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1-7 6:20pm Jeremy Hillman on the SEC

Jan 7, 2013|

Jeremy Hillman covers the SEC for SouthernPigskin.com and talks LSU losing players to the draft and the BCS National Title Game between Alabama and Notre Dame

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our front seven has to be able to. You make sure that there's no -- is look if there's creases in the defense in those two B backs run through there. Then I don't have anybody that can tackle those tax nobody doubts but if we play the kind of defense where we don't give up big creases. Then we can get them moving east and west a little bit it's gonna still come down to our front seven against their offensive line I really think that's where the game as one. Brian Kelly on the keys to defending. And beating Alabama Crimson -- all in Dillon is I think it's going to be won up front by Alabama with that offensive line which I think is the best thing college football. Joining us now on the second guess showed Jeremy -- from southern thick skin dot com Jeremy thanks so much with -- -- great Jeremy. Before we get into the national championship game it's been mass exodus out of that -- to -- for you to come out early. Unheard of sort of speak at one time that it goes to show you the success we see Florida. Who's the number of guys Georgia the same way I'm throughout the national championship game Alabama will -- some off. In that -- and we've seen Tennessee with dollar -- with Madison with Justin on our. It's amazing that the talent. In the SEC and the -- cooling we see every year of the recruiting we talk so much about. Would Ellis was lost and yet now they're on the verge of -- one of the best recruiting classes developed. That absolutely. In the -- and in other places around the country but. But primarily -- -- premier programs in the Southeastern Conference what what you are looking at. Is that -- recruiting school you know and afford these coaches -- know a lot of the band out there and -- odd you know I'm disappointed. And then they should be on the Berkeley player. But but what the coaches are gonna do it takes the people who were leaving and talk to those -- schoolers and say. Art talent and so Pete and our players that would bring your a you. Such an an opportunity that we have double digit people -- currently. Not just the ones that are graduating you're not lifelong dream of going to pay and well but we have people leaving early to go to that. In and struggling you'd pick in the year so it's a 1718. Year old kid to work American college decision that. That -- indicative in the short term could you gotta replace that -- But that's why -- our future -- your order that's why they have but I've elephant book that they can. Advertise that sort of deal so -- -- LU parent and the top week. But but -- -- coming and behind that and it will continue to do it -- four -- keeps via the talent factory at they would echo. The only problem with that is losing so what's senior talent defense of line was in -- schools three stellar. Q user over what that's gonna leave a big void of what the offensive line was -- stupid not to put a lot of young kids next year. Jeremy got got to see him play a ton -- time but it just your opinion that in this draft class air. You may think bombing was involved here we wouldn't we be talking about who would be the first pitch quality would be the top guy he is an awesome football player for South Carolina. And about his watched him play just see. Just how he takes over a football teams it's just amazing to see this guy's just a sophomore. And if you were -- put his draft class he'd be the first. I you know Jeremy probably I don't know you know all the football you watch you look at. Coaching clinics and and how you that you teach an opponent. The bit simpler to hit -- or question today that he hit in that Michigan game. I mean that that's not the if you watched 2030 years and -- and never get -- In that absolutely rider and he is what you call a game changer there are a lot of those men and -- -- -- absolutely correct. That is being number one pick in the draft and it wouldn't like five minutes at the top seem to pick that what you would have it he was on the court. It's straight up -- -- a lot of great talk. I've just trying to get your hands on the on that beyond but I'm because he's -- -- of the game changer. For sure. Now Jeremy when you look at and I think coach Kelly Brian Kelly at the fighting hours that this. And I think it actually gonna come down that is when you look at the numbers and I am a numbers guy. That if you look at you know points allowed per game scoring defense. Of Alabama at that point seven no -- to -- a ten point three. You look at rushing yards we gain that something has to give -- was right at 202 and a half yards a game. The Crimson Tide to a 24 and a half. That you look at rushing yards to Lyle. Alabama's -- eighty yards. And the fighting Irish -- 92 and a half. So to me the -- stop the run. And then run the football that also sustain drives third down conversions. When I looked at this. And I and I know I can remember in 199192. We let -- the NFL. -- at the Saints -- forty half percent which is number one. Last year with the -- Drew Brees I want to see the -- NFL record almost 57%. Republican Alabama. 