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12-27 10:10am Dave Cohen's Year of 2012 review

Dec 27, 2012|

Dave Cohen's Year of 2012 review.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What were the top local news stories. 2000 and -- hi I'm Dave -- and taking a look back at what was making headlines. In New Orleans and across southeast Louisiana. Over the past year this is a sad day. Saint John's where we thought it was safe with the Wii super safe. That will blow commitment to him the kitchen area. Then you begin calling me correct. There's something wrong with the picture it's never happened water flowed over I think the unofficial results show that it has passed by 808 says. My resignation. As United States attorney for the eastern district of Louisiana we have a serious violation of -- access existing -- Threatens. The health and welfare of our players over the next hour we'll take a look at. Top local news stories and -- -- at WWL editorials. After 2000 and well. The number five top vote getter was the shooting at a sheriff's deputies in saint John the Baptist perished that started with a gunman opening fire on an officer. Working security at a parking lot. -- ball goes on the road and both -- out what those core goal. This witness called WWL radio minutes after it happened investigators say the driver pulled up to the top star. And one of the people inside the vehicle just started shooting. That officer survived a short time later and nearby trailer park. Two other policeman investigating and looking for the suspects. Are not so lucky. I have two officers the network ambush. All I won't name I didn't wanna say assassinated. Earlier this morning. Sheriff might drag choking back tears as he announced that when the shooting had stopped. Two of his deputies were dead. And two more were wounded. Police said they arrested every one involved suspects who had profess their hatred of police and government in general. And had been on a government watch list as they stockpiled guns and man. You have the people in custody. We're talking to right now there are there -- hospital. And we believe we're responsible for this state police commander colonel Mike Edmondson I wish I didn't give a -- reason. Can you want to. My officers. That would kill this morning. And Saint John Harris. Was simply doing -- job. Coming up by 2012. Years review will take a look at the rest of the top five local news story. The decision that I'm announcing right now to resign my post as US attorney incident because he told -- sixteen goals. Over 200000 cans or will need to be put it this way and respectful but this right. Cisco Gonzales return to a home and frankly today -- this neighbors were found dead if that embarrassed at all. But first let's take a look at the rest of the stories that made the top ten as voted on by the WWL. Editorial staff coming in at number ten saints owner Tom Benson buys a New Orleans Hornets. And announces he wants to change the team's name. We're we wanna change in name from harness. There. -- south and meet New Orleans -- Louisiana. Benson has secured the rights to five possible new names for the hornets they include pelicans Ruger room mosquitoes that bull sharks. -- -- -- At number nine LSU football in 2012. Which started with the tigers losing to BCS national championship game. Alabama and then had the honey badger kicked off the team. Tiger is going to get into. And heading to the chick -- ball all Lake Powell or take a much closer look at the LSU football program coming -- It -- -- -- -- time for the number seven story. Only three years old game of politics as the dragon slayer. At 63 years go on gone out of the -- Former Jefferson Parish president Aaron Broussard guilty plea to federal corruption charges tied at number seven along with the New Orleans times Picayune dropping from. Publishing seven days a week. To just three days a week while the advocates started publishing seven days a week in New Orleans at number six. All anybody around here wants to do is get back to work. We wanna play football saint quarterback Drew Brees returned to the team after holding out. And then signing a 100. Million dollar five year contract witness saying. They care and coming up we'll take an in depth look at this thing seeds in the LSU football season in the rest of the top five local news stories. Rated New Orleans for 2000 and while I'm Dave -- Welcome back to 2012. The year review in New Orleans -- southeast Louisiana hi Dave -- and coming up we'll continue our countdown of the top local news stories of the past year. Right now our in depth look at this 2012. Here at LSU football. Joining us now WW Al dot com LSU columnist Jeff Palermo and -- 2012 started with Alice you in the BCS national championship game. But it didn't go anywhere near the way tiger fans ago. Now there really was an awful performance -- LSU tigers and really a bitter pill for LSU fans to swallow knowing that they lost to Nick Saban and Alabama Crimson Tide the way they did there was. Just so much controversy after the game in the fact that. The Jerry Lee never got an opportunity to play Jordan Jefferson was not very good at cornerback. Jefferson straight drop to -- Nobody else anything. Teams struggled the coaching staff didn't seem like they're trying to any kind of adjustments didn't try anything new. And they just led Alabama when the game when