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Dec 30, 2012|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the Saints 2012 season final game loss to the Carolina Panthers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- welcome the Florida drawn saints' radio WW FA MFM and that's how. Texas they 7870. Even with -- defense that you don't -- -- -- disappointing end to a disappointing season today. As the Saints -- to the Carolina Panthers by a score of 44. To 38. And the Saints finished at 79 likewise do the Carolina Panthers -- I didn't -- we talked about. -- season. -- we talked about how this ballclub was favored to win twelve games were the only ones seven and and obviously the disappointment of everything that took place prior. So going to the season and I'm having coach Sean Payton but still with the disappointment. I don't think anybody thought that this defense. Would be this bad why. And he golly I could say that's a positive I've ever seen got them like you -- -- freak you out when you look at it. Because we -- -- all we've got -- right where we want him you know it's first and goal inside the five with a five yard line. We get a greater turnover afford to field goal would guess what. At the beginning of the game. Carolina had first and goal. On the five yard line. -- I mean there isn't over zero yards. Do you any -- I can't you know they complete two times they go fifteen play 76 yards. The -- have seven minutes on the clock. Bill when he greeted zero. I had a look this up owners say the first to go outside the -- line rebel held all opponents. For sure collaborative on twelve times. In a field goal or turn over. 1213. Times somewhere around there aren't. You might go three seasons and -- or to have that kind of accomplishment. When they -- lowered his first and goal at the five yard line don't end and we felt we now at the end. This can't get help we paths and -- -- Tolbert. That big piece of -- running back and you scored against as the Carolina at Charlotte and now we scored today on the back him in that second half. But but I was surprised. As much as our defense -- We were held inside the five yard -- presented we will events in the NFL. Overall considering how many stops. I don't trying to maybe -- -- this who we don't have those I was stops. Pick out -- how bad it would it would have been greeted -- big words. That we don't have those 1213. Stops. As far as points. And then we have first -- goal and apply to our line went into turn only afford to field goals. You look at touchdown percentage his faith rewarded advanced. And -- -- -- look at my notes I could find it around here but look at red zone offense. The Saints. Where noble one and number two the throughout this season it touchdown percentage. And in the Carolina Panthers. Would you look at our stoppers did their job. Yeah I'd say this in the pregame. They were no mistakes kept Locke got it right here that we look at this yeah it's not red zone offense. The Saints were number one. I think then all of a sudden drop to number two red zone offense. With a -- is we're number six you know so one thing we got to the red zone we were getting touchdowns. Compared the National Football League. And out -- defensively. I mean inside the five yard line on an own goal to goal against you you call them beyond red zone we were outstanding did happen the second half. But I still 1213 stops. I mean that that that again is that was one bright spot. On a defense that's that a negative record as far as yardage allowed. Well I need you want to know how bad the same defense we -- obviously devastating thing I could well he's completely true because it was a historic season allowing we lead. Historic record of 7042. Yards including for the fourth time this season overpowering yards and one game. -- what allowed earlier this year than them but gained 530 yards of offense the Saints allowed 530. It is also Bobby this season the Saints. Defense allowed. Thirty or more points. In twelve of their sixteen games this season they finish up giving up an average of 28 point four points a game. I don't total of 440. Point one Gillick -- game. Teams enjoyed great success against the Saints this season to the tune of players of the week honors three out of the first couple weeks of the season. The NFL is. Conference player of the week offensively came from the opposing team. Robert Griffin the third rookies -- supposed to struggle in their debut well. He came out me and he was the offensive player of the week and the NFL rookie of the week in these cans poured in 32 victory. Over the Saints. Then Bobby in week three of the season and Aaron Rodgers QBs Jamaal Charles was the AFC. NFL player of the week as he rushed for 233. Yards on 33 carries including and -- anyone you know Rose. Name the player of the week the following week Aaron Rodgers was named the NC offensive player of the week he was 31 of horny wants 300 in nineteen go a couple of touchdowns. And a one point 28 point seven loss. To the green bay Packers and perhaps today. If -- close and look at the NF CI do know Eli Manning will be up for the award he was thirteen to 21 to -- of those thirteen completions. -- with a touchdown passes in the forty student senate victory over the Eagles I would think he's going to be up for that award and DeAngelo Williams. Who averaged ten yards per carry. And two touchdowns the day 21 carries 218 yards a long of 65 yards in Carolina's 44. 