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12-24 9:10am Scoot talks w/WWL listeners about Christmas

Dec 24, 2012|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about children at Christmas mass.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This Christmas Eve morning I've stood in for Tommy Tucker -- there was this -- -- and a great mood if you had to go to work today. I'm sure it was a very easy drive for -- there's not much traffic out there. They don't get a 40% chance of rain tonight their chance of rain really increases after midnight when we got a 100% chance of rain through Christmas morning. But the good news is if you have some toys you wanna go outside and play went well you gonna be able to do that as long as your bundle up you're going to be able to do that Wednesday morning. Because it looks like it's going to be clear by two. Very. Very cold. I wrote a blog for our web sites titles will you have a merry xmas. Will you be spending time with your ex. For the sake of the kids. I hope you're in the kind of situation where you can share. A Christmas with your kids some sometimes so I think adults don't really parents don't actually act like adults and they let their egos and their pride stand in the way of doing what's in the best interest of the kids so I know there are exceptions -- If if it's just pride if it's just ego that keeps you from. Coming together at Christmas for the kids I I hope that's something that can change anyway confinement blog and other blogs suffered recently on our web site. WW -- dot com. A wanna get to a couple of these text here I'm really surprised that this is they're created somewhat of a controversy this morning and -- wanna set the record straight on this. Here's a Texan -- church is your recliner. The bloodshed that purchased the privilege to church. Is as much for the kids as it is yours. They're talking about since a church is going to be very crowded. This afternoon tonight and tomorrow. Because a lot of people go to church only once a year. So church will be very crowded and for those of us who go on our regular basis there are things that we noticed that aren't -- here. At times like this that aren't there other times. I'm a very tolerant person. Writes. I'm not going to. Apologize. For are asking parents to control their kids. And I realize that kids can be rowdy but there there are clearly parents who don't know how to control their kids. Whether it's in church or the grocery store. Control your kids. We get to -- the text. You sound like the most judgmental self righteous blanket. Where I can use on the air. If I was considering going to church tonight to. Begin a new journey spiritually I completely would not go to church. The church belongs to Jesus not you. This is that your PC. Or iPhone where you set your preference. And lights. I'm sure that there are people who prefer people who prefer absurd Christians like yourself stay at home. Christians are not spreading the gospel and turning people there and are not spreading the gospel and are turning people away. Where is love my brother as myself. Go into the hedges and compel them to comment if the Bible says. You can handle serpents. And if you can -- a deadly thing will not harm you that he. Cannot protect you from a few germs. -- and his creation comes into his house OMG. Wake up. Well first of all I admit I'm a German -- I don't handle snakes because I'm not stupid. I don't he thinks it will kill me because I'm not a stupid. And I realized that my germ phobia is -- in some ways a bits irrational. But I'm not the only person who thinks about people who are hacking away and coughing and coughing in their hands and sneezing in their hands this time of year charged and then wanna turn around shake your hand. Got sector and so I say what you can do is put your hands on India. In the the prayer. Form -- when it comes to sharing the sign of peace and that way your. Extending them the greeting of peace without actually you know touching that I realize it's a little bit irrational but. I'm bring -- of sanitation wise because you know what god blessed me with a brain to be Smart enough to take care of myself. And anybody who goes around and thinks that they can handle poisonous snakes. Is. A reckless human being. Can I say that as a Christian. Now his first his misbehaving insurers don't misunderstand me. I'm a tolerant. Human thing. Love kids glad my son's race. Don't have an interest in having a young child in my life right now I admit that but that's it's -- love other people's kids. However I don't think there's any justification. For parents who can't control their kids whether to church or if you can't control your kids in church you control at the mall. You control with the grocery store and I mean do you actually control them at home. What -- misbehave. That's acceptable. -- kids cry that's acceptable. But what is an acceptable. Our parents who really are obviously. In no control of their children. Because they haven't taken the time to teach consequences for negative behavior. And you'll see it in church this afternoon to -- -- in church