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12-27 12:10pm CBS News Year of 2012 review

Dec 27, 2012|

CBS News Year of 2012 review.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the CBS news here and round up. With background and analysis from the correspondents who cover the news. And now here's national correspondent Dan -- welcome to the second of -- two broadcasts devoted to what happened in 2012. Big events and as always a mix of good news bad news and as we start to the year in politics. It depends on whom you ask was it good or bad it. The big winner in 2012 Barack Obama reelected as president we are not going back we'll. -- -- Republican who lost in his long and expensive quest for the White House was former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. A quick refresher now on what Romney said he would do. If you won the November election if he were to be the man sworn in as president this coming January 20. They want and I got to put -- place executive orders the first one. Is gonna direct the secretary of health and human services to grant a waiver for Obama -- all fifty states that we can stop that distract. It didn't work out that way for Romney of course CBS news White House correspondent Peter -- You spent much of 2012 out on the campaign trail did President Obama and his campaign chiefs. Pretty much know all year that they would likely keep the White House. Well look they exuded confidence but who wouldn't during the heat of the campaign but they never really faltered on that Dan and I remember so well. Just the day before. The election that I was interviewing David Axelrod of course the president set one of his chief political advisors we were in Madison Wisconsin and I said any guesses on the electoral vote. And he said we're going to break 300. They did of course of break 300 I think the only time during the entire campaign that they might have been a bit nervous was after that first debate when the president turned in such a lousy. Performance yes and then the second debate he stepped up that a lot better than third debate he seemed more than okay according to most pundits. It never really has been nailed down exactly what was going through his mind what was going on that day I remember sitting at the debate site. And saying to colleagues yet I wonder if there's some sort of a crisis going on that we don't know about. But you know even the president himself said and these are my words not his that he was sort of asleep at the switch that night. Early in the year Peter there were quite a few Republicans even before they settled on Mitt Romney as their candidate for president. Who said they would definitely win with the economy is weak as it was Barack Obama could not keep the White House. Or the Republicans wrong or did they -- play the game. Well I think they probably -- played the game and you mentioned that primary season it was a brutal brutal primary season. And you know Mitt Romney said a lot of things in those debates that edged him to the right on immigration reform on other issues. So you know you look at that you look at the advertising strategy which is sort of an inside ball game. But there are a lot of regrets that are being voiced by Republicans about their TV buys in and how they were out placed. By the Obama team you in that regard. And looking ahead to the second term the president has said that his main concern would be protecting the middle class. And others also talk about doing something about gun violence in this country what do you expect. Budget pressures are going to to hang over this entire second term like a cloud. What a difference for years make -- when Barack Obama took office four years ago at the capitol he had this sweeping agenda. Hundreds of billions of dollars that we saw in stimulus and of course his signature healthcare reform law this time no talk of any grand plans. A modest constrained. Vision in terms of spending. You know after the bruising the budget fights that we've been witnessing. Towards the end of the year talking about highway and road improvements and and talk of grant money to help restore old city neighborhoods things like that. Kind of reminiscent of the second Clinton term when there were a lot of -- incremental. Small ball programs that were announced I think. The big thing with this president's hoping for in his a second term. It would be comprehensive. Immigration reform. -- issue that congress has been avoiding and maybe in mr. Obama's second term they'll take up CBS news White House correspondent Peter mayor thank you and happy new year Peter. Happy new year and I hope for everyone the listing all your news is good in a Tony thirteen. As for congress no big change the Republicans hung on to their majority in the House of Representatives. And the Democrats in the senate even added to their majority. CBS news correspondent Bob Fuss you're at the capitol opinion polls show a very low regard for congress. Yet incumbents. Kept on winning why. There -- a number of explanations. You know one is the rather strange tendency most Americans have to hate congress but like their own representative and that shows -- you know in every kind of polling that's done. Another reason is the way congressional districts are drawn. Political gerrymandering over the years has made most congressional districts safe for one party or another. Politicians protect incumbents and they protect each other. Until election after election