LSU ahead. Already beaten Alabama of course earlier in the season had won every game by double digits or more of or double by double digits except for that Alabama game. And it was just it it was a performance that no one could have imagined going in today contest. Yeah. All of them. National championship. -- 2012. For the LSU tiger football -- started out with 821 to nothing shot out in the BCS national championship. And had a lot of tiger fans wondering what the future held as the team came back to Baton Rouge and well. -- on new quarterback under center. Well there was so much anticipation of a new course and really just the anticipation of the end of the Jordan Jefferson Jarrett -- era of LSU football night had a guy and -- met burger who put up huge numbers. And I'm a junior college level a guy that was expected to be the starter at Georgia over Aaron Murray who's put up. Good numbers for the bulldogs the last couple seasons so you are thinking. All right LSU filing has a legitimate quarterback go and into the season. But the problem was he got off to a rough start and then there were more. Distractions prior to this season as well with -- and Matthew getting dismissed from the team. And it just even LL SU got to convince him to win over north Texas in the season opener. The year just did not get off to the start that you're expecting from this LSU football team. Yet they win 4114. Over north Texas but they had to do it almost entirely on the ground with questions about the offensive line and being able to protect. -- burger and with -- burger apparently not able to find ways to deal with the pass rush. But they had a heck of a running game and -- 4114 they win that first game against north Texas. Met burger straight drop the delay and not get to go after the break. It's. The man they take on Washington. And really looked like a fantastic football to yeah looks like that LSU had made as the typical cliche when it comes to college football team makes its biggest improvement between week one in week two and -- who had done that it was a dominating performance over Washington. -- noticed that bird take -- -- goes away down -- he's got a man battle buddies got it. They really took -- a Washington they look really good bank game. You know -- met murder in the receiving game. And the receivers were still not at the top of their game just yet. But still it gave me an idea that OK this team. Who many considered the best in the country. Truly look like it for that one game against the Washington Huskies. 41 to three a very impressive showing. And then they have Idaho and some people go well OK -- this is going to be much of a game but they gave up fourteen points Idaho and in the early going had some people a little worried. Yeah I know you know it's just one of those games in on it they won by a bunch of points and arguably they scored a couple of defensive touchdowns. It wasn't really an impressive performance or a type of performance that you're expecting. Yeah you know -- -- they still bloom out -- by the end of the game it was 63 to fourteen they ran for a bunch of yards and a game one of the things that you saw that game was the eight penalties and penalties. Was a huge factor for this team in the first half of the season they were constantly committing 891011. Penalties a game and obviously that wasn't that the the type of player that you would wanna see out of a team that many considered a top and that's the best team in the country. -- while they're still winning I think the red flags really went up when LSU travels to all burned and barely squeaks out a victory yeah Auburn was obviously struggling going into that football game and LSU got off to a fast start they score a touchdown in fact. They're up nine to nothing early on and -- -- Markota -- And and met burger throws an interception. And -- whole. -- hole a memento of that game gets changed and LSU barely survives this one. Coming out of Oliver -- just a twelve to ten victory. Instead. -- -- -- the way again now you're looking and a bunch of red flags that are up there are a lot of question marks about -- met -- lot of question marks about the passing game the offensive line. Not looking very good obviously the defense is top -- like most expected and what. We've come to expect in tiger town but still. If it didn't only beat a team like Auburn by two points and -- you. Special when you look back get an Auburn did even when a game and yes he see this season. That was that was a very scary game for LSU they could have lost it. They just added up figured out a way to win that game like they do so many times in the last miles there. There outside of the intercepts -- for the man. No -- -- hangs on and beats Auburn won't about a month. And then they've got to. Team how send that many people had never heard of before coming to Tiger Stadium an opportunity to get things back on track. Yes and they do they they -- house and 38 to 22 but again a couple of troubling statistics in this game we had a ten panel -- and then he had five fumbles. Five fumbles in fact. -- Beckham fumbles early on the next game inning and taos and actually had an opportunity to and actually did -- thousand. Took a lead early out of that football game itself. You know. It was one of those let down type performances LSU is coming off the big road win against. Auburn and coming back plane tauzin and knowing