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Jan 9, 2013|

Dave talks about whether or not to get the flu shot, gun control, and what is wrong with people

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And minutes after 5 AM at the early edition -- WL for listeners on this ninth of January 2000 and -- -- it's already hump day you know look at that halfway through the first full week of the year as he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which it stated the following year since yesterday that way it's been -- there sure we'd probably have street after tree -- no doubt. And it's the good news is we've just had light rain essentially. Across the immediate match for the Balkan area blows -- you all the area with the horrible rain and the areas that tends to flood. As stayed well the -- to be able keep up. Because the rain has not been having -- like it change tomorrow spot but it. Man that streaming ranges come in and out of the gulf this keeps coming up from the lasting -- on over you know Livingston and spoke passion non adamant that the but thank goodness the ball commitment dating fastest and -- stretches back and it taxes and it and gamble get a little break -- according to Laura but. Again tomorrow where we can't. Tonight and tomorrow looking at the same thing yet it doesn't look to be letting up call in and getting it and getting it and getting. Hopefully tea. And finding ways to deal with -- and we have not had any reports of any one I'll read flooding -- that the good news we are getting reports -- widespread. Not only across the country is we heard from CBS news but -- local. And Lou is again really taking it stole and a lot of people got the flu shots have been getting the flu your best line defense turnout washing your -- that's -- that's marijuana Yang. Hands sanitized and hand washing. And -- someone around view is stick around to keep your distance in now line and the good news is that few people I've known who have gotten you know ready. You were able to bounce back pretty quickly. It wasn't the severe knock you -- your -- for Q we have yeah that's the thing and then again and we're hearing up north Chicago. Pittsburgh -- the the -- have been overloaded people claim that -- a chance. Outside to deal with the overload and they're saying it's variations yet where the Mayo Clinic. There are trying to reduce the spread of flu might not letting anybody in the hospital who doesn't have an immediate. Family member and spouse child or parent I don't watch it and yet it's David that's not the case stay away because you're just gonna come here. Get the flu and spread it that is only yourself but to others around. So my again really bad early outbreak. A flu this year across the country were seeing it here. Well you can still get a shot but that's always a controversial thing was -- couple weeks of the -- it really take in ten minutes ago and yet doctors here are recommending people still. Think you are about twenty minutes more first hear and read them well. Am -- and speaking shot. Vice president Joseph Biden is putting together proposals and curbing gun violence that he can take to president Barack Obama by the end of the month today. Biden is looking for suggestions from non safety organizations. And victims of when he meat to them at the White House tomorrow Biden meet. With gun rights groups like the National Rifle Association. Which is fighting tighter gun restrictions yesterday we saw the launch of ads from mayors across the country including New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. That are urging people to donate funds to help. Well fund the effort. To counter groups like the national rifle association's efforts today to get illegal guns off. And we saw former congresswoman Gabby Giffords the victim of a gun in the violent incidents of mass murder that left her critically wounded six people dead start her effort to raise money. Do you combat the NRA and other gun rights activists. Looks like we are in full. Fighting mode between the gun rights advocates. And the gun control advocates. But he -- gonna win this battle. Do you think that it is at a point where politically. The NRA is outgunned outmanned and out politically. Well. Out public opinion wise. Just doesn't have a battle or do you think that. The NRA still can stop ban on assault style weapons and prevent. A ban on high capacity magazine. And stop other anti gun laws from going into effect 260187. -- free 866889. Or seventy or text mediate 7870. Look exports. And -- weather next segment. 70s70s has never get the flu shots. I get severely sick when I do or family member. It's a big scam. You know some feel that way about the pollution especially after the first time -- it used to be able get. Stick when they get the pollution at the first time and then this year were seeing some people who got the pollution I'd get the flu yet doctors say. The chances are much better that if you get the flu shot it will not make music and it will prevent Q. From getting the Politico but there's definitely controversy. Surrounding that also controversy surrounding all this. Gun control talk now in Washington DC and across the country. And now the Washington National Cathedral today announces it's going to conduct same sex marriages will talk about that coming up. But it conferences guest today as we see more rain coming on man. Rain likely this morning tapering off those we go through the day but if you heavy downpours around for that morning commute. Easy on the roads today and tonight look for lows dropping into the sixties as we -- cloudy skies and rain showers at 50%. Tomorrow rain and thunderstorms likely a -- could be happy during the day highs in the mid