derrek Lee type place in and -- Sunday -- -- sorry I would allow myself that it. While I'm I am not for running an economy shellfish so I would probably buried in in the white lobster Alaskan crab. -- local shrimp oysters you know dislike okay that would beat out the settled -- as well via. Shelters -- in the last song stairway to heaven. Might be appropriate time. But there's about. We're gonna think about -- we're gonna think about this throughout the show as you wake up this morning and I'm assume year. You're you're waking up for I guess if you have gone on to to happen -- is our show -- -- what we're -- -- -- we on -- hill. I I I would presume I would I would think one of the 30000 watt -- horror I mean you know. Yeah an and that I mean inevitably. Buyers some of the people who listen -- show might have gone to hell. Name before listening to -- -- right -- the Mayan calendar was right and this was your last day. What's a song that. If you'd like here's your last song will be your last meal what would be one of the last places you would wanna be. And again I think this is positive because what we do is we we think about the things that we. Love and life. And we don't take for granted that we're gonna be here. I love this song by Chris Allen who was a winner of American Idol when you're I think Adam Lambert -- is -- -- the right rough figure. But I love this song I loved the message of this yeah you gotta live. Like you -- there you go I'm -- in -- Tommy Tucker this is WWL first news it's 614 and we will be. Right back under the WL artwork like counterstrike and today's the last day what is one of the songs that you would want to hear as soon as that is the last song. Or what would you -- your last. Meal to the -- where would you one of the you know what would you -- -- if if the world was gonna come to and then. I'm -- in for Tommy Tucker are numbers 2601. A seventy toll free 8668890870. And a text there's a 7870. Somebody said -- last song Jesus is just all right but The Doobie Brothers -- disturb her little bit of that. On of the songs cemetery gates by pan terra. Here's one I want your sex by George Michael. Here's another text red beans and rice last meal and yesterday. By Ray Charles. Here's a text seafood feast. And I'm proud to be in America. Here's another attack to make love to and Margaret. What would you like to do if this were your your lasting and again I wanna I wanna put a positive spin on news. Since we just take for granted they were always going to be here and we take for granted there -- going to be here tomorrow but what if that weren't the case. Think about what she would love to hear and and take time to listen to today. Think about where you would one of the united it's possible to be their today than. The beat their two day in and try to be they are offered and I just put things off and what would you want your last -- this for the last day what would you want your last meal today. And maybe you should treat yourself to that even though this. Won't be the last. To join -- -- with a comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 87870. From the world -- Mark -- to BWR good morning. They -- it. You know they did by. -- of intelligent and he and like Odyssey that there's Tibet and its extent -- it from the east. But I had a choice Alia -- Does that she people court while but you all the security. And just like that. Edit the -- are probably are you to. Still way to get beat. Brad pit stop. And it just print out the. Yeah and and so those are things that you should do. Anyway I doubt do you still have the recipe for your grandmother's meatballs. Our guest actually do a new Cadillac but that's -- -- perhaps our program of the opera speech she told that you would it would look that should tell you. The beach utility that a -- with the development -- topology disown. A while. It is is a highly kept secret. -- -- -- Every every Thanksgiving and if I do a Turkey for Christmas all right I always make -- -- black cherry jello like cherries and that my grandmother -- always make it always reminds me of of my grandmother in -- Stanley gathers in the past. So yeah I like to keep these traditions going and I I think markets is great for you to think about the things that you would do if it was your last day. And done maybe take time to do those things Merry Christmas and down thanks for calling -- WL. A steadier on -- W a good morning. -- Well I saw mark -- lap dance marriage and operate our breakers. Our last literally -- in my grandmother's grows which is the most amazing thing you've ever. And it's our business somewhere warm bright on all lies somewhere. So Steve you're not really excited even though it's a holiday season it's christmastime we are really excited about this cold weather happen right now. How on Nicole -- Legal -- -- who he is brutal out there. I can act and the -- has there away and blow check out our corporate oh while it does -- All right Steve I appreciate you calling her show and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family. Is 6:42 on this Friday morning we're heading into the weekend before Christmas I'm screwed in for a Tommy Tucker and here's another WWL traffic update. Robinson. The Mayan calendar apparently wasn't Ryan. Because sing. There but what if this was our last day or so last song you wanna -- course the last meal you're funny. Here's a Texan agreed to pay students sometimes. Listening -- -- feels like hell. But they're heading for a while I want for Christmas is you Vince Vance the valiants chicks dig it. And a roast beef for boy on zip French parent. Here's a -- Motley crew home sweet home and if you just joined is -- want this to be positive not negative I want us to. Followed the fifteen to the song that they're Chris Allen did as somebody else did as well I you got to live like you're -- And and so often I think we take for granted that we're gonna be here tomorrow and maybe we should always try to do the things that make -- happy and things that we wanna do every day. Not assuming we're gonna be gonna be here tomorrow most of us what. But I think it's a good concept in life to live like your time. One week ago today -- the tragic shooting at the sandy hook elementary school in Newtown Connecticut 8830 this morning here -- WWL. And MFN and dot com we will observe a sixty seconds of silence. And at that time we will