that their next game would be the Florida Gators so you knew they were gonna have their. They were going to be entirely focused on the game but still five fumbles that's unheard of oh with a less miles coached team at LSU. That burgers straight dropped a throw the blitz is already running boards that your signs that he's in trouble from behind -- he bubbles with a ball and it's pick up the recovered. -- -- They managed to come back and win that 138 to 22 but now with five victories under their belt they've got to go. To Gainesville on take on the Florida Gators a team at the time that was surgeon. Yes Florida had a goal and a Florida came in today came undefeated. They had already won on the road against the likes of Texas sane -- and Tennessee. And LSU offensively could do nothing in this football game they only. Korda six points you get to offensive linemen that are injured in the game. -- met -- doesn't look very good the tigers are just one of thirteen on third down conversions. Really have only bright spot in that game was the performance by Kevin Mansur who had twenty tackles seventeen of them were solo tackles. But it this was a game that frustrate a lot of fans because. The whole idea of going into this season is that LSU offensively it was going to be able to. If the defense struggled or gave up some points the offense is going to be able to pick up the slack. The defense played well in this game they just got weird quote they got worn down in the second half because the offense can never stay on the field. And anytime Ellis you have some moment on there was a turnover in the game it driller was a poor performance offensively. Goes over the middle is completely and any kind of home. It and it was a very frustrating day in the slot and LSU as a blues and not won fourteen to six but. Then well tell your fans get a little optimistic because they go on their faces South Carolina and then Texas -- them both very good teams nationally ranked. And have a strong performance let's start with the gamecocks and that will play a. The gamecocks -- remember most people were thinking man up you know south Carolina's gonna win this game LSU offensively can't you know LSU's offense struggled against a good Florida defense or -- and even better. Defense in South Carolina but LSU actually. Did some nice things they ran the ball well in this game they rushed for over 250 yards they only had five panelists. It's still wasn't a great day for -- met burger throwing a football but their running game was so dominant. -- -- And they any opt into the line did a really nice job remember they lost a couple of guys in the Florida game. Due to injuries. The -- had the the whole Alex Hurst quitting the team how -- -- describe that you lose a tackle. Remember you've already lost -- left tackle Chris fought for this season and moving guys around on the offensive line and you're going up against one of the best defensive lines in the country and LSU was able to move the ball. They were able to protect that met burger they converted eleven of nineteen on third downs. And they really a big win 2321. -- net victory kept alive. There -- national championship hopes. Paul passed away. -- down field. If you win. Yeah they beat the number three ranked team in the nation in South Carolina and then they've got the Aggies of Texas and a M and had to go to College Station for that. And this was not an easy game and no one was expecting it to be an easy game because this was the Super Bowl for Texas sane and there are looking at LSU is third biggest new rival join in the Southeastern Conference they had Johnny -- cell. And LSU didn't play a great game they only threw for 97 yards they had thirteen penalties in this game they were two of sixteen on third down conversions. But they were able to slow down Johnny -- sell just enough in this football game and that really was the story this contest in fact. The tigers forced five turnovers in that game. And that was really the difference in the in the contest that they were able to. To slow down Johnny -- -- Make sure that he did have a break out type of game or huge game in this one Taliban still has a man coming in motion near side. Andy thanks to take it himself wrote it. You have to kind of added to intersect the well as soon. Made it back to the party is Kevin Leonard. And LSU survives this one really that's that was all the Texas CNN game was about was just survive and it. They win it 24 to nineteen and that sets up the big rematch the BCS title rematch against Alabama. Yeah a lot of optimism Johnny football captain -- -- the defense can do the same to the top ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. In Tiger Stadium a week later but. He was not to be. Well it looked like it was going to be jealous he's day they had delayed in the second half they he would come back. George -- the network. And he thought then that there. And then all of a sudden I'm AJ McCarron with just a couple minutes left in the fourth quarter. Leads Alabama's offense. Down the field against -- what everyone considers one of the best defenses in the country. And a score it's really a a stunning touchdown. Against LSU in the final stages of their football game. It's not the. LSU's defense just couldn't do any thing. To stop. -- Crimson Tide offense in that final drive and then went -- got the ball back. Couldn't move it at all not