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WWL>Topics>>12-31 8:15am Tommy talks firework safety w/Col. John Fortunato

12-31 8:15am Tommy talks firework safety w/Col. John Fortunato

Dec 31, 2012|

Tommy talks to Colonel John Fortunato, a spokesperson for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, about firework safety

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy tiger with a happy new year New Year's -- at least 8877 WL cloudy and mild today 20% chance. For an isolated to our highs around 644. This evening celebration times seven midnight cloudy and cool at 20% chance Christian hours. -- jurors around sixty degrees there's so. And then for tomorrow New Year's Day cloudy and mild as 70% chance for afternoon showers highs around seventy and then Wednesday is gonna be -- Colonel John 1490 joins us right now disperse the spokesperson for the Jefferson Parish sheriff's office -- colonel you deal. I would talk about New Year's -- safety and fireworks then herself illegally Jefferson Parish. Yes they are illegal jobs and arch with the exception that the city's. Record. And energy policy -- and purchase and it's short artworks in the in the city of grand however remains of the remaining cities in -- perished with the exceptions you -- they are illegal. How aggressively will perish in -- tonight colonel. Well anyone feels the need that they -- called the police because it's becoming inducements. We all the response to all calls for service spectrum to run not once there. Certainly do that on an emergency days. Well. This is so you won't go look in sport but if somebody feels a need to complain then you'll go out and investigated. Let me -- real easy to his holiday period it's it's sporadic throughout the again we will not. Refused to go out and -- fireworks complete it somewhat feel the need that they -- called police. Someone shooting rockets at their houses like these children politics it's creating a major concern. That -- resident wants to calmer in the and one. That column on the one cent reporting it to that we look dispatch call but again it's based -- -- that she needs such -- that it took. Another tech more serious emergency we will go back first and then we sent the car go back to the region are still play. Colonel one thing I wanna dress and I cringe every time I see some footage on TV of of somebody and in another country. -- shoot a gun and the air in celebration. I hate that because. I don't want some money here in this country begin to get that idea and you would think that the audience of WWL I know. Would know better than that but you never can tell who might be scanning that dial so we can in any way prevent that. Does spend a couple of minutes if you will and and talk about that has you know the people don't realize they would goes up has come down at some point. Well unfortunately we have rules in the past. In the metropolitan new -- area why it. He -- in Paris as well. That -- -- inducing things that you talked about because they think the cut just to write or shocked or that they are fired into the air. And that that the pallets on the project out just on the disappear. Celebratory gunfire in Jefferson -- will not be tolerated you will be arrested. So they -- -- see someone doing it outside its front of their homes -- So running at a party to and so it's really cute ligament -- the car. Some ground in the air they go -- attack firecrackers in the way it's legally do it. And conversely colonel you don't wanna shoot dead and ground either New Year's Eve party and other people around. It's no way no no place no time -- to have a gun out and for that. Matters illegally even fired the gun and at all right. Absolutely if you shoot it doesn't get to Paris and it's reported to us we will dispatch someone out there but again. We would urge all of opera it's that they see someone with any type of -- Apparent to shoot it all actually in the process of shooting -- Please call partner in the -- senate sent somebody out there and it will be a rest I said before celebratory gunfire and Jefferson -- will not be tolerated it will be arrested. I just know their people and may be some in the WWL audience that they -- unmentioned in the -- -- in the ground and it. As you know I got drinks involved you got people around sometimes kids it's just leave the gun. Safely tucked away it's not the time -- the place. For that one thing quickly colonel before relate to get about your day and that is about drinking and drive in tonight. Well we always want to tell people we have a periodic monthly. Sobriety seatbelt checkpoints. It's -- feel the need to bigger glut that would determine right enjoyed himself like many people do in and that's -- law abiding citizens of the and that they're supposed to do. They certainly make arrangements to get Iraq apple did not get on the wheel of the car. Our our vehicle to tactical wheeled vehicle and driver because if you are stopped in on bound to be under the influence you will be arrested. It'll be upon Thomas and and I correctional facility -- Brittany. And it will be oh in activist was gentlemen that are. Thank you colonel inning when it's over let's go everybody have taken immediately to -- -- any resolutions on your part. -- -- -- currently have a great new year are expected.

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