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12-21 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Dec 21, 2012|

Dave talks about the long Christmas weekend, the Saints/Cowboys game, and a Christmas lights display featuring a giant middle finger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this December 21. 2002. Wow. She'd GIA. Half as well come down ride. Are you ready and you have your -- that is until. And you -- us those. We'll -- in the congress. Christmas let your. -- Next few. All. News. Directly over our Christmas gifts. -- -- Are you a place. Well you know we deal with you gotta spend the staggered thing I -- my wife and kids and we get together and do -- now will it's my in laws over the weekend and then then there's the -- there. Is other wrong with that we can't do certain things what things up a little bit. America and -- I'm done I year old on things going to be on rapped on. Here folks tomorrow will be the busiest shopping now. The year as soon you'll find me on there are you gonna go tomorrow polish you're annoyed that Monday this here on the -- And definitely your way right now I'm I might save a couple last month and albeit non drug tomorrow elbowing her way through. -- United is a misconception that Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. It is a busy shopping no doubt about it you know quite yeah but we live in a country full of procrastinators. -- The Saturday before Christmas is traditionally the day -- more. People are out shopping and any of the data may not spend as much but there's more people out there than any other day because well -- It's now or never. -- -- they realize that there that would. Clock is just -- right down to the finals -- few sands in the hourglass. Our area does is it. Time to get that there and it just snapping Dan you know one of company. Saturday you're certainly well people procrastinate in New Orleans no are. And you're ready Smart and you're ready -- after the. -- -- -- -- Well thank my body. Yeah yeah and yeah. Yeah. It. There are younger -- Don't know. Okay okay okay -- I today. And we'll welcome on the employees. -- match. Mean -- line in terms of you know the immediate future things right. And feel pretty happy cowboys yes it was that helped make it available prisoners to it and where do it right there there are. Alison Dallas at noon. I'm not on moments. -- kind of time the right time is right. For gold were open. -- on them toys and keep my layouts Bryant at Atlanta on Friday. -- done you know anything receivable balance. -- -- credited -- with -- made it evident today. The united keep joking around them and I know we're joking but. The big checkbook. Not the level yet either candidate in every little he's got a little but if it gets me down the Finland it's got the leather binders -- -- kind of rules that mountains -- that's enough. He says John paid them but remembered here is look at this this -- at the polls. I feel it yeah. Go right down to cash right now if you walk yet. Now bars mr. Benson's government those -- -- -- going through this. -- -- -- -- -- right David we'll get your prediction for the saints in the tabloids coming up in about twenty minutes here at WWL. Also find out what to think of the welcome box office over the. They freak at this weekend the Christmas happy holidays thugs he still -- out -- final countdown. Do the -- new here and just why we were told yesterday that wells was gonna end four minutes ago if it happens. Let -- front ladies and gentlemen and have a fantastic weekend. We're back with your weekend the forecast through Christmas and activists. Hey you ready for the big. Christmas weekend board game we can compromise. Today's getaway day you've been hearing about this in no way indicating about a third of the nation now and over a thousand flights delayed across the country well here's the good news. I'm looking right now alive at the online light board. From Mori's man. Field Armstrong and an optional. And every single departure and arrival right now in and out of New Orleans is on the times a year leaving today. To be there for the pre Christmas weekend wherever it is you're going her welcoming friends or family in the town right now anyway everything. Is -- time were on time for your forecast from the airwaves these forecasts. Ample sunshine around today but it's still going to be chilly highs near 56 this afternoon. Brisk winds though making it feel colder than that this morning and tonight or -- cold Temps in the upper twenties on the North Shore an upper thirties south of the lake. Mostly sunny skies for your Saturday warm this up a little bit sixty degrees and Sunday partly cloudy and a high of 68. From the Eyewitness News forecast center right meteorologist -- down. I'm all right you've got the forecast for Christmas Eve with a high of 73 Monday at a 20% chance of rain looks like rain is likely on Christmas Day at 60%. With a high of 73 right now it's cold to start. Feels like thirties across the region it's clear and 44 is the actual temperature -- international airport. But that northwest winds sustained at twenty at seventeen miles per hour sustained at 28 -- lake front. And -- now have clear skies and 35. Degrees. Some frost likely across much of the North Shore and down in Oklahoma. Clear and 38. But the wind -- right now. Making it feel like 32 you write it reasoning text an 878 Saturday