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Jan 7, 2013|

Monica in for Dave Cohen. Monica talks about controversial comments comparing Sandy and Katrina and the BCS national championship

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning to you game nice to see ya get happy new year and you know -- even -- -- was time seeing each other business and a thirteen. I don't know -- it's that the ceemea. -- was a surprise suddenly you were just there but didn't date -- -- day off it will be back in the grind tomorrow bright and early and today is January 7 and I would imagine. For a majority of people is back to work yup it's back to school. Last week it was really Dicey -- seem like half the world was gone some -- yet you drive around you don't see any cars like. You've gone on here it's and of course you know now is the -- of seasons yesterday as to Wear a funny funny but he. The funny -- fellows. That are out of last night real good really really good and evil stuff in the keep that field down to -- -- its and the beach a lot about about the weather. But you go to those sandwich shops and I'll just pick one. Way for a -- -- I do you know of people you know we begin to lie you know -- -- pickles well this law and you can be really really. Kiki and particularly are ice and it's kind of fun to see what somebody is it doing in front of you ride OK on my god and I want to get the help. -- -- apparently not that make you is gone and it was extremely picky. It went very wrong at this level way in Orlando he wanted it got behind the counter to put some -- On his guilty she stay. Carrie and the guide this -- maker says the V it's ugly we. Can't -- -- That was a good answer there was a big argument apparently it was unclear what happened next with a two man. The reports at the worker ended up losing his job over its. At one point this and the maker challenged the customers to a light are yet over ketchup there a year ago and the customer call 91. You know it is -- scuffle at the subway full -- -- yeah yeah and like you and yeah. And this kind of you know you'd think maybe they had a packet -- -- our own -- we keep that option that was the first person who asked for ketchup on their belly. Cheese steak on a sandwich and fortunately I've known people over the years that we can't ship on every yes everything from everything it's everything. All right David thank you don't get into a scuffle now that promised me back you know about trying to -- a -- thank you very much good morning everyone it is 512. I'm -- the year in -- All in this morning. Coming out will be checking in with Laura but two out in the eyewitness forecast in -- about our forecast for today also Kristin Garrick. We'll talk about the wild card weekend in the NFL plus the BCS. They going to be. Time over notre dame fighting on us we'll find out all that's coming up. I again we'll just talk about some of the news stories that's happening and any surprises was fueled concern with the wild card game that's all coming up in just a moment. This is the only addition of them WL first news it's 516 on the early additional WL first news all the great to be with you I'm Monica viewing for date Colin and -- a -- forecast before this Monday. January 7. Our high today sixty degrees a little milder than the weekend and more sunshine and the weekend as well just a few high clouds and extend. Tonight though clouds on the increase says lows dip to about 56. As clouds will stick around tomorrow even mixed in with some rain and maybe a thunderstorm RT Tuesday afternoon highs near seventy and showers likely again Wednesday a 70% chance -- highs of 75. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- to. Thanks a lot lower right now it's clear 45 and Armstrong international airport 36 and clearance ideal in 44 and Ottoman part. Well the wild card weekend is over let's find -- fans yeah. Good -- -- Seattle sea hawks finally won a road playoff game by rallying for a 24 to fourteen NFC wild card victory over the Washington Redskins. Wilson. Texas that played OK we'll believe them wide open in the flat left side Michael Robinson -- sent stocks down Seattle. The Redskins lost Robert Griffin the third to another knee injury in the fourth quarter Marshawn Lynch ran for 131. Yards and a touchdown Russell Wilson. Completed fifteen -- 46 passes for 187 in the air. And ran eight times for 67 yards and Seahawks. We'll try to continue their road winning ways when they take on the falcons in Atlanta this Sunday in the divisional round of the post season the Baltimore Ravens did a little bit of everything to make sure Ray Lewis. The lays his retirement -- the heart and soul of the ravens following seventeen emotional seasons we'll have at least one more playoff game. Lewis had a big afternoon as the ravens beat the visiting Indianapolis Colts. Point 49 in the AFC wild card game. First and goal for. The the ravens or face the Broncos in Denver on Saturday next weekend's other games including Green Bay Packers visiting the San Cisco 49ers in the NFC divisional round on Saturday next Sunday. Houston travels to Foxboro -- on. The New England Patriots in the AFC tonight in Miami is the BCS national title game between number one Notre Dame and number two Alabama. Two of the more storied programs in college football Alabama linebacker Barrett