a good -- moving -- on -- -- have much time but. This was the big breakout game for -- met burger met burger finally caught on fire in the second half. -- wide receivers were finally on the same page. LSU ended up throwing for 296. Yards and -- game and as anybody what is said. Prior to the contest at met burger with -- for close to 300 yards everyone would have said LSU would win but unfortunately that wasn't the case for the tigers. -- an odd situation where after the game so many people across the country were saying LSU played the better game LSU was the better team but they lost 2117. So. I guess who really was the better team Wilmer Alabama came away with a victory. Was livid that that it was on as they tried to salvage what they could of the season the -- tigers taking on the bulldogs of Mississippi State. And LSU and when this game by twenty points 37 to seventeen and you know if it was just one of those games that after you come. You're coming off -- huge emotional high of playing Alabama that. You figured LSU was -- going to be sharp they still played relatively well in the game LSU only had a couple of panelist they did have three fumbles. But they had a big 100 yard interception return for a touchdown by -- Boston played it. It's the fact that I did. It's. A. The and then -- met burger did it for a second straight game he threw for 273. Yards a running game laws and a sharp Ellis he's running backs were wearing down. As this season was going on and that's where met burger picked up the offense and you know it was still it was a good when you've been in SEC team like Mississippi State who only had. At the time. Two losses I believe on a year and a top 25 team at that. Yeah top 25 team we beat up by twenty points. They avoided the hangover of a losing to Alabama it was a -- they went for the tigers on November 10 and then they have whole list. Ole miss was interest in football game and you knew the rebels -- and as they do every year they always give LSU their best shot and they played LSU down to the wire. The tigers were down in this football game they had -- A late comeback. -- win it and again they had a rely on -- met burger but really made it a highlight play of the season outside of Jarvis landry's. One handed touchdown catch against Arkansas was 89 yard punt return. My old -- back come back. Which of course brought back memories of Billy cannon's. 1959. Halloween punt return. Against old message and that was that just changed the whole course of the game it was a big play for Beckham who. That was a little inconsistent during his sophomore season but if they didn't get the 89 yard punt return for a touchdown by Beckham. I don't know if LSU wins that game against the rebels. Now they do win 41 to 35 and in the final game of the regular season that big day after Thanksgiving game. In Fayetteville taking on the razorbacks of Arkansas. And the razorbacks had nothing to play for in this game their head coach John L Smith was gonna be fired after this game they had only four winds could go to a bowl game. But -- you struggle in this game but they ended up winning twenty to thirteen I just mentioned -- really that's the highlight of this. Game was Jarvis landry's one handed touchdown. In the back of the end zone towards the end of the first half that was a big play. Now that is incredible pick my targets and they say why they handed the diving catch in the back billions boom. I only found. -- met burger threw the ball well. 217. Yards and -- -- -- not commit a turnover. Jeremy hill led the LSU running backs of 77 yards on the ground. So it was a a Workman like performance a little scary there who scolded Fayetteville. The crowd wasn't really into the game especially from the Arkansas. Fans so it was just one of these games at LSU is just trying to get past -- they went into the game banged up. As they do every year when they take on Arkansas and it. It was a struggle to beat them but it was another ten win season for less miles or wrapped up another. Ten win season for less miles six and eight years as head coach of the fighting tigers and while most people thought after that went against Arkansas who would possibly lead LSU into the cotton ball. Just the way it all worked out and how the bowl shuffle and went LSU ends up going to the chick filet bowl. Fans not as excited about that instead of going to -- Cotton Bowl or maybe Capital One Bowl. But still a ten win season and the two losses when you look back -- -- to Alabama and Florida two teams ranked in the top five in the BCS standings and I thought let's miles that it really well. He said prior to the season if you would have told them that they went -- into you would have looked at the years of disappointment but considering everything that this team went through. And teams they had a play in one they had a plan I think ten wins is another very good season for less miles in the tigers'. And obviously LSU does do after going ten into which one year -- -- the national championship this year gets in the tickle label. -- miles get to contract extension. Yeah I guess the contract extension and what thanks to a little flirting with the University of Arkansas. Athletic director Joseph Levy said he was get old. Look at last miles contractor address his contract situation but from coach less miles it's his first race since winning the national championship game. And you