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12-28 8:10am Scoot talks about things you can't drink anymore

Dec 28, 2012|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks to listeners about things they can't drink anymore

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chris continuing to get just bombarded by a text from people who there are talking about the thing that they can no longer drink because they got -- -- on a one -- has at least one now white ports. And lemon juice 53 here's what. US MC. At tequila sunrise at the house of the rising sun in the seventy's remember that I don't actually I don't remember that place. My opponent she knobs for. You know you especially for something like that something sweet you know I never. Ever again although. You know we may have that one thing that we can never drink again but it does mean that you haven't gotten drunk on the other things and you can instilled drink those things even though time has gone on. And here's a text -- -- to more Yeager Meister ever. Often got trashed on -- while working add she -- looked out at the world's fair in 1984. Here is another text. My freshman year at L issued distraught after being dumped by my girlfriend. I walked to the I walked I walked the campus late at night drinking from a coffee mug filled with GN. GN never again. That was twenty years ago to it's amazing how these things just. Just hold on over the years you just cost you are doing here and yes that's not that's not to -- -- describe right effort getting don't Somalia that's a coffee mug full sadness right now there. Well you know you have to drink for the right reason you don't if you get a drink drink for the right reason not the wrong reason. Here's a text mad dog. Told me to want now see I've never had that and I've heard about it and even if I never got drunk on I don't think -- -- drink MD Tony Tony reminds me. Thunderbird is -- other product thud of a way for what's the word on number yeah that's another thing that I've never never tasted. Here is a general there was this. Is the text there will be a DW I checkpoint inherent hand tomorrow night. This is from -- a website I -- out there are going to be some checkpoints around because you know this is that this is the time win. When people celebrate and there's nothing wrong with celebrating but don't don't drink and drive and again I don't wanna be sitting here lecturing you but I just wanna remind you that. That nobody who has ever got to stop for DW I ever thought it would happen to them. They thought they were fine. And I think that is as human beings there's I don't know by Cuba there have been times when I have been met at parties. There were times that I have been. In bars with friends and to be honest with Leo I've. I've helped some people get home that there have been times when. I don't think I did enough as a human being to try to stop somebody from getting behind the wheel and driving. And I'd like Dave they and that of going home and they they got home okay but. You know -- humans are we if we see that maybe somebody is it too much to drink and we don't do mortar. To try to stop it but then again -- ever had to punch a guy out there. Would you wage do you use Sparky smell it never got her own good and yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that would -- in some cases that would be the only way to handle it. Because they're going to be antagonistic but you may be saving their life so you know if you are if you are out this weekend. And New Year's Eve. And your round anybody's business has had too much to drink. Even though this is something that maybe you haven't done. Maybe it's time for you to take the initiative and try to make sure that they don't try for make sure that they they get home safely. I'm Stewart in for Tommy Tucker it's 8:11 on this Friday morning as we head into the weekend for a New Year's Eve. If you wanna join our show with a comment our numbers 2601878. To all free 866889. Necessarily seventy. -- number is say 7870. Here is a text 2012 was a good year for me. But I would is betting on the minds of being rights. The world didn't and and now I've got a lot of bridges to man. I hang -- we're coming right back with more on WWL. A source Genco unchanged yesterday after the show and I thought it was I thought it was excellent talk more about -- are coming up here in just a few minutes. A more of your text are coming up if you join us with a comment about -- they were talking about. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. -- number -- 87070 the newly renovated a desperate for New Year's Eve Monday night. The newly renovated eight foot tall -- five foot wide two dimensional where delete ornaments will descend down the 25 foot pole. At the Jack for a condominiums. This has been newly renovated. This is going to happen right the red for the fireworks -- and the fireworks are titled symphony in the sky. A -- Anderson quote I look forward to joining thousands of citizens and visitors to shine a spotlight on our city as we bring in 2013. I've been downtown many many times for for New Year's Eve and bring in in the new year including the last couple of years and it's. It's a very. Magical moment. And -- got a -- a little while ago from somebody two who was saying that they would never come downtown on Bourbon Street for New Year's -- because of the the drunks. The the thieves in the pick pockets. Well obviously this is a person who hasn't been suburban street recently and there are people who. Who who have this attitude about New Orleans that is totally inaccurate. I live here. -- downtown. And even when I didn't leave town town I still spent time in the quarter and I spent a lot of time in the quarter and downtown. And you know it -- if you wanna. Boycott New Orleans if you wanna be indignant and say I'm not going to that city -- you. ET you can keep that attitude. Just keep it and keep it in the suburbs but there are a lot of people in the suburbs and really throughout this area and around the country and around the world who love downtown New Orleans and who love. Being here. And for all that this city isn't but for all that it is it is indeed a very special place from -- Roy you're under the W -- -- morning. Markets that are -- -- -- -- but fiscal clear. I think. In the long run into Tokyo -- all that because of -- Tenured reviewed and I think what -- tactical speed comes stamp in the long run a work toward a budget. And that could be and got an opportunity for people. -- -- -- bought or bought and -- new -- go to cash. When the stock market and nine -- jump back invited back because that would be a jerk reaction. But congress of course -- pretty typical clip. They'll be forced to take more accurate. Aren't you -- you but they've been. But -- both sides are wrong you're gonna registered bowl forty now there are by what can be controlled in -- -- to gain control a little tool to be in control but do they would. Would go to the congress that the change how would it. Forty leadership. They say look what more does that. Did -- get some receipts are well we -- -- And they want to -- bickered back for a group of important go to barge which do a feature called -- -- you have the vote accordingly. And debate about did you get into orbit Gupta did feel more rational act an album but just got a -- correct ball you -- And -- there's going to be able there's going to be a lot of pain and nobody wants to suffer the pain everybody wants somebody else has suffered the pain but you know Louisiana. Receives. On the second largest amount of funds from the federal government. And a lot of that. Would no longer be available. If we really tried to make this government solvent and that means that we will see we don't wanna lose here we want all the money that we want somebody else to sacrifice. We are going to -- have to sacrifice as a state. And as a country if we're gonna make this country solvent and you bring up a good point Roy. Both sides are to blame. And I quite often talk about how. The American people are left behind. Because the two parties are fighting for control and they're fighting for power and they're fighting to advance their ideology. Which supersedes what's in the best interest of the American people and that is a sad day for us the citizens of America. That truck and hit it it'd keep getting reelected people. Struggle blinded by a Republican. All of them are on the person. -- people probably got a real politically. Important. At their their their abusing us they are abusing her power and their abusing us. -- I'm glad you called India have a very happy new year you know I've said this this is this is not politically motivated this is motivated based on what I understand about. Charisma and television and images. Hi John Boehner is. Not a good spokesperson for the Republican Party. And he is essentially been the spokesperson for the party. Up to this point but you may have disagreed with Newt Gingrich but Newt Gingrich had charisma. And it's sad but it is important to have. Charisma is important to. The problem with Boehner is. He always looks angry. He always looks. Upset. And he looks just. Hardcore. Now you might believe in what he stands for that's fine but the image that he has to me and and nobody really talks about this. The image that he has in America is that he's not even likable person. Again you might agree with what he's trying to do here. But is not serving the Republican Party well to have John Boehner as speaker of the house. Now he's up for reelection I believe January 3. And if the Republican Party is Smart they'll take a look back at this last election to take a look at. And gainers just demeanor. And and how he says things to mean he can -- he he could be telling you the best news in the world and coming from Boehner it would seem like it's the worst news in the world. That's not good for the image of the Republican Party because if they don't have the White House the speaker of the house is the next most important spokesperson for the party. I'm -- in for a Tommy Tucker is a Tony 1 on this Friday morning and here's another W. States Carol Robinson. So looking back on 2012 what kind of year was it for you was it a good year or would you rather forget it. As -- -- give you a project low opinion poll this morning and here's an update on the poll 64%. Say was a Goodyear. 