Jones as tradition means nothing in his game. Game on Monday is not going to be about who has the very legacy you have the better history -- -- tell -- about who plays better game and we know that if we don't play a game Notre Dame beat us badly. -- golf between the Irish in tide is at 730 right here on WW well elsewhere college football after flirting with several NFL teams organs Chip Kelly is staying. Put in -- Kelly not making the jump that pros. Coming off their huge overtime win over the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday night I wanted to back in action at home tonight. Against the San Antonio Spurs tip off. It -- 7 PM on WW LF and 105 point three today at four on to be to be well it's the second -- show live from the -- slipper casino. In -- -- -- Bobby Hebert and might today followed by that BCS national title game between Notre Dame and Alabama at 730. On WLS and the 105 point three it's hornets basketball against spurs as 7 PM. I'm Kristian -- and that is -- early look at. Ports and Christian I guess -- -- -- glued to the TV set this weekend watching a lot of these wild card game so any surprises as far as you're concerned. No I mean it kind of went. You know as a -- thought it would with Houston leading system that a on Saturday and of course than yesterday Baltimore beating the Indianapolis Colson. Then yesterday -- Feel I securely fell like. Seattle would take care and Washington so kind of when it went down as -- Right it was kind of that leaks three magnificent intelligent it rookie quarterbacks in -- -- And then I guess that decision making in regards to the health -- RG three and you know really -- -- Organized earlier now that's -- big controversy is you know should Mike Shanahan have pulled Robert Griffin the third out when he could tell after the first quarter. He was not the same quarterback that he was and he said he was cleared to play -- Robert Griffin the third told -- -- Mike Shanahan look -- I'm her -- not injured let me let me finish this thing and it's really it's tough situation for Mike Shanahan when you consider that the franchise that is your -- future and in Robert Griffin the third has been. Nothing short of sensational this year for that franchise and they won seven in a row to get into the post season. You know they have a lot to build on -- got to wonder. If he'll recover and what the extent that damages that right -- Don't check and keep on -- and I on him in the off season as well. All right coming up we'll get your prediction about BCS bowl tonight so can't wait can't wait to hear what you have to say there thank you Chris -- Coming up we'll get another look at our Monday morning forecast that meteorologist Laura but tell. If you comments that senator Harry Reid made actually the comparison between hurricane Katrina and hurricane sandy through the storm sandy. Well his remarks this comparison set up a storm of controversy the talent is it ever wise to compare one's misery and pain to someone else's misery and pain. Also the intentions are honorable and appreciated but why Newtown Connecticut is saying please. Just please stop sending us donations that's all coming up in just a moment this is the only addition that WL first news. 524 on the early at least because if you allow first views on Monica pier and for days calling on this Monday morning January 7 it's already January 7. It just seems loaded -- and amber -- It's only the seventh of January but it's back to school for a lot of folks. Back to work for a lot of folks a meteorologist Laura -- is in the Eyewitness News for tests and it with today's forecast. Back to work this Monday with partly cloudy skies and it ice cool afternoon sixty degrees and tonight. Clouds on the increase its lows dropping to about 56. Four year Tuesday mostly cloudy skies to by the afternoon some showers and possibly a thunderstorm a 50% chance highs near seventy. And rain looking likely at least -- showers around on Wednesday as 70% chance and highs of 75. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist flop. Tell thinks a lot law are right now clear skies all that rain from yesterday was all day it was cold it was just miserable it was -- to the bone. But right now it's clear and it's 45 -- in on certain international airport. 46 out of the park and 36 and clear. In slide down. You know we all go through things and of course no matter how much time goes by we will always remember what we experienced during Hurricane Katrina. And I'm sure the same will be said for the folks going through most of the storm sandy hurricane sandy. So when you're trying to make a point I would recommend that you not compare once pain with the -- pain in the call the other person's pain really nothing in comparison. Comparing disasters is probably never a good idea but that is -- senate majority leader Harry Reid did on Friday. He took to the senate floor declared that Hurricane Katrina quote was nothing. In comparison to what happened to the people in new York and New Jersey from hurricane sandy. In -- I just didn't wanna be drugged and dragged into all of this you know that the folks from the aftermath of barricades and he deserve the billions that they're going to get. And get a little later on but that he didn't need to go there. Of course sandy devastated some of the nation's most populated areas but he didn't even come close. To hurricane Katrina and we're not just saying that because. We don't want to be compared and we know we want our pain to be big in -- paint it actually was not factual what senator Reid said. And of course Katrina and the flooding and the Levy breaks and everything killed. 