and -- you get. Frost we -- year -- look at that the World Cup what I had. I guess they just get ready for the weekend didn't. Help us do that it's Christian Erica thanks sideline reporter with our morning spores. The saints are not mailing it in -- playing out the string coach of it says there -- to winning the final two games of the regular season right now we're focused on two things we're trying to get better every day we're trying to win a football game. That's we -- here. The saints are six and eight on the road this Sunday against the eight at six Dallas Cowboys fullback Ted Collins the only player to miss practice yesterday. -- Thomas -- stint as the league fan vote getter among partners for the NFC Pro Bowl squad down very cool. I guess an admission -- a big ones so that's pretty cool Peyton Manning is the leading quarterback among fans for the AFC. Colts coach. Chuck got Allah has been medically cleared to return to the team by his positioning could be back as soon as Monday India's nine and five has gone 83 since -- -- left. And is on the cusp of clinching a playoff berth the hornets are back in action tonight against San Antonio Spurs on the road the world is trying to snap. Their current nine game losing skid tip off is at 730 on WULF and one a five point three was Sean Kelly John Frazier. -- you rank number -- any point thirteen collegiate baseball newspaper pre season poll released yesterday simply giving wells Jeff Palermo says it's about the right spot for the tigers. Yeah not a surprise to see them have a top ten ranking when you consider their bring him back a guy like race -- who led the nation in hitting last season Mason Katz who's been. A huge contributor to this program the last two seasons. The pre season ranking is Ellis whose highest since 2010 when the tigers begin the year at number two LSU opens the point thirteen regular season at 7 PM on Friday February 15. Against Maryland today at four on the B to -- relish the fans in the pro with me in saint color at all. -- -- guys on Kristian -- that we if you will sports. Arrived when he three on your dry days. Friday before workers and it's. Happy Friday you and -- Christians they -- they'll get back to -- you more about what's motivating. These things. Good announcement put -- performances to keep the cowboys out of the playoffs. -- is it just to prove something to themselves what is it finances back after. Hi it's time to go and Chris they're spending Friday morning. Friday before Christmas on your radio here and that read a few you don't like it happened again. -- know her but obviously I gotta go today over there is an elbow over the thing at one more thing to get. For my oldest son. Our cap figure didn't you'd be in Dallas tomorrow doing some last -- -- stopping by Hewitt -- for the game on Sunday. Yep but I don't wanna carry all of them actually saw that one thing I want thing I've done pretty much you know everything that's double what they didn't. -- -- and -- 878780. Chris really say the cowboys are on the cost. Of getting in the playoffs that it yes yes -- -- and they are but there's something in the away called the New Orleans Saints are the same. Any of the saints players you found motivated to trying keep the cowboys out of the planters is that the fans to happen. Why it's more for the fans and the players I've talked to David -- downplayed the spoiler quote unquote role that the saints are now enough for the post season in the states. Players that contend that it's really just about trying to build some momentum and finish the season with a three game winning streak of course last week when an. Anyway it's the cowboys in the following week against the Carolina Panthers -- of it. Being a spoiler. -- occasional get your prediction for the saints and cowboys coming up. In about 25 minutes here on WW LI your forecast. Ample sunshine around today but it's still going to be chilly highs near 56 this afternoon. Brisk winds -- making it feel colder than that this morning bentonite or Boise cold Temps in the upper twenties on the North Shore an upper thirties south of the lake. Mostly sunny skies for your Saturday warm this up a little bit sixty degrees and Sunday partly cloudy and a high of 68. From the Eyewitness News forecast center right meteorologist plot about down. Christmas -- 73 with just 1% chance of rain the Christmas Day 60% rain chance on Tuesday. And highs in the that that -- that is now we're in the thirties across most of the area. Forty right here in the city that feels like the 30s44. International airport in -- northwest wind and a team now. Feeling much colder in the -- slide out clearance 35 feels like freezing at home awaits clearance 38 but that. Win -- eight and it feels like. And where you aren't meant much -- yet again heavy cost reported on parts of -- -- that little fraud reported in others. To get an important -- -- -- now moments. -- its rise to begin early this morning. In the ice sprayed. Or if it crossed my brother is on the rocker thing them. I'm Dave you know here it is definitely golfers as a congress that has gone probably no plans to avert the fiscal -- Should we be worried now folks that we're gonna pay more impacted everyone want to pay more in taxes next year. -- -- -- Stocks plummeting this morning well Wall Street. Maybe an academically that -- -- -- -- really has to deal with them again. You afraid it's going to him now the latest CBS news on that and you'd like at UWW Albert has pluses outweigh prediction and its prediction for the box office this weekend. Get -- here with a full forecast through Christmas at WW. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW -- -- on this one -- first of December 2000 and while rob beard gold GG IE after welcomed outcry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Poll. Okay okay. Hodding here it has been important right it's. Gonna get -- yeah. -- -- The weekend from the Friday front it's the Christmas weekend hasn't it is not that cold weather's here and making him feel. Chris an easy. Ride this train they're playing cowboys on Sunday. Lottery the front -- -- plenty of reasons might be a little hot Tommy Golan. Celebrate the four day weekend. And as a that we can start right now I'm. Keeping an eye on the flights. Out and -- -- -- Armstrong international. Not a thing of the way yet all broad. Every single flight in and out of that so that's a very good on time and I don't want to Atlanta's morning right now. Right there is one of the lane and into Atlanta Lebanese. Just in case checked the flight accord before you leave you out. He has -- a thousand or more light snow in across this country. There could be some domino effect did -- ultimately. I had some fear Eagles know while there in the middle and more and -- into the east now live in New York City -- -- handsome people who want to lines are being told. That year but eloquent country sorry no flights today it's hours and day out -- like them. Canceled are there you are in the airport for your bags and stuff just understanding their value Christmas. Yet. -- -- -- -- Yes come back -- disease maybe we'll get you where you. We'll help them right hard drive a total. Through the snow is going to be. Council all right your prediction on. Cowboys signed today that Alice in galaxy named Gator there -- Well you know how I feel about the cowboys anyway thanks very deep accident Malkin and I think it's the most -- review it and elderly. I think I do. Just as much enjoyment out of what from the boy that I do just about any team. And I've got the saints. Warm enough on the boys there in their callous and Dallas. Y 8012. Points -- day saints win by twelve and -- all the cowboys' postseason like a 3222. Ideals. Let's see if you are right also at the box office this weekend wow lots takes round. This is forty. The kind of sort of wealthy well do not now Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. And look at the lives of -- and -- a few years after the events. Oh pairing zero dark thirty open earlier this week it liberated. Theaters and now as you know but why the chronicles a decade long hunt for al-Qaeda -- in the Euro -- a lot. When I'm -- -- in court you Jack featured Tom crew oh yeah I homicide investigators dig deep into the case involving train military snipers that quiet random victim. There's -- taken action adventure comedy -- very -- -- guilt trips speaking of money Barbara Streisand and that's -- you know while people seeming now. They guilt trip and now monsters -- 3-D. In theaters. And it just keeps concert this away worlds away the impossible Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor opens. The account of a family -- with tens of thousands of strangers in the -- one of the worst natural at it the right time. Those are kind of all the new movies opening going up against doc Hobbits. Problem rise of the guardians Lincoln's sky -- life of -- is the current top five or -- that's a -- as a big -- there you know I got a feeling as the hot but is still going to be strong very strong. Will be strong enough to be two Jack reach her. I'm a lot of reach her fans on they're able to bring those books are decades. Now it over the hot you think that I had -- -- -- -- -- and is number one again for the holiday weekend what we're gonna -- all the way through Christmas and we'll see if you're right on Wednesday. After Christmas. Argument all that time long time ago to see which movie ends at number one of the four day. Holiday weekend box office thank you David Merry Christmas to you and yours -- have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful holidays going to be fun and while accurate for the new year again and get some much deserved time now yeah and -- David -- Yes you -- I'm Dave donuts early edition of Debbie WL first news beginning. As us. Feeling that way anyway. Thirties but it feels like everywhere you go around southeast Louisiana this morning and we go live and direct Eyewitness News forecast that there and someone said. A harmless. None and I text message an apology sounded like Rudolph is the little innately I look a little bit like Rudolph to that that red. And as -- well. Well -- -- this -- I got going on officially -- and medical term for it as the crud you've gotten here yet and that's the doctor told that -- the doctor has tested. For the -- tested for stepped not a negative notes that -- that yet at the crime problem congratulations on the ground up. Now that anyway app world or assembly Rudolph that -- the candidate -- -- I can't you feel Matty -- now yeah I really sound -- actually felt worse earlier in that bad and you feel worse that -- -- that they're right kind of like got sick and it would start sounding bad like actually -- -- that kind of but. But this is the last morning