take you live to Newtown Connecticut where you'll hear our church bells. Ringing 26 times for the 26 of victims the twenty children. And the six victims at school on his mother who was also you could say a victim in this tragedy is is not included there's some controversy about that. But we don't need to get into that we will serve a 62 Sarah silence as you hear the 26 bells ring that will be alive. From Newtown Connecticut are coming up at 630 I'm sorry at 8:30 this morning I'm -- in four Tommy Tucker and from Biloxi Mike welcome to -- show this morning. Or dynamic response -- you might. I was until on the color -- they managed auditorium fire fighter like the game out of every day. By -- could be alive but first -- -- do pull it bounces normalized in the though even at a level minded. You know obviously it's an old at least they have like eight years senator clear which -- at least by you don't good -- -- and bet my -- or just live life announced -- a blogger noted the State's most of these. All hear about -- order in this let the world market of the depletion it would make people relate with six people in the war. And in that. Well look at things in the stores the system. We. And or iron -- -- -- it they're they're they're going to have that much -- some. -- grandmother count very. And -- -- chicken and now. Yeah Mira just being in a fire house in in the south likened the Mississippi Gulf Coast in in Biloxi is a little different from being a firehouse in Omaha Nebraska. And turns to the food. All right Mike very Merry Christmas and thanks for what you do is for for first responder. It. If you enjoy this with your comment this morning on numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Zeroing seventy. -- numbers 87870. It is a cold windy Friday morning as we head into this weekend before Christmas. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker it's 630. And we'll be right back after this WW real news update list. I surprise surprise they declined calendar so far is not accurate because. I'm here you're there. Unless we died in this is life after death. -- -- This was going to be your last day. I was the last song you wanna hear somebody sent this in in Texas a moment ago that'd be that The Beatles. And what will be your last meal on a personal social and ending filet mignon. Let -- know -- what would be your last meal won't be the last 21 here. And the only one of the things that you wanted to do we were -- DD. Two before -- It was all over me again I want this to be a positive not negative thing because we take for granted they were always gonna be here. So we should do the things that we were doing our last day. Every day. And extent I've loved the lyrics of the song by Chris Allen American Idol recently he got to live. Like -- time. There's attacks eating a roast beef and eating -- people more from our nose on -- me evolve my favorite people. Listening to DDC Eric Clapton sitting down writing with the kings haven't. Here is I texting. Dancing on the roof and windshield. Square. Beating Angel food cake and heavenly hash listening to shout at the double all of bouts defiance. Here is a text New Orleans ladies after eating a platter of seafood while watching. A replay of the saints' Super Bowl win who gets missing New Orleans living in Columbia. Missouri if you enjoyed our show our numbers 2601. A seventy toll free 8668890. Point 78. And it tech's number is 8787 from Mississippi on your on to BW -- good morning a Merry Christmas. -- -- -- -- -- -- Everybody there on -- a lot of things out my grandmother is not a lot about luck would have apparent object and it did get passionate that is and brightly. And I thought bonds would be amazing grace. And out of that gate around about people out and and and and the -- -- the outfield and paper Al and at the. While what you what would you have some money with you just in case she can't take it with you. Act as you know we're not really sure we really don't know exactly what's gonna happen but just what if you could take it with you -- would you wanna have some Monica's a lot of people give up everything before they die because they. The -- can't take it with you might be the only on the money. Well at. Or -- I am a cat -- Our two on a Merry Christmas and thanks going to be WLI here's a text only 26 spells it bothers the heck out of me that everyone is ignoring the very first victim. The mother why. Because she bought the gun that killed her because she gave birth. To a killer. Yeah we talked about their talk about that the other morning on the show and we -- going to take you live to Newtown Connecticut for. The ringing church fails to 46 of them to honor the 26. Victims of the shooting one week ago today -- six victims but they were really -- eight that the killer but his mother. Was -- -- get innocent victim and why isn't she counted twice and at 27. I'm scouting for Tommy Tucker 640 to hang on we'll be right back on -- WL. What would be the last song he would wanna hear if this was the last day of the Mayan calendar was right in the day's not over so I guess it's still possible on the worried about it. Here's a text last meal a big seafood -- with all of my family listening to journey. Don't stop police. Here's a text I want and acme oyster house oyster for Ford followed by cafe du -- being gaze with cafe him on dark. Coffee and -- listening to fats Domino's greatest hits. That's from Daniel. Here's a text I guess since the world didn't end I'm stuck with my wife. Yes that would one be one way to look at this day I here's another text Led Zeppelin when the Levy breaks. Eating a whole pot of gumbo. Now what would you would you and it is your your your last meal you know because so often we don't eat what we were really love to eat because we think about the consequences of meeting certain things. Well not everybody does that I'd have a Tennessee to do this together some things that I largest gorge down on. From our FaceBook page which is on FaceBook WWL radio. -- here's a FaceBook comment from -- are lucky dog. And the song stand up and get drunk at the superdome. I here's FaceBook comment from Patrick W it's the end of the world as we know it's -- REM and -- trip to Puerto called. And kickback in the quarter. While waiting. Master sergeant Matt here on WW gaga born in Merry Christmas. -- -- -- -- Well. I'm about forty years