238 victory over the saint about who you look at him low points this season. Those are probably 230 point four to six victory lead over the Kansas City Chiefs. Who going to today's game only had two wins on the season had them where they -- soundly defeated. Peyton Manning one yard run set the tone they have to -- jaws and the -- come back in -- 24. 227 point 41 overtime you can look at the 52 points who gave up. To New York Giants a lot of that falls on the special team -- -- as well. Hasn't given up over 300 turned yards on the day a record 287. Kicking you know it's. When David Wilson was the NFL's special teams player of the week and then today the three the lowest points of the season Bobby. For a defense that had -- my low points. -- anything else to come down. -- where we scored thirty points and you lose. -- and the -- twelve then that some of them are right in scoring defense. Would you allow. All -- thirty points and 12116. Games one you saw. You flat out -- if you give an over thirty points could you top offenses. Since 2006. On the Sean Payton and Drew Brees. Look at the Patriots. The Packers the same -- you're in the high twenties. High twenties maybe a little thirty -- -- that this that the events. So we gave up all with thirty points twelve times gave up over thirty points. In -- seven more games. We gave up over 400 yards and we know games OK but on the look and it's going to begin a seven points we gave up learning a low point -- -- games -- games you know. When you look at that number right then it's amazing yeah we even 79. I'm when our offense big -- win. Two or three maybe four games all -- yeah we're five and eleven will be heading in the wrong direction and he was that it does that -- that it was. The eleventh game of the season before the Saints -- an opponent under 400 yards and that was on 3111. Loans. To beat San Francisco for now. Listen if we're not having 39 takeaways like we did in 2009. We had seven David's approach sounds good on. There's no way he'll -- -- lose this game you get a few bits of our crowd John Dick Gilbert gets us a pick six. When you get a few bits of -- down affairs you start down blew the percentage is supposed to win those games. And all the sudden we got the momentum. That -- Li NA is now like in the first quarter go to the third corner. They -- that's just so frustrating when -- look at kids and I brought this up. In the beginning we were talking about this -- of 24 to thirteen. We got a third at seventeen. You ridiculed a first down the -- Somebody. Behind BC get chewed out they hand you gotta be -- pick in -- -- on defense back to back. Yeah until we have -- 54 yard touchdown four plays. If you are under two minutes now is 4041 day you cannot allow that to happen. They had found him trying to get the break down looking at all my numbers here but Carolina panther full hundredth game in. Thirty yards of offense after the first three quarters. Of the game. And they wind up with 530 and I consider it would -- been -- season record of yards allowed but they had a victory formation which is that I guess about a two we almost. -- -- on the video down which put them back to 530 that ties -- allowed. -- also gain five or thirty yards and amazingly enough Bobby. We won a ballgame when we have now found Mario is that with the game at Tampa we have one -- goal line stand that you talk to. -- -- Well how many yards that we haven't been offered though is that I can try to -- tie -- you think you watch him. Arena football when all's said and done. Know what you think about what's occurring. As far as the actual outcome of one. All I know is that during games and he might. It'll be a casual fans you like to see point primetime. And and I hope ball Monday night whenever. How many people residency at 37 the thirty them vs. Thirteen to ten. Our sixteen to thirteen if you don't have a dog -- -- But. I mean the way it is -- are right now. If you hate -- thirty of the thirty something. -- about his spirit no you gonna be a 500 team defense. This sort of Saints are now they're 79. So that's what's so frustrating. Because. I think we got a franchise quarterback I know we have a franchise quarterback might. The bottom line is yet to win eighteen. And even as the greatest Drew Brees is. If he makes a mistake and throws that make the momentum. No he's he's played great. An unbelievable level of knowledge is good because of that -- you don't win the game. 26018786688908. And they come back to get to all you called disappointing end to a disappointing season. Carolina 44 New Orleans 38 is the point that senior on Saints radio because you get you -- Welcome -- -- on after CCC included the French Quarter final point out this season Carolina defeats the Saints 41. 