seventies they even Friday some leftover showers at 30%. And -- still in the mid seventies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm urologist -- tell bodies. Eyes of the international airport 62 degrees cloudy at the lake front light rain in Slidell 64 degrees light rain and belts -- 64 degrees -- winds gusting over 25. Miles per hour heavy rain -- to the west of the New Orleans metropolitan area. That -- getting dumped on again at home are also reporting heavy rain with winds gusting over twenty miles per hours you've got to get out this morning. Expected to be slippery slick windy. And just all together yucky. These like child's play as you -- him right and then he stole that from -- I hear on the fast break and Florida with Christian and -- Terry here at WWL and you let it. If you wanna be the door on taunts are gunning for their third straight win tonight against the Houston Rockets at home. Here in the New Orleans Arena the hornets have been energized by the return of guard Eric Gordon says color analyst John decision. They can create a shot for themselves what sports teammate he can he can sit -- so -- -- let me relieve. Significant amount of pressure on everybody on the floor including -- his -- is to let. And cared so much who have heard for the -- To -- -- at 7 PM on WW relative. And while five point three with John Kelly and JD Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin the third war on -- -- total reconstructive surgery. On his right knee this morning to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament and lateral collateral ligament ESPN's Chris mortenson has more. Griffin did in fact tearing his ACL and that same Murray needed he has a torn. They tell the else. RG three is expected to be ready for the opener of a point thirteen FL regular season doctor James Andrews performed the surgery on Robert Griffin the third. Tell us your men's basketball team to begin Southeastern Conference play tonight at -- as they visit all of our Auburn by eBay Eagles head into this. -- portion of their schedule with. Nine and what a night to record a coach Johnny Jones believes -- schedule they played has prepared him well for the SEC. We can't control just with a nonconference schedule and put it was a -- Can prepare poured scorn on the roads. I was a couple of tough England's. He's children -- here called -- world. In his first season as a coach Jones has brought an up tempo style of basketball to LSU the Dallas Cowboys informed defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Yesterday he would not be returning to the team as a defense -- coordinator and when he thirteen and 2014 Ryan had one year remaining on a three year deal and Nick Saban said yesterday. That his two year stint with the Miami Dolphins to -- one thing this is where I belong. I'm I'm really happy and at peace with all the so no matter how many times I say that -- -- believe it -- and ally keep talking about it. Well you have lied about it before but nonetheless they've been speaking. A day after his Alabama Crimson Tide on the BCS national title for the third time in four years really forty to fourteen win over Notre Dame. Emphatically sought to end the speculation he might return to the NFL. Today at four on WL it's sports talk -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia should the NFL investigate the Redskins for keeping RG three in the game. On Sunday after his injury at 7 PM you have a choice on W bill FM it's -- basketball against the Houston Rockets I'm Kristian -- that is your limit its. Courtside at basketball either way you cut it tonight on the AM it's LSU opening SEC play on the ask them it's. The -- going for well five out of six. Three in a row you know conducted now than they -- that 13 era this season finale golf now. Now and they barely won three games for the surface. Hit the hunted on three in a row with. The -- really start get exciting and if you have been following the hornets now's a good time. Especially between now and well mid February when the NBA trade deadline and I guess the big question that I keep hearing from -- stances. Is Eric Gordon playing so well now because he really is excited to be awarded wants to have success in New Orleans. Or is he just trying to make sure that -- he can demand a trade next month. And get out of New Orleans before the trade deadline in mid February. I don't know. But I really care on all of because they look if it's helping them win basketball games in the interim. Let's get it done the let's get along the court but I think that I think -- -- -- It has it an uncanny ability gay guys while they might not be happy to Escalante look just try to buy it that a program. We're gonna get things right down here I think he he and Eric Gordon I've had that meeting where. In races are right look no I bought in a willingness to give you some time Coach Williams and I think you're gonna end of building a winner down here I mean they're not that. Far off -- and there are some positive signs for hornets fans who won this year -- sticker on an apple one of those trade me he. I demand to be treated things -- oh my -- going to be hurting me again. He have provided breakfast for the media than one day this week. As a kind of way of saying hey guys I like Q and I -- -- like me to I don't know how much -- now but he's also a couple of hurdles. He's cut commercials for the hornets organization. Promoting the organization the team he remembered he hadn't done that when the rest of the team dated earlier this season now he's done it and he wants -- to come to the games and watch imply in. Follow this team and support the. We'll let go low for him six from three point. For -- you'll. He's so right mr. By -- segment today that it is now. Commanding like yours stealing money you know turning around easily easily though you know part taken -- lets you two shots and move on as it is. That's. -- to steal a terror have gotten through on. Wow I feel Ambac would break a slam I'll use Mormon and and and that technical while on almanac and climate -- caught doing. It. You started. We'll start that's a look at your forecast. Coming up next get more text messages on the plea that he get a flu shot. Or not do you think people should get flu shots is one of the worst flu seasons. With him along long time. Questions out there did you get the flu shot but doctors say yes. And a lot of people who say -- we'll talk about that gun rights gay marriage and lots of rain after. -- more coming up on the list from CBS news in about three minutes here at WWL right now we're gonna take your forecast. It's. So anyone. Rain and some of it -- likely this morning than this afternoon spotty showers and cloudy skies. Temperatures in the low seventies then tonight rain moving -- a 50% chance with lows in the upper sixties and tomorrow. Where attract some thunderstorms moving through during the day a few could be heavy. Heisman mid seventies and even Friday since spotty showers left over and high of 75. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- but tell. The draw a line right over Kansas a applause to the right of that line's east of that line of flight. The last of that line heavy rain and that's the same kind of the standard bouncing him. Last heavy rains -- like right now it's 63 degrees south winds about 23 miles an hour over 25 miles an hour on the West Bank. It's 62 degrees. 36 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW -- is on this ninth of Virginia -- 2013. About that hump day. How welcomed today a wet Wednesday is the rain continues to stream on in -- More details on -- won't get that break today and when the next round shows up and up -- direct Eyewitness News forecasts and well it missed me you Rhode Island the moment man you. Your little comments about the pollution. About a half an hour ago started a fire storm all. Text it is states that Yates at -- -- and I'd rather not you should get a foolish. One person tax that has got the flu shot was sick as a dog the next day he another one -- you know that don't worry. That they -- taking note of the pollution -- die off eighteen children have already died this year. So there's both sides of the story IRS in a nutshell our -- extreme views on both sides. I will say I have never got a place that I'm never got an ID. Have never gotten a flu shot and yet I've had afloat. Well -- -- but maybe wants. Me be seven years my kids have in the past sometimes got the pollution. This year they did not this year to a -- they'd get the but it wasn't a bad. Track relatively. Where did you go to the Tamiflu type thing with my daughter we did begin they collided with in the first few you know whatever first four hours that symptoms my son. In our audience that for a couple of days that we have recognizes. Because. Now. It's too late. Yet the yeah. The support him that with my daughter -- -- very mild case of the or Tamiflu worked wonders. -- -- -- here's the bottom line here is now leave -- discussed -- follow your doctor's advice. The doctor you know you trust. And you work with and you you know -- your doctor about it. -- doctors don't disseminate -- 87870. Exile or even now host Imus radio active when they say whether or not if you get a solution. Doctors. Do you think your doctor is our latest case you -- -- another job making the point that every year we go through this controversy and and that tax was a classic example I got the shot I got sick and on an honor that I don't know that it's in your hand that you know now on and -- I've had it was a -- -- the first time at the shot but after that and I -- -- I didn't get it now. Again talked to your doctor yep and I have a -- even thinking about them listen to CBS is there. And you're the guys say yeah I had a temperature. I share hopes. It. That drives me crazy when people -- temperature when they mean -- you always have a temperature hopefully it's around 98 point six degree that's Richard -- that -- your temperature should be temperatures around 72 degrees when that bank does that mean you're dead you missed him room. Archer if you're temperature is a hundred degrees or higher up that you have a fever. Everybody has the temperature. And you have a fever yet. Keep the temperature -- -- temperatures higher than that I don't like these pictures receding of people and you know the icu. In the some of these hospitals up in Chicago and laser in on -- -- masks on and they're not as you said earlier they're not letting anybody -- Close relatives in the very young the very old people with suppressed immune systems other underlying problems -- very much at risk. In the from -- some of them can't get the -- because of that but even otherwise very healthy people sometimes end up in the hospital for a weaker Q with the flu though. Their ego I want lighten things up and introduced the white. People segment absolutely -- -- -- If you are a professional treatment. If you for -- living climbed the top of trees either by climbing a tree witnessed rapid spikes or a bucket truck. Do you think -- well being drunk on the job. Does sound like a good idea of me he -- well but apparently did to a guy in Los Angeles where there -- tequila and street coming just they'll mix thirty -- firefighters had to rescue. Eight -- treat tremor in west LA. The man was forty feet up. Dangling for nearly two hours. I strap thank goodness he put his safety strap on because I know a lot of people who work in