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12-29-12 1:45p.m. Eli Gold

Dec 29, 2012|

Big Chief Deke Bellavia talks with voice of the Alabama Crimson Tide Eli Gold about Alabama Crimson athletics.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- now and Eli you've got to be awfully comfortable it's your third that's a championship in four years to talk about this run. In a program that is known for great great success. So big it's unbelievable and I'm I'm impressed that a man of your stature. Is working on me holidays Saturdays that is so loose and dedication you have to your audience that. This has been a remarkable run obviously. Bill. There -- just some things you can't expect in life you -- for certain things that realistically can't expect them. And being in the BCS title game three times in four years. I is one of those things just have to kind of shake your head out but it. Shall lose locked the great recruiting will do for you. You know -- that there's there's no secret here it's one all these guys graduate you know when you have. When -- -- power goes to the NFL what Mark -- goes to the NFL when -- when he goes out one goes the other one goes. And you still end up in the national championship game and that shows vividly. How well Alabama has recruited you don't meet those rankings put out by the newspapers by the cable TV companies. This is hard and fast -- Right here man they are just -- gloating and have -- Nick Saban is good that I don't need to toe. The Louisiana sports fans. You take the emotion of him leaving LSU away he's still have to respect the fact that commands a heck of a coach and a great recruiter. And then -- and these years. Oh yeah and those that don't this is flat out ignorant to meet incident Friday and he's got that -- No -- I'll say I'll sit on my yard particularly because he's got emotional -- yes. Me issue but. Take the emotion out of it you've got to say yes the man can get the job done and he is. Yep no question about it is that the lawlessness ovals and found that. In leave LSU Alabama he tried to. A professional football or -- group but either Eli gold divorce the crimson that is in that Eilat and I'm humbled by this -- put this in my -- but. What you do see at least meet him like when I'm looking at all of this tonight and -- -- so many times. Mean is a month to break his game that everybody's got everything possibly -- you could -- it. What the system shows us is what I want to hit on what you just said Notre Dame as a ballclub it's coached well they have great players. But this system says they don't have the -- you know eight players. Of the caliber of an Alabama ballclub again the F undefeated they've allowed only two rushing touchdowns. How do they stay in his game against Alabama. Well I guess -- the lion play. -- these offensive lineman. It is going to have to do some things to neutralize. Alabama's offensive line the rushing defense that Notre Dame has had. Has been spectacular. -- you -- he can't take it away from but -- fact. But they have not faced a rushing offense. The likes of the Crimson Tide. And I don't say that as -- subjective what should on this don't strictly by numbers -- -- just. They have not faced the unit who like the Crimson Tide. -- so they don't. Every way you look and I know I'm just like you and everybody else I've. -- my office in my desk -- I've analyzed this. -- inside out upside down backwards. And every time you do -- to come up with. A victory for Alabama. Now would all of that -- Notre Dame does give up fewer points than any team in America. Alabama gives up the second fewest. Of any team in America assure you -- you'd automatically expect. This is going to be a very very low scoring affair. I just don't know I'd I'd just what I want to. It's almost like we're. Playing Missouri in the show me state I need them to show me that they can shut down the Alabama running game. You know only if there is a week Mitch. There's a weakness. On the Crimson Tide. Most experts would say it might be the defensive secondary. If there is a -- match. Well notre Dame's passing offense -- like seven feet from the country. So again that she had been dashed. Push -- neutralized area Q well I just don't know if I am pleased to bear foolish to. I don't see how they don't win the ball game but you know what I should be on December 20 ninth. You know whatever today is to try and -- thirtieth doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot. They got to get out there and execute and it's going to be a you know one thing I can make one thing I will guarantee -- It's going to be the most watched college football game. In decades of this hasn't done -- really good ball game simply because. There are a lot of people believe it or not who don't follow college football a lot of folks out there. Might be waiting for the NHL to come back or care only about the pros are very NBA fans. But still they have heard of Alabama and Notre Dame. And we have the cash a of this ball game is going to get hundreds of thousands of viewers. Just because who's playing him. Eight last time I got about a minute -- just should take because what you -- on -- as I want you don't a lot of people look at this. But from Alabama perspective a lot of the older folks have been around -- -- Bragg days -- -- and you name it. They daily look at Notre Dame from a different like maybe in the younger generation because these are two pioneer programs in college athletics but Alabama. -- was not on the -- in most of the time. Against Notre Dame so it's it's maybe a different mindset for some of the others but clearly two programs they're win they're good. I think it's benefit analyst for. Great for college football B could you write that -- -- -- six times Notre Dame has won five times but let's be realistic. That's something great for you guys talk about -- fodder for your talk shows. But does what happened in 1976. Really mean that Philippines what's gonna happen in 2000 and -- Others and some guy who was attacked sandy wants to get it back even this time -- -- a meaningless and that's exactly you know those guys who played in 76. Are going to be -- -- from the grandstand about on the gridiron so it's great to talk about it is wonderful for the sport. No doubt -- to greater name you're not going to find. But is it going to -- I'd like Kentucky. And the UCLA. Squaring off -- basketball. You know is that what happened and John Wooden today really mean much today when they line up no. Or tomorrow or whenever but it's great for the sport and I'm looking forward to being married I thank you for having me on again this. Does all this.