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12-24 5:20pm Mark Hudspeth

Dec 24, 2012|

UL Lafayette head football coach, Mark Hudspeth, joins the radi huddle to talk UL rankings and the New Orleans Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Last year it was a nail biter and a this year not as close as BK did come up being with a nine point victory over. East Carolina bag the bag New Orleans Bulls titles we welcome in now coach of -- he's generating Canadians go to Marcos with -- husband thank you so much all the time in. Man it must have been something coach I was watch him. When -- Carolina got their final possession in that dome Rose to its feet. And it -- -- -- TB it sounded loud and had to be a trauma with the youth to realize the fan base who brought together over there. It was a great moment and not just seeing in the thing and -- partners and -- -- made a huge impact here. In the fourth quarter and there's a great great atmosphere there is Ian. And coach -- bit but you look at your leader new team Terrance Broadway the quarterback what you elaborate on him. And look -- against yet that experience aren't yet to have depth that a number of positions that you can have success over the long term. Baba of what was your mindset when you look -- started the season got a veteran quarterback -- coaching and he's down. Then all of a sudden you got to arkansas' estate game in this and it worked out for Broadway but watchers in like he turned a corner and was unbelievable. You know coming into the season and here you know bowl MVP quarterback back in and we -- -- -- -- a chance to be -- -- -- started -- 11. And and oh -- want them to an injury in there took over in sort of go to -- of the time you're used to Wear. Your first or in early hole which all the little -- characteristic. Groove. Mentally. Each gain in the title role that you rarely in the season cleared it very well I think everybody's older -- -- Coach mark posted his who has -- the raging -- he's a big victory Sandrine and Mercedes-Benz superdome 4334. All the east Carolina coach he jumped out to a big league east Carolina comes back. It's close a couple of quick touchdown right before the half any concern job and out -- their big lead in the and then coming real close to you right forehand. Well you know we we we thought we played really well -- -- -- -- Fumbled the nickel return obsolete I think -- gave -- -- movement on the quick score. And then they got back -- again at the moment but luckily it was dropped down four. Field goal sort of -- the momentum and I don't know what we have football. Or second. Coach now when you look forward to back to back. Seasons now and victories New Orleans Bowl champions and -- now talk about this when you you talked about DC said nine AQ conference. How some of the some bell was really middle Tennessee and the commit to from the some that was upset -- get a bowl. A bowl be it. Talk about this comets around look at those schools and retooling went to the big east but now. The dip I wanted to be a big east and think about the basketball schools and now Boise State saying that they attend because that discussion disdain in a mountain west. A look at other schools with -- goes right there already -- sales in Monroe made. I just think to some -- coaches and in a bear -- good position now from what you guys have done and got the attention of a lot of national -- by the success dependable. Where you know you look at teams know we two really fourteens in the last two years we've we've struggled in the year two more. I'll actually -- -- with Florida Atlantic believing. No chemistry -- or or even and four and national track there's. But you don't -- -- between mr. wonderful changed. All of that and understanding and then some real portable game you know conditionally. -- global and so registered a lot about this conference. But you want that upper body -- cultures. And country. It very -- it. This year -- without -- in the a lot like it where it so essentially. Our coach -- that you -- get on the success now you you've had at Louisiana Lafayette and and all of a sudden everyone's proud of the job he's done there how many times a day idea that maybe answer. As far as what are your future plans considering that the coaching changes whether is NFL. Or college football they always look in. Who's this latest and greatest who's the hottest candidate is as some that you constantly have to address. About his situation in the future. You know people who destroy all you have open -- -- -- you know your league there. So my -- from calling in and out you know a couple of years go east this year I think there's Peterson. Just stole every year -- the unbelievable street and and up -- -- state and -- -- player's name for reach out whenever I think in a while the world. What he'd do it and elbow after being in here. It personally yeah actually. Repulsed I think he sees what he's George popular theory although I. That's what we enjoy here are certainly great placed it real well Louisiana. In the outlet yet. They're great -- Great universe in every -- racers they're supportive and are sometimes just on the right -- more we really we were only here and we can continue to field goals. Think there are some really -- that force. University of Louisiana Lafayette Louisiana raging case didn't hit the ball coach mark host -- bit. Congratulations. Again thank you so much forgiveness so much of the time in and saudis Christmas holiday. I got -- particularly well. Of America. All right coach thank you very much and Bobby you know it. For years we talk about what would school as villains of the they'd take advantage of the deep talent in the state. Win some nonconference games it doesn't really matter what kind of -- and you know some people say well look at -- conference schedule okay and an -- to have a weaker conference and they look at their nonconference schedule. The nephew is one of those and they went 45 down the streets in their won loss. Was through the third ranked team in the country what they outplayed and his own backyard at his program is -- rise and they got the numbers to prove it. Noting -- I think you -- today court or with Texas tried to take a nap hours not the end team from the and every now he had promised and and I think he lifted at the recruiting base a long night in and you know you call Houston and and Texas. -- these fixes his that is that long right and all the way to Florida Panhandle. There's a lot of you know great players and says I think he looks great opportunity that we jam Latvian. There on the map just think -- of people out there. Now you know all of us know what -- did in Florida and beat the gators and Islam but in all troubled -- champion -- pretty good. In -- the television exposure he went back to back Bulls. Knowledge of the a challenge. Because you got to recruit the same time players. Louisiana Lafayette look at the success Louisiana Tech yet Louisiana Monroe and so includes CJ at Tulane. Know -- to compete with those. Does as -- as the a lot of those players and in the going to Monroe Louisiana Tech at the end. And I -- on Ellis who probably -- that think that the players could CJ coach John got to get to come into play and manages he's in jail and they won bag the bag bowl champs. Yeah coming back. This has -- stop Christmas from all of us here at WW.