36% say they would rather forget to give us your opinion -- going to our web site WWL dot com. And also on our web site is the of the -- blog for this morning hey it's it's titled the hope of every new year. Read it shared and a comment -- if you like and that's on the front page -- our opinions. After the WL dot com we've also been talking about the saints this was a very difficult year for many many reasons but. You know when you think about how the saints are ending the season compared to the way it started -- four. You've got to be optimistic and I feel really good about some of the foundations that the saints are stamp -- heading into next season and I'm looking forward to the game against their Carolina. Sunny in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. -- we did not start out the season well against Carolina and we didn't know what in the heck to do with Cam Newton when we first played them early in the season. I think things are going to be -- different this time and it's gonna be really nice to see. -- the saints I'd treat the Carolina Panthers the way and I think they should have been treated in the first game. And then of course New Year's -- Monday night right here on -- WL. It's Alley shoot it well all they Monday's going to be issued today we got the chick filet bowl and our coverage begins early this is Monday New Year's Eve. Bobby and -- at 1 o'clock for the where delaying its tiger tailgate show. And that's gonna be live at the silver slipper on the beach -- Hancock county Mississippi. They'll count down to the big game number ranked number eight frank L issue. And number fourteenth ranked constant Jim Hawthorne will then host the official -- -- pregame show at 430 kick off at 630. And then after the game. Joint -- -- chief Deke Bellavia for the New Year's Eve edition of the purple and gold shall after the game it's right here. On WWL. I saw a jingle -- chains and I'll talk about that coming up here in just a few minutes we get to a few more of these text. Since this is a big drinking weekend for a lot of people not encouraging drinking but the did the truth is a lot of people are going to tutoring. I there are always going to be those things there that -- we will never ever. I drink again. Here's a text. That reads Harvey ball -- first date with my now husband. I think he was trying to get me drunk but instead I got very sick and you act all over his carpet. I -- is attacks southern comfort 23 years ago still at the day. The smell of the stuff makes me gag. Here's a text Boone's farm strawberry hill -- must have been young when you were doing that. I -- its next I am a grey goose girl. But -- one may be quite sick never again. You know. I couldn't I don't remember tasting much difference between Corey Goosen and and channel one that I guess if you've got drunk on one you. He would know the difference. Here's a text. I can't drink Yahoo! -- sports is seeking more. I hear is attacks I love my New Orleans. I don't eat mustard greens maybe don't trash that I'm not exactly sure what that means. Here is a text. Thank you -- completely agree with you about downtown and the French Quarter I lived in the quarter for many years and will again. If people can appreciate our great city stay home. And some people do -- but what bothers me is that is many of the people who stay home. Have no experience downtown. They have no experience in the quarter. They judge their image of New Orleans based on the news and yet they don't want terrorists to do that but yet they do that. The city is not what you think if you just watch the news this country is not what you think it is if you just watch the news. Produced focuses on the negative. Produce focuses on the extremes the things that are sensational that is the nature of news because news. Is entertainment. Tom Cruise is being criticized because he was seen partying the other night now that he's divorce from Kate Holmes. He was seen partying in New York night of the with a girl half his age. Tom Cruise is fifteen he was having a boys' night out in New York City. And he was with this nightclub manager named Cynthia Jorge who's 26. And according to witnesses. They were dirty dancing. And according to one witness Tom seem to be in his own world completely smitten. So warped. And I'm not a Tom Cruise fan -- just I'm not a big Tom Cruise fan I'd like some of his movies are solid and John reach her recently in a Buddy Guy Jack Pritchard I thought he did a good job -- that. I'm Tom Cruise fan but you know this business of of criticizing somebody who -- Somalia like younger you know and as long as we're talking about it. Somebody of legal age. Isn't that's. -- ridiculous. I'm -- -- for Tommy Tucker it's 8:31 on this Friday morning and here is another WWL news update with Bristol. It has been so much fun last week in this week doing the show while Tommy Tucker takes a much needed and deserved vacation. I'm -- this every seas -- to I guess my beginnings in radio is astute in the morning. If you have not been listening tonight I currently do tonight show from eight to midnight on -- WL -- 38 states at night and it is that it is a blast it's a totally different from what I've done. Before all the years of doing a morning radio but. I've I've I've loved doing that much about doing an issue here 2012 was absolutely great year for me it. I'll talk more