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12-31 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Dec 31, 2012|

Dave talks about the Saints season ending, LSU vs. Clemson in the Chick-Fil-A, and New Year's Eve

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL prisoners on this December 31. 2002. Wow -- last Monday of this year rats that had been. There are way pardon me -- Now happy -- in this country we say happy. Pride and not. Not -- knew the enormous in this country we say happy. Clear out of that right thank you lord. Places that yet here and it it's -- is she now doesn't it well the last day. At 2012. As we get ready to launch off. In 2000 and their team now remain amazed that an entire year has gone by in the blink of nine yes it and has restarted talking about this months ago again. Suddenly boom it's here by the rights act of my goodness how we already airway anyway -- -- incumbent. Christmas is here in January. The years the he now and now as far as the saints -- or right on the -- apparently were -- we have elegant off like oh right on the you know on the -- we've never been on again off of the guys know right on the yet we. That's well when no longer on the cusp of being the worst defense ever in the history -- -- now -- no defense -- ever allowed more yards. Then Norman Maine in this year and here's the thing that happened yesterday. The defense that well. Among them is the worst ever let's protect that record. Pete sell off -- back at about so many yards. That -- it will ever be able to be worse than we were here and we will go down in the angels of their history books and yeah in this -- in the award of the history books. As the worst defense ever record that I think this isn't the event will be able to hold for a long long time -- you think back to teams like the colts that went one in fifteen. You think they must have been worse the offensively than the saints and the no no that's how good our offense has been in terms of getting points because. We were still underway in seven games. Despite having the worst defense Aaron bird even worse. Even -- mean teams that were over all wars I give up that many aren't you know are back in the bag years and stuff when things just you know awful argument more yards then no news this defense. Opt for smaller must be some kind of trophy Euro -- matters something I don't get it trophy and it's one I've in my DR -- you thought that in Serbia pretty drove me. Let's take solace let's enjoy the fact -- -- -- -- that that reporter Christian gear reported on Friday. Singh and John Payton have come to terms -- new contract. All that matters now that has happened now the -- -- the how long that'll take long it took last. It looks very good. Like Sean Payton will be back. Some -- leaders -- pry them bank may they may even you can -- back this week. But when it -- contract we don't know. We do you know pressure is looking good on Peyton will be the. To expect it to. Thirteen and the sooner the better that's already some of them makes the new year -- good as it does and I don't think. Coach break and wolf forget these kind of defense and performances. And if he'd be -- I got a lot. -- these pages third 2013 I just had a pretty good for saints fans because coach John Payton comes back. So the New Year's already looking better -- -- a long year rant at a 2012 and go by and a blanket the eyes are on -- It was tough. Andrew Rubin thank you David all right Ebenezer Yasser. I'm -- -- we'll get to it that kind of workers injected him with -- sports next take your forecast for today. Your holiday tonight to usher in the new year. And tomorrow for the first day of 2013. That's coming up after this on WW out having -- here. Size 16:9. Here from Monday morning that is a great -- baby 'cause its new years neat. Happy new air times they've outlined in his in his presidency after. Yet we say happy new year. No we don't think that at. And happy and thank you Eddie -- I. Indeed happy new year Mary near whatever new here you wanted to be I hope you and yours and fantastic news Steve please be safe out there today. And be careful I do enjoy yourselves and usher in the new year in grand fashion how -- you may choose to do it of course if you wanna do it. With us here on WWL we will be counting you down to midnight. And playing the music to accompany the fireworks over the Mississippi River on WWL am FM and dot com and on our sister station magic 101 point nine and heading down into the riverfront. Bring your radio with yet. And we'll help you usher in the news year what's the weather going to be like as we do that well let's ask. Mr. meteorologist. Laura but now cloudy skies today at 20% chance for light shower. Ice cool at 64 -- New Year's -- tonight cloudy skies that few spots -- deal of patchy fog. Although the rain chance that 30% bit tight tense right about sixty and tomorrow the rain moves and scattered showers throughout the day at 70% chance. Heights at seventy and rain again on Wednesday but chilly highs only 53. From the Eyewitness News forecast that our meteorologist Clark talked. Now at