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1-9 7:10pm QB to QB with Drew Brees

Jan 9, 2013|

Bobby Hebert talks to Saints QB Drew Brees about being named to the Pro Bowl, the NFL playoffs and Sean Payton signing a 5 year contract with the franchise

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Saints radio QB to QB Bobby eBay and Drew Brees and this. Drew be Drew Brees and by BBA QB QB interview was brought to -- the great employees at Crosby tugs and -- handle. In Coventry Health Care of Louisiana individual family and the group -- -- thank you so much for joining us and now congratulations once again. Of all going to the Pro Bowl found out earlier this afternoon. Yeah laughing -- that's obviously. Electoral majority of them -- course that are out there and secure does Burton serving and hopefully you know. We got a couple of guys that are first all commitment they make their way out there as well hook or -- some good trade to compete out there. -- -- And shoot a -- is it time to go to Hawaii again. Yeah. Rather not. Not that not that aware quite yet although they -- -- -- for a -- put. That actually argument we are every time out -- -- mobile. Reported to bail him out there that the youngest child star has been to a couple of months old so I remember. When Baylor went about three weeks so actually we went out to a pro war picture him in my -- uniform. And sure enough Poland. You know years later century a couple months or so. This year. All in all -- -- we get the chance to go back as a we owe it to the third child now calendar get a picture with them toward you -- so sure will be able to. Complete the cycle again all of a picture that in that troubling when a problem and so. Now drew. If you look at this dame needs obviously. Players' safety and everything wanna do the right playing him -- as a competitor you always want to be out there do you LB team win. When you look RG three and you could reflect back I know it is all in hindsight now. But it just seems like Timmy. You know you want to do whatever he can help the team win. But it's things like that RG three. -- I don't know -- land and a first quarter when had a 140 lead any losses mobility. That may be you know he wasn't -- when the team is quarterback rating was barely over five in those last record as a win at the classic case in point where. Mystified and had today because if you win you gotta you know maybe be available that next week in -- more. In the long term in the short term and and really I I'd take the approach what he's a rookie he should be telling coach Shanahan what to do it all his experience especially him coach into suitable teams. Well you can't leave that decision and the -- player the competitor. Because I don't know nobody wants to pull himself out. And you know that this is an injury that he suffered what about four weeks ago for five weeks ago maybe -- hear about that so. You know do we really know the extent of that injury you know one at that time -- when it was diagnosed -- and -- there's. I'm here at all kind of -- now it through yet and immunity at least partial tears by -- didn't wondering now what has yet I mean. They're suspecting that real question what what was it diagnosed shall I got injured that they know the severity of it getting -- and now it's sound like. Because they feel -- and so that's part of what can be done now is the ratio and culture in which. He'll feel -- that's pretty rare injury not I know it a lot of guys who they feel like guys do and he'll. But -- talk about the LU on the -- -- go to complete. We can and in need a little more rare. Like that so I don't know the protocol when you're injured they'll yell -- and all that period of time. You know -- you'd be out I don't know that instability -- feels likes so it's hard for me to church. No complaining about playing or if it was -- caught any long term no harm I would definitely say that. Certainly for guys being a rookie like him all the potential. You know. The career he has looked at a he certainly wouldn't want respect if there was long term no. Ill effects my wrist. By the Igawa Richard says they -- -- and I'm gonna -- -- and rocket out for the green. I -- courier courier told again now and he -- real important. You know all you go to a certain but he okay you know let them. Now drew looking and the playoff picture obviously this whoever wants to be. You know like the elite eight in a final quarter ultimate that is suitable when you look at. The Texans -- You know their match up with the Patriots I mean to me the key is going to be. Can they run the ball went area and Boston and keep Tom Brady and Patriots offense of the field. You look big game the ball to him 32 times. He had a 140 yards against the Bengals and not realize this when you look at -- -- that. -- -- became the first running back in NFL history to run. A hundred yards in each of his first three playoff appearances so I don't know the best defense to -- against -- pages offense. Is when that time of possession and and and score points and obviously. Run the ball there in Boston. The other stuff -- so they're about to do in the regular partner need to control clockers. You know the New England consistently. They run that offense -- run a lot of plays that they can stay out there for a long time you know and they're balanced run the task is really really good it has been all season. And they just they find a way to run a lot of plays him in triple clocking our -- -- fortunately they're -- so important scored. So that immediately put you know their defense as -- eventually it'll be out here long. You know they -- not make as many placed in the off and make them but. Let's say that just from that standpoint no it detracts from the offense is going to be extremely efficient. Not actually defense can. You know get him social fields turnover look at it like that can give them in the event that -- that would be -- but you actually put on football and I think you're just haven't been up there before now and played in a big game up there obviously it did in no way that they wanted to -- -- From the from the on the networks you know the talk was that -- Welker played during that money -- actual ballgame that was the biggest game in history different and obviously during the play -- and -- and so. It's almost like this is a second chance. You know him and so. I think they're they're there until they're ready to play. But during the -- playing so right now. You know obviously going to be very difficult place to own worst percentage -- the state playoffs. It's QB to QB by -- me and Drew Brees here on Saints radio on this portion of QB to QB has brought you by Jimmy -- Americans. Favorite sandwich in the -- again drew officially announce today to coach Payton has signed his five year contract extension and I think you kind of guys all of very confident all season long this deal will get it done but now. Speak is on the contract coach painter in the fold your thoughts on that drew and and I can imagine when coach Payton is back in the deal didn't. It's going to be a tremendous amount of