jobs like that you have the safety -- So but luckily he would -- the safety strap around the land. It kept him from plunging to Lee's death. About a fire spokesman says -- at 27 firefighters. Any 35 foot latter to bring the guy down staple. According to authorities once they got on the ground he still had a half full bottle of Cuba. In his back just chugging away you know. Korea that. Then let's get to this sub stipulations that would kick it. Now you know you get the tree trimming Don and then you can have your tequila yeah you don't during one. With people all right on the -- thank you. And it coming coming in and they'll -- again it's. Let's go live to direct the Eyewitness News -- -- they get morning get -- -- service meteorologist Laura but now. Another question where we. We ask that you. Curtail your alcohol in my -- to laughter. I play bad here stories about the good old days and broadcast without what I think it and I'll relay and I write these. I'd. -- in decades and decades ago that maybe and anchors would that have maybe a little drink with dinner here at -- martini lunch. And come back to -- that this eleven -- out yet. It's anyone I know I'm just saying Everett stories about the quote good old days TV news out there -- out. These and -- the good days and it comes RO dry weather being bad. Back into the west and New Orleans metro area. Won't stop it won't stop word in a classic training felt kind of situation where it is cells are developing over the same areas and them being kind of south to north. Stretching from home last through bash tree up to walker and they -- thankfully appears at west of lake pond to train. It here comedian that way west on I ten right twelve and Paterson theory heavy pockets of rain. And -- -- -- street flooding right now we have a flash flood warning for Livingston -- until 630 that's the only warning but west of -- -- to -- a flash flood watch continues through tomorrow because this is not going to be the end of the rain. -- we -- got a text message from 87870. Saying that that there are some streets and -- -- -- -- without a doubt makes sense is that for the heavy rain is you don't have any reports of street flooding -- standing water in the greater New Orleans area but some -- as did taxes thanks a car spun out on the -- just past the Metairie New Orleans line if you come in from Metairie towards new war look. And right that right by the Metairie read that right before -- Mormon rhetoric by the pumps well. Be careful because we've had short hours overnight it's not the flooding rain in New Orleans but add up the streets are wet. It's an amnesty outside and and that you -- -- does it take extra slow on the brits today wherever you are -- -- -- right now we do we get a break from the hill today you know we do get a break we're gonna see that kind of without it year by late morning and we -- get a break for a good part of the dates can be cloudy and it's -- little foggy. And some light showers -- -- drops of rain possible but we get a break from the heavy rain until tomorrow. Horrible move through first part of the day through the afternoon. -- heavy rain and storms this time eat in New Orleans getting in on the action so tomorrow almost everyone getting some heavy storm activity it should be out of here by about 5 PM tomorrow. Okay so today it's beef between now and launch time we can expect the rain account right tail right that it comes. Back it tomorrow it does and it -- -- at it -- Thunderstorms mixed and heavy downpours -- tomorrow so I hate to say it we're gonna talk about the rain for a little while our hottest writing. For AA well out Phillip chance of rain have got a 30% chance kind of behind this system for some lingering showers. And kind of muggy smiled at the. -- right rained today and then letting up this afternoon coming back tomorrow all day. And then just a little bit around -- and showers possible for the weekend 30% Friday battery and -- -- -- question of -- OK you're walking across the parking -- yes add -- pizza place yes and you pick -- but I mean it's laying on the ground. Just the diet not in a rain we're hearing -- holes diamond. Laying on the ground okay valued at seven. Thousand dollar they haven't what are you don't want. I'm I'm probably trying to -- I mean it's probably five and it's raining right well we don't. Yet what we don't know -- Moorhead Minnesota this is exactly what happened the parts and impounded. Did the quote on quote right thing called the cops and turn that jam over okay well guess what. -- what is claims that dying man did this to happen is back in October. To now account called the -- but it turned it and it's at -- current. I just keep finders keeper. Yeah 7000 dollars with a diamond just take gated skewers it's no one else. Claimed I love that chance now finders keepers and that the loser and uses them through the -- the sweeper well yeah. But I mean I think like. Owners and -- right so. I think after that I -- it departments have a policy terms open it and don't claim he's gonna back I don't know I guess. Hopefully it department to do it goes into an evidence room don't ever ever ad that's I thought they just have like distorts space statement. Grammar or did it may be. In stores today and thank you have at it as such. Turning of the diamond would deal Christie Garrett and out he wouldn't but he'll. This fight continues. Did you get the flu shot are not one text message at 87870s. Says don't get the flu shot my brother got the flu shot. And found out it made ams there -- late I'm never heard that before I would not advise in the pollution out of Elizabeth says don't get it. Another says I've never been ejected from a car should I stop wearing my seat belt. Then why