wouldn't be New -- in New Orleans if there weren't at least the chance of dog right now it's cloudy no -- reporters at the airport 48 degrees in northeast wind eight to fifteen miles an hour cloudy and 43 at the National Weather Service up with. In slide now line gave -- the early edition of WWL prisoners. I'm open up the phone my entities six 1870 or to all 386688970. And it detects -- 87870. Do you expect the New Orleans Saints. QB good next year rate next year bad next year were awful next year what do you expect in 2013. But the New Orleans Saints what will the new year bring now this season mercifully has come to a man it's sports time now on WW outlook it. Saints at nine reporter Chris suspect that's coming up. But right now we got a lot of just tell -- saw about what happened yesterday get us ready for today have all the morning. Happy new year -- -- -- -- before they Drew Brees made more NFL history but so did the saints. And the defense and undesirable way in the Carolina Panthers rallied to a 44 to 38 victory yesterday in the superdome -- offense side DeAngelo Williams. She's got some running room again inside the 35302518. -- touched down DeAngelo Williams. -- to use that Elvis say it's. Williams rushed for 210 yards including touchdown -- the 54 and twelve yards for Carolina which. Has won four straight to -- includes two bit finished the season at seven and nine. Pretty disappointing. Very disappointing. True there's no way to sugarcoat this the Washington Redskins are in the playoffs the champions of the NFC east for the first time since 1999. Maybe -- cowboys got the final -- -- -- -- the top seed Indiana see the Atlanta Falcons and fortunately the AFC the Broncos locking down the top spot they've won eleven in a row black Monday the NFL today as teams. Look making coaching changes the Eagles already parting ways with Andy Reid -- football team looks to close -- the point twelve regular season -- -- victory. Over Clemson in the -- label. Excuse me -- to tackle Josh towards it says conference pride will be on line in Clinton -- coming from the ACC. And for -- is the same thing you know we we wanna represent our our conference who wanna represented. You know our team -- his best possible we're trying to play our best game in this last two in if there's a sea change going on -- I -- that the game would be nice. The action starts tonight at 630 right here. On WB well tiger -- getting starts at 1 o'clock we'll Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia followed by LSU and Clinton at 630 on Kristian -- and manager Lou -- its -- It's -- minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL first news Eric Harris and the fact that. Are you -- -- the saints season is finally over that we can and can't say goodbye. To the 2012 saints and look forward to the 2013 addition. Honestly I mean just by an error by by having so much that defense for this many weeks worst defense ever in the history of the and a half now and -- -- David I'm not -- -- me that. I think the reason they gave up so many artists -- 500 in -- When he -- I think it was whatever was ailing eighty give up point 3287. To be the worst ever well obviously they just want him. Cement that record in the annals of history and then. Purpose the annals of history. Because that's what they give up so many yards if they'd only given up 400 someone could come back in and take this record from. Yeah now they give up over 500 yards yesterday it looked at the records can be saved for a long long time and well I think that was some other goal. Mean with this front yet it tongue in cheek but that look the deal is that. When you can't. I mean it's one thing to give up to have a bad game. You know OK fine maybe EU wanted to I offense. And just like jump for 500 yards but -- unified over 500 yards of offense in four games this year. Yet for game that that's 2000 yards and yes for right that's a lot here it's in. And I heard early -- Miami and the patients who was there I think because I -- scheme. Facing two unconventional offenses and quarterbacks and -- Korea and its values within. After -- that live in the they can't tackle then have a difference maker so that's not necessarily scheme our issues that -- So let's forget about it we we we've we've cemented that in place we understand what happened let's look ahead. As you reported Friday breaking the story that Sean Payton and on saints have in principle come to an agreement on a contract. Now all the day's news is the approval when do you think Sean -- -- go to walk back through the doors. At the saints' headquarters and start working on next. I think it'll be before -- a -- I anticipate that he'll be reinstated. Before then about a commissioner of course and you know that the contract has to get approved to set her on stuff but I wouldn't be surprised if it's if it's within. The next two weeks that he gets reinstated. And that makes you feel yeah and they get created in the draft coming up. And you elected ago mostly defense in the other fifteen million dollars over the projected salary cap right now. -- them. Some salaries