focus and a motivation on 2013. There's no doubt. They ought to just make official what you know we all we all -- and obviously over -- local East Coast or. Which are like -- and hours just not turn. You know protocol you gotta get it -- -- your -- off on miserable with the NFL remember professional on the computer in the -- -- visual will be let me get back to work work. 2013 in the world try to get -- -- outcomes and could pick out here. Who took a break and recharge their batteries. And we expect we get back there will be little. Now drew is staying in the AFC -- an NC. You look at the Ravens having to that travel. To dimmer. You look at the Broncos have eleven game winning streak you've been part of those. And when you trying to go against look at weaknesses and Niall McGinn and this one area. Then may be Denver. You know hasn't excelled I compared to other playoff teams that you look at their turnover ratio. But to me that's how the Ravens have a chance that they can win the turnover battle. If it -- as a weak spot maybe that's it this year you of their minus one. Where you look at the Ravens are plus nine and really all of the teams are on the plus side and a big key. Do you look at Atlanta's success and where their regular did the Patriots success is that turnover ratio. And colleges look or all of a sudden. -- pages like plus 23. The Texas plus fourteen the Falcons plus twelve Seattle plus twelve. Baltimore you know plus nine -- sisco even. Plus seven so rarely -- when you look at Denver they've accomplished a lot considering. They haven't won their eternal battle but. Timmy right then that's going to be a key. If all of a sudden now Baltimore's on the plus side to have a chance of said -- Yup and that actually surprised me about Denver to be -- one -- -- Cilic he's a great job offensively take care of football all all. I would say it. You know Baltimore were almost seems every year you -- in their great -- in the playoffs. You know there are going on the road a lot of danger the last forty years and play out so. Oh wouldn't attacked in the go there and play well now you know Denver's roll right now you know. I imagine that bye week probably helped them you'll get -- -- -- -- pretty focused group or what coach coach John Fox. Obviously this is a great return and and they got into the potential. Really that football game and then on the on the on the other side you actually are going to Atlanta and Seattle played well -- -- right now really impose a ball. Arm or Atlanta action policies in and things -- that potentially have a great job. And you know drew would forward yet which could be key and you know this when you watching film. The Falcons why -- receivers Roddy White Julio Jones against the Seahawks cornerback and you throw in two on against Dallas vs Earl Thomas. What you're looking at the Benson -- -- -- those matchup -- and it it. Falcons. Receiving corps verses the Seahawks secondary. Yeah I think you know. You you get -- at catcher for Seattle won't really really good and some normality in your home you don't get that. They know that allowed aperture twelfth man atmosphere no matter what field you want -- in general are given more or earn the Georgia Dome. I think you know that worked rather to their true. Early in Atlanta that -- and I can imagine -- -- -- -- merit going to be loud and the environment. On non shooters a lot of pressure on both sides to the -- play well also spoke via going to be great ball really -- post. And actually in this matchup and Greg ball. Not a drew the last one boy loses old school football and look at the Packers at the 49ers. And elegy becoming a -- sixteenth as the that you played against their defense is and kind of focus in that area. And I'm looking even as great resolve on some it is as -- after the quarterback Tim knee. The guy who's about as good a big come the best that -- best is Justin Smith. And I'll look and adjusted cement he's recovering their triceps injury and at all that's been the hasn't had a sack says just -- -- Ben I'll just talk about. That would drive a clear what you've seen injustice in and how dominant he has. Yeah I think that's important catalyst and a true a lot of what they're able to do. You're lucky -- know some opportunities for sure regard Michael and smear on the edge he proposed cut from the same side and Justin -- is just so strong and so Smart you would do things. You know with some of that these -- two -- -- Iran where you really takes two blockers. And frees up all of it inside or he just. Make should focus so much inside that you know all the instructors model outside. When he's won on Morton you know. There's a good chance you get to quarterback so I'm sure Justin Smith being out teams have been able to focus a little more on. Sure stalled and Smith put two guys on -- back tightened up there chipped up to that kind of -- mature just sort of status to play. On but obviously these -- that he's a warrior you know arm. Are and I know he plays through a lot the -- should feel a comeback from but obviously he's. He's a big part of their success patch -- regardless of whether you actually want to get Shaq he's still disrupts so much up for a. Now -- look at it now the 49ers on offense against them packers' defense. W a big change quarterbacks look Alex Smith in the season he was haven't Ellis -- coach Harbaugh decides to go and Colin -- cabernet in. You know look at the success he had against says but the question I have. And navy as a quarterback in and maybe he gave me an answer that is when you look at a great tight end like Vernon Davis will know by the huge post season success at last year's ten catches. A 292 yards four touchdowns in two games. Where I'm looking since -- all of a sudden. Has been the quarterback. He has a total of six catches in the last six games with that would that or why. Maybe -- make hasn't utilized Vernon Davis as much as Alex Smith. Hey -- -- on on archer. Or actually reflectors spread the ball around a lot you know I'm -- monetary -- The prime -- game completely I mean I didn't. Interpreter to a new England. And hopefully cap rich -- there around -- -- Crabtree -- can really come on you make a lot of plays. On. I know you know. Many here and got -- -- Seattle it was unfortunate that he's big playmaker but. You know Randy Moss is made -- extra extra plate they're really running the ball actually in the I think francoeur drove -- great Delanie Walker their advertising and -- -- In my opinion. You're really one of the most athletic real. Pass catching tight ends in the league as well here it got really a couple records department you know on -- -- they are -- more ball like. You know it seems like they have a system where. You know -- the spread around quite a but you know he's he's become players so enters the playoffs come around and committed to pick it up announcement on the way to get him normal. QB to QB has brought about a great employs him Crosby -- again I -- though. And Coventry Health Care of Louisiana individual family and group plans pro. The -- so much for the time we'll talk next week. And I drew.