tonight. Probably go to midnight mass Sunday enjoyed I'm gonna I'm gonna do whatever which some people do and that is just you know block everything out but. I don't think there's anything wrong with addressing something that is a reality in and our world. You know children in. Children in Asian nations for example. Are very very well behaved. Ever seen Asian children. At an airport. They're different from American kids. And I don't mean to be critical here that this is an honest observation. You have the right. And you have the responsibility is apparent to teach your kids to be respectful of others. You have a right and they responsibility to. Mold them into. People that are gonna become a good contributing members. Of our society. Here is a text -- how about adults kicking the back of the seat for entire cityscape you know that's pretty deplorable to. Again why have we lost respect for each other. I should've said something in the quite often I say something but I mentioned is right I talked about affirmative. The and ended as say scared Tampa Bay game and this kid was kicking my seat through the entire game. And I thought I can't believe that this father. Is so oblivious that his son is not respectful of others. But he's allowing -- Sunday kick the seat. Throughout the throughout the game and again what what scares me about that is. I'm a clear sign that parents. Don't know how to discipline their kids. The short shoot if you if you have children I'm just doing your job as a parent it's really that simple. Hey there's a lot that we might be talking about this morning but it's it's Christmas he would like to get into it. On the NRA executive vice president Wayne Lapierre. I have calling for censorship and an increase in size and governments and possibly increasing taxes wants the way I read. Into what he said that the press conference on Friday also the official cliff I will talk about that on Wednesday. And what job would you hate to have the day after Christmas. And if you work in retail or fewer points did what's the worst thing about working retail that day after Christmas also on Wednesday. We'll talk about. What's your favorite bands and what was your favorite band when you were younger. Is that still your favorite bands. -- do you just like the music from your past or do you like the music that's coming out today. We'll talk about that on Wednesday also I want to remind you that Santa Claus is coming to town you'll be on WWL. Today. Despite -- Wonder for parents get your kids around the radio you can get him -- -- in and they can talk to Santa Claus. This afternoon one to four on the station you call home for the holidays. And all yearlong. WWL. Santa Claus -- -- This afternoon. What was your favorite Christmas movie and why it was that where was your favorite Christmas who -- Any other rather than any other church etiquette that we wanted to pass on to those sure are going to be going to church you don't go on a regular basis there's. Then they might not know some of -- they told somebody mentioned earlier. It attacks that. If you don't go to church on a regular basis -- the wording has changed. The word. -- substantial. Can't substantial with a father's organizing create. And whoever thought we'd be worth using or -- substantial. Base engine church but that's you know it's one of the new additions and down. And they're they're just a few changes in the church so you may notice those but it it I guess it's kind of good because it kind of and make you pay attention as opposed to just. Reading that this singled prayers. All right if you have said the attacks hang on I get to more of your -- coming up I'm -- in -- Tommy Tucker if you wanna join us with a comment this morning. On this Christmas these are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Ban -- -- numbers 87870 hang on we are coming back in a very Merry Christmas to all of you. Anything until we -- is a great job. This is classic. I'm screwed me for coming Tucker today and for the -- soon assuming. I got a text a few moments ago. Asking us to remember the victims this sandy -- shooting. And the text says the song please come home for Christmas means so much more to them this year. Because of what happened if -- sandy hook. Because some people. Aren't coming home for Christmas. I wrote a blog about this. The other day about how. The national mood has changed now this tragedy would have been a tragedy had it happen any time of year. But since it's happened before Christmas I think it is caused a lot. People. And it all across this country. To think more down to the true meaning of Christmas. To think more about what really is important. And making sure your kids have better toys -- -- neighbor's kids is sometimes that can be competition that is. On the total manifestation of the commercialization of Christmas but it does happen. This competition. And his competition within families as well. If you're doing that recognize it. The most important thing is to hug your kids. The most important thing is to share with them. The true meaning of Christmas. If you're apparent that something else if