about that I hope that was there a good year for you. But it is it's been fun time doing this for Tommy will be back on Monday New Year's Eve. And then I'm gonna take a couple of days off has a lot of ball games on it thinks that night. Here and a VW also would have shows anyway missing a couple of days off and -- resorts on have an opportunity to visit my son in Portland. It has been a year since I have seen him he's busy. I've been busy this is not the easiest job to -- to get away from sometimes a so I'm really looking forward to it's already Christmas and new years with him after the first of the year. I here's a Texas still eating mustard greens means eating marijuana brownies. I must have led a sheltered life because I did not know that. Here is and here's detects homemade strawberry want what we're talking about among other things some of the things that you got so drunk on once that to this day you still. Can't try -- attacks from somebody -- a few minutes ago saying -- you sound like a fool saying drink for the right reasons. Why not encouraging drinking. But some people can drink socially. And some people who drink socially. Drink too much. And so at times like this rumor going into one of those weekends where people might be drinking too much and inevitably people will. It's time to just remind people hey you know watch I don't drink and drive. It's okay if you drink too much as long as you're nine driving or you know hurt anybody else. And if you are gonna be a drinking maybe you should -- should take time in between your drinks to to have a water. Or a Diet Coke or sprite or. Or something other than alcohol. Because when you drink you you do reach a point of diminishing returns where you know the next drink really doesn't make you feel any better. And in fact when you continue to drink sometimes the next day is going to be absolutely. Miserable and I know that at one time another most of us have awakened the next morning saying. I'm never gonna drink again and I swear this time I'm never quit never gonna. Well the -- by difference to me that all the time in -- say you know what I talk to me and a couple of days and -- that I had a friend recently as it can you help me quit drinking going. Yes but I'd call me and a couple of days and let me know if you really wanna quit because you really have to after wanna quit so we've been talking about some the things that. To this day we still can't drink. And -- for me it was they were -- Here is. A text -- I'm self employed and have a workshop in my house. I worked out of most weekdays each -- is like Christmas again. Love hearing news in the morning. I appreciate that very much in -- happy new year to everybody it's been a phenomenal year for me I love being back in New Orleans had love being back. On WWL -- to feel like I'm home not only back in my home city but also. Back home match today at WWL. I hear is on the text that reads and when you start. Your liberal BS. I just stop listening. At least have the blanks. To come out. And say that your hard core liberal. And stop hiding behind veiled rhetoric personal attacks on the speaker seriously. Typical -- liberal. I support the Second Amendment. I constantly. Promote more than anybody I know. Promote the idea of personal accountability. And not blaming other things in other people for things that I. Sometimes somebody else or something else is to blame but. There's far too much blaming going on and people not taking enough personal accountability for for their behavior. I'm for fiscal responsibility. For cutting spending. I'm also for same sex marriage because I don't -- sitting in my business talk about. I am for. Legalization of pot even though I don't smoke so maybe there are some things although there -- a lot of conservatives who -- for the legalization of pot. You know if I really were hardcore liberal what part of me do you think would not be honest about -- on the year. I'm very honest. With my opinion I have an opinion I have conviction when it comes to every topic but I don't feel the need to be part of one club with the other night clubs cult. I don't feel the need to be part of the conservative culture part of the little cult it depends on the issue. And most of us are like dead most of us are not hard -- one way or the other. Most of America is moderate. And -- a radical. Moderate that's one way to. That's one way to put it depends on the issue I don't see everything through the same myopic political perspective and if you're comfortable with that that's fine but you're not gonna get that. For me depends on the issue like coming up -- talk about. Jango -- saw yesterday. And we'll get to a more of your text as well I'm studio for Tommy Tucker it's 840. And this Friday morning we are heading into the weekend before New Year's seed. If you don't drink -- encouraging you to drink but if you drink I'm I'm just reminding you drink responsibly and don't drink and drive him. You know tried not to drink so much that you and you waste New Year's Day. Angle. -- we're coming right back -- this is Debbie WL you know -- and dot com. Good morning welcome back to our show and I'm very happy new year we're heading into the weekend before New Year's -- I institute for -- Tucker. I mentioned