you'll have to -- hear from because like they'd like I'm also off next well Merry Christmas when -- Right now -- everywhere -- your holiday it is beginning to feel a bit like the holidays yeah Metallica -- and not out there right now it's windy and it's cold that that pretty much sums it up -- the area ally we have now strong north wind up to twenty miles an hour temperatures on the cells to work. Have ranged from the upper thirties to mid forties but it's feeling more like the thirty's every. While he had an I don't know about everywhere the winds are strong and -- it make it feel if not -- per year for god it -- -- -- where those biting north winds just -- cuts right three fears that called it fierce north Daryn well yeah. We warmup much today. You know we get to about 56 day which is pretty good considering we're in the thirties and 40s this morning I went that went. Yet it's still gonna feel more like the forties -- -- -- it's going to be a theory chilly day probably want to coats all day tomorrow we get up to sixty with sunshine and by Sunday were at 68. And and -- immigrant in their -- here we get that that went out at the reactor easily and we do we have rain moving in showers possible both Christmas Eve maybe even some thunderstorms late in the day on Christmas Day so. Yep -- Christmas Eve services to get a tee you're gonna want to have the umbrellas around and Christmas morning should be relatively quiet it's gonna be kind of humid and the little stamp. But Christmas night we may have some stronger storms rolling through the areas of somebody keeping my -- for early next. I -- to people don't like a midnight mass on Christmas Eve could be fighting some pretty pretty fierce weather yeah. I mean there may be it will that's -- Christmas night we -- thunderstorms Christmas Eve. We're going to see some scattered showers I know you know we have a bond buyers and that sort of thing outlasted -- lecture in Gramercy and actually in those areas and so. I think you're okay for Christmas seat that is going to be some showers moving through some rain at times and gone with the 50% chance on Christmas seats 60% chance Christmas Day. But that rain chance on Christmas Day will come later that eat potato after EQ you know morning. Present opening from -- and that sort of thing. That is to get new bike for Christmas -- -- right at Christmas Day just when -- hit the artistic midnight. Or do I would like Easter righted inside you know he has now grown to write then yeah. -- Phillips. Hungary did tricycle get and a Panetta trainee will bike seemingly tested out in the hallway and the I'm not advising them but I may have done it once it might. News meteorologist Laura but now not like Rudolph this morning that enactment that. Hey you remember that woman who -- -- that holiday lights display that looked like them and given the middle finger in Denham springs. Well a judge has ruled in their favor. And street in spring when he -- lights. Back in the ACLU's says they have met in the display will be back up soon. And -- giving everybody the finger with their Christmas lights. Christmas means different things different people yet -- -- people -- what is wrong with people are out of it was a -- the constitution the united with rank with our country I don't I don't -- mean you know -- -- a loss as you can you can -- -- that I don't have any of that going on in my house I would have -- them out that bad. You know we get it. Richardson and I have a -- but I have -- and I feel bad I think my neighbors are like what happened this year we would just kinda with an utterance out. Right -- -- you -- look at the reverted Georgia police were very concerned when a teenager posted. On his FaceBook page that students at his high school were quote in for a big surprise. They launched an investigation fearing the wars it's never turns out the sixteen year old. Was just planning to dress up as Santa and go to Crawford county high and that can -- and I was surprised. But the boy's father says that. He was punished and couldn't do it they called embarrassing and unfair he just want to spread a little Christmas joy but with today's climate. And all that he is really saddened and that in today's world you can't just say have a surprise for you and it's automatically something bad you know it's automatically going to be. That the that you need to be suspicious something that is that everybody -- Chris this year at least he he had good intentions. There are great kids still out there. Thank you are America. Everybody that it. Arafat now live and direct from the Eyewitness -- -- -- sports Kristian -- his prediction for the saints cowboys next. My WWL I found a -- -- -- -- can't begin to tell you how annoying and I'm not just that ride a growling like fingers on a blackboard. An avenue and ever like ten years on Friday. Merry Christmas to you and yours you'd like beer drinking. Many of riches -- hard time with thing that I reporter Christian yet. The saints coach -- bit and the Dallas Cowboys Sunday on the road in Jerry's palace and you've really got to be impressed with Dell's also tried other converted 44%. To do a good -- Texans quarterback they've got skilled wide receivers that are that are catching the ball Macomb place. -- radio starts at 8 AM Sunday morning with fans first take kick off is at noon right here on WWL fullback technology only black single player to