47%. And then you look at the fighting -- 47 point three. Third down defense. I've talked to coach Gregg Williams and number of coaches you always want to be around 32%. Would guess what the Crimson Tide 32 point four. And finding hours 34 point six so -- -- game unfolds. If you look at who's running the ball stopping the run and obviously converting. On third down not the talk about turnovers but who stick to dictating. The temple of avid flow of the game I think comes out the winner. Yeah absolutely and I'll I'll ask you that. I think both teams will run the football obviously like you -- -- pepper average or particular -- a game they're Riddick and and when it from. From Notre Dame are are are quality that they're they're seniors IQ you've got. Let the late in Alabama clearly -- -- -- -- so we're really I'd be the difference where where really the game changer. Is a game and -- never call them. And in India think there's any people there like you know you've got a guy who played the game last year. That the guy who's been there and done that. This kid that is it special doesn't -- the credit he probably does -- chief threw an interception in war. Regular season of pocket and -- law that was a lot to Texas remembers. About that but. It pretty correct person and gave -- zero and option. And probably not getting to meet you in the week of a reviewing game. Letters words you have go into -- who grew up talent. But but he don't know -- still trying to learn what what Kelly's trying to do due to multiple picks against Michigan it will which are against Pittsburgh. He make questionable decisions and be like you period. -- and be -- and I can guarantee you Nick Saban and and and Kirby Smart defense problem through everything make -- -- I think that's the difference in the football game because there's no doubt that the quality but Autry. Out of respect that you feel program you know and they are stiffer and they're good football programs. That are good football being -- -- beat. Real win -- where they torture did it last year but watched the film major return your national championship game he played stellar. And I think you'll see that again -- mistake -- some big throws and I think you'll -- short eagle and then and now I'm hopeful. I agree with you -- I think that's the key I think at the quarterback position I think both teams will have success running the football that's their bread and butter. But somewhere along the lines just like last year's BCS national championship game you're gonna have to make some plays through the air. And McCarron was the big difference last year in that football in Alabama -- it was just awesome. But he was the big difference between the first game and played the regular season and what happened in the BCS national championship and I think he's the game -- tonight. I think McCann comes through big in that -- keys that you'll. Why Alabama puts up another national championship. Couldn't agree more that -- -- and it is -- I think we're here from 1 PM PT blaster game and interpret that in. And the defense got a lot of that always what's -- -- -- -- -- But the chair that was the difference Snickers -- your report the difference between when they played previously in in the national championship the night. I think you'll see that again the level that the guy with power they can make the throws. Alabama that only term. To make that -- But if they get tight ballgame here with Notre Dame these days I think to the agent -- and pick it up against him and ability -- -- so that's what I'm looking for. -- -- What Jeremy before -- sort of break the -- have a chance don't you think. They got to get off to great starts that he got that kind of confidence and swagger and I think when all said and done and they've both been an outstanding job with the turnover margin. Alabama -- plus thirteen the fighting Irish -- plus nine. That I think. It's not as defining ours gets off that fast start and then when the journal about a note that I shot they got a chance got a shot a -- votes it. Yeah I think it out -- a matter of real briefly here at Notre Dame went. Was waiting there a three game it's into the first quarter. That's stamper then there and USC and Oklahoma and Alabama was losing victory game. Which is LSU -- that they and a Georgia for the first quarter. So I could recruit people ultimate tortoise and it took the others start that you do not -- it -- that -- in game but. Fired up Brian -- behind them. In -- early in the game. Like they did -- back there like visit -- stored anywhere about now or. Psyched are you currently -- the of the PP I think Albert -- The certificate. Jeremy thanks so much for joining us tonight we appreciate -- we go you wanted to. Who watched the game like like all of us of us that do it on the radio so thanks so much would join us tonight. Very crappy picture. Jeremy you know from the southern thick -- dot com and will go to doing things break right here with -- in -- -- right here on the negates that.