somewhere to make up room some people company and it can't have that -- will talk about that. You'll have plenty of time for that are right. And when I get you back in Myanmar reports about 25 minutes knowing your prediction for the -- -- the -- -- are right for -- human climbs and by the way you're right you said that the fans are gonna lose this one that was your prediction. Friday let's. And it's just I think so hunting into the center those sort of -- if I remember correctly again and you're right they lost was about four. Sets him as -- You said they would lose and at least well I guess themselves and pretty have very happy new year tucked in equipment and sports now like alive and -- it matters. It's a good morning to WW Al dot com LSU columnist Jeff Palermo edited Jeff. They gave let's talk about the total moron. Don't let -- -- about a team that is in the post season albeit not a BCS bowl albeit not a national championship. But yet a very good matchup for the LSU tigers against the Clemson Tigers in the check the label that. Yeah I hope that is a good game you know -- you -- on and that is chick filet bowl and it's absolutely. Violated the team that they played in the last couple times they've gone but. Hopefully content put up a little bit of the five but I'd still like elected -- -- -- game by. Tent that fourteen points they do have mortality especially on the defensive side of the football of course the key -- -- It's analysts viewed -- going up against the high powered Clinton office. Yeah I mean that it that's the thing everyone's looking to see is can the this clemson's offense can't produce against an SEC powerhouse defense in the LSU tigers I know that. You know we've got your five things to watch for posted at WWL that come -- predicting a 2717. LSU victory so you're not expecting great things out of the Clemson offense aria. No technology available to keep -- -- check I think the time. Definitely helped sell it to you as it has in previous bowl game under coach one mile. That was beat up defense toward the end of the he's -- -- And in addition. Linebacker and ties to yield back out there who's been out. All of these in because of academic issues. So they get him out there I think you'd you'd have some guys some of those young DP -- some extra practice time get to more Connecticut judge -- one of the best defensive coordinators. And able to match up get ready for this team. The defensive line which really slowed down towards the end of -- -- that they can have a big game. Last -- -- for -- that they did not have a good outing against South Carolina infected they've been -- at four and expect the bank David. Quarterback Todd Boyd for -- penalty group 483. Yards LSU and the game plan and the stop guys like Taj -- they did it with. Johnny -- I've been whether Pakistan October. Born and I let -- go down and answered. So Iowa and they they did a good job a year ago and slow -- -- and so they know what to do when it comes the trying to slow down the spread offenses. Then have all these big time play makers they've done in the past that think they can keep the content -- and checked. -- -- you like the LSU tigers in the chick filet bowl today -- kickoff is at 6 o'clock will be ready for that here on WWL IMF and and back on 630 tech that will it kick off at 630. And very quickly you and I'll talk much more in depth about the LSU tigers coming up at 10 o'clock this morning when we're back with the 2012 year in review. But in general you're feeling good about the 2013. LSU tigers aren't. You are paying -- -- Ellis to -- but it will be it will be one of the LSU offensive they've had a long time now there are some guys they're gonna have to replace defense. -- Some of the juniors like care REIT that Montgomery -- -- it's me -- maybe they haven't -- certainly. But you know there a -- you know it that it could be -- remote -- But back here I think people could be really about that -- -- company back these wide receivers coming back. -- ballot often applied to the back is still go look great running back they have applaud the bill next here's. Should be very good from the first game like what it. I'd Jeff thank you so much prior contributions have a very happy new year in 2013. That's -- the tigers than 2000 well. I think it now for beat tiger nation and the LSU fans go tigers thanks Jeff. I read more from -- WWL dot com buy things to watch for and I'll also go ahead and listen at 10 o'clock this morning. Well spent about fifteen minutes going in -- looking back at 2012. LSU tigers season here on WW. Out. Five point nine that's your forecast. This last may of 2012. Increasing clouds and a cool afternoon 64 today. With a 20% chance for light shower thing cloudy tonight at these spots made it decent patchy fog at 30% rain chance for this New Year's Eve. And midnight Temps right around sixty degrees and cloudy skies tomorrow. And rain on the way looking likely throughout today heights at seventy rain likely again Wednesday but much cooler highs of 53. For the Eyewitness News forecast that our meteorologist Clark -- -- look at like we don't