a few moments ago that Tom Cruise which criticized he's fifty years old and he was dirty dancing with a 26 year old name's Cynthia Jorge. On the dance floor of -- New York nightclub. And you know there's this criticism of this. And why should it. You know women to -- it is a text about -- Older women date younger men and -- glorified is cougars. Now or even on. An ideal. Whatever. Whatever dad who have at least we know that it's. And oh lord if a man dates a younger woman. Hi he's a perverts. Betsy it's it's not right I totally agree here's a -- about times dating criticizing someone for dating below their age. Comes off as. Kind of jealous to me what do you -- media -- a lot of people or are jealous. I'm you know one of the couples. That is one of them the -- couples that line now. And I'm gonna go ahead with -- should mention their name and implement going -- I think it's I think it's. Rob Schulte drama of the topped it affected the top cats are playing -- -- Campbell tonight for two CNET the night off. -- Schulte. His girlfriend is. Much much much younger and eighties. But they're great they're one of the best couples are now. They are truly in love. And really they are one of the greatest couples. I know he doesn't like her because she's younger. He likes -- because who she is and she likes him not because he's older but because of who he is. And you know I don't think we should look at menace perverts because they date somebody allowed younger. You know I I guess now that I am I'm a little older I don't like everybody my age. I dated somebody a lot. A lot younger than me for brief period. I'm and it did work actually a different interest but I didn't like her because. She was younger I like to because of who she wants and here's a text have you join Twitter -- yes I'm on Twitter. At -- due to SE OOT. At. WW well. And south from Metairie Trish your on WL. -- happy new year. We achieved the highest. -- we got married English police I'd -- it in my early try mean. Elegant Mary early trying nine years next year and -- even nearing each and what I look like what I went at -- and but we haven't got together and everything they're -- they're right now crazy about him and a lot of that area a heart attack he strapped. And that's as -- hang in the -- was gonna ask. I understand it as a -- Very happy new year. And thanks for sharing that story is as I mentioned just a moment ago on the dharma talk answer rob and his preferences on -- bigger one of the best couples I know and they have a major. Major age difference but when you're with them and you're together with them. You don't you know releasing it. I'm -- in for Tommy Tucker okay I'll get to jango unchained when we come back. It's 852 here's another WW out traffic update -- I visits X rays are pretty classless to broadcast your friends personal life to the masses. You know I know Robinson resigned and and I eyewitness said that if if I thought it would have bothered them. I hear is -- text much. Most younger women like older men for the money away it is it is true and you see some visually challenged man. And you wonder how they got -- Attractive young female and it's because of of money. -- get some more of your text after the news at not like got a text a moment ago you're lucky you're going to Portland love the Pacific northwest. I love the north -- I was on the of their for a for a couple of years in in Seattle and then. After that in Portland before going to Denver I'm thrilled to be back in New Orleans but it. My son moved there are two to finish my school when I lived there and he is still there -- successful business and a new girlfriend and I'd love that -- the part of the country as I do this part of the country. I saw the quick Tarantino movie -- -- Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson is the best I've ever seen Samuel Jackson back when you -- is character you don't even know it's him. He was phenomenal Jamie -- best acting job I've seen from Jaime fox. This was I classic. Quinton Tarantino movie to me it was like a western tight pulp fiction. There were lighter moments and what I love about Quinton Tarantino. Not only can this guy really make blood splatter. If anybody else. But. Tarantino has the ability to take. Bad people and make them likable. Because the other people are even worse than the bad people in the movie and I think about a Samuel Jackson and John Travolta's characters. In in pulp fiction that -- -- -- is still something likable and righteous and just about them and I could say the same about. I -- going change I thought it was a brilliantly nine. Very entertaining. Over two and about two and a half hours but I never felt like it was boring. However. In the very beginning. They were so much use of the N word. That I was almost a little uncomfortable and then I just realized that this was two years before the civil war and it was part of that that historical. Time in our country. I'm as a white guy it's made me uncomfortable to see how. Human other human beings were treated and the use of the N word. Fit the times and I would just remind anybody young who's going to see this -- it's in the movie and that word is not acceptable in part.

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