well over 90% of incumbents are reelected regardless of how people think about congress generally. And not a lot of seats are really competitive between Democrats and Republicans. And you know some of that can be seen in the difference between the house and the senate races. Democrats won almost all the close senate races and while a handful of Tea Party Republican freshman were defeated and Democrats picked up some seats in the house was not nearly enough to get back control. You know one thing I think it's going to be interesting going forward. Is to -- the result of some experiments that are going on to try to change things California for example has turned over redistricting to a nonpartisan panel and some other states are trying that too and having open primaries where everyone votes in the top two finishers face each other. Regardless of party. I guess one congressional contest in Southern California was Democrat vs Democrats. Now Bob when President Obama was reelected he and his people said he has a fresh new mandate but the top Republican in congress house speaker John Boehner. Said the same thing Republicans have a mandate. He did say that but I think John Boehner and the other Republicans understand they took a shellacking in the election and President Obama is in a stronger position than it was before. But they have maintained control of the house and they have enough senators to filibuster any bill so divided government remains and the Republicans are making clear they're going to fight as hard as they can for their priorities and that could portend another two years of gridlock on a lot of issues all year Bob you reported on short work weeks for congress here in Washington but. They must've passed some important measures now. Not many actually you know they managed to pass a transportation bill that was important but their list of failures is just much longer. Not only big controversial things they fought over but things that should have been easy. Like a farm bill renewing the violence against women act or -- the Postal Service needed to change some rules to avoid bankruptcy not a single of the regular spending bills was -- no agencies of the federal government has a real budget. You know historically this has been in the least productive congress in the post World War II era. Measured by bills that actually became law and not since 1960. That a congress work less time before adjourning for election and even when they came back and after the election for the lame duck session the house was working today. Weeks that against the background of the fiscal cliff bitterness. At CBS news correspondent Bob Fuss covering congress with the issues and disagreements right up until the end of the year Bob. Happy holidays thank you very much anti again coming up hurricane sandy and other natural disasters then the economy and 2012. Stay with us. Onto the silver slipper. This is this CBS news here and groundout. Once again here's correspondent Dan would be some of that natural disasters that hit the United States this past your provoked questions about climate change. Was it global warming that helped create hurricane sandy. We're just really bad luck that it made a direct hit on the New York metropolitan area. And over a much wider part of America and not enough rain -- CBS's Jim Shannon they reports. In 2012 a drought of historic proportions scorched more of the lower 48 -- statement any other time on record. For nearly a quarter of the country the drought is extreme some -- Le Nina for this natural disaster. -- Nina happens when an area of the Pacific Ocean is cooler than normal. It redirects the jet stream farther north with temperatures so high in rainfall solo the earth puckered. But -- right now looks more like I never want lakes and rivers shrank potter shallow water has less oxygen. The fish suffocate. No longer able to feeder cattle ranchers sent their animals for slaughter. Food prices climbed in are expected to keep rising willing to 2013. The products in the supermarket that I really can assure us our meat. Dairy products and -- I'm more the can wild fires and an explosion of mosquitoes spreading the West Nile Virus. Which is why this -- spoke for so many when he urged just operator terrain Jewish and the VC BS news as for her to. And Sandy's CBS news correspondent Heather bosh was among the millions who lived through its power blackouts at all. From the start -- more -- sandy did -- Franken storm's strength. Evacuations were ordered in several states. Angry right now but many refused to go iron -- pretty well situated bunkered down generators when the storm made landfall near Atlantic City on October 20 ninth. One resident said it was there is this someone had turned on a giant faucet. There was no time to think and barely any time to escape. Sandy killed at least 125. People across the US damage is estimated at more than sixty billion dollars. Including 111 homes incinerated in New York city's breezy point. If the worst thing that happens in this case certainly -- throw up some eight million people lost electrical power up and down the coast. Planes trains and subways move nowhere still. People who lost all material goods found reasons to be grateful I say my god it's. Heather bosh CBS news with the latest on that fiscal cliff here's congressional correspondent Bob -- Negotiations haven't progressed and Republicans as house leader Eric Cantor are passing their own bill to stop tax hikes absent