we won't have any rain to deal with as we usher in the new year but maybe a passing shower here or there it's a few of the unlucky ones might get a little -- bringing in 2013. But. By and large other than may be a little plug in a little reining in their looks -- great weather at midnight tonight. When your on the riverfront -- enough on the porch at one of the hotels that one of the casinos wherever you are ushering in 2013. Make it safe happy and healthy 48 right now and cloudy the international airport 43 and cloudy. At the National Weather Service office in flight out coming up the latest on the fiscal -- from CBS -- David Blake at UW WL first -- -- say more about all the New Year's activities going on in and around the city. If you're looking for something to do tonight. Although I know so many of you will be just hanging out on the front on -- in the driveway should not your own fireworks. Man. Amazes me every year power at midnight on New Year's Eve. The city doesn't burn to the ground with all of the firepower that people want jobs and bill this guy. In and around New Orleans -- Man people buy fireworks that this thing yet like professional grade. I'm Dave -- happy new year. From WW well thanks ripping apart the early days and that VW helpers in his. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's early edition of WWL first news on this 31 of December 2002. -- final Monday of the year her final day of the year -- bounced through. Welcome. Years -- that New Year's Eve how sweet it is. -- -- -- upset that the 2012 come to an. Yeah -- very very fast army overall it was great year. As it might as the saints and probably noticed them decked out in my -- -- I noticed I had time keeping the faith I am so what do believing that. Or right on the yeah -- right on the cots. Things getting much better because as well. Think coach is coming back. Or has reported Friday which made me feel soak it John Payton and the saints have agreed to terms on a contract that keeps him the saints coach for quite -- com just waiting for the league to approve it so were right on the -- -- you are right on the cusp of the contract right on the cusp of the saints. Getting much better which makes me happy to say. I don't know. And yes. In this country we say happy. -- So -- new year happy new year all of that in general it was a great year went by too fast the older I get the faster the years -- and that frustrates me to -- -- -- they release imply that it's. Everytime I look up it's like another month has gone another year is gone and I just I think there's some. Here the and being behind nine Dayton beat your route that. Actually time speeds up as we giggled yes and I'm -- young I'm more quickly talking about code. Grade coming back and I keep getting this division I can't get out of my hand right see the coach and I've seen him. And coming in to those training camp with a big stick. I don't know what they can mean. Bigs well at once activated 7870 says coach -- to bring on the firing more. Starting with the defense that was the worst I ever had to deal. Was. The wars -- is history. The -- now but coming out that believe -- tech history the saints will come out smoking next year pass. Get rid of most of the defense gets free agents. Hello mark I think that yards racked up on a -- every -- it didn't matter where he played being today. Man now it is what it is our right at the box office over the weekend as it was another big weekend for the holiday Christa Miller in your stand properly predicted that -- it would come out again on top the latest movie from Peter Jackson is on the box office race for his third consecutive weekend. The hot bit unexpected journey took in another 33 million dollars. Very -- New Year's weekend and lived up to its title. And that it finished at the top despite strong challenges from new films that opened during the Christmas holiday coming in second. Jango one change to controversial and filmed largely here in New Orleans are -- box. And Chris Christoph -- That game thirty point while for -- thirty point seven billion dollars finishing third with 28 million dollars in name is around. And his name is will be based on the Broadway community is seen Elaine -- is and I was like that. And another holiday release parental guidance made nearly fifteen million dollars over the weekend finished fourth followed by the Tom Cruise movie Jack reader. When it's a touch over eighteen million who really won a -- Jack reader. Reach her yet this reader -- -- carried preacher and his reach. Thank you do want to see Richard I wanna see reach here and I wanted to visit to yeah I would be a good job in my it was right there you and I think my first New Year's resolution to see those two movies are I think I can keep this one. Yes this the academy that's it until October when -- come out on dvd or whatever that is but. I will plan to do that you make New Year's resolution. Yeah I guess I do and certainly people maybe it's more of office. I don't know if I called a resolution. And more of hope kind of things like that you know this is what we'd really like