WWL>Topics>>12-31 4:10pm Bobby and Deke speak with WWL callers about LSU

12-31 4:10pm Bobby and Deke speak with WWL callers about LSU

Dec 31, 2012|

Bobby and Deke speak with WWL callers about LSU

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's have a following handed off to the other issues sports network. It's it's the Tigers and the Tigers eight ranked LSU fourteenth ranked Clemson 2000 will take the label. Are critical point out that night after the LHU network locker room show coming up with just few moments Steve Ellis. LA issuing Clinton -- lay people break down. 2601878668890. -- to anybody up before we move a follow up thank they've given everybody out here this it was there before want to the end. Housing the point after what you did today not the point out that the sick again showed you might T April all the way through Super Bowl. 47 in the dome on Mondays and have a lot of talk out to be about the move this thing to make it all see the return a coach pain in the playoffs you and I can open up the phone lines each and every week. Also we -- have a house that they are -- Michelle. Who have brought some goodies man you talk about some delicious. Louisiana sizes is always a welcome -- -- -- -- -- Louisiana assassin that we just came we I not like like a bit that way but. Just break off a few lead included a pot and all of it in putting on these debris needs to break yank its have its all print you know I am heated -- -- you know relocate him. But that pays good it through your belly you know things get better in the south -- -- -- right as. Who -- took it to some San -- also Bobby. I'm sad moment this past week you know you remain NATO -- -- the court while talking about this yesterday but also strong member of The -- -- -- -- And you look back and we did this out ever since I've been. Back since you know 2000. Five pre Katrina in 2006. We always got together in the end of July. Before training camp. Where are all the strength call stripped coach with the saint. Russell pattern nostrils. He passed the way he was feeling -- with pneumonia. And not the funeral arrangements on this Wednesday. We always got together. You know Ricky Jackson must sell Brad and -- the core rich -- Chuck Komansky we all got together it would Russell. And with -- you know collected a football season in. You know just reflect on our past years but Russell Russell first came on board. When John because still on the team with bum Phillips and then he was kept on board on the coach tomorrow. So definitely over a decade. The strength coach who would you all think thrust upon and doctoral. Lived on the the North Shore. In the coming to amend the -- area and he just passed away only 72 years of me with dealing. With pneumonia and he passed away they'll -- -- finest team of five months ago and we get together with what training camp kicked off like we do. Not every year. Before you know late July early August and so rust upon doctoral you know a great. Member of The Who dat nation you know in a big part of laying -- foundation. With the Saints players getting them strong learn. And being able to compete on that on an out obviously the NFL level thoughts and prayers go out -- that's not a family. And I want to he would oh we keep you in our prayers and Bobby any typing -- on the West Bank. Listen Russell got an -- if you Cuba on the West -- you've heard that name before. So I just wanting knowledge that -- his whole Rome. And now he was fortunate developed be a part of this -- -- organization. Went outside -- government in milieu of the local that took advantage of a great opportunity. And I've -- following 2013. All the is it just a formality of win that they will be set but we know our division games this year. Now Atlanta Carolina and Tampa those home games and we play the AFC east at the end species so we talked to -- the east we rotate hopefully. I came to Buffalo at home who have a new coat with a chance to look at missed attending Yale and perhaps. Former -- if he stays foot. Reggie -- speculation when Mathieu returned with the Dolphins. Arizona is on us get that we also played the NFC with each year and they will have a new coach would place San Francisco at home but in the here and Bobby. The NFC east third place team which hit the eight -- Dallas cowboy so goes the home game the road game -- division games at Atlanta and Carolina at Tampa. They're tough roads yeah yeah very tough it will be interesting here is where these games this kid who you would hope before as far as they -- Mayweather end of the lord it's into autograph book yeah exactly so we relate. At New England at the New York Jets. At Saint Louis at Seattle in at Chicago of their wrote. Yeah well it -- you look right then. Who want that you can almost say that that's two losses even if the Saints are approved. Two win at New England not -- -- when you play him and then at Seattle. No those are going to be TV but we haven't really had success. At Chicago. So noted that the guy right now just looking at that. Not really even evaluating it I'm saying that we get -- ten wins next year and that's a great accomplishment by the team. Would that -- agreed indeed. -- city for -- always call them the top of the pie the football now have a New Year's thank you for calling WWL. Which is wanna give them Kapalua at nickel a shot at that I don't -- and I. Which elevated the proper it's been popular opinion about that from the Tigers blew yet. Now you know potatoes. That's the comment. That but the