ago. I was stationed at ship via air force base of one. And our. Rated movie wife bought one day I got to tackle well. Wow that was a that was there. A great thing to be granted. Oh yeah identical. But for play well not by -- it would -- all. And any good German beer -- eight eaten would be a way to go -- correctly or. And see master sergeant man these are things that I think we should think about are doing a more regularly and and and not think about these things well this is what I wanted to -- if it was my last day may -- we should think about doing those things more often or not. Wait for the challenge of may be at being her last day. What ought to pay what. Highlighted happy Friday and recklessness collective liked -- there what Americans what all our men and women serving our country. -- now. And that you and thank you for what you do for our country appreciate you calling your show coming up later I'm gonna ask the question. Will you be having a merry. -- Will you see your -- over Christmas. For the sake of the kids. And you will you do you get together with your -- For Christmas and also says there are so many. Families that are. Divided so many different families yours mine hours. How many christmases. Do you have. Sometimes it can because we gotta go here that we got to go there. Hopefully it never gets a stressful that you just don't enjoy this time security as a cold Friday in New Orleans and throughout the south. And we are heading into the weekend before Christmas it's it's a great time of year now a lot of wonderful traditions here. Here's a Texan -- definitely a crab boil. With some fresh oysters sipping a cold -- listening to -- zeppelin. And here's another text. Last meal my daddy's gumbo. And man Jack stand -- have been fried catfish and check it endorses it is awesome. And if and if the year that superstitious then you would realize. -- next year the whole year it will be 2013. I am loving this as I was born Friday the thirteenth. Here's a taxed at a time by Alan Parsons. And dead dust in the wind by Kansas to two -- if you majorities for the comment about it that we talk about this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. An Arctic summer -- 7870. Here's our WW authority jaguar opinion poll this morning. Why would you be rooting for the saints this Sunday. Do you want them to finish strong. Do you want them to spoil the cowboys' season. Already with the cowboys who. You -- your opinion by going to our web site -- WL dot com give an update on the coming appeared in just a few minutes. You know I'm thinking that if if the cowboys wind you know since the saints are going to be in the the super ball I don't know mathematically I guess it's possible but since the saints are going to be in the -- I would think that one advantage to the cowboys being in the Super Bowl would be that they bring the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders here. It's 651 I'm -- him for Tommy Tucker on this Friday morning as we head into the weekend here's another traffic. -- -- Good morning I'm -- in for Tommy Tucker today and -- next week as well we're heading into. Actually beginning of the week and today as we get ready for Christmas next week. Very very chilly and very windy this morning really Natalie in the world is the tennis throughout the south that much of the country is dealing with blizzard conditions and difficult to travel difficult for presents to reach their destinations will talk about that are coming up in the next hour. I dated two blizzards. In my life and in one of the blizzards I actually thought on it was my last day. I really didn't think I was -- I'll I'll I'll play that story when we make America in the next hour. Here's a text that read it's divorce ruined all of my four going christmases. I have -- for the kids but nothing formally acts. Christmas is much less enjoyable with a fractured family. And they are -- a lot of fractured families wanting or we'll also talk about a minute showers will you have a Mary. Xmas when you spending time with your -- for the sake of the kids. Here's the -- about last meal last song it wanna hear this word your last day according on calendar. And Carlos stuff they'll pepper with a side of -- Mac -- -- gravy on top listing AC DC hells bells. From Indiana polish your -- bureau. It's true. Again -- though will be all the -- Are both here and let's start would be. Chief editor shut up and do you know him being treated right now. All you looking forward to Christmas and how's the weather in Indiana right now. Oh it that there's no. It's so there's. It won't -- -- -- there. Ludwick broke cover with no it is that I would still well here it is to escape from. Milwaukee it was -- -- there. In our Paula thanks for losing and in the Indiana and have a have a great Christmas. Here is a text my -- will always be my beautiful -- must say that's a very positive way to look at to having an -- I here's a text eating anything anywhere as long as it was with my daughter. I here's a text medium rare New York strip with sweet dictators listening to parable of by tool. It's a song about appreciating the opportunity. To be -- -- and I really didn't want this to be a downer but since we're here today and doesn't mean that you really took it seriously that. You know the -- calendar was correct some people interpreted the Mayan calendar to. A stated this was going to be the day the world with and which -- a lot of people were not gonna pay their mortgages for January or pay any deals for January and it just it just it just in case. Because again you might be able to take it with you so why not you know hang onto it. But. I think fight by considering the things that we were wanna listen to -- things we wanna eat. The things that we we wanna see -- where remove one of the if it was our last day today. We also remind ourselves of the things in life that really make us happy. And that's -- we should focus on every day and not just assume that we can do something tomorrow but try to do something that makes you happy every day. Here's an update on -- WW broke party jaguar opinion poll will you be rooting for the saints this Sunday. Because you want the saints to finish strong 56%. -- the cowboys' season 39%. And what the cowboys to win 6%. I'm screwed and we will be right back on that if you.

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