to do reduces what I'd like to see happen this year. You know not so much like setting goal and I stated that it's just a motivating time to do something to do to be better oh yeah yeah that's something that'd be a better person to improve something in your life. And I have a few things that I boxes the improvement in my life and hope lacking at that and he -- -- I don't comic resolution keys you know but -- -- -- more monies and I don't -- way -- -- the money go to that are or whatever it. Now laugh more with it yeah definitely a lot more I put that went up there at the top. Absolutely thank you David thank you for a fantastic year you and yours semi fantastically. Happy wonderful happy new YouTube in places but in 2012 with yet has yet to enter. To -- -- -- direct the Eyewitness News -- as -- find out what the weather will be like as we usher in the here and say happy. -- it and. This meteorologist Laura about. And earlier than others constantly well. You have to get up early tomorrow morning maybe in the -- and about -- and again. Now I -- I I will have to be here at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning in unit sales a year and rebuke to stay up till it yes yeah. As it just hand the kids and life -- -- and friends come over. You know and it's just the enemy it's very important. To me symbolically I don't even superstition and all that -- bright bright but symbolically it's important for me to. Start the new year just write it here. Or help us with my -- right at it and I think now yeah now be very tired tomorrow and it'll be worth. What the weather going to be like as a reassurance. Today clouds on the increase and it's kind of a cool day hike this afternoon around 64 so -- not that that's -- army but yeah. You know it's not as cold as we were yesterday day before. But 64 -- and that is -- the rain holds off -- after midnight well after midnight. All the New Year's revelers no problem. Maybe a patch up while you're there but even that -- that she too worried about it when -- would be -- to New Orleans that only chance of ripe right. It's widespread and really -- I don't think it's gonna be widespread. An extremely debt but there may be some patches are bite mark warning. But then. To start the year reinmuth and and witness about two and a half day -- you have some New Year's Day who looks wet years day second and even part apparently talking about here it's their brain to be on through and it. And a white Sugar Bowl yeah I mean I hate to see that followed it ends in town and everything the greatest forecast that. Hopefully they're rain jacket you know what they made it yeah. On -- can react at a rally that it monopoly they enjoy themselves tonight -- The new year and pretty perfect weather to welcoming New Year's Eve and then. We'll get ready for the rain -- -- -- next week to -- kind of rain and cold togethers or Ross starts that he here at Kansas know that it -- my kids who are my kids would make sure I asked that question. -- they definitely wanted to snow and guys who live in a subtropical climate and that area off a. Maybe a athlete -- -- seen -- night we have some sprinkles that. Are today well Laura thank you so much for a fantastic 2000 while he gets big New -- that resolution. Yeah I was gonna ask you that it is talking about that we are -- David and I are pretty resolved just kinda tried and laugh more and be happier and make life better in 2013 without making specific that's pretty day tablet. -- invited to specific kind of set myself up -- I've noticed that you have done that past couple of years have been you know and have been hard on myself -- it seems like -- New Year's resolutions are always like. You lose ten pounds -- him -- last year. We I had to rest and New Year's resolution to eat at -- New Orleans restaurant I want ever that yet every month we're gonna get to a new place that it ever been to -- what we still fail. So why how many times did you do I think it -- well -- now so that was more than you had. Here you we added a couple of new plays that bright -- and well I like holidays and be happy holidays. And you have helped make 2012 very happy for it -- -- -- are you happy new year I. -- yeah and it's been fun and I'll leave you know it's what our -- and I. All right well you know he's got a new dumb criminals that that what is wrong with people story well let's do what is right with the ticket. -- yet the ticket. Apparently the ticket was no -- clock because he apparently knows what -- can -- in Milwaukee Wisconsin couple says their pet chicken get them off the fire in their home. Yet the ticket began cooking like crazy in the basement apparently -- -- -- land it was loud enough to Florida pomp. The family. And that they were able to get out and get the chicken. Before the minor. Heart warming story for the year and you know he's one -- -- and he's got it right back at Allen -- Did not want -- ecstatic and. At B New York Lawrence thank you to much go get a magic in the sectors now that they are smoke alarm or drive you crazy and it's and by the way don't get a rooster -- normally throw at them