38 full season ending its season -- -- Seven. Records it's also brought his class but plaza outside position with the Saints have a great time putting Joseph Torre. Itself into the designated driver looking at their games in progress and -- the Denver Broncos will be the number one seed. -- the American football conference because this afternoon -- Indianapolis knocked off Houston making way for the Broncos for the Broncos will be the number one seed in the AFC. Making Peyton Manning's chances of getting to the Super -- -- much higher now. As they will have home field at Mile High Stadium throughout the entire American football conference. Playoffs of course final had the Panthers 4430 over the Saints. In a tight one at the Minnesota Vikings fighting for their playoff lives all over these. Green Bay Packers twenty to seventeen but now they are in scoring position here. Late in the third quarter trying to go up -- more. Deep into the Green Bay two yard line Minnesota with a victory would give into the post season as a wow call the Patriots. Won't want to rule over the Dolphins the Chargers 24 to seven they leader Raiders late in the third. San Francisco on their way to locking up the number two seed Andy NFC west crown -- lead. The Arizona Cardinals seventeen to six that could BA coaching team there in the morning on black Monday. Is Ken Whisenhunt -- the highest paid coaches in the league could be out of a job. The Rams once again very impressive this season the coach Jeff Fisher -- seven million dollar coach. They lead the Seattle Seahawks shutting him down a ballclub that it scored fifty points in back to back games at 42 points a week ago only six. Grew -- basically three quarters and out three minutes plus in that game left in the third visits Saint Louis CNN Seattle. Six and later tonight for the NFC east. -- any first round game at home next week. In the NFC post season the Cowboys and the Redskins with a winner take all also bothered -- the Buffalo Bills twenty to seven over the New York did to New York gets. Coach Rex Ryan expected to do a lot of cleaning up including firing. One you ultimate opponent former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano. The Buccaneers. In her name is to get fired and get him into general manager -- yeah me if you bring Tim Tebow would have to run wild game innings into they never told me about the wildcat -- He said -- never told -- -- I won't go run a wildcat. And -- with a reason to bring him over the listen let president Tebow was on the Vikings team. What they like to do coming that's a ballclub that won a game each year on the complete and clapping and he -- for sixty yards and one game. Chris upon their 58 yards sixty yards and they wanna game -- it if you look at that scenario. Tim Tebow going forward -- last hurrah I think he's going to be let him play with the Jacksonville the Jaguars went back to his hometown. Has done and his team really could do but -- that order for the Jaguars if you look at the greats from there's really no. I don't know the NFL wanna hear this but does he truly have ties to Jacksonville. No he's a somewhat a minority owners into the end and now you know they would actually welcome that diversity in the NFL. But I think eventually when they built a billion dollars stadium in Los Angeles. I don't know how that sounds that he could be the Los Angeles Jaguars. And they could very well make a coaching change tomorrow as well as the Titans the -- The Jaguars. 38 to twenty has been making history today with. -- returns for touchdowns including home hi -- Duke rape Darius Reynard who had to punt returns. Foot -- stat that is about a particular today the Texans had everything advance several opportunities are locked up home field. But the loser today as they lose with those 28 to sixteen opening the way for the Broncos who will defeat Kansas City. And earn the number one seed in the eighth and see if he goes in the Ravens -- and I think these 218 to play. Next week because the 0006 police hit three so he has Cincinnati -- succeeded in ANC because the Colts -- the five seed so six in three plays so it depends on if the Ravens again as the three seed every day will. They will play yard notably the forcing them today were playing that New England haunt Houston. -- in the first round. -- the player. Slugging you don't look at it at the -- since then though you know a lot of upheaval a long night and you know you go from -- court or come. You know Louisiana Tech is used to the New Orleans. It's all within proximity I mean I think basically short drive. Yeah if you doing business whatever the difference between the Saints. And the Texans. When we had to finish the season a relatively witness approval of that that Texans and basically sucked in prime time. Probably they went to daylight for our 123. Because they are finishing twelve to four and now it you know me guess you could call it now. At the end of the third Patriot to lead the Dolphins did in New England 21 to zero so they will finish it will have -- attack with the Texas well before. And -- beat them hey yeah so now the Patriots go ahead so they go from number one the number three and not playing in a first round. To playing next week. Well -- -- destroy you -- take care -- as they could have basically don't have to deal with the weather and you have home field advantage equal from a film study film. Atmosphere with -- -- being here. But I know that Texans. That's one being we -- gonna do today eagle and they've lost. They've really laws and selling all we lost by a field goal we lost by a touchdown though they got embarrassed. By the Packers on their home field we all know what occurred -- the Patriots. But no the Texas could be. -- bit disappointed because