18133. People. Cause saying now more than a 145. Billion dollars in damage. Sandy has been blamed for a 120 deaths and over eighty billion dollars in damage so I didn't taking you to go there. To make that points I mean how did you feel when you were -- that he was comparing. Comparing that can understand saying OK compared to. When aid arrive for Katrina as opposed to sandy. Is no comparison they're still waiting all these weeks so that that was legitimate but the fact that it was nothing compared. In May be his intention was to say something else when that -- And the folks over in Newtown Connecticut are saying they really appreciate. All of the prayers all of the the support and the donations blood. At this point. They're asking and pleading. -- people to stop sending gifts trucks have been arriving daily with tokens of support from across the world. Some for families of those killed others for the children of sandy hook that elementary school still others for the council they say. That is tax assessor says that he spends a better than a point of three weeks trying to sort all this out organized ala Vista they're really asking people. The stop in and of course you can always sent prayers we can always keep them in our hearts beat in all ways to do our best to remember them. Coming up while we'll get another update and whether or as well as we'll talk about them -- the number one movie this weekend my eyes. That's all coming up in just a moment I'm Monica the year. In for -- going on the early edition of WWL. First news. We'll coming up we'll check in with David Blake you'll have the latest in news Kristian -- is in with sports it's Notre Dame vs Alabama as though you're pulling for who do you want to see when. A look at Monday morning's forecast -- meteorologist Laura book -- And the Eyewitness News forecast center and we were talking about Newtown Connecticut and they're saying that they just really have been receiving so many gifts we'll tell you. How much they've had to coordinate and actually the hundreds of volunteers needed to sort out all that they're getting. But right now it's time the -- -- CBS news update. Hello Dave but I thought about going to a movie yesterday but it was rainy and damned anyways go I'll go out there -- Well folks did go to the theater OK so I have the update from the weekend I. I usher here I didn't make your prediction because there was -- Friday. And I probably would put my money on. Room. Mass chainsaw massacre. That's a wild guess well that's a -- great wild gas. Absolutely it took leather face and his chainsaw. To -- time hobby durable bag and out of the top -- and a box up knocked off all built. Up. Today's levels that yes Texas a familiarity. Debuted at number one with 23. Million dollars. In the movie picks up where the 1974. At Texas chainsaw massacre left off with masculine and let the face on the loose again I -- they spent a bottom nearly united in that segment and a million. Yeah -- out of the market where it's which you have before some measures the number two was a Quin Tarantino slavery slack from -- packaging go and change. Held on at number two for the second straight week the play one point two million dollars so far. Jamie Foxx movie 906 point one million domestically filmed right here in New Orleans absolutely. Now what happened to little -- able bag he was number three. With -- that I was what about a three week run at least a yeah at least three weeks at number one for three weekends in rounds so far. Taking and domestically 263. Dollars not bad -- billion oversee Almonte are. It's crazy crazy and just topping out rounding up the cup and original guides is number five. Jack creature was number six. This is forty number seven is still hanging in the top ten and and number eight the guilt trip and number ten promised. How big would you really go see chain saw absolutely now I have never seat and I imagine going to defeat. I can't even imagine -- -- at home now let alone go out there and I wouldn't want to watch at home and averages that you know jump out of it go to something else may -- the Big Bang theory for awhile but now not my cup of now if you're a teenager on a date. Maybe a different story because you know the girl's gonna stream maybe -- and argue. Are trying to trick is that they trigger or quick yet kinda. Go find something very. Scary horrible. If nothing right undermine -- -- like your body. That which you live. Currency -- I ain't got three iPad still on on. Wilson -- yeah that's right everybody with Texans chains all the -- debuting at number one. Amazing. Made things -- not me Petit. Well we'll find out that. Yet yet you about it but tell Eyewitness News or consider doing that good morning. He surprised surprises me talking to. They. Like de -- is -- kind of I tell you you know lately I don't complain about but here comes it was I am but at the I'm with you avenue it was eight we can stay inside for the -- frightening Saturday from light result Sunday and better part of the day