right they grow all day all night. It. Very popular happy medium I think but now. The direct from the eyewitness News -- -- thank you for making her 2012 better me you have a fantastic to third 2013. And applies to everyone who -- this year. Every morning or even wants a while on the early edition of Debbie WL first news out even might that apply to Kristian -- will be up next with sports here on WW well like him a hard time back. I guess he may 2012 a little bit better than what it. The. I. Irene solvency they're just -- pointed and -- more. And for those of you listen regularly to the early edition of Debbie WL first news you know we always try to bring a smile and -- and when things we do for on his Christian -- can poke fun at one another and have on at one another's expense but you know what we both smiled through it now let's do that analysis. Happy about that I know it's -- -- -- thing that. God awful performance of the saints yesterday to help we will be smiling when the day's over in the LSU tigers hope we win that labeled preview them -- the label to recap. That saints game and much more happy existence. Ran over around and through the saints yesterday in the regular season finale in the superdome. Carolina with 4438. Over New Orleans coach Joseph bit after the game in which. Went back DeAngelo Williams rushed for 210 yards and two scores it's not acceptable. Who -- fixed now. Start with this -- about. For the saints they're done no post season and for the first time since 2007. And finished below 500 RG three in the Washington Redskins are headed to the playoffs and NFC east division champions. RG three under simply. Fact Boris journalism -- -- with the Morris looking for. -- One thing. The skins beat the cowboys twenty to eighteen wrap of the division and final playoff spot in the conference black and gold are shooting black Monday in the NFL. Today as teams look to make some coaching changes the Eagles already. Getting rid of Andy Reid it's LSU and Clinton tonight in a chick filet bowl from Atlanta on the LSU tiger fan base is not overly excited about tonight's game. But coach less miles as as players are fired up the opportunity of playing very very. Talent is capable Clemson in the back in the decision in my opinion. Is every motivation. That that will need to play well talented and capable of course would be less miles sound by without without those words. Tiger -- games start at 1 o'clock we'll Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia followed by LSU. And Clinton at 630 right here on -- -- him develop Kristian -- that if you're really look at. -- I was about to thank you for that because you need and 2012 with talented -- capable or -- coach capable man last month health that was perfect. See you party help me although it's not 2013 yet smile laugh a little more because that's miles makes me smile laugh when he says but it -- capable. You know why that -- -- you know I have a little game that went right at the transcripts from his speeches his post game commentary and I. Find all the talented and capable -- -- when he says warranty doesn't vote that counted. But more than capable than it used to -- in the Iran and -- -- he's just a sticky alive today like they -- Modesto who is more talented and capable is at the LSU tigers or is it the clintons and it's the LSU tigers are operating -- tiger -- we know that night isn't LSU tiger -- content and LSU -- LSU by eight -- -- -- -- to expect it to be larger margin of victory for -- tigers. That'll be exciting and on that we get that -- -- -- -- -- -- as you football to help us countdown to midnight is like forever since they've played it's been forever but not as long as it should have been and we prefer they'd be playing next month is that of this month. Next year instead of this year I'd rather wait another week for the tigers the play -- it. It wasn't. Meant to be its habitat and do another tenant two season when you look at it that's very impressive for less miles and the architect of the 10-Q once again. I mean he is criticized less miles dozen times for. Now winning enough champions. SEC championships our national -- -- Seven years in a row they they could possibly finished with eleven wins tonight's -- and -- seven years and -- -- -- yet seven of his seasons. As in Baton Rouge a loved ones are more than a lot of Orleans and -- think before he got there. Before he got there at that wasn't happening even under the great save him lawman -- -- -- just long column re launched -- he better program. Yeah he was haven't started. Restart a program was very bad -- dinars but less miles really has. -- whatever you think of him as a as a person when everything -- them as an orator with a whatever you think of him as a play caller o'clock manager and all that to win ten or eleven. Games. Seven seasons and you know it. SEC and Dave. That didn't just happen with you know that argument at first there was always go to with the -- Players well okay no he's not and I want them their longs is out there in LA that but you don't just look up and win eleven games. And it -- the -- and