you have only a right to do which have a responsibility to do that. Your your kids can enjoy -- your kids can enjoy. The things that they get for Christmas. But the most important gift they can get from you. Is an understanding of what this. Season is about. And this is not something that we should just practice this time of year. Whatever we feel whatever we think right now whatever we practiced this time of year. We -- carry that with us. Throughout the year -- so often. We don't. Here's a text or worst Christmas movie ever silent night deadly night and never side but it you know that this whole idea of combining Santa Claus with blood slasher movie type stuff but it doesn't work for me. Here's a text what about bad Santa talk about a bad -- I've never seen I've seen a few clips of -- I love Billy Bob Gordon. And I'm sure makes a really terrible -- I'm not sure about that. -- here's a text scoot I agree 100% between children misbehaving and some teens text messaging. Is distracting. -- in the -- to receive the sermon if you can't control them in church you have no control over them. Death. Elsewhere. Again this isn't a symptom of a problem is this not just not welcoming people to church this is like alert to be like if if you're a parent and you come to the realization whoa wait a minute you know maybe I can't control my Dick -- do something about that before. -- -- Here's a text very Christmas scoots TU and everyone in our community -- from attorney Stephen -- was a friend of mine thanks for -- even a very Merry Christmas and I'm -- -- here's a text I'm screwed back on highway is I kid the adults were usually. Pretty lit when they went to midnight mass. Yeah you know I have to admit that there are a few times in -- my -- tainted past when I'm now -- and midnight mass after having them. A few beverages should have done it not proud of fits but yeah that that's gonna be another thing to look at -- the fashion I mean is somebody senate takes earlier about. You know at midnight mass is not a fashion show. But -- a lot of people dress up but I think that's nice effect I really don't dress up for church -- on Sunday. But not you know I'll -- dress up a little bit tonight for church Kuznetsov a special occasion not that every time to get a church shouldn't be a special occasion but. Among all those times church share on Christmas Christmas Eve visit. It's a special occasions so I like to. -- to dress up a little bit so I don't mind people dressing up. But it's easy. -- of the teens texting I mean it again if if your teenager. Can't go through church without texting. I mean don't you think that might be the symptom of a problem. You know it if it it again there are many challenges to being a parent today I understand that. -- As a parent you have a responsibility to make sure a year teenagers know that they can actually. Go one hour. Without sending a text. Or receiving a text. Here's a text -- Chris Cornell as an amazing singer might ban covers a lot of their music. You should hear him sing I will always love you by -- Whitney Houston. Merry Christmas brother here's a text is that Chris Cornell yeah Chris Cornell are listed Chris Cornell version of ave Maria which. Is outstanding -- -- again this is a lead singer from sound garden. Which was one of the 01 of their original grunge fans out of Seattle and did an amazing job of honey Maria. All right so you're gonna go to a party is a lot of Christmas stuff going on so how do you get through the party's what are some things that you can do or not do. That might help you keep from gaining too much weight. -- and this is a time when million dollars and there's nothing wrong with that. First of all you can eat before you go to a party so you're not starving when you get to the party but see that you know I. I don't like that suggestion because you wanna go and enjoy the food. Here's a suggestion that you take a lap. You like go around the food in and -- don't just pileup on the first thing you see go around and see what you wanna get and try to make educated guesses. Also look for the greens. The veggie platter or the salad. Always drink. A lot of water. In fact you know that's a good idea at this point is we're talking about this. We quite often. Talk about drinking and driving and drinking too much when there's -- a big fun celebration like New Year's Eve for Memorial Day your fourth of July. Labor Day weekend times like that. Yeah Christmas is it's a happy time it's a festive time but someone of a solemn time and I think I think people are quite often drink more than name. Then they should. -- more than name need to drink and they're doing it in the spirit of Christmas and they don't really think about the consequences of having too much to drink so. You know in between your drinks you might wanna have a glass of water or have. A Diet Coke -- just have something that's non alcoholic because inevitably you. When you drink you reach a point if diminishing returns. The media to the point where you feel good in India to the point where you're really not feeling any better and you're not doing yourself for. Anybody service