rain. Rain cold rain -- it was a heavy rain but it was -- We thought this out on Friday. I think I'll be pretty is not going to be but it just sometimes for. A prettier day. This morning who were starting at currently at sunrise and at that moment and it's going to be nice and cool today on ice. And soak it up because that -- move back. As you you and I think -- that we do over the winner -- -- -- -- way to put you -- roller coaster you know you know either way. Back and forth all of throughout the winter time -- -- another -- -- bit of rain. Going to be cool game now here's the deal that. It's going to be a little bit warmer so that of the cold rain we'll think it's going to be kind of a warm rain its going to be in the mid seventies Wednesday all the way through the weekend -- heights that he forced 55 degrees low. Get at least that could be in rainy it will just be right. I -- complain Aurelio is an -- big old it was cold -- -- -- but other I have -- out almost no for me and I know -- really tested it yet to have some rain in the mid week which it's not great -- what the weekend arrangement that is about 20% battery that may be better -- for next weekend. Very very good have a quick little story it's about a cat he that I have a cat you haven't -- seat on. But it's about the cat that was caught smuggling contraband. Into Brazil Brazilian prisons -- -- -- Cat and the president guys that they foiled an actual jail break lot with a surprising accomplice. A black -- Way they do what I you'd be here. Is that basically. Is this can't that the prisoners. And have -- the cat would come and go with yet due course well somebody -- the genius idea that baby on the other in my act -- -- the media family I will have somebody strap on the cat. Being like let's see who -- on a extract real. All of the cat. Drills went up a concrete hits it a cell phone a cell phone giant had three. Big -- the outlet. Not a big -- And it -- up how you'll have. Back. And then the -- would come into the prison. And leave Hewlett you have this actual. God who wasn't cat napping. Solid became suspicious that out that -- -- all of this that's accurate look at that that would be suspicious guy -- adds I'm not at the -- strapped. Apparently. You are to check that we'll all 263 inmates at the prison -- be suspect because according to your -- -- that. It's hard to figure out who is responsible. He added that cat does not talking. Interesting you. Have a cat you refine your cat kind of golfers will things here there. Mine mine used to I had cats growing up -- my East -- Europe's steel -- back hair and my little rubber bands from upcoming details -- and then we would always know where to find all of the stuff that she would steal because she would put it in her cat food bowl against that -- that to her with like her spots that -- that you -- -- check it -- and you finally pennies and campaign and al-Qaeda -- -- -- that -- founder -- today. She assortment of well. And flexible my kid is not going to be a good accomplice because you might heavy you planned for the she's got a -- and that interest and that it do it but I don't really conflict now it happens sometimes you know if he can do that they wanted to -- absolutely yeah bloody well. -- the don't worry your -- -- Right Lawrence thank you so much. Doing this does not I would. The enemy -- on some time before it's all said and done pixel level Marat TCU by a meteorologist Laura but tell the channel four. And actually be -- Eyewitness News forecasts that are coming up we'll have a question checking in with our sports right. Is that yes by 4812 before 6 o'clock on the early edition WL first news the fighting Irish in the -- Inside battled tonight -- -- Eric Snow and with sports questions. That when Monica we start in the NFC wild card picture. That's you know line RG three and a Washington Redskins Seattle Seahawks rallied from a fourteen and -- the deficit in the NFC wild card game yesterday. Seven and -- the middle if -- it's nice that works -- money is being looked at 12 o'clock left behind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Seahawks wants there to get to the divisional round of the post easily 24 to fourteen win. Over the Redskins Seattle traveled to Atlanta to face the dirty birds on Sunday the Baltimore Ravens and Ray Lewis knocked off. The Indianapolis -- point 49 in Baltimore Joseph Flacco getting it done in the air secular crypto cracker. You know. -- -- -- -- The ravens have a date with number one seed in the AFC Denver Broncos next Saturday next weekend's other games include Green Bay Packers visiting. The San Cisco 49ers in the NFC divisional playoffs on Saturday next Sunday at Houston as they travel to Foxboro to battle the New England Patriots in the AFC divisional round. It's all on aligned tonight we're number one Notre Dame and number two Alabama Notre Dame linebacker from anti tea -- says the Alabama running backs can cause big problems. You know the way they run means standing -- rumors and the forces around -- -- NGOs and the mentality they have you know you can tell mentality around embodies Washington. And they don't go down. Elsewhere college -- thought they're flirting with several NFL teams. Organ Chip Kelly is staying put with the -- in Eugene Kelly not making the jump that are pros coming off their huge overtime went