this individual -- in this conference -- -- you've got to have some ability as a coach and less miles clearly does as a coach as a as things. We're. Happy New Yorkers India and go to the tigers -- indeed thank you and him both believe win tonight the LSU tigers that. Over the Clemson Tigers in the political pick up at 630 right here on them well and ask them. We know albeit all Manning's Super -- -- -- because Eli is out. The giants that in the and not ask you for your Super Bowl prediction which team do you think it will be yet but just tell me it. Do you think Atlanta is gonna make -- you -- you're a is right now the number one seeds are Atlanta. And Denver Bryant. He -- going to be nothing are you -- ready for an effort to Denver and Seattle Denver Seattle. Funny Seattle the dangers team and company aren't as a Christian thanks -- there's going to be the Super Bowl here in New Orleans folks. That's what his last few minutes of our program talking about that while to get your New Year's Eve forecast again for your right after this on WWL AM SN dot com or -- on the costs yes we are right on the -- 2013 and hopefully a much better suited for the things that. Happy new year from WWL I am at that exact count while we have a fantastic DOC but again we. Be responsible clubs don't drink and drive and don't -- investment fireworks. And active and very bad and last thing you wanna do it and walked -- handed in the ER. I mean you see him please celebrate. Responsibly. But have a very good time. I'll be back in about four hours here on WW well. With our year and round up taking a look back at the top local stories of 2012 will go in depth looking at the -- you know -- -- seasons. And then CBS's Dan -- will be here for two hours focusing on the top national and international news stories of 2012 start 2013 -- with a look back at the past year. With me and Genevieve here -- Debbie WL am FM and dot com let's look ahead though that your weather for the next three days. Mostly cloudy skies today and a 20% chance for light shower -- to be around 64 pin tonight. But for some patchy fog and a few spots for New Year's Eve revelers cloudy skies. And a 30% chance for light shower -- like Temps right around sixty degrees the New Year's Day starting off on a wet -- 70% chance for showers tomorrow highs at seventy. Wednesday going to be kind of a broad day is 70% chance for rain and -- easily 53. But the Eyewitness News forecast sent our meteorologist Laura backed out dole. Cool and breezy this morning winds are northeast at eight to fifteen miles an hour on the south sure where it's cloudy and 48 degrees not quite as windy in the north or northeast at three where it's cloudy and 43 degrees. At the National Weather Service office in Slidell big gap -- weather Terence -- to begin 2013. With cold and rain for two and a half days but. It looks like we get through today pretty well just a little side of the shower and maybe a little bit of fog as we usher in 2013. But should be good whether whether you go one down into the riverfront to watch the fireworks and bring your radio. We'll bring you the countdown in the music right here on WW well. And on magic 11 point nine your -- shoot off fireworks in the right guard go to a hotel casino or one or the other party places. In and around New Orleans should be -- league. Big night to usher in the new year personally I'm happy I'm glad to see 2013 common while 2012 overall it was a pretty darn good year for me. I think 2000 their team will even be better I know for the saints will be Baffert -- one -- text -- -- 7870. And says hey Dave let's bring them back. Out of the moth balls for the defense for 2030 remember that back that they carried out the field they're in the playoffs in the Super Bowl run. Well maybe that you need to bring that back and start well. That's in a few defenders out that literally put yet Clinton announced a little bit of something and get the playmakers on defense looks like that's where free agency. Hand the draft will focus is on the saints' defense but also keep in mind description went out there are way over the salary cap for the coming years says they're gonna. To get rid of them. Players. What do you think's going to be gone -- roster when they come back that did mean well we'll talk about that year. It is very interesting to see what changes are made it on -- read news -- generated rejuvenated. And -- ago. After it. The new year to get back with the things and get this thing back. Two respectable defense and back to their winning ways and hopefully. Back in -- -- the president today 7870 talking about the stick a label tonight says. The battle for Death Valley yet you know both games of the tigers once a man. -- -- And both teams all their. Where they play football that's -- stadium. Man I don't know if I'd go forward but seeing -- -- relatives the big favorite guys they whichever team wins should be the one a lot of college stadium that ballot the other what should. I don't think that. Happy new year filed to make -- a fantastic. Line.

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