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WWL>Topics>>1-7 9:10am Tommy talks to Scott Dobroski ab. job confidence

1-7 9:10am Tommy talks to Scott Dobroski ab. job confidence

Jan 7, 2013|

Tommy talks to Scott Dobroski, a spokesperson for Glassdoor, about a new survey that says 1/3 of workers will look for a new job in 2013

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sentinels -- to talk about this hour is. A new study that's out. Any concerns. Storage in a rose did last Friday. But optimism in the workforce where. According to that glass door dot com a third of workers are going to be looking for new jobs this year in 2013. Mile it's a bail -- that's third that's a lot big dog on right so. Would it take for you to look for a new job. Would it take just higher pay you would it take. Increased benefits would it take more flexibility more responsibility less responsibility. We'll talk about at this hour in joining us right now is got a Bruschi a spokesperson. For glass store day pronouncing your name rights or not. Thanks for taking the time -- -- about -- survey and what was it didn't AJ asked the question in the first place. Like basically this is our latest unemployment competent Serb major -- sort of work job -- your community every quarter we really like take. This survey asking employed how they feel about things that are really important all about such. You know their company outlook job security salary -- -- and other things and having an but you know here. This certainly we have you know the economy improving how many people are actually gonna look for jobs. Then you need to hear what we were actually kind of interest and what did you sign. Are basically what we found that is really interesting. From this survey is one -- three employees actually plan to look for new job in 2013. And actually one and five in the next three months alone. And it what is it that is gonna prompt him to go looking. That is the great question and I'll -- there are some there are several indicators. On that show employees really feel that the job market stabilizing. Are a big factor obviously we all know the unemployment rate now at its lowest. About three different here and so that's really making employees concert and that now -- -- you know they can patent or what and job searching pool for the past three or four year employees were being not get desperate you know very cautious cautiously optimistic that into her new job. And narrow with the economy getting better company stabilizing. In order releasing noting that this is going to be you'd figure that they might look for change. A mom at at any point did you survey address the fact that. A bomb in terms of confidence. Obviously you never wanna quit -- job before you have another one lined up but. You know a small world and people network. People being concerned about. We're getting now that they overlook and then and you know today I'd make that comparison between heaven one foot on the -- and -- the other foot in the boat that. He don't want that -- to pull away your other people find out that you look and part of the boat and then all of a sudden you find yourself in the water. You -- is a great question and I'll tell you come -- certainly in particular during you torture out and out. Did not ask -- question however glass store we have a lot of indicators. I'm get a lot of feedback throughout the year -- from the employees and went -- to looking for a new job and whether they're gonna you know. Out others hope more keep it quiet what we find is that -- in -- -- a -- -- actually the number one way to -- quality candidates -- So it is likely Arum you know to presume that -- Job -- and when he thirteen minute American -- colleagues they're friends or family members or referral. How people go about it though will will differ and armed people who broke out that the best way it will. We'll -- production by about sports and keep it semi quiet and not just go well and had there that are in the different. Any data on how many of these people will be successful in finding new positions. That is yet to be seen an attitude that we'll probably get later on in 2013. So what strategy are -- other companies are hiring more on the -- jobs that are open again and so. It's looking pretty good and actually this is a message to employers that well -- they should really are be focusing in on the retention and what it searching. Hey I appreciate you times that anything you want man that we might be missing. Don't you know what. -- job seeker you know what they considered or even accepting the job offer our number one. Location and commute was number two career opportunity number three and company replication number so. -- General general public chirp about -- or. At least -- one's salary location. Opportunity reputations Bible was more. Or what you -- a project well okay. About what they are most not to signal for -- to consider when you know think about with higher. Well let's see what our audience earnings got a broad -- glad you joined us we'll talk -- and down -- line. Thank you very thank you service got the -- with glass store dot com.

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