a balanced offer from the president. This is our nation's best option. But Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid says house speaker John Boehner needs to get serious and reach agreement with President Obama because the senate won't take up his plan the Republicans -- waste an entire week. I don't. Number appointments political -- but Boehner says they have to try to pass something to stop automatic tax hikes time's running short. -- -- me I can't protect as many Americans from an increase in taxes as I can't. And had a two week old weather this year and a financial sense let's turn to CBS news business correspondent Anthony Mason. I heard you on many of our broadcasts including the CBS evening news as saying that economic recovery is sluggish how good or bad was it. We basically had a 2% growth here again which means you know we were growing steadily but not exceptionally. You know week it's not enough to significantly bring down the unemployment rate. But he still gross and that's better than where we were before and Anthony what are you hearing about that housing market because our troubles began. In 207 and twenty -- without collapse of the housing market. Is it coming back I think housing is probably the brightest part of of this year in the sense that we finally saw a bottom in the housing market. And the beginnings of a recovery we were coming out from such a deep level. But housing is still relatively weak to where it was before the recession but we're seeing growth again we're seeing prices go up. We're seeing increasing sales and that could mean construction jobs and other kinds of jobs that will help this economy kick into higher gear. Often they're can be unpleasant surprises and and some of them come from overseas. Europe was a story all year the weakness of Europe. The disorganization. And dissension within Europe can you explain the European factor in our economic recovery. Well Europe is if not our biggest trading partner it's our second biggest depending on how you measure it but either way it's extremely important to our economy a lot of exports to Europe there are many American businesses where Europe is their primary. Customer trading partner overseas. So we've means a lot in terms of jobs as well if that business goes down. Many American businesses have to lay off workers here because they're shipping overseas so it was important. But the biggest problem for a while was simply fear or worry about how bad Europe was going to be in what was your gonna have is that a recession as we had. You know back in 2009. But the question ultimately mean -- seems to have improved -- situation much of the mood has improved there has been a recession in Europe. Which has cut some of our exports but. It hasn't been enough to slow really slow the US down. And in this country there was a big decision voters decided to stick with Barack Obama early in the year we heard from a lot of frankly wealthy businesspeople. The mr. Obama would probably lose the election because economic growth was so sluggish so whether it was not knowing who the president would be starting in January of 2013. Or what became very difficult negotiations over the so called fiscal cliff. I think we were reminded that uncertainty is the enemy of making business decisions. It's no question about it Dan employers are reluctant to hire if in the future isn't clear to them you know the fiscal cliff issue was weighing on their mind the election was weighing on their minds for much of the year. Europe was weighing on many people's minds there is no question that. For a period of this year employers kind of held back a little bit and in terms of taking any risks you know picking up. You know hiring additional people because they wanted to see things become more and focus. That's said they weren't saying the economy was bad if they were just saying we're we're being very careful here because we're not sure where things are going. Let's hope for a brighter 2013. CBS news business correspondent Anthony Mason thanks a lot happening always and thanks. Now on tech trends in the past dozen months CBS's Steve case that. I lined up for Tony twelve -- -- -- -- the iPhone 5 apple did deliver on serious improvement even though they were real -- FaceBook topped a billion users -- -- foundation for every -- and social -- on Facebook's -- IPO didn't get very -- likes this is a misadventure of epic proportions social media got political and brought -- Apple binders full of women we are fewer horses and bailouts presidential debates unleashed record buzz on Twitter. A photo of a New York City -- mining boots for a homeless -- man went -- -- was so cold that I knew I had to do something Microsoft launched the windows -- operating system to mixed reviews scrambling to open -- front -- the Pentagon warned of -- cyber Pearl -- cyber attacks have been traced to hackers inside -- a new California law paved the way for driver -- car so we're looking -- science fiction becoming tomorrow's reality and Newsweek turned the page we've reached a tipping point in this industry going out of print and all digital Steve case and CBS news up. Next winding down the war in Afghanistan. While the civil war in Syria rages on and this is this CBS news UN ground. Once again here's Dan -- America's Afghan war began over eleven years ago our reaction of course to 9/11. US and allied forces are still there are fighting that Talabani and al-Qaeda extremists. Who reportedly