and -- and again if you're if you're gonna be drinking -- before midnight mass just don't meet the one who's driving to and from. Midnight mass. I it is okay to indulge. Are given to your craving switches to a modest portions. Thought here's a suggestion that one thing you do is -- sexy. Go to the Christmas party what is family of friends. Go wearing a I'm not a loose fitting sweater loose fitting jeans but -- something sexy -- something that is form fitting. Because that would make you more conscious of what you are putting your body. I don't be the person that loads up on the -- -- I know the eggnog usually tasty but that stuff is loaded with calories so don't overdo it with the eggnog. And if you're if you're at a friend's house bring bring something and that way you know that there's gonna be one thing they -- that might be more healthy for you. I just you know make good decisions or when you go around these social low block around in and talk to people I'm not the most social person had their party so would have a difficult time with. With that now I'm gonna go home and put the Turkey in the -- and as I said dead during Thanksgiving. I cut all the -- off the Turkey. There is so much fan I mean you can take up a Tony pound Turkey probably get it down to about seventeen pounds if you just cut the fat off and if you cut the fat off. I realize that it might be a little less. -- there might be a little less sun I juice from the Turkey it doesn't mean the -- less juicy. In fact I would take the skin off you don't have to do that to some people think that's blasphemy. I would take the skin off a Turkey and my -- very very moist juicy. But he cut the fat off then you don't have that Saddam you don't have that layer of fat. That. You know that gets all hard when you put it in the refrigerator after. Then you come scrape that off but I think the gravy so what better for you if you cut the -- off the Turkey and again there's there's going to be a lot of facts on the Turkey. If you do wanna join our show with a comment this morning our numbers 260187. -- Toll free 8668890. -- seven -- Thanks Amber's late 7870 here's a -- raise my mom always said never sits in the first growing church. Because that's where they hypocrites -- Why did she say that. I don't know why would hypocrites speed of one sitting in the first -- Maybe I'm just speculating that it just read this live on the -- Maybe there's a feeling bad -- People who sit in the first few feel like they are doing something good just by being closer to god invited. I guess anybody else has a theory on that. Flooding here. Here's a text -- my wife taught me a long time ago it's always a fashion show. I'm scoot into Tommy Tucker on this Christmas Eve morning and we'll be right back on -- -- -- well. -- this gives me an opportunity to promote my favorite Christmas movie if you haven't seen -- this is a movie you really should stay -- And I know guys it sounds like a kick away but it really hasn't come on it's Christmas time. The movie is -- love actually. With Hugh grant's. And a whole lot of other people. And one of the one in the final scenes at the end of the movie. Includes says a young girls singing this song so this song always makes me think about. The movie love actually if you haven't seen it's. Did it on Netflix. Did it or every camp and watching. The characters. I've been the soundtrack the -- live. The music weaves through the the movie is it's great it's about. It's about relationships. It's about. Cheating. It's a balance is really dealing with every different aspect of relationship it's about. Love at first sight. It's about being in love with your best friend's -- four or husband. It's about. Whether or not she puts family. Before new relationship -- again again and I. I think the movies brilliant. If if you do watch love actually remember that Billy Mack is the character that I relates most to put the do it normally takes place a couple of weeks before Christmas has -- in London. And I just think it is a brilliant movie. And especially christmastime disturb a great movie to watch love actually. If you haven't seen it to its. And it's it's a very emotional movie. A British on a sad movie very emotional widely MD since again they're just so many great stars in it but it's not one of those movies where there's so many stars and -- that it's distracting. There really is good. I here's a Texan raise a Merry Christmas with us from band band thank you very much here's a textile Haas scoot to. You the best I love how low you get these moronic children riled up. I hear is some attacks does -- there are a couple of homeless guys. They're usually near Manhattan under the West Bank expressway. I will go there today and give them a money gift. I would hope that you would do something. It's today or tomorrow. Especially if you have kids. That we demonstrates. The true meaning of Christmas. I remember one year I was shopping entered into big -- and in -- And there was a tree there for gifts for. Needy kids. And I told my son to go pick out something that he would like. And I bought it and he was younger. And when I saw I