not get the flu shots all right. On that now you should be wearing a seatbelt today -- it's dangerous at their to -- spun out according to a text message today 7870. Coming from Metairie in a New Orleans at near the railroad underpass in the pumping station to become -- on the I ten from Metairie and new Orleans police -- carefully camera on the curve. And spin out and it could be right in your way source. Frequently in my ways Christian Garrett good morning sir. Different microphone here. They go without help when an idea I thought I hit it there anyway -- right now you turned out to Mike -- values. Advocate the men and boys basketball tonight and home. Against the Houston Rockets New Orleans is on a two game winning streak. -- -- make in three in a row color analyst John to say either says the biggest reason for the team's improved play is due to the return of guard Eric Gordon. You know he's been pretty much the element. He's been the guy that they expect them to be on the -- into the contract. To -- against the rockets at 7 PM on WW LS and a 105 point three bad news for the Washington Redskins and quarterback Robert Griffin the third former Heisman Trophy winner. As -- torn ACL and PCL and -- undergo surgery with doctor James Andrews later this morning. They're gonna do -- total reconstruction. That's the bad news. The good news is the recovery. And rehab and projection return -- Robert Griffin the third. It's six to eight months. ESPN's Chris Lawrence is there with the details on RG three. LSU men's basketball opens conference play tonight on the road against Auburn coach Johnny Jones says the nonconference scheduling late so far has been different team. -- we're hopefuls that is is that procured through what we're about to board proposed here was the next several weeks. The Dallas Cowboys have fired. Offensive coordinator Rob Ryan yesterday they told -- would not be returning for -- -- the corner spot and 4013 Ryan had one. A year remaining on a three year deal coming off his third national title in four years Alabama coach Nick Saban is a little tired of answering questions on if he'll jump ship to the NFL. How many times you think have been asked this question how many think how many times do you think I've been asked to put to rest. And I put it the rest feel I mean you continue that basket. He didn't think that -- oppressive powers that college football. Is where he belongs today at four on WL -- sports talk to Bobby Hebert and -- Bellamy should the NFL. Investigate the Redskins for keeping RG three in the game after his injury. At 7 PM on WL FM I -- five point three it's one of basketball at home again that the excuse me against Houston I'm Kristian garic that is an early look at sports. Hornets basketball on -- W well Latham Alice you do in SEC conference plan Debbie WL -- tonight 73730. There dad drive it very clear on that do you believe. Nick -- do you think he's done with his whole NFL thing it. He learned his lesson realized he belongs in college football where in the last eight seasons as a college football coach he's won the national championship four times app. Of the last eight years he's won the national championship. Think he's learned his lesson I'll think he helped himself. You really think he still wants to Indiana and yes there's a that eats Adam that he and succeed there olive -- eats away -- on the he didn't. Have the success that he wanted to you do it -- it so at some point. He will be and it felt -- I said it and I'll say it again. What if you're an Al bankers dives and you have an -- you love having that statement the F to sleep -- with this guy you never know when he's gonna. Say all right on to the next challenge on board. Previous studies put it to rest again go back to -- -- but he also said when he isn't -- Miami I'm not going to be Alabama coach. -- two weeks later liar liar pants. Yup that's right. You -- and again. Correct okay. -- -- -- Not now we're only he's not leaving -- soon but maybe it is -- They didn't -- if you ripped off another two or three national to national title this feel as though. He's 61 years old so it has to come within I would imagine. The next two -- three years. Christian -- we'll talk about fifteen minutes or support -- him -- by the way thank you so much for. -- that worth -- to that microphone and I didn't have to review you've made it you -- it yourself. Will be back into the W forecast after. Let it would be out there. You -- this morning at 50% chance for some heavy downpours especially west of lake -- to train. Indicating it's either rain taper off a bit by the -- to instill some spotty showers though. Temperatures in the low seventies that tonight cloudy skies with rain redeveloping and moving and at 50% chance look for overnight lows near 67 and tomorrow. Rain and storms moving in during the day a few of those storms could be happy with highs of 75. Friday still warm mid seventies and at 30% chance for -- body leftover shower. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- I've urologist -- Tell light rain now east of the lake last lake much strain heavy -- Tommy Tucker isn't for the next four hours of fun -- yet again. Well if you're in -- you don't really care about civil improvements is not affecting your line however batteries are going to be the epicenter of the world on Super Bowl Sunday. If you tried to drive around the CBD as of late. Iraq. -- struck him everywhere he -- Things around there for people who don't live in the TV thing I haven't picked it up everything downtown that's what we're gonna knock you out here it -- tail -- -- -- -- that and -- exactly what we're talking about 99 news talk and sports leader.

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