people who don't know that I would be -- we didn't talk that Ty -- that. -- obligations the Tigers who have put him on the seventh -- about that. Well I hope I hope you're right on that damn good quality would the right now you talk about horrible and I don't see how they came firing him. Lane Kiffin -- USC is he -- 21 to seven. Basically and no not fought many in the some boating and El Paso target date has become cross country -- team they had to get requests. Permission from the NCAA to play in a bowl game it was six and seven. And it didn't handed to -- right now while Faulk is not even close. The worst pre season number one in the history of college football the southern cal trojans think they can pick out of iridium. Yeah and do make a difference you know that the European number one position and of course. Not I thought I blew. Up and I started. To -- all inclusion in the last miles as they can and who. No purpose or some negative happen to have to do a little well. The Bill Smith has -- this program. At the cocktail of college football has been eluding. To do it again in. The future. I'm not clear so I mean you know I left my diet perhaps. -- Did you put the ball -- didn't. Really really not that way. Well you can only hope that the -- may have that's my uncle went 85 games plus in eight years and tonight you know. Then look at Iowa 1111 games about it for the sixth in eight years with the victory over Clemson so it is phenomenal at. There's only one program in college football there wouldn't trade would LHU. For what they've done over his six to eight -- be -- an asset that's Alabama because they're Manuel heard that's camp to before yet everybody else they would trade they would they would love to -- other well. -- -- evening last the postponed whoever away at you hate on him and his love and don't statement whenever. Although it does this stability in the revenue that he brings to Ellis shoot. And the program I mean you can't argue this. Other coach evolves the team as one tandem or gain in six of eight seasons. Coach miles has the fifth highest winning percentage in SEC. History. Not the past decade in SEC history. Ahead of Alabama's Nick Saban and Bear Bryant. As Belichick teams that won one BS BCS national championship to residency titles. Three SEC west titles. So when you look at that the but right then. Fans don't realize coach miles. Fifth highest winning percentage in NCAA history ahead of Alabama's all Nick Saban and the bear Bear Bryant in right in ten or gain six and eight seasons. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the elite company and TV come in and I am I mean everybody you know this is what success the makes a good news is all -- Q you -- on your home is what you do. But to have those type of moments -- and they get slight advantage you fans that are back at me now I look at it comes but as a -- it was thought that you know. Who -- -- we like the quarterback that goes behind Drew Brees tomorrow and that'll have on they know when you look look. The -- wanna be the guy that replaces that accurately that's is that paternal wanna do it again replacements look at the NFL level the Broncos. Was there though it accurately John Elway accidentally get isn't it better to be Manning. The that it Dolphins this don't look but an exam Marino. The obvious downhill winner and you establish that now. It's a big challenge in this got three strikes your argument that the buckle. What happened -- coach miles at home is even Tennessee at home and they won that game he can have another one of those maybe a couple of horrible. No and he wedding he ain't going nowhere though they're idiots figured they know I'm embarrassed all of those who winning big games aimed at that changed. It's all Obama is as we've kind of backed the get let's preview look at it grant by the -- and the -- Count down LHU and Clemson a six there to pick up my. And especially happy new year for all of us if this was that would -- -- Beasley. And feel like 2013. And thank you put on us here on WW I Bobby on paper hasn't LHU anywhere between a five and a half to seven point favorite over the Clemson Tigers. How you see shaken up. Well big I think Ellis who's gonna win but double digits. I don't know at the end WellPoint whatever -- with a you know thirty film that's what he's -- but with and is that you look at LSU. In the -- the label Locke call it's noble goal. You look at the last two appearances. Ago -- domination. They played the last to take the label when they were there without allowing a touchdown. In the last two appearances school under coach miles. They crushed the Miami hurricane. In 200548. That three. And in 2008 it beat Georgia Tech in their backyard 38 to three. So would you look at that now I think that is good score a touchdown. Which you don't -- apple formative that's about it visit it yet. As you look at a Miami or Georgia Tech program when they couldn't score a touchdown. Against Seles she's going back to 2005. And eight and I think LSU went -- double digit. Actually -- civil court I felt my outlook and of them like. 38. The 27 type games. All right thanks so much to dominate in the it to -- Bill -- they've ailment that everybody out here. At the sort of -- -- out on the night after the game in that had definition screen you know his -- they're gonna have Barbeque -- and the summertime -- effective do you think the ball and -- and -- -- -- and -- -- next it's LHU and Clemson -- -- -- At the big game tonight he is thick cajun cannon.