they've won. You know we we predict its approval picks I thought all around offensive defense. Hit it I thought they had a complete team right but I you know match job at times when he's getting it done. Are not. Now that this still go to go to wells I don't know what's gonna happen. But the kind of look at the Tigers are coming back. We'll look at them when they're right there at one I want to -- nine of ten games down and I agree being detected in his -- bowl. When there's not a -- against Philly I imagine Hussein's chair for the Falcons. And one point that I took to Chicago Bears are doing right now because they have to have. Eighth Green Bay victory over Minnesota game because if Minnesota wins. The end of people of Minnesota Vikings in the final spot in the NC in the Minnesota it just when he hit 27 to seventeen and now. Green Bay with a long as a believe moved downfield with Jordy Nelson. They look like the it's a question and let the ball -- -- -- the end those are the Packers minor recovered. Because you look in full. That's like because the blade does the downloads you yeah that that would be they went to three make -- police have a 24 Vikings and a Green -- -- and it's only the third quarter Phil yeah a lot of football left to play and I also Bobby we talked about -- -- -- -- -- -- time when this afternoon. They did come on top of the Detroit Lions winning today by the end of Michigan 26 to point four. Handles those who says the Colts beat the Texas Tony. Sixteen it was Eli Manning throwing five touchdown passes he completed just thirteen he was thirteen hits and one. But probably those thirteen completions. Went for touchdowns. And Pittsburgh in this season 8824. To ten victory over the Cleveland Browns is some speculation now about it. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie -- the way through it and you read in the morning give Andy Reid could be the top choice. -- -- -- Cleveland Browns -- back and I would imagine. He's going to be up because of some by now I think I also read a report earlier at San Diego. Yeah let's San Diego. Who what when I read you may not be on their radar but of those. Andy Reid may be having a matter of hours. There's no use saying right now looks like maybe Andy beat the Jacksonville Cleveland and that's what people for the Saints and Cleveland and Jacksonville would be -- the game series why not. Well well well to me that makes sense to look how long he's been at Philadelphia and -- I mean again sometime achieved his scenery. I mean you look at the Eagles never won anything ever one. Our series championship since 1960 and norm van -- and -- them -- -- that they won a win Sunday that a lot of listen Cleveland then won Jackson for -- forever look at Jacksonville since Otto Graham with one big baby which he did stability. If thank you really can do is get him in the playoffs. Oh yeah get him to -- twelve they would take at least they got a fan base -- headed in the right direction. That being the Jaguars are the. Rounds I didn't innings you know on my neatly giddy to think it took on the point after on Saints radio WWL. Yeah guy that is going to make a couple comments about the paper -- idiot who -- -- It's four yards away from my break and Eric Dickerson single -- -- brush your racquet I did not got new guys. No good side I didn't know how far he was -- I know we went over 2000 but I didn't so EC media. Sixteen always yeah and it Delgado who are allowed okay we're right European rookie -- and then. When you got me. -- the first road game this -- not forget that you stated in beginning of the year if we could come out with a split. We -- are -- -- joke they gave back over it. I think Aaron Crow all the guys put a bad position didn't seem like he didn't hit -- life and the key -- that city gave it to me. What the low point of the season they got in Iraq is stuck -- get suckered like I am was whatever field though he can't kick it. Yeah and they don't and the only -- I want to say about the big credit does -- do. We can only get better correct -- we get on me out of you I would think -- we cannot make really you know. Every draft pick Bobby should we get beat bad do you agree with that and I hang up the left. Went over England -- that much about before without a doubt Steve -- -- -- according usage data Andy -- and been filed. Then requires that you look to speculation away longest tenured coach in the league is no longer. Yeah because before that it was Jeff Fisher entering what it was like seventy years -- -- themselves and against party sits out. Eagles that a Rams look good at different. Now has -- -- with the look you see birds. After Belichick's now when you think about -- through seven seasons now coach Payton drew howls -- so we'll move when it comes to. Well the team he coaches his history yeah. Tyler state coach Moore was here nine years and you usually that's. Kind of the tipping point. They've got to continue to win you make changes and it's kind of -- so. All -- -- he was impressed them. We know how the how good we think the 49ers are the whichever division they're with the Rams -- times. They beat a one time they lost it in the and in overtime for the 49ers. Twice then look with a if you look at sea dogs they're hanging to a little -- coach does it feel different. And Jeff Fisher Louisville