off over Dallas back on Saturday night the hornets are back in action. At home against the San Antonio Spurs tonight and I tip off that one of the 7 PM. All the action for Honda VW LF and 105 point three and today for on WB well it's the second guess show live from the server -- casino. In Bay Saint Louis with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and NFL analyst -- the -- followed by the BCS national title game. On Libya do LF and wanna five point three it's one of basketball against the spurs at 7 PM I'm Christie Garrett and that is early look at. Please do we have a text from the night five area codes Notre Dame 27 Alabama twenty Y wishful thinking which okay. Well my prediction Monica got -- there. I guess I got three words were three rolled back. Roll tide well -- hold -- other liberal editorial dying injury L though get a good although he's the one who actually poisoned the treason. Auburn in what -- -- that turn out to be but he's huge Alabama fan but nonetheless Olympic and Alabama 27 to thirteen over Notre Dame and we're very -- think most LSU fans are pulling for all of I don't know that they're pulling form of Wednesday they can't bring themselves to pull for Alabama but. In this Smart ones are because that is gonna win. Well I see what about coworkers and Alabama -- of course Georgia and Alabama how long so it. You know Jordan's gonna costly walks in he walks and it shows -- the Alabama Crimson Tide returns from. He's young and he don't know. The they've acknowledged the ball. They again thank you very much Christian. Take a quick break we'll also check in just the funeral with Tommy Tucker they'll tell us what's on tap this money went -- WL first news I'm Monica pier for Dave Cullen on the early edition of WWL. First news. -- Alabama is going to win nine there's one person who responded to 95 activists and it's going to be notes today and -- and Alabama when he won. Christians and it was wishful thinking -- checked his excuses. This person is on the North Shore now not an Alabama. Actually it recently because you have. Is simple could be anywhere also all we talked a little bit about the movies this week at Texas chainsaw the Reid. 23 million dollars. One techsters. Taxes -- This country's image problem. -- means -- out of that Alley in 3-D. You know much like a pie in the -- do that it what sealed it. In water and being Lawson drift its economic. Policy -- To read. I didn't mention that number four was admitted that finished at number four with sixteen point one million. There you have we'll talk about them is gonna -- tonight -- got lots of folks who is saying it is going to be Alabama. Georgian. -- Alabama. Can't fit down the the back indefinitely also check in with Tommy capital tells us what's coming up this morning on that video photos -- -- It's 556 on the early against WL first news you might want to wake up the Alabama folks that the Notre Dame folks -- just texting like crazy and texture. Now today. All are. Alabama six. Upset of a year. And that's beyond wishful thinking Tommy Tucker joins as good morning to nominate. I was Catholics. Solace Catholics Poland for Notre Dame that's so here's that I think I think that either. Notre Dame's gonna fulfill all of our Catholic wishes war -- be the classic Notre Dame heartbreak because so many times in the past Notre Dame is set aside. In the big games. For the big dreams you ride for the bills and that well -- -- let us down Notre Dame plays -- way in both Brian Kelly on. I don't know what's gonna happen -- point spread Jordan. One. -- -- He's in and -- nine and OK. Rudy Rudy Rudy go Irish. It's. Now we'll think -- it what do you have coming up this morning. Lower to talk about that night to tell you able also talk about Allah issue. Losing. Six starters on defense in the NFL. Right. -- -- how that affects the tigers but they also have a good recruiting class so we'll see of -- eight. LSU players leaving early and rampant sixth on defense believes alias six starters on defense so. We'll see if if they got more common in me you know coming down would -- hopper -- an -- with the again. 'cause the runners leave and also -- kicker -- all Amman and then Brad wing that Austrian Connors leaving but he got. Another Australian -- behind him I believe so we'll talk to Mike tell you about that. We talk about. Department of Defense the secretary defense nominee that the president's expected to nominate to date -- eagle. Already. Nobody wants it. Dan apparently Democrats don't Republicans don't see any easy Maggie -- the -- I got you right exactly a guy and it seems to make a lot of sense when it comes Afghanistan's souls who would people think about that. We'll also talk about a survey -- 13 of workers will be trying to find a new job. 2013. A new job what would it take to make somebody look for a new job or accept a new job. And it's probably going to be more than get money. -- it'll have to be more than money is security did you get that one foot on -- dot and one foot and on in the -- weighed on what was immediately. Yeah identity security. As Smart all right and flexibility. Flexibility is is sometimes currency and today so we'll seed Elena Elena thank -- Tommy Tommy and from 6 attend this morning have a great day everyone I'm Monica -- apply.

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