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12-30 Bobby Hebert after the loss to the Panthers

Dec 30, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I can tell you. It the Angela Williams is playing the Saints he might break. You know Eric because it directly you know not only with nobody you Peterson museum out -- playing the Packers and whether Iraq to try to break that racquet or were -- 2000 yards. Would D'Angelo Williams has gash. The Saints and and that's embarrassed -- I mean you can't sugarcoat this like good and it's -- That that's basically. But with that you would Sean May not its -- way to defense is right now. You've given up 7000 yards and I say okay. You know with three wins though which John Maine I think we've been 987 -- and -- snakes I bet you you could not. Played -- way we played the definitely. -- truly have a chance. Week in and week out now with that being said. If you look at where the Saints are and the previous record you look in 1981 Colts route to a fourteen. The only reason why we're seven and nine could have been a neat because there are all fit is that prolific because. We are all that some knowledge we went through three games is that bad. Now you for a goal on a negative though nothing -- in the game. If you look at a great accomplishment and I thought he came to play. -- 51 yard reception about Lance Moore that enabled him to reach a thousand yards in his career. Lance Moore I thought he didn't have it you'll pack. -- it happens backpack. That go on vacation. Where that beginning of that fourth quarter I was like man they really wanna play but I'm telling ya bet on teams where guys literally in the parking lot. At their cars back in there heading home. -- -- your profession and you get paid a lot of money and yet to take care that is not but the occasion it -- and it drove joked that crazy. I guarantee you. We -- Joseph went. Eight plays eighty yards. For a minute 52 drive and -- third quarter Drew Brees to Jimmy Graham ninety yard touchdown. They're up one in Florida thirteen. In the third quarter. Then after that it was like all downhill and it shouldn't be downhill public Europe when he scored at thirteen. And you're playing at home. You got at Carolina in Charlotte. Are you not in a hostile environment you're at home. The fans that there they wanted to cheer for you now that the -- they approached like Joseph bit. And I know all the -- that thing in this. You look all of this done Olsen. The -- they kicked the ball plus three fumble in the -- we challenge it. And then you need at the school score and then all of a sudden is like 31 to thirteen. Did the officials that their explanation. Other everybody's saying what -- -- -- What is that and you gotta be kidding me. What we know we're all it I mean that call but tonight they give excuses like -- -- said coach -- you gotta play on. We have a third and seventeen. Third set but -- uncle bought. And you got to go about 34 yard pass you could not let any receiver any. Occasional player to get behind you give up that kind of yardage I wrote in my notes. Kamal at these events you that you gotta be kidding me. We're -- -- Florida thirteen. Is third at seventeen. The fans -- David -- because the refereeing stuck on the call and it's like well everything is there an explanation. -- you that you should be inspired. Wouldn't do we get burned the lead back to back plate. Third at seventeen -- Murphy was 34. After that DeAngelo Williams 54 yard touchdown run back to back plays -- fourth place eighty yard at minute 57. Think it without those scores forty reported to want it and we all think and that's that's what the hell does happen. We dominating the game we had the momentum it that you laid an egg like that that's that's so frustrating. I I know that -- things go to that happened that the the players got to go out there and make plays that I had to pay this at the very beginning of the fourth quarter. It's like -- -- OK okay that made it here and we -- ready to go home I thought the offense. Fought back but our overall. I mean very disappointing game. Yeah the world we've kind of -- on the defense. To have an inspiring effort. Likable hold Carolina. On the -- record eighty yards. Who went out the worst defense in the history of the NFL. We gave up five to thirty yards we gave up that in the first -- Which is very disheartening and discouraging. And I don't know -- noticed. That let me tell you what. What unique and I young's. I don't know if yelled voters little that he -- The guy from Boston college at Carolina. He's leading the NFL in tackles and I here's a rookie. Yes it unassisted thirteen total tackles. Look at that guy how aggressive he was and he's making plays little ball that I played the -- he played with passion. Throughout the game. I mean I I don't -- you know the players that we got the right players. I think coach Angola. That the citizens can't work we still have to have the horses to get it done now that being said we get ready sort of break. That that surprised me how we got cash. In the running department. If you look at. What Carolina has been able to do this year. And and and that's not by accident. They had. 273. Yards Russian. D'Angelo Williams. Averaged ten yards a carry throughout the ten -- guess what. Would you look at the last five years -- is the number one rushing team in the NFL. Not the Vikings today -- Peterson the Carolina Panthers over 111000 yard when they put this in the mile. Who are hurt and you look at big play. Visit our office in the Dolphins as a big plays. Touchdown. We were number one in the NFL. We guess who was second behind -- big bullies. The Carolina Panthers. So when I was saying you know you could bend but don't break that you can't give a big play you know we gave up big plays that Carolina has done that. Throughout the year and the last thing -- particular to break. It was unbelievable destroyed out Ben's health discount the role locals there on third down. Against the Cowboys we were unbelievable. On third down. Like that -- -- -- -- setting NFL record eleven of 1958%. Learn a what was the game. Today our office was only four of well. We didn't sustain drives. You look at the Cowboys -- Tony Romo of the -- They only converted two of ten. Today. Carolina was hit a six team. On third down note they controlled the temple's time of possession that that that was the difference that you break down a game against either an avid flow. Just the third down with like night and day. And I think agreements at -- very uncharacteristic. Of this team. How balanced more like the Saints have been at that late with the Connecticut the copilot -- third down. But you're leading a offensively. And definitively on third down and you're playing at home -- Now that embarrass an -- you UK sugar coat it because Carolina had one -- the last five. Which still you got the momentum in our goal back in the third water. And you're up 24 to thirteen equivalent. And your annual deductible that's what the curriculum. -- like that he's getting hit the third quarter you guys Levitt play -- -- the that's the -- to lose it if you're gonna PP the global. But right now no where -- coach Payton got a cracked the whip actually believe this. Come all the GA QB handicap is that right now no where I that are not about talent youth. To be amongst the -- because we have a lead the whole field we're not protecting that.

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