have to say it's well deserved he's won what 81% of his games at less miles fans might not like holly does it they might not like -- You know construct sentences during a press conference -- They may not like his offenses over the years but the guy wins the players play form he recruits well. And when you win in ten games on a consistent basis. Really that's all you can ask for out of your head coach and a big time. That was the year in football and LSU also a new basketball coach came to DL SU men's basketball team in 2012. Yet Johnny Jones is brought a little bit of excitement to the LSU men's basketball program may now play more of an up tempo style of basketball there a little more fun to watch. They see they still don't have the pieces but the guys that he's been able to recruit and the commitments that they have. One a a final recurring caught when it. Wonder recording class is finalized during the spring signing period Ellis you'll have a top ten recruiting class and basketball and that's not you haven't heard about. When it comes to LSU hoops and a long time. The reasons to be excited about the coming season football home the already under way season in basketball and hate baseball had a heck of a run in 2012 as well relative. Baseball had a great run a disappointing finish they ran into a red hot Stony Brook team in the super regionals. But still. You would think that Ellis he's going to be in the mix once again. For a trip to all the hall when he bring back guys like -- rhymes Mason cats. Aaron -- will be your your guy on the mound for years as your ace pitcher you know you -- you obviously lose a guy like Kevin -- -- but. They bring a lot of players back that made a good strong run and it's the college World Series last season and I guess that they should be right there in the mix we should be talking about LSU and a super regional series come late may. Thank you WW -- like Tom Ellis you columnist Jeff Palermo lets hope 2013. Is even better for -- thing. Thanks -- Up next we continue our look back at the top local news story to 2000 and well. Welcome back to 2012. The year review on WW well -- gave Noah the number of Ford's top local story over the past year. Was voters barely renewing tolls on the Crescent City connection. The unofficial results show that it has passed by a total of eight. As a secretary of State's spokesman meg Casper announced after the election night tallies were counted. After months and months of heated debate from both sides some wanting to tolls to continue another twenty years and others saying they should definitely stop. Yeah -- just eight votes was the difference. But wait they were twenty mailed in votes that still had to be counted WW Els David Blake was there when those were unsealed. When they got it all counted up. It was fourteen and favor and six against clerk of court Arthur morale tells us raise it to him because he dogma sixteen goals. Over 200000. -- -- at City Hall David Blake -- WWL first news. And while others still rumblings of legal challenges that looks like twenty more years of tolls on the CCC. Number three in our count and a. The decision. To resign my post as US attorney was ultimately mind. The longest serving US attorney in the country and arguably the most successful ever in rooting out corruption. Jim -- and stepping down. -- effective December 11 my resignation. As United States attorney for the eastern district of Louisiana will take place. Let me quit amid scandal after two of his top prosecutors were exposed as having blog anonymously on the Internet. About cases they were handling in secret grand jury testimony critics say even though Latin has resigned investigation. Must continue. And note that the attorney general Eric Holder as heaped praise on line. -- -- no concessions to the fact that bad things happened here. Andrew Craig with the justice integrity project says it shouldn't be forgotten that Washington's investigating -- his office. The attorney general is. In charge of justice and peace process would be conducting an investigation. Will await the results of that probe continuing countdown of the top local news stories of 2012 coming in at number two. Hurricane Isaak slammed parts of southeast Louisiana outside of the new storm protection but inside the news this -- the protection now from. 85 to a hundred mile an hour winds with a 125 miles an hour gust is plenty big enough to put a big hurt. On. New Orleans Mayor -- Andrew Warren but didn't anticipate this slow moving nature of this category one hurricane. And the wind it just kept blowing and blowing on the region. Knocking out power to more than a million customers. Where is Entergy. We see -- trucks we see that trucks parked but we don't see Entergy doing anything. Jefferson Parish president John Young the most vocal critics scolding Entergy for what he said it was a slow pace of recovery. But the power providers said based on the extensive damage. It had done remarkable work getting the power turned back nine meanwhile the problem is deep floodwaters in communities including lip gloss and raceway where the first two fatalities in Louisiana were recorded as a result of guys next. They'll floating in the in the kitchen area of the home -- the deputies were able to. Bust out some windows and be able to -- Coroner's investigator John Read Saint John parish president Natalie -- bottom was angry. That