are hoping they can take over the country again. After American combat forces leave. As of Christmas time around 60000 Americans in uniform remained there as draw down plans. Are made by commanders President Obama has said American combat forces. Should be out by the end of 2014. Here's CBS news correspondent Vicki barker. US troops in Afghanistan music commission when the year began to get. Afghans ready to take over the fight so US combat troops can go home but nothing went as planned when we're gone how you do this by yourself the frustration of one US officer dealing with Afghan security forces are riddled with incompetence illiteracy and corruption. In February riots break out after -- mistakenly burned on the US military base in March staff sergeant Robert -- accused of horrific crimes prosecutors say -- walked -- his post in the middle of the night then shot and stabbed civilians in two billion. And an exclusive -- insider attacks leaving father's back home to wonder why. It was -- and they wouldn't -- at least support it with next door neighbor Pakistan stirring the pot. It's captured al-Qaeda commander put it more bluntly. Pakistan knows everything. I can't go to the bathroom without them watching not taking it easy for Washington to end the longest war in US history to partner CBS news. Not a CBS news correspondent -- McCormick you're back in Afghanistan recently traveling with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. A big subject -- was how fast to draw down US and NATO forces from the briefings we received commanders stress the success they've made in their areas but at the same time there is concern that a steep reduction in troops might reverse those gains in some areas and during the past year academy the mission the duties carried out by US military men and women. Really developed into something new. Their mission is changed dramatically commanders now say US troops are enabling the Afghans to take over security they still face a lot of challenges logistically but more and more US commanders are pushing for them to take the lead. Of course there were the troubling incidents of Afghans in police or army uniforms attacking US and NATO troops. New security measures were added and -- what about the fear that the Talabani and al-Qaeda will just wait for Americans to leave. And the Muslim extremists can take over again that's an interesting question one commander in Afghanistan completely disagreed with that theory saying the longer the Taliban wait. The more capability the Afghan forces will have to. He insists the Taliban is increasingly striking out -- soft targets because the Afghan forces are already gaining strength so there's definitely two sides to that argument so in the coming year and 2013. But what's the focus for US and NATO alliance troops the. The main effort will focus on things that are not new but I think increasingly you'll see efforts at promoting good governance in Afghanistan and a focus moral leadership which is that a concern for years that in corruption. Eliminating the problems within Afghanistan's government is seen as key to stabilizing that country once in -- CBS news correspondent -- McCormick throughout the year covering the military and diplomacy. We turn to CBS news correspondent Elizabeth Palmer based in London. But spending a lot of time in Syria here's part of a recent report by Liz bomber from a neighborhood in the capital Damascus. Being shelled every night by government forces. From a distance. The destructive power of the -- -- fired from the mig warplanes isn't obvious. But up close it's overwhelming. Sarah is a 21 year old opposition activists working in the suburbs of Damascus. -- -- the worst is seen it. And a fighter plane overhead and me and the -- is divorced I had we can't have any. -- safe place to hide but staying alive is getting harder and harder as the decisive battle for Damascus. Closes it Elizabeth Palmer CBS news the Damascus suburbs. Human rights groups say now in two years of civil war more than 40000. Syrians have been killed. Mostly by their own government a Liz -- a lot of Americans are wondering who are the rebels and to put it in very simple terms are the rebels a group one group perhaps that the United States should support. There is a big critical mass of Syrians who want political change. And they are supported and in fact they're fighting force is and highly fragmented bunch of rebel groups there are some who are ordinary citizens turned fighters. There are some who have come in from the outside some with al-Qaeda links. And there are some who were Syrian military who've defected to the other side so no it's not a united front. I think the United States. Loosely supports the movement for political change that of course is having a difficult time getting behind some of the more radical Islamist groups in fact one of them was designated terrorist organization down this Red Brigade. Which appears to have al-Qaeda links. And because it's so complicated the US is also having a hard time deciding how much aid to give this anti regime movement whether. To join in as supplying weapons or whether to stay back with humanitarian aid and logistics and that's something we're gonna -- played out over the next few months. Lives in in one recent television report on the CBS evening news. I saw you with a Syrian family under fire weren't they rebels and. -- anyway he was that a legitimate target for the Syrian forces what I saw was a