that I go to playoffs. Think he might be coaching here an NFL. There -- -- -- -- is going to be times when you gotta go with Leslie -- like he's learned over the Vikings yes -- -- -- -- Leslie Frazier Eric. The Vikings if you look at the Colts -- -- double wanted to -- a win total of Minnesota was four games this year. -- games this year and you look -- their game tomorrow. Apology because of it from pre -- deck on the DL we'll deal with that and -- six -- what they payouts were from the beginning in three seasons of those things that make the playoffs. You can believe you'd get a lot of money if you fit this in a few dollars on the Colts in the Vikings. How can. You have a Russia like Adrian Peterson and you know not one Alfredsson line that are Vikings. There in the probable. And Jazz is that about the defense properly -- -- -- Bristol Jeff Saturday. With the Packers. That's more reputations solid saves -- Sullivan. Instead of the Vikings. There's no way he should not be a pro bowler. But Kubel was that Kelly about Romeo a Cornell we can achieve. -- I wrote yeah without pro totally that you went to game yeah you know we've got to make it changed. And of course okay you work went out but I Drew Brees right now so might be this thing. If you look good on defense and -- included big cheese. Quarterback situations. In their quarterback did not winning anything. Whether it's good -- the magic Cassel had a chance and radio and read between the different as it did not going to be a difference maker. -- -- that would go pro bowlers at that she's gonna quarterback. And mine and have the right system. The record turnout. Hole unless it praises happy about it because then fumble was ruled a touchdown and I thought it was a -- sound -- she's broken plays to me and -- the ball -- now. So it's gotten tied and a lot of playoff implications on the line is. Green may have closed within three of Minnesota's -- to the -- 2720 bull fighting. We'll continue the Florida job final and -- -- morning -- -- 38 over the Saints. This is the point at the from these include on saint radio WW yeah. Take today's -- -- -- watching people online at WW reassess now what Gracie did this thing. Flu season. ABC broadcast online. Just because you go downtown it is a point out you always -- BBC food in the first quarter on a -- -- And don't -- invited to stop my cousins and this is tired of all the seafood here and to ninety -- -- it has -- home it was. Trophies this which is just trying for the cold weather outside if they want to welcome and all -- -- Super Bowl fans and people. Celebrated you Dave weekend which the city of New Orleans by Vinny has been rated the best this nation to bring in the new year and a lot of little cardinal fans in town and Florida Gator fans attempt to have for the second time I've been pre season. Florida in the Super Bowl -- a few years ago you and I would have went nuts and people final game. Band that's talented and Harvick -- here on Florida and Cincinnati. And and soda the other -- know -- -- a good game with the independent you know either being a lot of times that. -- pins they need to Notre Dame -- of a glove and a mile and a -- Now with a different scenarios did receive a -- But hey big Mac conference a conference champion honeymoon routine as going to the ACC and again got the SEC. You know -- -- coach Tony stronger and ultimately -- every leave Louisville and and at least be in the game and let's face it -- -- thrown -- -- beat this team and ACC had a bad day yeah yeah yeah let's -- the we went. And you know I got one of my mentors you don't lose that Hawaii flew with instant youth and we went and -- -- -- crunch. Blowing again so I end zone to him again that's only gonna Cincinnati and Florida I'm gonna take it does look like Missouri approach. You got to show me here Louisville to -- were available -- they will hope to I have a closer game because through certainly slow out there but yeah as long as one of the bigger favorites and they are now I did until yesterday I wanted to Louisville Cardinals think Kentucky. He has great basketball you know I doubt Mueller keep talking I -- thank you lose their whole team in. You implement these top prospects coming out of high school. While Louisville as well and controls double digits in Kentucky fought back. And it went down to the wire so no. Follows it is an event here Lulu fans treated as well and down here they weren't here for the final four went back again. What 67 months to enjoy these Super Bowl a game and you know at Vegas we get ready go to calls. Once they got no coach -- -- get a break down the film he's been their Torres. Within Jimmy Graham LaMarcus Colston they've been pitching hand. You've got to catch the ball Harvey. Look at going into this game. Jimmy Graham. -- he was finding where there are not now I know as great as might be -- or whatever but. You know we have all the Billy Dillon too much is required. Andrew are about whether it was going to be number one dropped passes or not. And that's one -- this league you don't wanna be there but he had fourteen. Passes this season. That was considered drops. I know one I was kind of rules so I'm a footed at fifteen. Did you look at where it is safe whereas the team. The Saints coming into this game a ranked number two in the league. With far.