video games into the west and the ones that were already evacuated are calling in Iraq. There's something wrong with the picture because it never happens water flowed over I can't there's a problem. She suggested the new storm protection for the metro New Orleans area had somehow pushed floodwaters in this Saint John. The Army Corps of Engineers says they've found that was not the case in Saint John. -- commands saint Tammany or anywhere how's that hundreds of homes were flooded. Coming up we'll take a look at the number one local news story of 2012. Here on WW. -- gave -- welcome back now the number one local news story of 2012. The New Orleans -- NFL bounty claims in the ensuing season that we see the black and -- miss the playoffs doubtless view it all saints' sideline reporter Chris and Garrett. Yeah I mean it really got started in March back in the NFL. Unleashed there president findings in a what they thought was a -- program that was instituted in the world wants for three seasons in resulted in the there in this suspension of their head coach Sean Payton for the season. There assistant G head coach in to fit. And there also -- also their general manager and Mickey -- for eight games so really kind of started in March the the controversy surrounding this team. For nearly nine months throughout the season. And that really did seem to set the mood and then eventually you set what we saw during this season it was not an easy one for saints fans starting with the whole Bonnie gate scandal. And continuing -- straight on through the regular season. Damage and required at -- fit to lead them and training camp and hand over the reins to -- former who was the -- to the interim head coach in. He used the the guy for the first six games of the season the first seven weeks actually on the calendar and start out of me in the training camp and Ellison of you know much of the focus is how this team would we get along without Sean Payton is still really right into the Washington Redskins season opener on September ninth when they lost four to 32. Two rookie quarterback making his NFL debut Robert -- third. Robert Griffin the third up under center this time. Play action team needs to be hit as he delivers the football but a great catch up for the 404559. Of the forty. This is not a big guy so it could. -- And it was a team that you know a lot of you felt like. And the Redskins. Started a surprise some teams later but as certainly a winnable game at that point four in the world is but. New -- is really could tell was so distracted and really kind of you know came into that game I think -- those things on our mind rather than opening the regular season. Yeah of the saints' defense giving up forty points to that rookie QB RG three in the Washington Redskins and the writing was on the wall that at least early in the season this defense is gonna struggle. You can see right awaited and a number of holes and was really just the players getting comfortable. And I knew the defense of scheme implemented by Steve Spagnuolo and you could tell that it was going to be a long all along that stretch run. For the saints defensively that we give up a lot of points a lot of yards and the saints are going to have to outscored just about every opponent. Me and really the offense was not the win football games for for this team in the early goings of the season. And the offense couldn't overcome the defense of struggles in the second game of the season giving the defense gives up 35 points to the Panthers and the offense only Muster 27 saints lose two in a row to start 2000 and well -- Drew Brees throws the critical -- pick six and a game up. Early days. I thank those factories. They had no answer for Carolina and in Camden. And that running game and they came -- eight point shorten historically you know whatever the sainted. You know scored 272030. Points they would come out on top more often than not but again -- really struggled defensively giving up a lot of big plays in this one season. It all the time who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That we brought down -- well. Why all the way down at the Ford. Yard line. That guy. Then they Kansas City -- saints fans feeling finally -- lowly chiefs team they can't put anything together. Looks like a saints' victory but no the saints lose this one in OT. Snapped placement can get out it's wave. And the chiefs have one. Inexplicable loss that blew an eighteen point fourth quarter lead here. The -- was -- in a driver's seat completely control this game and this is the game that I think when you look at he said. Yup there's really miss Sean Payton the ability to salt away a victory. He didn't see that happen then in the fall on an overtime as you said. By three points to a Kansas City Chiefs team that what has gone on to be just. Bottom dweller across the Orleans in one of the worst teams in the in the NFL. -- in the cents after go up -- Green Bay it was a close one there was it was a close one but they had an opportunity to win that ballgame. Garrett Hartley misses a field goal and a game David Thomas it's called. For holding a crucial holding penalty that game to 127 a fault of the Green Bay Packers in Lambeau. Defensively they couldn't slowdown Aaron Rodgers and Packers. Rogers calls for the football throws and it's going to be. And and at least in all of these four losses to open the season