I I got to I got a little teary eyed when I saw my son plays that at present under the tree for somebody else. It's done. It really is better to give. And receive. And everybody needs to realize that. And I can't tell you that maybe I've always realize that's in my life and it's difficult for kids is typical for teenagers who are all very very selfish. Typical for them to understand that concept. But as adults I think we owe it to them to to teach the -- And I would hope that she would do something today tonight or tomorrow. That would help them understand. The true meaning of Christmas. I here's a text -- talk about my journal phobia united. I have to include church at and I I talk about their -- in church shared not only this time a year but. -- the year because again I I got a little problem I admit it irrational as it might be got a little problem. Here's a text you don't like germs. But you go to the dirty this place ever. A gentlemen's club. Yeah but I don't know if you go I don't know what you do but I ain't touching anything. Here's another one of my favorite or Christmas punch. Vince Vance. I'm -- him for Tommy Tucker on this Christmas Eve morning and -- WL. We'll be right back. This is my favorites Christmas songs and I guess I wanna just. I don't and this form. For all -- sent Tori Amos and John singing yes Christmas classic. This is my hope for all of you. -- Yeah. This morning in Bucharest -- this week Tommy taking care. It's. If you listened to the and I silliness you listen to me on the regular show they do eight to midnight here -- on every WL. I'm sure there -- times that we won't always agree I'm sure the times we don't agree. And that's what happens in America we're free to express our opinions. I hope at a time like this week put together all of our differences and all the differences that you have with -- with others. And if you come together and that you share the spirit. This wonderful holiday. And again let us all try to. Takes what we feel now this time of year it's and carry this with us. Throughout the year. And not just in -- Once a year. -- gets a couple of these XX here's a Texas dude it's amazing. There's so many people are offended by someone asking you to be a good parent and the clean person. -- it is just they're reminding you. To have manners and respect everywhere you go especially at church also -- I'm going to. He mine blank off I warn -- about calorie she January 1. Here's a -- I'm with you scoot I love love actually. There's another text Merry Christmas scooter enjoy listening to your show well Amanda Amanda thank you very much in very Merry Christmas to YouTube. Here's a -- -- if you notice the mass this wonderfully behaved children absolutely. And it -- goes on and there's probably some children misbehaving to this is a juror this directly reflects. The parental skills of the parent or lack thereof. I would venture to say and vet. V. Something about says some parents out there. Well you know good good good parents know their good parents. And parents who aren't good parents don't don't wanna admit it. They're quite often on the shows have had -- -- under the WL I talk about you know the blame game and the United States have hysteria. Adults today in Paris today. Don't want to. Look in the mirror and accept responsibility for. What they haven't haven't done with their with their children. They wanna blame the video game. They wanna blame the presence of a gun. I wanna blame music. You can't really blame anything on the outside. For what comes from inside. We're too quick to blame other things were too quick to wait for the government to ban something. Before we -- in our homes. As a parent you have rights. And you have responsibilities. And I would hope that she would take both of those very seriously and again I just remind you that this time of year. It's really a good idea attempt to act in such a way to do something that actually. A teaching your kids. The true meaning of this holiday season. Here is -- text -- Merry Christmas we are having a big time New Year's Eve party you're invited. If you wanna come I'll pick you up and bring you back home -- home that's nice. I -- -- -- love actually is one of my most favorite movies of all time it is brilliant you're right the stars performed so well they become the characters. And one is pulled into the characters'. Lives great suggestion and that is from. Laura. Yeah I I I love the movie love actually but then again I love blasting to a movie like cash Christmas vacation and you know one of the great so lessons in Christmas vacation is. It. Even family. Should not be allowed to park their RV for Christmas in your in your driveway but there are a lot of great lessons in in that movie and you know I guess we all ought to be thankful that we don't have a cousin any in our family. You have a cousin -- your family at. And you don't have one of those enhanced that there -- half of the bottle of perfume and when she was she -- you Christmas you smell like her perfume the entire night. Yeah I I remember. Those days -- I love watching the saints win yesterday in overtime against the.