neighborhood that was ringed with Syrian military checkpoints. About 80% of the civilians had left a 20% who were remaining. Were either very committed to the anti regime movement. Or were too poor or too ill to leave. These Syrian army seemed to be showing that neighborhood randomly. It was impossible for me to determine whether there word legitimate targets that is say. Highly armed rebels fighting groups. The rebel group -- and they -- they were armed but only with AK 47 automatic rifles were the local man. Who had joined the anti government if you like armed force because they can't get to work anymore and they do want political change. But there's no question that was a civilian neighborhood was civilians living there and the Syrian army was firing what appeared to be randomly. Into the neighborhood. What about the wider Middle East picture there are some experts on the region say in Washington DC certainly in Israel who said it would be great of president Assad falls. Because he's been a close ally of Iran men and stemming Iran's rising power. Is there really big game in the Middle East while there's no guarantee that whoever takes over from -- we'll also be sympathetic to Iran Iran has been. Providing supplies and fuel to Syria during this crisis and the two countries have much common ground but I think in more importantly once set aside goes this thing could get even bloodier. There are many decades worth of revenge is and feuds and reprisals. In a country that has had in the history of brutal repression. I think once a side goes the chances of this becoming. Even more terrifying -- bloody are very high. On the Syrian civil war that CBS news correspondent Elizabeth Palmer Liz thank you very much and happy new year happy new year of next foreigners meet. In a peaceful way it's called the Olympics -- space and check product -- stay with us this is the CBS news -- memorandum. Once again here's Dan -- the people of Great Britain we're pretty pleased with themselves this summer Olympic Games in London went well. CBS news correspondent Steve Letterman was there. London 2012 battle royal star right yeah. The games. When Elizabeth may be official declaration and then the competition began the biggest name in London was to make his -- -- -- He won three gold medals so repeat of his performance in Beijing I have no. There have been mentioned in the pool. American Michael Phelps in his final Olympics added four golds and two silvers to his record total -- when he's -- nobody else has ever done in gymnastics American Gabby Douglas the flying squirrel won gold in the women's individual all around. Being beyond -- -- amazing feeling one of London's. Most moving moments came at the track stadium has south African Oscar for story this became the first double amputee to compete in the Olympics and this has been one of the -- lots of -- -- so far US wound up with the most gold medals and the most overall medals steep Letterman CBS news. Here's another area where Americans did well this year in the laboratories. CBS news correspondent Barry back -- -- reports when it came to help the medicine the good news included. More nutritious school lunchroom crude declining cancer rates dramatic advances in gene therapy using stem cells for treatment for instance to help people with blind immaculate he generations see I was despite. Now along with improvements problem tainted drugs meningitis outbreak is now a criminal case more than 35 died from contaminated injections the CDC warned. And admit one of the largest West Nile Virus out. Great concerns were raised about overuse of mammograms. And having very little fact double mastectomies. Patients are worried -- and that really entertaining individual risk. And routine prostate cancer tests although this doubting doctor argued or able to find cancers when they can be effectively. Cured. Studies -- an asthma sufferers only need inhalers when symptoms emerge -- feel -- but feel really good and that with free contraceptives. We could reduce the abortion -- an unintended pregnancy rate more than 50% -- Baghdad on CBS news that was a busy year in science and medicine -- space exploration. Keep in mind the United States is no longer sending men and women into space at least not for now not from US territory. Some of our astronauts do serve in the space station. They get there in Russian capsules but CBS news correspondent Peter King reminds us that progress in this field. Does not always require human beings leaving our planet. Forty wells was trying to improve robots and human ingenuity in space that -- verbal. -- Mars curiosity rover and science lab began the search for signs that life could have once existed on Mars couldn't be happier would that -- sent an innocent so far. And launch. Things SpaceX falcon nine rocket and it was a this year for private industry is the International Space Station accepted its first commercial cargo deliveries. I think they should look like we got a sister I get by the. Don't station commander Sonny Williams set the record for the most time and space by a woman says she hopes to add to her total of 322. Days off the planet I think living in space for years definitely -- it's feasible NASA has since announced plans for a yearlong mission we lost to space on Collins astronaut Sally ride. There are very clear Neil Armstrong or wherever and by year's end to discuss fully. Last time busy airport -- retired space shuttle blew a new homes in space and science -- -- -- you CBS news. Let's consider the year when it comes to technology there are always new things that people buying they enjoy and some folks even say. They need these things let's turn to Larry Magid at CNET and CBS news technology analyst when it comes to Smartphones and also tablets. Has apple lost its edge for for a while the iPad was the thing but other companies have tablets now an apple doesn't seem quite so special. Apple continues to produce a really good Smartphones and tablets no complaints. About the iPhone the iPad but they're not alone. And when it comes his phone should be Google Android phones outnumber the iphone's considerably now and I think that that's gonna continue to be the case. Right now apple still dominates somewhat in the tablet war -- But that's gonna change over time as more and more tablets come out from Google itself from Google's partner is also from Microsoft. And its partners and other companies that are in the act. They old empire of software hasn't given up I'm thinking of Microsoft. And I'm thinking about mobility windows eight is especially. Being heavily advertised now. They've got the surface which is doing OK but not spectacular in terms of sales. And other vendors are coming out with windows eight tablets many of -- -- hybrid devices that would run regular desktop software along with the special. A windows eight apps it's not clear how Microsoft is gonna do with windows eight some people were annoyed by the fact. That they've changed the interface and innocent people don't like that. -- seemed to be popular right people buy them in fact it seems to me that whether it's apple or it's one of the android devices. The manufacturer. Once you don't buy the phone or that tablet because you're gonna buy a lot of at. -- later. You're gonna buy a lot of bat detector in 0700000. Apps on both see apple and meandering story some of them -- the same. -- different we're talking about a lot of apps out there. There's money to be made because apple for example get 30%. Of every sale when someone buys an -- in its application marketplace and also apple and to some extent did Google get money from the phone companies finished. Plenty of other revenue down the road besides just what they get when these telephone. And Larry this was the year that FaceBook went public with an initial public offering of stock suddenly its founder Mark Zuckerberg was a billionaire but the stock got cut in half. As there were doubts about FaceBook being special. In this age where everyone is walking around with devices. We'll FaceBook can't be forced to really doubled down on mobile first of all a pipe into the ground which is a very popular service. For taking pictures on your mobile phone and posting them online. And it also greatly improved its own mobile app. So Zuckerberg fully understood that the company with -- behind when it came to mobile they've been working at it. And that's one of the reasons why I think their stock is starting to come back it has a long way to go from where it was when it first opened. It CBS news and CNET tech analyst Larry Magid -- -- thanks again now report at the end of every year that we call notable quotable it's here's correspondent Harley currents. In a year of -- White House race all the big quotes were political Mitt Romney got lots of attention for his statements about 47 for senators. And when he said I like being able to fire people and both presidential candidates made the twitters fear for comments made during the debates a lot of big bird. -- horses and -- sat. Binders full of women but other people got in a good turn of phrase. From Britain -- Middleton musing about the vagaries of fame said it's a bit startling to achieve global recognition before the age of thirty on account of your sister your brother in law. And your bottom. And then. And finally from the world of Hollywood we have Charlie Sheen announcing that he's not crazy anymore in some ways. Too bad crazy people say the darnedest things that partly -- CBS news. Up next the CIA director who quit over an affair. And other people reflecting the mood of our nation at the end of 2012 this is the CBS news he ran around them. Once again here's Dan -- before we take a look at the people of 2012 how about the music of the year we actually might remember some of these songs. Here's CBS news correspondent Sam -- singer musically speaking 1212 had a little something for everyone including one of those RC can't stop singing along web. Only maybe by Carly -- Jefferson who now has the scary task of creating a follow up to a hit which was a monster which is also what this tune. -- was one of those two that came out of no where and when leave. Taylor's troops prove she has staying power on twelve was familiar with -- CD sales slide in digital sales soar to a lot of music sales were driven by what we saw on TV. Music competition shows like American Idol continue to drive sales and generate interest in music likewise TV shows such as clean. And because I'm an old guy I get to give a shout out to Bob Dylan who released his 35 studio album -- it's. Whelan in doers are things I should keep my Dylan records because final was selling well in 22. You have to be careful with the violence that -- -- seniors CBS news. And late in the year of fund raising concerts were victims of hurricane sandy. Music fans enjoyed veteran reliable stars who will say old stars like The Rolling Stones Paul McCartney The Who. Billy -- Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi. They are Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce singing together and I'm leaving out some great names. Charities seem to begin onstage. Now CBS's bill Whitney with his look at the individuals who made news in 2012. David Petraeus made none of the people of the year list for not the best of reasons General Petraeus had an extraordinary career. He resigned as CIA chief after admitting to an extramarital affair. But a fourteen year old Pakistani girl was recognized for her courage after surviving an assassination attempt Taliban. -- tried to kill Mulally -- side. And killed her dream of equal education rights three girls of course celebrity got talked about including twelve. Beyoncé gave birth Kate Middleton is providing great expectations. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split up. Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote about his marriage to Maria Shriver got a new book Marie use. Wishing me well. We do everything didn't do and when Mitt Romney said he'd kill funding for big bird during a presidential debate social media went wild at one point seventeen. Thousand that big bird tweets per -- a person or profit is definitely high profile when they can ruffle some money for others. Bill would be CBS news. Now let's consider America's mood and not as confident as it was a decade ago Americans are far from certain. That our children will have better lives and we're living now. CBS news national correspondent dean Reynolds you're in Chicago you were in the nation's heartland throughout the election campaign do you agree -- -- folks were not so confident or sure about what's ahead they have every reason to be nervous and uncertain if you consider the foreclosure crisis that still grips much of the heartland. Add -- that the incredible lengthy drought that has. Besieged farmers. And others in the middle of the country. And you have. Plenty of reasons why a people are concerned about the future about whether. Though there in a transformation. All kind of a period where their living standards will not be what they used to be they understand better now the depths. Of the recession that we had to dig our way out of they understand the crisis said -- said the auto industry. They understand that manufacturing jobs. Are not coming back the way they had hoped maybe. Five years ago. So there is a new realism I think and that's probably to the good one of the arguments that the Obama Biden campaign made repeatedly. Is of the automobile industry was rescued and -- you spent time with auto workers. And you'll also saw via the corporate plans when it comes to America's car manufacturers. Are we really back up on our feet in that sector. I think there's no question that the US auto industry is coming back big time they are making better cars. The irony is that a lot of the cars that you -- selling. Were on the drawing board before bankruptcy so it was the regime that god cache shared and sent. -- door that actually is responsible for a lot of these really good cars the new owners. Are. -- hard at work bringing up excellent models as well but yet you've seen. Chrysler which was really left for dead being rejuvenated by. Their partnership with Fiat -- seeing gee am. Leading yet again after all was said and done about them being bankrupt they're now selling more cars than anybody else. And Ford of course did not have to go through bankruptcy and has just brought out a brand new Lincoln and -- which they hope to be able. To compete with Cadillac with so. It's a very rosy view for the US auto industry and for the US auto workers. And dean you've covered Chicago and in that city according to officials the crime rate has gone down but. There's a continuing epidemic. Of gun violence young people shooting each other. There is a serious gang problem in this city -- each big city in America has gangs but for some reason. Chicago has particularly. Violent. And often leader lists gangs I mean what when I say that I mean that gangs are fighting each other. For preeminence and they're fighting each other with -- guns. It's over turf it's over money it's over drugs it's over. Respect in in many ways and this has led to. Some of the most -- shootings that I've ever seen in my life spraying. School buses with bullets. Or drive by shootings that killed fifteen year old girls at a bus stop. This is the perilous situation that the city is in and it's all located in a largely. African Americans someone's Hispanic area. Mostly on the city's south and west sides you're not giving us any hope. That good hearted people. Our combat and that trend maybe it'll get better I mean there are major changes certainly by the police in dealing with this better intelligence on the ground. Better computer programs that -- -- map the trouble areas quicker responses. Bigger footprint in these neighborhoods but the police are the first to tell you that they are only part of the problem a lot of it has to do with social economics that we're very familiar with and until that problem. Can be solved or changed. You're gonna have this continuing issue that CBS news national correspondent dean Reynolds in Chicago. Thanks very much and happy new year -- happy new year -- We have time only to say this at the end of 2012. From all of us at CBS news we hope 2013. Isn't better in every way. We wish you health and prosperity and of course -- happy new year. I'm Dan relieved to see.