Drew Brees does connect on a touchdown pass to keep the hopes of a new record alive and finally has the opportunity to break Johnny united his record is playing his former team that discarded him and throw into the curb in the San Diego charge. Yeah first week of October with sweet certainly for Drew Brees and company and -- to get their first win and of course as you mentioned they set. Drew Brees sets the record for consecutive games with a touchdown pass. Reid stepped up in the pocket throws and it's not a good record since then. Is big noted Drew Brees passes Johnny Unitas going to touchdown in his 48 straight game. In this saints get a win 31 point four over San Diego Chargers team that. Also has been a bit of a disappointment throughout the season but the win by seven things start to look up there as they headed to -- we. -- -- the saints on the bye week getting ready to get there in -- head coach back while they had the interim to the interim. Who was insistent that they were very close to putting things together we heard that time and time again. From Aaron -- -- sore right on the costs they beat Tampa Bay Buccaneers on a wild 135 to twenty. In Raymond James Stadium down there it to happen as the game went right down to the wire. Mike Williams came from off the field the plan was the first Tampa -- want to touch the football so take the touchdown reception off the board. And send the saints home happy. Saints win but then they've got to travel to the mile high city and take on the Denver Broncos -- their new quarterback. -- Peyton Manning -- just the complete clinic. By Peyton Manning. Banning books left throws it -- made the inside the prime time -- touchdown. The score ended up 34 to fourteen the world has got a touchdown late in -- ball in the world. Make it look a little bit more respectable that was a complete dominant performance -- Peyton Manning and the Broncos could jealousy it's. We're really a bit after that to the saints dropped four they win she knew they lose one. But then there are about to go on another winning streak starting with the Philadelphia Eagles in the superdome and Michael Vick comes down in. The saints are an upside in heavily it was seven times in that ballgame force a couple of turnovers and they're best defense a performance of the season today at this point holding the Eagles to a thirteen point is they. Scored 28. -- But nobody -- whenever that. I think that's where the defense started the turnaround a little bit. Again there was a lot of well hopeful moments in The Who dat nation that wait a minute. All right they've won three of their last four after losing four straight. And then they've got their hated hated falcons and the opportunity to really send this season and well sky ward. Why Atlanta came in unbeaten at this point has now lost a game in the saints had flexed their muscle about their dominance they were eleven and two prior to this one. Against Atlanta Falcons in the Sean Payton area and they come in and and get the win and knock off the left out of handing them their first loss of the season 31 -- 731. At 27. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome in in really it was a shoot out but at the same time it -- -- when you look at the defense of performances and in. It kind of stood out because they rarely get crucial stops on third down and I think the saints were energized offensively. By having Chris Ivory finally in the lineup he had a number of big runs a really big one. Earlier that ball game for a touchdown. He's earning 45 this time again. I'm not there Robinson is not the bed and nightstand sends up 56 not bound by -- and. Then the saints after winning 3127. Against the hated hated falcons traveled to the Oakland Raiders. -- this this game was really him. Over from the start at Kodak -- I'll see -- -- could -- -- the wide open Jimmy Graham caught touchdown reception -- what you are -- there raiders. Are just bad football team in the world has dominated from start to finish thirty to seventeen. And the food donation Christian was feeling really good at that point the saints had won five of their last six games. They had beaten the raiders and they were getting radio host the San Francisco 49ers. The team that knocked them out of the post season the previous season. When the schedule came out back in April every saints fan and every saints players circled this one. On the calendar a shot at redemption for New Orleans. As you mentioned the team that knocked him out of the post season last year and they were -- finally on their turf in the superdome. And that fast surface and things are looking good for the saints they were up fourteen to seven right before halftime. And marching trying to get more points and Drew Brees throws an inexplicable interception that was returned for touchdowns hears Brees. Pumping brewing over the -- this is gonna be intercepted that for the 3530. -- -- twenty. Five touchdowns -- Ahmad Brooks. They really cannot. Turn the tide in that football game who -- Could never regain momentum and in a -- 31 at 21 against the San -- 49ers team that a lot of people felt like hey look at they beat him. If they were able to beat the 49ers then that they're for real. You have but they couldn't losing 3121. Man. It seems at that point to turn over bug start to bite in the saints hard and they start given the ball away. To opponents not only with