miss practice yesterday. -- front Thomas force that might be. -- bowl bound for the first time in his career leading the fans voting in the NFC. Indeed pretty special I can't imagine fly off -- yeah I know my fiance and be excited to go to Hawaii especially during January. Colts coach chuck O'Donnell has been medically cleared to return to the team by his positioning could be back as soon as Monday. India's nine in five and has gone 83 since -- -- left hand is on the cusp of clinching a playoff berth. The hornets look to snap their nine game losing skid tonight on the road against San Antonio Spurs at 730. -- was of the game on the VW alas and of one of five point three Sean Kelly and John the seizure bring -- the action. It's December but LSU baseball is right around the corner of the tigers are ranked number four and the only thirteen collegiate baseball. Newspaper pre season poll comedic -- Jeff foremost is LSU. Should have yet another deep and talented pitching staffs and looks like they got an -- and -- Nolan who will lead a pitching staff that should have a lot of death LSU opens the regular season on February 15 at home against Maryland. Today at four -- B to -- relish the fans in the pro with me in saint color analyst -- guys on Kristian -- WWL sports. I'd stay right there mr. saints' sideline reporter coming up in sixty seconds we need your prediction All Saints. Cowboys Sunday Dallas here on WW. We still here. We live earth is a dream that the text message today that idiots and be happy twelfth when he went well now we're still here alive and well I mean that to put up with Kristian -- The world hasn't and it hello mr. cents at nine reporter what does seem right now. Again now what's your prediction outline for the -- -- the camp went on them. 3130 Dallas -- -- that there -- -- teams in the NFC right now on the world's doesn't get it done. -- to the cowboys will beat the saints by one point. And make it less Merry Christmas again for The Who dat nation on the they're really fighting now it is for pride in -- today we finished strong. And that's really what it's about right now and building a little momentum going into the offseason and he carried over to via. Regular season next year when he you know can get their coach back source of weapons of pride in amendments. Dollar ride well we appreciate your honesty in the last game you predicted it would lose they did that may be your fault. That the that I don't believe any of that. Christian -- all seriousness Merry Christmas to you and -- I hope your entire family as a man who is wonderful and fantastically fun filled holiday. Enjoy your trip to Dallas and we're talking after the -- Same view and the listeners will be save everybody. I think there. This morning -- that report makers desperate. 555. Back with your forecast through Christmas and some people texting and my comment on the Atlantic -- today. I'm so let's get to work has hooked on this Friday before Christmas. For your Friday afternoon mid fifties expected but that winds still at the northwest up to twenty miles an hour. Probably making it -- were like the forties tonight clear and cold if you have. Holiday play and you better bundle up upper twenties on the North Shore and upper thirties south of the lake. For your Saturday sunshine and a high of sixteen that a little milder first Sunday partly cloudy high of 68. For the Eyewitness News forecast center right meteorologist -- tell when it. Percent chance of rain Christmas 60% Christmas Day especially later in the day 44 at the airport now but feels like the thirties with a seventy mile an hour northwest land. And feels like freezing in home feels like freezing on the North Shore 35 actually at flight out frost across the area -- text messages at 878 and he -- as. Keep up a -- a bit it's enlightening knows that like other outlets the more of it. Game knows that -- I love your pride a name. Thank you knows that I -- the Friday voice I think you should record it in here when your want to be offs. Monday and Tuesday for the holidays so which view in the entire audience the very Merry Christmas and happy on -- he's in right now as saying do you think. Thank you -- what you get for the next four hours on -- WW well we're here you know on becoming a world where where well again we've still got done -- we still got the rest of the day you know I know people try to figure this out with math but. You know you don't carry a one you don't borrow you know it could -- the whole thing off so we're here if this was your last day. And I want this to be a positive not a negative thing. What's a song that you what's the last song you'd like to hear what's the last meal you'd wanna eat. Where's the last place you'd you'd like to see. And -- -- I love that question you know what -- what would you want your final deal. Because usually though it's about out here but to be executed technically we go about that I definitely want my wife to come. With them being blown hot dot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because you're in trouble later because there would be no way -- -- -- have to worry about it I -- it's that for the next four hours of fun ladies and gentlemen please. Have a wonderful holiday weekend -- very Merry Christmas and a fantastic holiday season out the on the other side on Wednesday happy Friday.

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