that game against San Francisco but then when they travel to Atlanta. -- the toughest stretch of Drew Brees -- career right here. In that 2012 of the stretch right here on Thursday night against the Atlanta Falcons. He throws five interceptions. And tackled short for ivory. Thank god please -- it's not deep downfield and it's going to big hitters just good. In an absolutely devastating loss to the Atlanta thought that smaller road where they've been so dominant as well the saints had. That Georgia Dome against the falcons but five interceptions and most notably. The touchdown streak of Drew Brees comes to an end at this game in the Georgia Dome against Atlanta Falcons on Thursday. November 20 ninth. If they lose that game 2313. And now well let's look and bad for the saints they've got to -- to beat the New York Giants. In order to keep any hope of -- post season alive and now they just again third given the ball away. Turnovers turnovers and more turnovers fumbles interceptions as well -- -- left throws over the -- for. Grant the smallest hiccup in the area intercepted this is going to be Stevie brown -- backlit. And they got embarrassed by the -- 52 to 27. Have very very lopsided loss and that was about it that was about where this season comes to a screeching halt the saints lose three in a row. To the niners the falcons and the giants and -- can pretty much kiss the post season goodbye at that point. Now they're playing for pride as they well host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And this was a really head scratch when you consider how first match up shook out when the saints won 3528. At their place and an ego. And shut out the Buccaneers 41 enough and in Mercedes-Benz superdome. Following that terrible before it's it's -- New York Giants when he gave up 52 points. There's Josh Freeman hit from behind in the ball comes parade. Cameron Jordan hit a ball three saves but phone. And the defense really. I thought at this point we looked at it said all right. The -- here's where they turn a corner a little bit and I -- is against Tampa Bay Buccaneers team that. -- I had some question marks as well but to be able to shut out any NFL team was impressive regardless of record. The yet to win 41 to nothing over the box and it was the saints' first shot out of any teams since 1995. When they dated to the -- Then the saints head to Dallas and other game they're playing for pride. Against the Dallas Cowboys team that had a lot to play for at this point in the season 86 coming into the ball game with the world's. Playoff hopes three way tie in the NFC east for the cowboys and there's so much speculation about this is what was actually about this game so much speculation about. Could Sean Payton in dubbed being the head coach in Dallas if things don't go well for them down a stretch over -- Hands Dallas a pretty significant lost 34 to 31 of overtime once again -- -- in the defense you know kind of been that big -- didn't necessarily break he did surrender. AF fourteen point fourth quarter lead but nonetheless you're -- who is. Right around the corner of -- guys -- -- around -- corner though Wesley Carroll high school ended up with a game winning kick. Currently puts it up and he puts it. Through the saints after blowing a fourteen point lead late in the fourth quarter rally to win -- overtime. And this the year for the saints coming to an end as they host the Carolina Panthers playing for an opportunity go alienate your thoughts Christian. On this season now that was with the saints not going to the playoffs but down well regrouping and getting ready for next year. I think we all underestimated. Just how much of an impact his bounty scandal would have on this football team we all said Drew Brees can give them their he's the leader. He's a great equalizer but asset at the early going is that Sean Payton was worth three wins a year. As a football coach and I still stand by that if they finished eight me you take away three losses have put him in the win column that puts them at eleven at five. And I think that on all the team had a talent to make the post season this team is very great down the the addition of Curtis sloth I think was significant in the middle. But I think when you factor all those things and not having your head coach not having your assistant head coach for six games not having your general manager ray games. And in the legal battle attitude with the players and Jon Vilma and Will Smith. I think that it just really sapped a lot of energy from the football team but they get jumping back next year I think they'll be right back in the mix of things. So you're feeling pretty good about 2013. And may be another run at a Super Bowl for the New Orleans sex. Yeah they've got -- had a couple pieces I think defensively they can use some help getting a dynamic playmaker they don't have one of those Dave. On the defense -- a football game changer JJ watt are somebody like that -- and all the Smith a guy can really pressure the quarterback can change things for you. They don't have that I think that's -- -- going to be a search of this offseason. Thank you Christian the saints in 2012. Our number one local story of the year I'm Dave -- had a very happy new year. Stay -- coming up CBS takes a look at the top national and international news stories of the past year.

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